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In the endless blue waters, several white seagulls hovered in the sky and called.

Su Shu leaned on the railing of the boat, staring at the island not far away with sunglasses in a slight sense of wonder.

The island in front is Taiyi Island, the hostess's hometown, and it is also the place where the old professor designated her to make up the investigation report.

This place is very remote, there are not many tourists on board, and the passenger ships make two trips a day in the off-season.

The passenger ship soon arrived at the destination. There were not many people on the pier. One of the little girls with a ponytail was holding a sign called "Su Shu".

Su Shu carried her small suitcase and got off the boat and walked over there.

The little girl also noticed her at a glance, and ran over with the sign, "Excuse me, are you Miss Su?"

She was a little nervous, but smiled sweetly.

"En." Su Shu nodded and took off his sunglasses.

Even though she had seen Su Shu's photos in advance, the little girl was so amazing that Su Shu had taken off her appearance. She slapped her big delicate face, and her peachy eyes were particularly attractive. She was a girl who didn't dare to look directly at her.

"I, I'm your tour guide these days, you can call me Tian Tian."

She bowed her head and took the suitcase in her hand and led the way forward.

Su Shu followed. Before she came, someone arranged a local tour guide, who was young, had a good personality, and was familiar with the entire island.

She doesn't like the same explanations from the tour guide. She just wants a local to take her to see and play.

Of course, safety must also be guaranteed.

She had a good first impression of this little girl named Tian Tian.

Tian Tian walked in front and pulled the luggage, looking back from time to time to see if the people behind him had followed.

She came to a black Volkswagen, the driver got down to put the suitcase, and opened the door for Su Shu.

"Miss Su, this is our exclusive driver, Master Zhao." Tian Tian introduced the driver.

Su Shu nodded and greeted the driver.

The driver took them to the only hotel on the island.

Along the way, Tian Tian was somewhat restrained.

"Miss Su, do you go to the hotel to rest for a while, or do we leave with our luggage?"

"After putting my luggage, take me to the island! You should know my request!" Su Shu looked at the scenery outside through the car window, and could hear the sound of the waves.

She came this time mainly to complete the homework given to her by the old professor.

"En, I grew up in Taiyi Island, and I know the customs and customs here." Tian Tian's voice is a little more confident when it comes to things she understands.

Packed their luggage and came out of the hotel, the driver took them to a place that looked a little remote.

The car stopped on the road ahead, and Tian Tian led Su Shu out of the car.

The two walked forward along the path, a small village in front of them.

The sun will be very good. Many elderly people are sitting on rattan wooden chairs to bask in the sun. Some two or three-year-old boys are playing around in skirts with patterns.

Su Shu stopped and took a few photos.

Seeing her curiosity, Tian Tian explained, "It is a tradition for men to wear skirts here, but now only young boys wear skirts, and they basically don't wear skirts when they are seven or eight years old when they go to school."

"It's a pity that it will all be demolished and remodeled soon. Not only will the tradition of boys wearing skirts disappear, but other traditions will also disappear." Tian Tian looked at these little boys with a little regret.

Su Shu knew that Taiyi Island was about to be demolished, but this Taiyi Island was finally preserved under the protection of the heroine.

"No, this place will not be demolished!"

Tian Tian shook his head, "The government documents have been approved. If it weren't for the insistence of the islanders, now the developers have come."

"Don't worry, this place will never be demolished, it will definitely be preserved!" Su Shu said very confidently because he knew the plot in advance.

"How can it be that easy? Except for the peak season, there are sometimes no tourists in the off-season. It is too difficult to keep such a place." Tian Tian said as he walked in with Su Shu.

"The road here is not very smooth, Miss Su, be careful."

In front is a very large site, which is filled with all kinds of weird things, and there is a big well in the middle.

Su Shu picked up the camera hanging around his neck and patted it.

"This well is called the Well of Hope. The custom of'drilling well water' is still popular here in the New Year. People who get the water from this well during the New Year are known as happy people. This water is also called auspicious water. Drink it. It will come true in the coming year."

Tian Tian said as she walked towards the well, "Miss Su, this water is very sweet, would you like to taste it?"

After she finished speaking, she felt impolite to let people taste the well water rashly, and stood awkwardly, "This water is very clean."

Seeing her nervousness, Su Shu walked over, bent down and stretched out her hands to wait at the water outlet, raised her head and blinked her peachy eyes, "Of course I have to taste the auspicious well water that can bring you!"

Tian Tian was taken aback and nodded vigorously, "Well, this is the well water that can bring auspiciousness."

She pressed the manual well water lifter, and the water overflowed from the outlet.

Su Shu took a handful, tasted it, and nodded to her, "Very sweet."

Tian Tian smiled.

Because of this incident, Tian Tian seemed to have opened up the chatterbox, took her to many hidden and interesting places, and told her many things, many mysterious and unknown tales.

Su Shu listened with gusto, and recorded these.

After the whole day, the two of them were far apart.

Tian Tian is not calling her Miss Su, "Sister Su Shu, do you want to come to my house for dinner? The dishes are authentic farm dishes, and the tableware is the special cooking utensils left by my grandfather. You will definitely like it."

Su Shu heard that there was a special tableware and agreed.

Tian Tian's family is close to the sea, and there is only one grandmother in the family. In order to make a living, both parents go out to work. While going to school, she occasionally works as a tour guide.

Su Shu looked at the antique stove and wanted to help with cooking, but Grandma Tian Tian stopped, "Xiao Su, I'll be fine here, let Tian Tian take you out to see."

The old man was really enthusiastic and refused to let Su Shu enter the kitchen.

Su Shu had no choice but to let Tian Tian, who was accompanying her, go in and help, "Tian Tian, you can help your grandma. I just need to sit in the living room."

Tian Tian hesitated for a moment, then glanced at her busy grandmother in the kitchen, "OK, Sister Su Shu, then you go for a walk, our village is safe. Also, the sea view here is very beautiful at night, I will take you to see the stars. "

"Good." Su Shu nodded.

In the evening, it was a bit dark.

Su Shu didn't choose to run far, but turned around nearby.

There was a small bamboo forest in front of the bamboo leaves rustling in the wind.


There was a big movement in front of him, and a tall figure faintly came from the bamboo forest.

Su Shu was hesitating whether to take a look at the situation. At this moment, he thought "ding, the main storyline has been triggered."

"Because the residents of Taiyi Island resolutely refused to move, Gu Siyan personally came to investigate in order to solve the demolition problem. He had no intention of being discovered by the residents of the island as a developer and planned to kidnap him for negotiation.

The kind-hearted hostess Han Chuchu found Gu Siyan who was running away, quietly concealed his whereabouts, hid him at home, and sent him out of the island the next day. "

Su Shu stopped in his footsteps, turned and walked in the opposite direction of the bamboo forest, "I didn't expect Gu Siyan to have such an embarrassing day. I really want to see what he looks like now!"

"Host, you run so fast!"

"I was not quick to be seen by him. Should I help him or not? If he didn't help, the character collapsed and helped. The plot is not crooked again."

"Theoretically, as long as you maintain the personal settings, the world will automatically repair those subtle changes and follow the plot."

Suddenly, two men in slippers and big pants came over and called her, "Hey, do you have..."

When they saw Su Shu's face, their voices softened automatically, "Miss, did you just see a tall man wearing a shirt and trousers."

As he said, he stretched out his hand and gestured, "It's probably this high, over 180, his face is very beautiful, his complexion is very stinky."

"Is it over 1.8 meters, a man in a shirt and trousers? Let me think about it." Su Shu frowned for a while, turned his head to look around, and fixed his gaze at the bamboo forest behind him.

"Host, what do you want to do?" The system seemed to be aware of her thoughts.

"System, don't be nervous, I just think about it!"

After a while, Su Shu looked at them apologetically, "I just saw a few people who don't seem to be wearing shirts and trousers. Would you like to look elsewhere?"

The two men were a little overwhelmed to see that a beautiful person like Su Shu was so polite, "Okay, thank you, let's look for it over there."

Seeing that the two had left, Su Shu let out a sigh of relief, turned around and prepared to go back, and suddenly saw Gu Siyan appear in front of her.

The man is now very embarrassed. The meticulous short hair of the past is scattered in a mess, the white shirt is gray, the trousers are even torn by branches in several places, and the leather shoes under his feet are all mud.

But it didn't affect his handsome appearance in the slightest, and even added the beauty of a downcast nobleman.

"Ayan? Why are you here?" Su Shu was taken aback for a moment, and then showed a surprised expression, "Is someone looking for a man wearing a shirt and trousers just now?"

Gu Siyan was about to speak, and there was another movement not far away. He took Su Shu's hand and hid in a corner!

There was the sound of a thin string outside, and Su Shu held his breath, trying his best to reduce his sense of existence.

Suddenly someone came here, "Look here."

Su Shu only heard her heart beating, and she suddenly remembered a question. She could stand outside in a straightforward manner. Why did Gu Siyan take her to hide together?

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