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Shan Hanjie looked sideways, with a gesture in his eyes, Yao immediately went forward and sent someone to lift the injured President Chuangmei down.

As for the alarm, it's all over.

When the spectators around saw this great **** intervening, they didn't even dare to watch the good show, so they flashed.

Only the waiter is left to clean up the mess.

"I didn't promise you!" Qin Youxuan did not breathe as soon as the crowd had dispersed, but instead tightened her nerves.

Intuition tells her that this man is dangerous and helps her somehow, but she doesn't even know who the other party is.

Dan Hanjie did not speak, his narrow eyes swept across her stubborn face, and his smile became more evil.

Reached out and held her small chin in the wok, leaned down, approached her neck, and sniffed.

Sure enough, wild enough.

Before Qin Youxuan started his hand, he had already moved away smoothly.

The white fingers neatly arranged his collar, glanced at her, and stepped away.

"Xiao Xuanzi, are you okay?" Ning Yanan didn't recover until Shan Hanjie left.

"Where did I seem to have seen this man? You just came back, how can you know such a powerful man?" Ning Yanan looked at Qin Youxuan in confusion.

He didn't even say a word, but just asked his assistant to come forward. The old man in Chuangmei didn't even dare to hum and was carried down.

"Have you seen?" Qin Youxuan was startled, and grabbed Ning Yanan's hand.

"...I can't remember, but I seem to have seen it somewhere." Ning Yanan thought about it seriously, "No, let's discuss this and what to do, let's go, maybe the old man will come back for trouble in a while."

Ning Yanan dragged Qin Youxuan, and the two quickly left the Supreme.

After breathing the fresh air outside, Qin Youxuan calmed down a little.

repeatedly emphasized that she was not drunk and made an appointment to get together another day before Ning Yanan agreed to take a taxi home by herself.

Getting out of the car, paying the car money, Qin Youxuan took the bag and walked to the house.

"Miss." The butler respectfully greeted.

Jin Lan, who was sitting in the living room, immediately snorted when she heard the voice, "A girl, wandering outside so late, still drunk, I really dont know if the foreign atmosphere is too open, or the one in our family is too open. Its not the same. Studying abroad stays like this."

Qin Youxuan raised her head when she heard the words, and she saw Qin Mo's face sinking on the sofa, "What did you do?"

Qin Youxuan's eyes tightened, biting her lip, and said nothing.

He changed his slippers in the hallway and walked to his room.

"Your dad is asking you, what is your attitude? It really is a wild girl who hasn't been taught by his mother, and he is not polite at all!"


Qin Youxuan paused and turned around, "Education and politeness also depends on who is right. A shameless little mistress is just a vixen to put it bluntly, and he talked to me about his upbringing. This world is really fantastic. !"



Qin Youxuan closed the door heavily to isolate the hustle and bustle outside, leaning against the door panel, and closing his eyes tiredly.

In the living room, Jin Lan grabbed her and started talking again, yelling like a shrew.

Qin Youxuan sneered, locked the door, threw the bag on the sofa, and walked to the bookcase.

From a pile of childhood awards, she pulled out the photo frame hidden inside, and sat down on the ground.


Qin Youxuan gently wiped the frame. The woman in the photo was very young and beautiful.

Qin Youxuan completely inherited her mother's five senses, and her beautiful eyes are exactly the same.

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