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"I don't want it." Su Shu refused without thinking.

Gu Siyan's eyes darkened, and his slender hand moved slightly.

Su Shu raised his face, "Gu Siyan, just like you, the company has something wrong, why don't you tell me the attitude, I don't think you have any sincerity."

Knowing that Su Shu was really worried about him, Gu Siyan's face eased, and he reached out and touched her head, "A little thing, I don't think it is necessary."

"A little thing? It's been passed down on the Internet, but still a little thing?" Su Shu turned his face.

Although the starting point was not to worry her, she was still angry.

Gu Siyan straightened her head, "Don't believe me?"

Su Shu was silent for two seconds, "I believe you, but I am still worried about you."

As she said, she stretched out two small hands to embrace the man, leaned against his chest, and said in a low voice, "Ayan, I hope that at this time, it is not you who resist everything silently, but I can Stay by your side. Remember, you still have me by your side."

Gu Siyan was startled, and a sour and swelling sensation appeared in his heart without knowing why.

You still have me by your side, this woman can always touch his heartstrings inadvertently.

"Su Shu." Gu Siyan looked down at her.

"En." Su Shu raised his face.

"Su Shu."


"Su Shu."

Two times in a row, Su Shu became a little impatient, "I'm here, Gu Siyan, I'm here."

I don't know why, the man called her name over and over again, and she was panicked.

"En, here." Gu Siyan lowered his head and looked at Su Shu who was leaning against his heart, his dark eyes were dyed with a shallow smile. .

Hua Deng is on.

Gu Siyan looked down at his watch. It was 7 o'clock, and his eyes fell on Su Shu who was sitting on the sofa and playing with his mobile phone.

Su Shu was now chatting with people intently, and didn't even notice Gu Siyan's approach.

"Go back to school to invite you to dinner?" Gu Siyan read her message.

"No, please!" Su Shu sent another emoticon and paused with her fingers. She suddenly recovered. She just saw Gu Siyan approaching her from her side. She was stunned for a moment, and then bends herself. The corner of his mouth, "Ayan, are you finished?"

Gu Siyan stared at Su Shu's cell phone chat interface, and the name remarks on his avatar indicated that the other party was a man.

Su Shu followed Gu Siyan's gaze and saw his mobile page.

She explained, "Alumni."

"Please eat?" Gu Siyan's voice was slightly dangerous.

Su Shu really served this man, and could always be jealous from all angles, "A few friends together."

She continued to speak without Gu Siyan, and explained clearly, "I remember that the company's software still has an overseas version, and I invited them to register as well."

Gu Siyan stared at Su Shu.

Su Shu was a little uncomfortable when he was seen, "What you look at is that you really think your software is easy to use. It pushes content based on big data and effectively avoids invalid information. They are very interested."

Gu Siyan, they were short of creators in the early stage, especially famous creators.

Su Shu School is already famous, and artists have filters in the eyes of the public. The admission of these famous school students and even some artists will effectively attract some skeptical literati creators.

"Su Shu, don't worry about the company, trust me."

Su Shu smiled, and raised his delicate face, "I just invited them because I believe you! The first users to settle in, the fans will proliferate in the future, and they will also benefit first. I am also small in the circle now. Well-known, I cherish my feathers very much, and I dont recommend it."

The thin lips were directly covered, and Su Shu was taken aback.


The door was pushed open directly.

"Siyan, let me tell you, the copyright is..." Lan Minghui hadn't finished speaking when he saw Gu Siyan bowing his head and hugging a woman.

From his perspective, only Gu Siyan's tall and broad back can be seen, as well as the small white hands that surround Gu Siyan's waist.

"Oh, Su Shu is here and back!" Lan Minghui knew who the other party was without even looking at his face. "It seems that I'm not here at the right time. Excuse me, the two will continue."

He said that he turned around and left. Before leaving, he held the doorknob with his hand and leaned his head in again with a smile, "Siyan, in fact, I was worried about your indifference before, now I can rest assured."


The door was closed.

Su Shu came out of Gu Siyan's arms and was unconvinced at the door, "This Lan Minghui, if you catch the opportunity, you will scream, don't let me catch him..."

The chin was suddenly lifted slightly, and the red lips were blocked.

Su Shu blinked his eyes, why did he kiss him again?

I don't know how long it took before Gu Siyan released Su Shu.

Su Shu's cheeks were flushed, her peach eyes were stained with a thin layer of mist, and she touched her red and hot lips.

In fact, she had also suspected that Gu Siyan had a cold personality before. When he complained to the system that he might be indescribable to his girlfriend, it was just a routine, indifferent and boring.

She touched her red and hot lips. She didn't expect that the man would be meeting day by day, and her kissing skills were advancing by leaps and bounds.

Outside the window, the night was thick.

Rows of buildings are lit up with neon lights.

"It's getting late, I'll take you back." Gu Siyan is going to the lounge to help Su Shu get a bag.

"No, I won't go home today and live with you. When your overtime is over, we will go back together."

Su Shu took out a book from Gu Siyan's bookcase and put it on the sofa.

However, Su Shu hadn't been sitting for long, suddenly felt a line of sight staring at her, she closed the book, raised her head to a pair of dark and deep eyes, "Ayan, what's wrong?"

"You want to go home with me?" Gu Siyan's eyes glowed darkly, as if he was sure of something.

"Right." Su Shu nodded naturally.

"it is good."

Su Shu lowered her head again to continue reading. She turned to the first page of the book, feeling faintly that something was wrong in her heart, and then carefully pondered the conversation she had just with Gu Siyan and the manner of the other person.

With a brush, the red color spreads from the cheeks to the slender neck, and the dye is translucent.

They just kissed, and she said to go home with him, then Gu Siyan didn't mean that she meant it.

She closed the book, stood up and was about to explain, when Gu Siyan came with the little suitcase she had brought over.

Gu Siyan's expression was faint, and she naturally held her voice, "Go home."

If it weren't for the hot palm of the other party, and the voice that pretended to be calm but faintly tense, Su Shu could comfort herself, she thought too much, she would be sure, and the other party had misunderstood his meaning.

She lowered her head and said in a soft voice, "The Gu Siyan, I said to go to your house because I took two days off, and when I went home, my parents were nagging..."

"En." Gu Siyan looked like he knew everything.

Su Shu glanced sideways at Gu Siyan and noticed that the roots of his ears were slightly red.

He still misunderstood.

She opened her mouth and wanted to explain that she happened to meet Secretary Li who was coming over.

"President, Miss Su." Secretary Li bowed his head to say hello.

"Secretary Li, hello." Su Shu looked at the thick documents in Secretary Li's hand, and he wanted to pull Gu Siyan back to the office, "Ayan, I think you are a bit busy at work, or we..."

"Not busy." Gu Siyan pulled Su Shu's hand back again.

Secretary Li also echoed, "Ms. Su, these documents are sent to the head of Lan's office."

Su Shu stood there, watching Secretary Li open his eyes and talking nonsense, unable to refute.

Gu Family Villa.

In the living room, Su Shu stayed in place with a tangled face.

On the way, she explained it again, but the more she explained, the more she wanted to cover it up.

Later, he couldn't help but speak, and then returned to his senses, and followed Gu Siyan to home.

When her body suddenly vacated, Su Shu was hugged directly by her waist, her eyes widened in panic.

Even if she didn't lean against Gu Siyan, she could hear the other's heartbeat like a drum.

The other party is also very nervous.

She closed her eyes and thought to herself, everyone is grown up, they are married, and they like each other again, so let's go to sleep.

Gu Siyan carried Su Shu into the bedroom and put it firmly on the bed.

He glanced at the bathroom, his voice low, "You or me first?"

Although Su Shu usually has a lively temper, his face is still thin, "You first."

Gu Siyan looked at Su Shu's red ears and lifted his lips, with a smile in his eyes, "Then I will first."

Gu Siyan came out of the bathroom, but Su Shu quickly got into the bathroom without looking at each other.

After taking a shower, Su Shu wiped the water vapor in the mirror with a towel. She looked in the mirror and looked at it. She shouldn't be ugly without makeup, her skin is in good condition, and her figure looks okay.

She hid in the bathroom for a long time, until Gu Siyan was afraid of her accident and knocked on the door.

"Su Shu?"

Su Shu looked at herself in the mirror, her heart panicked again, her voice trembled even more nervously, "Here."

The bathroom door was pulled open.

Gu Siyan walked over and took Su Shu's hand and led her out.

He saw her long hair still carrying water, and started to help her blow her hair.

With warm fingertips, Su Shuxin suddenly skipped a beat and swiped her scalp inadvertently.

I don't know how long it took, the man turned off the hair dryer, put it on the table, and said dumbly, "Okay."

Su Shu looked up and looked at the man's dark eyes.

The temperature of the air rose suddenly.

The man leaned over and picked her up.

after an hour.

Su Shu fell off the bed.

She watched Gu Siyan coming over to help her, her face flushed, and she waved her hands to stop her.

"Don't come here."

She clutched her body, picked up the bath towel, and wrapped it around her body, "Ayan, I think I'd better go back to the guest room."

This experience is also completely different from the small movies I watched. I tried several times without success, and it still hurts.

Whoever says that the bigger the bigger is, it must be someone who has no energy.

She said that she was leaving in a hurry, and behind her ears was the man's low voice, "You and I go to the guest room."

Panicked and almost fell.

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