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"..." Qin Youxuan didn't expect that he would suddenly jump out such a sentence, a little surprised.

"Speak!" Shan Hanjie pressed her chin with a heavy hand.

Qin Youxuan frowned in pain, without turning his mind, and patted his hand, "Are you sick?"

"I'm sick?" Shan Hanjie's eyes dimmed, and a dangerous light passed through the coquettish Zitong. He reached out and pinched Qin Youxuan's neck, strangling him hard, and shouted, "I will ask again. Who touched you?"

"What do you mean?" Monk Qin Youxuan Erzhang couldn't figure it out, looking at him in confusion.

Shan Hanjie met her innocent cat eyes, his eyes tightened, her long fingers stroked her slightly swollen lips, every word, "My cat, whoever touched it, who am I going to die!"

The gloomy tone makes people shudder!


Qin Youxuan shuddered unconsciously, and caught a glimpse of his dangerous movements before realizing what he was referring to. Suddenly, she was a little confused.

Obviously, its time to confess Jin Chenye. It would be better if Shan Hanjie, the big demon, can kill him. But after a few seconds of hesitation, Qin Youxuan still pursed her mouth and muttered, I ate more chili soon. Jiang, are you suspicious that your illness is so severe?"


"Furthermore, who is your cat..." Qin Youxuan's low voice, some dissatisfaction, some complaints, and a little grievance, just like acting like a baby.

The hostility under Shan Hanjie's eyes disappeared in an instant, and her long fingers stopped on her cherry lips, wiping back and forth.

Qin Youxuan's nerve that finally let go, suddenly stunned.

She really ate the chili sauce, it's useless if he doesn't believe it.

As for Jin Chenye, she promised that she is definitely not the end of her old love, and she is not deliberately shielding her, but she just feels that her hatred is to be avenged by herself!

Dan Hanjie is not a good person either. I owe too much, and I dont have enough to sell her...


"Have you seen enough?!" Seeing Shan Hanjie staring at her mouth, Qin Youxuan was so angry that she wanted to bite him!

"Like spicy food?" Shan Hanjie said suddenly.

Qin Youxuan gave him a sudden glance, and carefully glanced at him, making sure that his expression was not irritated, and there was no sign that he wanted to fill her with a large pot of chili while eating, and then nodded in relief.

"I like it!"

In fact, she really likes it very much, almost as unpleasant, and she has liked it since she was a child.

But when she was a child, her mother always said that girls were too elegant to eat spicy food and asked her to eat less, so over time, Qin Youxuan became accustomed to hiding her preference in front of others.

Only a few close friends know it.

"How much do you like it?" Shan Hanjie asked again, his eyes lit up with a pet that he hadn't noticed.

Flashed before his eyes, he saw her holding a box of spicy rice cakes in the snack street, and the tears were clearly in his eyes, but he kept stuffing the rice cakes in his mouth...

is so stupid, but it is really unpleasant.

"I like it very much." Qin Youxuan did not know how the great **** entangled this problem, frowned, remembering the business, and quickly straightened her body to remind, "Shan Hanjie, today is the tenth day!"

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