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Su Shu went back to school.

In the airport parking lot, Su Shu glanced sideways at the silent man. Along the way, he concentrated on driving without saying a word to her.

"Hey, Gu Siyan, I'm going to leave, so can't you show a reluctant expression and say a little bit of reluctance to me?" Su Shu hurriedly opened the car door and walked towards the airport alone.

She knew that Gu Siyan was just not good at expressing, but she was going to force him, no one was so dull and boring in love.

Without taking two steps, his wrist was clasped.

Su Shu turned her head and looked at Gu Siyan holding her hand tightly, "What are you doing?"

"I can't bear you." Gu Siyan said.

"Will you miss me?" Su Shu asked again.

"Yes." Gu Siyan paused, "I think about it every day. "

Su Shu froze for a moment, smiled and threw into his arms, wrapped his hands around his waist, "Think about it every day?"


"Me too." Su Shu raised his head, stood on tiptoe and screamed, and gently touched Gu Siyan's lips, preparing to leave.

In the next second, Gu Siyan directly grabbed the back of her head and leaned over to kiss her.


The sound of car horns behind him.

Su Shu returned to his senses,

The driver's uncle smiled and said, "Little girl, there are many cars here and it's dangerous. If you want to kiss, you can go to the front."

Su Shu smiled, "Sorry, uncle, the main reason is to be separated from her boyfriend. I'm too reluctant to pay attention to traffic safety, so let's go now."

Time passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, Su Shu had already graduated.

Although she took a semester off school, she had already made up all the credits within half a year and graduated smoothly.

Now she is a small well-known painter, frequently appearing in professional journals and magazines.

Today is the graduation ceremony, and it is also the time for Gu Siyan and Lan Minghui to go public.

Yes, the company's crisis has been resolved.

I have to say that Gu Siyan is really business savvy. With the rise of the Internet, traditional media have tended to be at a disadvantage. The two sides have reached a cooperation after negotiation, and original content can jump to the original web page for drainage.

In addition, the Copyright Bureau directly settled in the official name, disguisedly declared the feasibility of the second creation of content.

However, in just six months, the number of users surged by several hundred million.

Today's Gu Siyan and Lan Minghui, whose worth has long been different from the past, have jumped from Jiangcheng to become a national outstanding entrepreneur.

In particular, Lan Minghui has become the man most girls want to marry in the country, and Gu Siyan is very low-key, barely showing up, and only a name known to the general public.

Su Shu watched all the students on campus wearing graduation gowns taking pictures everywhere. There were friends or family members around him, and felt a little disappointed, but Gu Siyan had already said that he would prepare a gift for her.

Seeing the gift, she didn't care so much.

The photo was taken.

Su Shu looked at the school, looked at the alumni, and suddenly felt disappointed.

She seems to have feelings for the flowers and plants here.

I drew here, discussed issues with my friends, wrote papers in the library, listened to lectures by masters, and saw the collision of different cultures.

"Su Shu!"

A familiar voice.

Su Shu's heart jumped and turned around, Gu Siyan appeared in front of her, handsome face, familiar shirt and trousers dress, those big long legs, especially straight, she rushed over and plunged into his. In his arms, "Ayan, today is not the company going public, why are you here?"

"Come and see you."

Su Shu was happy, and the corners of her lips were still hypocritical, "The company's listing is so important, in fact, you don't have to come to attend my graduation ceremony."

"You are the most important."

The arc of Su Shu's mouth couldn't be suppressed, and he stood up on his toes happily and kissed it.

Gu Siyan ducked gently, "Su Shu..."

Su Shu was taken aback, "Why don't you give it to me?"


Su Shu kissed again. She had a rebellious mentality. Originally, she just wanted a little kiss to express her love and joy. This would feel Gu Siyan's resistance and prefer to kiss her.

Gu Siyan was somewhat resistant at first, but then simply let go.

Until a word came from behind, "Sister."

Su Shu's body stiffened, and blood rushed to his brain.

She turned around.

Her father, mother, and younger brother all stood behind her, and the three of them were looking at her with a smile.

There is something more embarrassing than seeing herself kissing at home. Su Shu wanted to find a hole to drill. She looked at Gu Siyan again, gritted her teeth and glared at him, "Why didn't you say it earlier?"

"You interrupted me." Gu Siyan was a little aggrieved.

"Then you refuse," Su Shu exasperated. "Don't say you refused. If you refuse once, you can refuse twice. I can always feel something is wrong."

Although he was a little resistant at the beginning, the kiss later was more natural than her, is it really not embarrassing at all?

Gu Siyan knew she should follow her at this time, "Well, I was wrong."

Su Shu is the kind that the more quibble the other party makes, the more energetic she becomes. As soon as Gu Siyan admits her mistake, she doesn't know what to say.

"Seeing that you two have such a good relationship, Mom is relieved." Tang Yunxin walked up.

Su Shu hasn't seen his parents for a long time, forgetting the embarrassment just now, and ran over happily, "Mom, Dad."

Su Shus parents were busy with their careers and did not attend the graduation ceremony of the undergraduate degree, but the graduation ceremony of the graduate school, Su Shus relatives, and fiance all came over. She was extremely happy that day.

"Mom, I want to take a lot of photos."

"Ayan, I want to take a photo with you."

"Ayuan, come here, take a picture of the two of us."

"Gu Siyan, help us take a family portrait!"

"Classmate, could you please take a photo for the five of us? Thank you."

Gu Siyan watched Su Shu happily taking pictures all the way, and from time to time he took him to take a group photo. After a long absence, he felt a sense of home.

After taking photos for a whole day, Su Shu was a little tired and her calves swelled. She rubbed and rubbed with her small hands to relieve the sore muscles.

Gu Siyan came to her and bent down, "Come up, I'll carry you."

Su Shu was taken aback, "My parents are still there! And I'm not that weak."

"I want to carry you on my back," Gu Siyan turned his head and glanced at Su Shu, "I've seen all the more intimate actions. Are you shy?"

Su Shu raised his chin slightly, "I'm not shy yet."

After returning home.

Xu Yan and Su Shu formally met her new boyfriend, a graceful university professor in white clothes.

The bar is very noisy.

Su Shu stared at Xu Yan's new boyfriend, personable and gentle, she lowered her voice, "Yan Yan, did you have **** with this man? Or you still have no feelings for my brother!"

Xu Yan pushed Su Shu lightly, and said proudly, "Is my sister the kind of person who can find a substitute? I am a man who likes the elegant style, so I like Shen Yiqing, not because of Shen Yiqing. , Understand?"

"Understood." Su Shu nodded.

"I won't be with you anymore, I'm going to accompany my boyfriend." Xu Yan looked at his boyfriend sitting in the corner of the deck and leaned over.

As soon as Xu Yan left, another person sat next to him.

Su Shu looked up, Zhou Yi, she smiled at him.

"How are you doing recently?" Zhou Yi asked the bartender for a glass of wine.

"Very good, at least graduated successfully." Su Shu squeezed the wine glass and took a sip of wine.

"Obviously, he is already a famous painter, and he will be humble now!" Zhou Yi took the wine from the bartender.

Su Shu took the glass and touched Zhou Yi's glass, "In the face of a school bully like you, it's no good not to be humble!"

Zhou Yi actually studies very well. If he continues to study and engage in scientific research, it is really good, but he is an only son and must inherit the family business.

Zhou Yi took a sip of wine and looked at Xu Yan and her new boyfriend.

Su Shu also looked over, "Zhou Yi, Yan Yan already has a boyfriend, where is your girlfriend?"

"When are you getting married?" Zhou Yi asked back.

Su Shu smiled, "I asked about your girlfriend, you asked me about marriage, change the subject?"

Zhou Yi looked a little helpless, and took a serious look at Su Shu, "Probably waiting for you to get married before I can completely give up!"

Su Shu was taken aback, "Are you kidding you in a disguised way to get married?"

"It's good to know, the age is not too young, get married early." Zhou Yi smiled.

"Oh, I wasn't big or young before, I don't know how to call sister, this will think I am older?"

The two of them were laughing and joking, as if they were going back to the time in the past.

Suddenly, Su Shu felt a chill in his back, turned his head, Gu Siyan was looking at her with scorching eyes.

"Ayan!" She smiled and beckoned to Gu Siyan, she would drink a lot, her cheeks were as beautiful as a rose in bloom, beautifully thrilling.

Gu Siyan came over, took a faint glance at Zhou Yi on the side, and helped Su Shu up, "Get up, go home."

"Okay, go home." Su Shu said goodbye to Xu Yan and Zhou Yi, and followed Gu Siyan out of the bar.

Outside the bar, the summer wind blows on people, still hot.

"Ayan, what's the matter?" Su Shu Mingru felt that the man seemed unhappy.

Gu Siyan looked down at Su Shu who was slightly drunk, "It's okay."

"You have something! I feel it, is it work?"

Su Shu was confused with peachy eyes and stretched out his hand to beckon Gu Siyan.

Gu Siyan leaned over, and Su Shu closed his eyes and kissed the man on the cheek, "I will give you a lucky kiss, so that all the troubles will fly away."

"One is not enough." Gu Siyan's eyes were burning.

"Then give another one." Su Shu kissed Gu Siyan on the cheek again.

"not enough."

"Then how much do you want."

Gu Siyan's dark eyes are all the reflection of Su Shu, and his voice is extremely low and hoarse, "I want something else."

"Good." Su Shu didn't realize the danger was coming.

Su Shu was a little annoyed recently. Since that time when she was drunk in the bar, she had a vague relationship with Gu Siyan for the second time, and the other party was endless.

The experience is actually okay, but it is too frequent and the legs are soft.

So Su Shu deliberately hid in Gu Siyan these days.

Su Shu was blocked at the door by Gu Siyan that day.

"Are you hiding from me lately?"

"No." Su Shu's eyes flickered, and his heart was a little guilty.

Gu Siyan's dark eyes stared at Su Shu tightly, as if to see through her.

"Okay." Su Shu accepted his fate, "I've been avoiding you a bit recently."

"Why?" Gu Siyan asked.

Su Shu bit her lip and racked her brain to make her words euphemistic. "That Ayan, even though it's already in the 21st century, I'm still relatively conservative. I think I'll stay apart before getting married. You Understand?"

"Well, I understand." Gu Siyan nodded

Su Shu breathed a sigh of relief, "Just understand."

Su Shuwan never thought that Gu Siyan would understand, it was completely different from her understanding.

The weather was very good that day, the mall was engaged in activities, crowded, and the stage was crowded.

Su Shu was called to the stage by Gu Siyan. Su Shu knew that this mall belonged to the Gu family. Although he didn't understand what he was going to do, he went up.

Suddenly, surrounded by roses in the sky, Gu Siyan suddenly knelt on one knee and took out a diamond ring the size of a pigeon egg, "Su Shu, marry me!"

Su Shu stood there for a moment, and his heart suddenly pounded.

Is this man really proposing?

Just entering the first year, she talked nonsense casually,

[Ayan, there is no proposal, I will not marry you, I want roses all over the sky, I want you to kneel down on one knee in front of countless people to propose to me, many people, many people. The diamond ring is a very big one.

"Promise him!"

"Promise him!"

"Promise him!"

The crowd was surging underneath, and it was all roaring sounds, one after another.

Su Shu also saw Xu Yan, Lan Minghui and others in the crowd. Gu Siyan really gave up!

Su Shu walked up with a smile and stretched out his hand, "I am willing."

Gu Siyan held Su Shu's hand, his eyes pious and focused, and slowly brought the ring up.

There was a warm applause from below.

Su Shu and Gu Siyan stepped off the stage. The person in charge of the mall announced that all the merchandise in the mall would be discounted at 5.20%, followed by the event performance.

Su Shu walked in front, behind the back of her hand, feeling very happy. She suddenly stopped and turned to look at Gu Siyan beside her, "Ayan, do you remember what I said a few years ago?"

Gu Siyan only looked at Su Shu without speaking.

"Then you like me, why don't you treat me better? You can eat it and I will run after you?" Su Shu pursed his lips.

She suddenly felt that the marriage proposal was a bit early.

Gu Siyan was silent for a moment, "I thought you liked that way of getting along."

Su Shu was taken aback and thought about the way the two get along.

Every time she made a fuss on purpose, even though Gu Siyan seemed reluctant, she followed her in everything.

It's just that she felt that his obedience was because of his impatience and fear that she would continue to make trouble, coupled with the system's misleading, did not expect him to like her early.

"Look, if you don't say it, I don't even know. If you like it, you have to say it, you know?" Su Shu thought of the system, and suddenly his head dizzy.

"What's the matter?" Gu Siyan helped Su Shu a little.

Su Shu shook his head, "It's okay."

It was strange why the memories of the family members in the original world became more and more blurred, and the system became more and more blurred. There was only Nuomi, she still remembered clearly.

Su Shu is married.

The wedding was unprecedentedly grand. Almost all the people in Jiangcheng who had a good face came over, including famous entrepreneurs from other regions.

Many of Su Shu's friends, classmates and teachers have also come, most of them are in the art circle, and some are already well-known painters, such as Shen Yiqing, who is now a hot young painter.

The people around were talking quietly.

"At the beginning, I felt that the Su family's family was no longer as good as Gu Siyan. Fortunately, I was engaged early and picked up a ready-made bargain. Now it seems that the woman is not bad."

"That is, I heard that Su Shu appeared in that internationally renowned art magazine very early, one or two years earlier than Shen Yiqing."

"Then why is she not famous as Shen Yiqing?"

"This is in China. Her painting style is western, more unrestrained and unrestrained. She is more popular abroad. Besides, the styles of the two are completely different and they are not comparable. They win glory for Chinese people internationally."

"Yes, I looked at her classmates and friends, they looked very artistic, different from ours."

"Stop talking, the wedding has begun."

There are too many people at the wedding banquet.

Su Shu has always fantasized about the beauty of dressing on the day of marriage, which is the focus of everyone.

This day will be the happiest day in her memory.

Actually, I was yelled from 3 am, putting on make-up and changing clothes, and taking pictures. I didnt usually feel anything. When I got married, I felt that there were so many relatives. Everyone had to see the bride. She felt like a mascot, and she was nervous last night I couldn't sleep, fell asleep at one o'clock in the morning, and yawned all the time.

I don't know what time it is. Watching dawn, the groom comes to pick up the bride. Su Shu has a group of bridesmaids, headed by Xu Yan, who are not vegetarians, and the best man group can't even come in.

Su Shu took advantage of this opportunity to close his eyes and regain his senses, but he did not expect to fall asleep.

So when Gu Siyan came in, Su Shu leaned his head on the edge of the bed and fell asleep.

Xu Yan was going to wake her up, and the room was also noisy.

Gu Siyan made a gesture to quiet everyone and hugged Su Shu.

When Su Shu woke up, she had already arrived at the hotel. She opened her eyes and saw Gu Siyan who was on her side.

"Ayan." Su Shu just woke up with a dumb voice, and then reacted that he actually fell asleep during the pick-up, "I didn't mean to fall asleep, I couldn't sleep last night, and I was called to wake up at 3 today. "

"En, I know." Gu Siyan looked down at the blush under Su Shu's eyes, and kissed her forehead lightly.

After sleeping for more than two hours, Su Shu's spirit was much better.

The wedding went smoothly, but the process was extremely cumbersome. Su Shu felt like a tool man, walking through various process ceremonies.

It was almost eleven o'clock in the evening before the guests finished walking.

Su Shu Li's fluttered directly on the red bed.

"Ouch!" she cried out suddenly, tears of pain falling.

The bed was densely covered with jujubes, peanuts, longan and lotus seeds, and there was a thin wedding dress group on her body. She just swooped hard, and she died of pain.

Gu Siyan had just come in and saw Su Shu's teary eyes, "What's the matter?"

Su Shu pointed to those early giving birth to a precious son, angrily, "It hurts to death."

Gu Siyan lowered his head and looked at Su Shu's arm, the faint red seal on the collarbone, and walked directly over, took a tray and put these'early children' into the trash can.

He looked very much like when he was a child, the little boy tripped over a stone, and then threw the stone away severely.

Su Shu laughed, Gu Siyan only then returned to his senses, realizing what had just been done, he lifted his lips and smiled.

He saw Su Shu crying in pain, and he became naive for a while.

"Ayan." Su Shu walked towards Gu Siyan step by step.

She was tired and wanted to sleep with her head covered. Seeing Gu Siyan's childish venting for her, she would stretch out her hand and take the initiative to help Gu Siyan untie her tie.

Gu Siyan grabbed her hand directly, and said dumbly, "Change the name."

Su Shu froze for a moment. After understanding what he meant, he blushed instantly.

"Husband." She whispered.

"Speak louder." Gu Siyan said dumbly.

Su Shu was shy, it took only a few minutes, raised his head to meet him, Xiao Yanyan shouted, "Husband."

With a soft and sweet voice, Gu Siyan stretched the line for a day, and instantly collapsed.

Bend his big hand, he hugged Su Shu to bed.

After marriage, the young couple had a very sweet life.

The company is on the right track, Gu Siyan shifted its focus to the family, and the two spent more time together.

Usually Su Shu was making trouble, Gu Siyan watched, and sometimes Su Shu would pull Gu Siyan to do something bold and extraordinary.

It's just that during the recent period, Su Shu shut himself into the studio and stayed there all day.

At ten o'clock that night, Su Shu hadn't come out in the studio.

Gu Siyan stood at the door and knocked gently on the door of the studio, but no one answered.

He frowned slightly and waited at the door.

When Su Shu came out, it was almost eleven o'clock.

She still had paint on her face and clothes. When she saw Gu Siyan, she was taken aback for a moment, "Ayan, didn't you say you don't have to wait for me, do I want to paint recently?"

Gu Siyan walked over, not caring about the paint on Su Shu's body, and hung her from behind her, "You have been in this state for a month."

"One month? Really?" Su Shu was in a daze. She stretched out her hand to wrap Gu Siyan's waist and leaned against his chest. "Ayan, I don't think I can paint anymore. The seniors and the teacher told me about my paintings. A feeling is missing, but I really cant figure out what feeling I am missing."

Her beautiful peach blossom eyes are full of entanglement and annoyance, "I blindly pursue the feelings that I lack, and in the end I can't draw the original ones."

"They told me not to be horny, but I fell into a dead end and couldn't get out."

Gu Siyan relaxed Su Shu lightly, reached out and held her hand, and led her into the studio.

The studio is a little messy, all on the ground and on the walls are paintings, and the ease and ease in the paintings are gone, with self-doubt.

Gu Siyan retracted his gaze, looked down at Su Shu, and reached out to touch Su Shu's head, "Su Shu, have you ever thought that what you lack is a sense of belonging to this world."

Su Shu shrank her fingers, her beautiful peachy eyes contracted slightly in pain, "Ayan, what are you talking about?"

Gu Siyan disregarded Su Shu's surprise, "Su Shu, your relatives and lovers are here. What you need is an identification with this world, and blending into this world, what you lack is an identification with this world."

Su Shu was stunned for a long time, he knew that Gu Siyan knew everything.

The memory of the death was blurry, she almost couldn't grasp it, but Nuomi always reminded her firmly that she was from another world.

"The glutinous rice is me." Gu Siyan knew that if he didn't make it clear, Su Shu might never get out.

Su Shu smiled, "No wonder, all things can't be remembered, only the cat remembers."

Su Shu didn't ask Gu Siyan how he became a cat. She knew that all he did was for her good.

"Ayan." Su Shu hooked his hands around Gu Siyan's neck and wanted to kiss him.

Lips reached the other side's thin lips, and suddenly let go, "No, my face is dirty."

"I don't mind." Gu Siyan grabbed the back of her head and kissed it.

Later, Su Shu finally broke through the bottleneck and became one of the most sought-after artists in the world.

Young, beautiful, with a good family background, and his paintings are even more sought after. Su Shu became the darling of the media and rushed to report.

There are even fans when I travel.

At the airport, after Su Shu finished signing the male fan, the other party took advantage of the situation and suddenly gave her a hug and ran away.

Su Shu was taken aback and glanced sideways at Gu Siyan next to him. Seeing him with a calm face, he was jealous again.

She stood on tiptoe and kissed him on the cheek, "It's just a fan."

Gu Siyan said nothing.

Su Shu tilted his head for a moment, then quietly said a word in his ear.

Gu Siyan was startled, and the tips of his ears were slightly red.

He was coaxed.

The two of them walked towards the airport holding their mobile phones.

End of this article.

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