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WF Group, Creative Department.

The entire office is busy working, only Su Shu, sitting upright, staring at the book on the table, reading very intently.

She obviously wears formal work clothes like them, but the temperament of her whole person is incompatible with this, and she can see that this is a related household at a glance.

The system says, "Host, you have been lazy recently. In the past few days, you didn't do anything except to say hello to Gu Siyan and send a text message before going to bed at night."

"He should be fighting with the heroine now! I was also kicked out when I went." Su Shu looked down at the writing, holding the page with his slender hand, "Besides, you don't know that Yang Menghua has been looking for this woman. Is it my fault? Although I am not afraid of her, I want to use my strength to slap my face!"

"That's how it is said, but these are not reasons for your slack!"

"Okay! I'm going to maintain the personality!" Su Shu closed the book, turned and went to the secretarial department on the top floor.

Su Shu often comes to the secretarial department and has a good relationship with these people.

She walked to one of the women with curling hair, smiled and leaned over, "Sister Hong, good afternoon!"

Ye Hong suddenly met Su Shu's bright little face, a little surprised, "Miss Su, what brought you here today!"

"What's your name, Miss Su, call me Su Shu! I've been there all the time, but I'm in the creative department, so I can't become colleagues with you." She pouted, "I haven't seen it for several days. The president is now."

Ye Hong immediately understood, smiled and took a document from the table, "This document, wait five minutes and send it to the president's office."

"Thank you Sister Hong! I said I met you in the corridor and brought the documents for you by the way." Su Shu took the documents and said before she left, "I just ordered afternoon tea for you, the hottest one recently. That internet celebrity shop, remember to sign for it later."

Su Shu walked towards the office with the document, and lowered his head to notice the document "Regarding the Land Development Plan of Taiyi Island."

"Taiyi Island? Isn't this the place where the old professor asked me to write the investigation report?" Su Shu stretched out his hand to look through the document.


Su Shu's thumb was accidentally cut by the paper, and dazzling blood flowed out instantly.

She frowned her painful eyebrows, put away her injured thumb, knocked on the door of the president's office, saw that the door was empty, and pushed the door directly in.

"Ayan, I'll deliver the documents..."

She was half-talking, and she was stunned.

Because at this moment, Gu Siyan is not the only person in the office, but there is also Han Chuchu.

"System, what's going on?"

"Ding! Open the main storyline.

The island of Taiyi where the female protagonist Han Chuchu lives is to be developed. She knows that the male protagonist Gu Siyan is a developer, so she begged a friend who works here to enter this building, sneak into the president's office, and come to intercede! "

"The female protagonist's halo is so powerful. Every layer of access here requires a password, and ordinary employees can't get up. She was an outsider who came in."

"Host, this is not the time for you to chat, please maintain your personality."


Su Shu put the file in his hand and walked forward angrily, "Ayan! Who is she? Why is she in your room?"

She said that she seemed to recognize Han Chuchu's appearance, and her slightly peachy eyes were shocked, "Why are you? Okay, did you deliberately pour orange juice on me last time? Have you been right a long time ago? Any attempt?"

After questioning Han Chuchu, she stood in front of Gu Siyan again without waiting for her to answer.

"Ayan, did you ignore me because of this woman?"

She was so sad that she couldn't come out, her hand pinched her arm fiercely, and the tingling of her injured thumb made her tears fall out of pain.

"Ayan, explain to me what does she have to do with you!"

Han Chuchu explained hurriedly, "This lady, you have misunderstood. The relationship between me and Mr. Gu is innocent. I came to look for him just..."

"You are not qualified to speak in front of me." Su Shu arrogantly interrupted Han Chuchu's words, raised his proud chin and looked at Gu Siyan, "Ayan, you drive her out, and I want you to tell me in person. She's okay."

"Su Shu, you..." Gu Siyan showed a little impatience between his eyebrows. As he said, Yu Guang suddenly noticed that her white and well-proportioned arm was clearly stained with a **** thumb print, and her right hand was held empty. There was a faint trace of blood between his fists and fingers.

"What's wrong with the hand?" he asked.

Shouldn't Su Shu's brain circuit with Gu Siyan, who was okay for a while, kick her out?

Why did you care about her?

"It was accidentally cut by paper." Su Shu stretched out his hand under his gaze.

Gu Siyan stared at her wound, Ying Ting frowned.

He went directly to the front cabinet, took out a medicine box, and shouted at her, "Come here!"

Su Shu stood there and didn't leave, staring at Han Chuchu stubbornly, "You let her go, or I will keep my hands bleeding."

Gu Siyan looked at Su Shu's bleeding hand and waved to Han Chuchu.

Han Chuchu moved his lips, what else to say, and at the cold eyes of his superior Gu Siyan, he had to go out.

Su Shu stared at Han Chuchu's slender back, "System, how did the heroine be driven away by the hero? Is the plot wrong again?"

"This is a normal plot trend. It is impossible for the male protagonist to agree to the female protagonist the first time, so that the two will meet again."

"Well, three years have passed. I remember only the plot and the details. Can you tell me something?"

"I only know the details when the plot is triggered."


When Su Shu returned to her senses, Gu Siyan took the medicine box, and she stretched out her hand baffledly, "Ayan, you are so kind! Shall we reconcile?"

Gu Siyan turned a deaf ear to Su Shu's words. He pursed his lips and stretched out his hand to treat her wound. After facing her face that he wanted to stick to him, he withdrew his hand and picked up the disposable glove.

Seeing this disposable medical glove, Su Shu exploded directly!

"System, I feel insulted!"

"Host, hold back, he is just addicted to cleanliness," the system said.

"But... well, I will bear it!" Su Shu's beautiful peachy eyes stared at Gu Siyan tightly. His hands are beautiful, clean, slender, and distinct.

The other party stretched out his hand, Su Shu suddenly retracted his hand.

She smiled at Gu Siyan, "Ayan, just a little bit of hurt myself."

She lowered her head to turn on the hydrogen peroxide and rinsed off the **** thumb.

"Host, this is the behavior of the collapse, this is a rare opportunity for two people to get in touch with each other." The system was dissatisfied.

"No, the system, instead of letting him treat the wound reluctantly, don't I seem empathetic like this?"

Su Shu picked up a cotton swab and dipped it with iodophor. After disinfecting the wound, he seriously put a band-aid on his thumb, "OK!"

As soon as she raised her head, she met the dark eyes of her superior Gu Siyan.

The two looked at each other for a while.

Su Shu avoided the other's eyes at all. She bends the peachy eyes and stretched out her injured hand. She has slender and round fingers with powder on her fingertips. The band-aid on her thumb is very eye-catching, "Ayan, you See if I'm good?"

She took a step forward, and inadvertently tilted her hand to the position of the band-aid.

"Oh, it seems that the post is crooked, Ayan, you can help me repost it."

The slender hand swayed twice in front of Gu Siyan's eyes, Su Shu still had the pleasing and brilliant smile on his face.

Gu Siyan stared at her hand for a second, then turned and walked towards his desk.

Su Shu saw Gu Siyan's stiff back, her charming voice with a smile, "Eat dinner together tonight, I will wait for you after get off work, see you or leave!"

Su Shu didn't wait for him to answer, and quickly left the office.

At six o'clock in the afternoon, other people in the office left the office one after another, only a few were still working overtime to process documents.

Su Shu put his chin in his hand and stared at Secretary Li's text message back to her. The smile on his face gradually lost its color.

[Miss Su, the president must be busy at least until ten o'clock in the evening today.

Ten p.m?

Hasn't the company been busy lately?

Why does she have to work overtime when she makes an appointment?

She suspected that Gu Siyan was deliberate, although she had no evidence.

"Host, you have to count what you have said." The system suddenly appeared again.

"I know, I will wait for him until ten o'clock." Su Shu leaned against the back of his chair and edited a text message.

Su Shu: Ah Yan, Secretary Li said you will work overtime until 10 o'clock, and I will wait for you in the office.

After sending a text message to Gu Siyan, she called Su Yuan again, saying that she would play with friends and go home later.

Su Shu's parents have been busy with their business, traveling around the world all day, and rarely staying at home. Apart from the nanny driver, Su Yuan is the only family at home.

On a quiet night, the lights in the secretary's office were as bright as day, but it was extraordinarily quiet.

Su Shu was sitting in the office reading a book alone, she was taking notes while she was reading, very serious.

The office door was opened. This was the second time Secretary Li came to the creative department tonight. This time, he didn't persuade Su Shu to go back earlier.

He walked up to Su Shu and said in a low voice respectfully, "Miss Su, the president is finished."

"Are you done?" Su Shu returned to her senses, her pretty peachy eyes with a trace of fatigue, she stood up and put the book on the table into her bag!

Jiangcheng at ten o'clock in the evening is very beautiful.

Row upon row of buildings, the neon lights are particularly beautiful.

Secretary Li sat in the front row and drove. Su Shu and Gu Siyan sat in the back. The two of them were far away from each other.

"Ayan, are you tired after working overtime for so long?" Su Shu asked caringly

"Not tired!" Gu Siyan turned to look at the scenery outside the window.

Su Shu couldn't see his expression and continued, "Work is important, and body is more important!"

"En." Gu Siyan replied lightly.

Su Shu didn't like Gu Siyan's indifferent appearance.

She rolled her eyes, and moved her body quietly to Gu Siyan's side. Seeing that he didn't respond, she moved to the side. When she was almost about to touch the other party, a pair of slender and distinct hands stopped her. The way to go.

Su Shu raised his eyes as he wished to see the mood swings in the other's eyes, and returned to his original position with satisfaction.

There was no traffic jam on the road, and it didn't take long to reach the hotel.

Assistant Li parked the car in the parking lot, lowered his voice and said, "President, here it is."

Gu Siyan glanced at Su Shu who was asleep, and when he was awake, he couldn't wait to stick to him. When he fell asleep, he was far away.

She was close to the car window, her usual smiling peachy eyes were slightly closed, a bit less gorgeous, a bit more gentle and feminine.

She seemed to be sleeping very uncomfortably, stretched out her hand, stretched her legs, and tilted her body, as if she was about to fall into his arms.

The next second, she woke up suddenly, staring at him with sleepy eyes, and subconsciously muttered, "I'm having a nightmare again!"

He slept against the car window again.

When Su Shu woke up, he found that the car had stopped.

She stretched her waist, and the voice that just woke up was lazily like a puppet cat, "Ayan, are you here?"

She turned her head to look out of the window, and found that the car had stopped at her door, and her confused peach eyes became even more stunned, "How come to my house? Am I still dreaming?"

"Miss Su, as soon as you fell asleep, the president directly asked the restaurant to pack the food." Secretary Li in the front row said respectfully.

"Ah! Why don't you wake me up! Forget it, thank you for sending me back!" Su Shu was still not fully awake at this time, his head was a little confused, and he pulled the door and got out of the car.

Secretary Li got out of the car and delivered the packed food to Su Shu's hands. "Miss Su, this is the food for you."

"No, I'll just go back and eat something casually." Su Shu waved his hand and walked directly to the door of his villa.

"Drive carefully on the road!"

The shady night sky is full of stars, and the villa area at 11:30 is very quiet.

Secretary Li watched Su Shu's erratic pace, a weirdness surged in his heart, and when he answered again in the driver's seat, he finally understood what was wrong.

From waking up to leaving, Su Shu didn't seem to have spoken to Gu Siyan, and seemed to have forgotten the existence of Gu Siyan.

He glanced at Gu Siyan through the front mirror, and asked respectfully, "President, are you going back?"

Gu Siyan responded.

Secretary Li drove the car for a while, looking at Gu Siyan's constant calm face, finally couldn't help but speak, "President, Miss Su may have fallen asleep and didn't notice you."

"Drive!" Gu Siyan obviously didn't want to speak.

"Yes, President." Secretary Li was not talking.

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