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"There seems to be no one here!"

"Let's go over there and see!"

Listening to the people outside, Su Shuxuan's heart finally let go.

Suddenly, there was a click.

The wind blows over the branches on the side, and the gradual departure of footsteps stops.

"What's going on over there, let's go over and see!"

Su Shu listened to the sound of getting closer, and was about to run away, the man next to him lowered his voice, "I will lead them away, you will find a way to get out."

Su Shu wanted to say two things that are equally difficult, but time is running out and her ink is not allowed. She just nodded gratefully to Gu Siyan.

"Host, is this how you maintain the personality? You should go forward and retreat with him." The system suddenly appeared.

"System, this is not to drag him down!"

"Every time you have various reasons!"

However, before Su Shu had time to discuss with the system whether or not she did it in accordance with the personality, Gu Siyan walked out, and the place covered with grass suddenly collapsed.

Both of them were exposed to the group of people at once.

Su Shu's eyes widened in surprise. Before he could react, Gu Siyan took her hand and ran forward.

Su Shu was forced to follow along, "System, did you say that Gu Siyan was intentional or unintentional?"

"Host, I think you should save energy and concentrate on running! It won't be good if you are caught!"

Su Shu feels that she has not exercised as much this year as she is today. She has no consciousness all over her body, and only feels that her two legs are moving mechanically.

At this time, they had already left the group behind them temporarily.

Ahead, in the dim night, Su Shu saw Han Chuchu coming out of the small road for a walk at a glance.

Her eyes lit up and she slowed down.

According to the attributes of the Virgin Mary, she should be able to be hidden with Gu Siyan!

The three met head-on, Han Chuchu seemed to recognize them, a little surprised, "Why are you here?"

Su Shu stopped, it would be tiring to even speak incoherently, "Gang, Gang, someone is chasing..."

It's just that she hasn't finished speaking yet, and the man drags her forward.

Su Shu really didn't want to run anymore. He was unfamiliar with the place and was found out after a while. "Ayan, the girl just now, we know each other, she might be able to help us..."

"Hold on for a while!" Gu Siyan pursed his lips.

"But I really can't run. Let the girl find a place to rest for us, okay?"

"You offended her!"

Su Shu couldn't refute this reason, so he had to follow his fate.

Ye finally became completely dark and covered their whereabouts.

Looking at the endless sea, thousands of stars are reflected on the surface of the sea, and the sea and the sky in the distance are connected together, and it is impossible to distinguish the sea from the night.

Suddenly, when the wind blew, the stars on the sea surface were blown away, sparkling.

Su Shu sat on the beach alone.

By the sea, there is a big temperature difference between day and night. She has only one short sleeve on her body, which shrinks her body coldly, and makes her stomach growl hungry.

"System, it's been three years, I haven't asked you anything, can you change something for me, and give me another coat!"

"Sorry, host, I am powerless."

Su Shu looked up at the thousands of stars above his head, with a sad tone, "System, if I die of cold or starve to death, where will my soul go?"

"Host, your body is pretending to be very pretentious, so staying for one night will most likely catch a cold!"

"Can't you comfort me!" Su Shu chased the sea breeze away at that moment.

The sound of the waves hit the shore, and there were faint shouts in the distance.

"Sister Su Shu!"

"Sister Su Shu, where are you?"

Su Shu stood up, turned around, and there was a faint flashlight in the distance.

It is Tian Tian looking for her.

"I'm here!" Su Shu beckoned.

The figure is getting closer, and the light of the flashlight is getting brighter.

"Sister Su Shu!" Tian Tian saw Su Shu and plunged into Su Shu's arms, her voice still crying, "I went to find you after cooking, and found that you are gone. Everything you have in your bag is with me. Here, I thought you were abducted by bad guys!

I told you that if I want to take you to the beach to see the night scene, I will always look for you along the coast! Finally I find you! "

Tian Tian said and cried, "I'm so scared! I'm so afraid of your accident! The first time I was a tour guide, I killed people."

Su Shu gently patted her on the back, coaxing her in a low voice, "I'm sorry, it was my sister who was wrong. My sister encountered something, and then walked away, and then she couldn't find your home."

Tian Tian stretched out her hand and wiped her tears, looked up at Su Shu, "Sister Su Shu, I'm just worried about you. It's normal for you to get lost the first time you came here. Let's go back. Grandma is still at home waiting for us to eat. I'm afraid she is anxious. , Just say you came out to play."

"En." Su Shu heard that there was food to eat, his peach blossom eyes brightened, and his whole body seemed to be full of strength.

Before she took two steps, someone called her behind her.

"Su Shu!"

Su Shu realized that he had almost forgotten Gu Siyan.

The man threw her to the beach, he didn't know what to do, and only asked her to wait for him on the spot.

"Ayan, this is my tour guide! We can live in her house tonight!" She yelled at him happily.

"Come here!" Gu Siyan stood there.

Su Shu knew that Gu Siyan was very defensive about the people here because of the previous events, and this will see Tian Tian's eyes look more vigilantly.

She smiled, "Don't worry, this little girl is very nice."

"Don't make trouble!" Gu Siyan is very firm.

"Tian Tian people are very nice!" Su Shu stood in a stalemate.

Tian Tian stayed with her for a day, and then Gu Siyan would directly put her into the group of islanders who wanted to kidnap him, and she felt a little uncomfortable.

"Sister Su Shu?" Tian Tian took La Sushu's hand and stared at Gu Siyan for a long time, "Is he the same developer everyone is looking for?"

When Su Shu heard Tian Tian's question, he realized that the positions of the two were opposed.

"He is your friend, right?" Tian Tian's eyes were bright, staring at Su Shu with a look of expectation, "So you told me so surely that Taiyi Island will not be demolished at noon today, you are not comforting me. Is it because the developer is your friend, and he has given up on the demolition of Taiyi Island, right?"

"That Tian Tian, although he and I are friends..." Su Shu looked at Tian Tian and then at Gu Siyan behind him.

She said with certainty that Taiyi Island would not be demolished because she knew the plot, not because she and Gu Siyan were friends.

"So, our island really won't be demolished!" After Tian Tian came to this conclusion, she was almost happy to jump up.

She immediately ran up to Gu Siyan and bowed at him 90 degrees, "I'm sorry, gentleman, I'm really sorry for what happened today. In fact, many people on the island disagree with Uncle Zhao and the others doing that..."

"I haven't given up on the development of Taiyi Island!" Gu Siyan interrupted Tian Tian directly.

Tian Tian was taken aback for a moment. In the moonlight, her little face was pale and miserable and there was no blood at all. Her eyes were a little dazed, and she turned to look at Su Shu, her eyes full of doubts.

Su Shu met such a lost and confused look, his chest was stuffy, "Tian Tian..."

She knows how much Tian Tian loves this island,

She knows the final result of Taiyi Island and also knows that Gu Siyan has not stopped the development of Taiyi Island.

So she didn't know how to explain it to this little girl who was born and raised for 18 years in front of Gu Siyan.

Tian Tian probably understood something. She raised her head hard and showed a smile, "Sister Su Shu, are you leaving here in a while? I'll wait for the boat with you. It's windy here, be careful of cold!"

She said that she would take off her coat and put it on for Su Shu.

"No, Tian Tian, I'm not cold." Su Shu's mouth was so suffocated that he couldn't breathe.

Tian Tian didn't speak, but stubbornly put his coat on Su Shu's body.

In the silent night, the sound of the sea waves, and the sound of the little girl's constantly sniffing her nose.

Su Shu stared at the end of the sea, not knowing what he was thinking.

Several helicopters hovered in the air abruptly, and Secretary Li went up a quarter of an hour faster than expected.

The plane landed on the beach not far away from the three of them, and Secretary Li brought a group of burly black bodyguards towards this side.

Gu Siyan looked at Su Shu who had been silent just now, and said, "Go back."

Su Shu returned to his senses and turned to look at the little **** the side, "Tian Tian, I'm going back!"

"Well, I'll give your bag phone to Manager Qian." Tian Tian's voice was a little dumb, she could hear her, she just cried secretly.

"I had a great time today, you are a great tour guide!" Su Shu waved to her.

She turned around and walked for two steps, then suddenly turned around and ran over to hug her, "Taiyi Island is very good, and your culture is also very attractive!"

After boarding the helicopter, Su Shu stayed alone in the corner and did not say anything.

"Host, you don't actually have to be sad! Taiyi Island will not be demolished according to the development of the plot."

"I just looked at Tian Tian and felt uncomfortable. The child was too innocent. If it weren't for the few words I said at noon, she would not experience such ups and downs. Without expectation, she would not cry secretly just now. Long."

"Host, you have a real feeling again!"

Su Shu froze for a moment, put away his sadness, and showed a bright smile.

She stood up, saw the empty seat next to Gu Siyan, and sat down.

Gu Siyan turned his head, preparing what she wanted to say.

Su Shu's body turned slightly to Gu Siyan, with a delicate voice, "Ayan, today is really so thrilling, are we all suffering together?"

"It says in the book that couples must share joys and sorrows in order to last long! We will definitely be together for a long time!"

She said that her body was almost leaning on him.

Gu Siyan looked at her with a heartless smile, remembering her sullen look just before boarding the helicopter, one side of her body avoided her and turned her head.

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