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early morning.

When Su Shu went downstairs, Gu Siyan was already sitting in the living room.



After the two greeted each other, the living room suddenly fell silent.

"The weather is good today!" It was Su Shu who broke the silence first.

Gu Siyan nodded, "En."

The living room became quiet again.

Su Shu looked at Gu Siyan who was silent, and suddenly thought of last night. In fact, after she went back to the guest room last night, she couldn't fall asleep, so she went online to check what happened last night.

A netizen just happened to ask this question. I have been in love with my girlfriend for four years and tried for 3 months without success. It is the first time for both parties. Would you like to break up?

Someone downstairs asked him if his girlfriend felt hurt when he called out.

He replied, yes, it was very distressed at first, especially when she shed tears.

Netizens suggested to be cruel and don't feel bad.

He replied, it's not a cruel question now. Now when the girlfriend shouts, he subconsciously fails. A psychological shadow has been created and he has already considered breaking up.

Su Shu suddenly thought that she and Gu Siyan were in a similar situation. She was also afraid of pain, so she started to cry at the slightest pain and pretended to cry.

If she continues to call pain in the future, she will not call him out of the psychological shadow, the two are going to break up!

"What are you thinking about?" Gu Siyan saw Su Shu thinking about things intently.

"Break up." Su Shu blurted out.

Suddenly, Su Shu just felt cold all over, and couldn't help but shudder.

She looked at Gu Siyans dark eyes, her little heart trembled, and she immediately wanted to explain, No, Ah Yan, I didnt mean that. I just read a post last night. Because of the disharmony between the two sides, So we broke up."

The breath around Gu Siyan became colder.

"No, just like ours, they were unsuccessful for the first time. They tried many times without success, so they broke up..." Su Shuyue explained, finding that he couldn't explain it.

She finally understands why people become incoherent when people are nervous, because the brain can no longer organize language.

"Unsuccessful? Want to break up?" Gu Siyan's indifferent voice was faintly dangerous. .

The next second, Su Shu was lifted into the sky, and she was picked up.

She was taken aback, "Ayan, what are you doing, no, it's not that I want to break up, it's the person who posted the post."


What kind of experience is called breaking the throat?

Su Shu's answer should be, probably because it hurts not to speak.

Facts have proved that the unsuccessful last night was entirely because Gu Siyan felt sorry for her.

Su Shu's body and head are falling apart, and he doesn't want to move.

She was too lazy to use her mobile phone to check the time, looking at the sunset through the gaps in the curtains, she was tossed by the other party for a day.

A figure shrouded over, with a soft touch on his forehead.

"What do you want to eat?" Gu Siyan sat on the edge of the bed and kissed Su Shu on the forehead.

When Su Shu saw Gu Siyan, he turned his head, "I don't want to be hungry and don't want to eat."

She wanted to ignore him for a week, and said that she liked her. She begged for mercy and didn't let her go.

Gu Siyan lowered his head and saw the marks on Su Shu's collarbone and his arms, and knew that he had gone too far.

He couldn't control his emotions when he heard her talk about breaking up.

Later, he lost control directly.

"Don't leave tomorrow, I will help you book a ticket in 2 days."

Su Shu sat up in surprise, his face flushed red, "What? Go away in two days, Gu Siyan, I'm like this, you still don't let me go."

Gu Siyan knew that Su Shu had misunderstood, "No, I just want you to rest for two more days."

Su Shu was taken aback, and looked at Gu Siyan with anger, "You also know that you are too much, don't you?"

"En." Gu Siyan nodded.

"Gu Siyan, you are just a bastard." Su Shu was still puzzled.

Listening to Su Shu's hoarse voice, Gu Siyan got up and poured her a glass of water, "You can scold for a while, drink a glass of water first."

Su Shu looked at this glass of water, shy and annoyed.

With a dry, hot and sore throat, Su Shu got out of bed wrapped in a bath towel very stiffly, poured himself a glass of water again, drank it, and then smiled triumphantly at Gu Siyan.

Gu Siyan only looked at Su Shu, with pampering eyes in his eyes

Su Shu suddenly felt that his behavior was naive, and ran back to bed again.

Su Shu rested all day.

Gu Siyan also works from home this day, accompanied by Su Shu.

Thinking of one day and going back to school again, Su Shu suddenly felt that the cold war was meaningless.

She went to the study to find Gu Siyan with black and white.

Gu Siyan was processing the mail and saw Su Shu coming over and put down his work.

"You're busy, I'll come and have a look." Su Shu walked towards the bookcase holding Black and White.

Gu Siyan's study room is very large. There are two rows of bookcases in front of them. They are all books, mostly finance, programming, philosophy, and some art books, mainly about calligraphy and painting.

Su Shu touched Mao Maos head and scanned the titles of the books one by one, focusing on the row of calendars in the upper left corner.

This calendar seems familiar.

Su Shu remembered that the cover of this calendar was a stick figure drawn by herself and presented to Gu Siyan.

At that time, she drew several paintings in a row and gave him two of them, but she didn't expect that he would still collect them when he ran out.

She reached for a copy and flipped through it casually.

The calendar is very clean, and occasionally a black pen is used to circle the date, which should be used as a reminder.

She turned page by page.

Suddenly, Su Shu's eyes fell on September 28th.

Last year, September 28th, the day she had a car accident.

Why do you remember it so clearly, because eleven is the day when she returns to the original world.

There are three thin words written on it, countdown.

She flipped through October, and every day, the other party marked out the date with a red pen.

One month, two months, to the third month.

The day Su Shu woke up, the black signature pen, the eye-catching D-day.

Su Shu flinched his fingers and turned to look at Gu Siyan who was working. The other party seemed to feel her gaze and looked at her, giving her a reassuring gaze.

What exactly is going on?

Su Shu suddenly remembered the moment she just woke up. Her mother said to her, [Su Shu, I think Ayan seems to know when you wake up.

Immediately Su Shu turned around to shake off this incredible idea. This should be just a random record of the time she was in a coma.

\'D-day\' is not necessarily marked by him in advance, maybe it was written on that day!

She closed the calendar again and put it back.

Tomorrow Su Shu will go back to school, and Gu Siyan will accompany her to go shopping.

Gu Siyan looked at the absent-minded woman all the way, and squeezed her palm.

Su Shu sensed the discomfort in the palm of his hand, returned to his senses, raised his head and looked at Gu Siyan, "Ayan, what's the matter?"

"Something on your mind?"

Su Shu shook his head, "It's okay. I just want to watch a movie."

Why did she think so much, even if Gu Siyan really knew her secret, he would still harm her?

After figuring it out, Su Shu happily took Gu Siyan's arm.

"Okay, watch the movie." Gu Siyan looked at Su Shu holding his hands, and saw that her mood finally improved again.

The two bought movie tickets in the theater, and Su Shu ran to buy drinks.

"Su Shu!" someone behind her suddenly called her.

Su Shu turned his head, it was Han Chuchu.

Long time no see, Su Shu looked at Han Chuchu again, feeling a bit strange.

She has a white shirt wrapped in a hip skirt and an ink-colored suit jacket, which looks quite mature.

"Back home?" Han Chuchu stepped forward and ordered a cup of milk tea.

Su Shu nodded, "Well, come back for two days and leave tomorrow."

Han Chuchu was silent for a while, then suddenly said, "Is he okay?"

Su Shu knew that the "he" in her mouth was Shen Yiqing, "Well, it's okay."

When Su Shu was abroad, she received a call from Han Chuchu, and she asked her for Shen Yiqing's new contact information, but she did not give it.

She didnt know exactly what she said between Han Chuchu and Shen Yiqing, but compared to Han Chuchu, Su Shu and Shen Yiqing were closer, and they were more inclined to Shen Yiqing, so Shen Yiqing expressed that she didnt want to contact Han Chuchu anymore, so she didnt know. Refused.

"I saw him in a foreign magazine." Han Chuchu said.

Su Shu nodded, "Well, my brother's paintings are good at first, it's a matter of becoming famous sooner or later."

A bitter smile appeared at the corner of Han Chuchus mouth. She probably regretted losing it. She used to look at Mr. Gu from a distance, and greedily enjoyed Shen Yiqings kindness to her. She also used the word friend to define her and him. The previous relationship.

Probably Shen Yiqing was too good to have a illusion that even though she rejected the suitors, she could still become good friends with them.

She didn't understand that Shen Yiqing was special to her, and she couldn't figure out why she was just showing up at the appointment, and why he went abroad with anger.

Until that night, she was in a bad mood, was asked to go out by the show, drank too much, and something irreparable happened.

She always felt that she was special. Even if she knew that the display was a playboy, she had a fluke in her heart. She was different from those women.

But the truth is cruel, she is just a passer-by in the game world of the other party, maybe not even a passer-by.

After sleeping, she was very frightened at first, and then expected the other person to be responsible. Later, she realized that she was too stupid. How could such a man be responsible for you and stop for you. Impossible, impossible at all.

Fortunately, she didn't like him either.

The 21st world is now, so what happens after sleeping.

However, the longer the time, the more often she thinks of Shen Yiqing, thinking of how good he is to her, he will take into account her identity and consider her self-esteem, he will comfort her when her work is not going well, and he will make her happy. .

It's a pity that she doesn't know how to cherish, she just takes it for granted and enjoys his kindness to her, and she secretly covets a man who can't reach her.

Su Shu looked at Han Chuchu's melancholy, knowing that she regretted it, but sometimes regret was useless, "The past is over, people have to look forward."

"En." Han Chuchu nodded, she just happened to see Gu Siyan not far away.

He is still as good-looking as ever, with good features, just standing quietly, not knowing how many people's eyes are attracted, and in his eyes, there is only Su Shu.

"Su Shu, I really envy you, Mr. Gu likes it. You are really lucky, and the person you like happens to like you too."

Su Shu smiled and said nothing.

The milk tea for the two was finished, and they were separated.

Su Shu turned his head, just in time to see Gu Siyan coming here. He probably saw her out for too long and came out to look for her.

She hurried over with two cups of milk tea, "I just met Han Chuchu and talked for a while, which wasted time."

"En." Gu Siyan nodded.

"Guess what she told me?" Su Shu passed a cup of milk tea.

"What?" Gu Siyan took the milk tea.

He actually doesn't like to drink milk tea, but Su Shu drinks it, he will try to drink a little.

"She said that I was lucky, and the person I liked happened to also like me." Su Shu smiled.

"No, I was lucky to meet you." Gu Siyan corrected.

Su Shu was taken aback, stood on tiptoe, and gently kissed his cheek, "When did I speak this way, I will reward you with a kiss."

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