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"Come here in a hurry, just to remind me of this? Don't believe me?" Shan Hanjie's eyes flashed, and he glanced at her.


She dare to say that she was pressed into a hurry by Jin Chenye, so she just found a place to run?

Qin Youxuan swallowed with a guilty conscience, "That's not actually..."

Qin Youxuan struggled for a long time before lowering her head and muttering in a low voice, "You also know how much I hate the mother and son. I am anxious. Isn't it a strange thing?"

"It's not strange." Shan Hanjie gave her a meaningful glance, let go of her, stepped to the desk, picked up his mobile phone, and then edited a text message and sent it out.

"That's it?" Qin Youxuan stared at him with wide eyes, blinking ignorantly for several times.

"Just one text message?"

"Otherwise, what do you think?" Shan Hanjie raised an eyebrow to look at her funny, she seemed to think his text messages were worthless?

"No, I thought you would call your assistant like it was shown on TV, and give orders to deploy or something..." Qin Youxuan said more and more quietly, and she was embarrassed. Blushed.

couldn't help but pinch himself.

What is she thinking? ! Watch too many dog-blood TV dramas, let's be devilish!

"A Qin company doesn't need me to deploy anything." Shan Hanjie raised his lips frivolously, put his hand on Qin Youxuan's chin, exhaled like charm, "But I am looking forward to it when you fulfill your promise. ..."


Qin Youxuan was startled, swallowed her saliva nervously, turned her head, straightened her back, "Isnt it just chatting under the quilt, what to look forward to, Ill talk to others every day!"


What nonsense is she talking about?

"Talk to others every day?" Shan Hanjie straightened her face, the force in her hand was a bit heavy, and her coquettish eyes were cold.

"With whom?"


Qin Youxuan took a step back, trying to push his hand away, but Shan Hanjie pressed harder, "Answer my question!"

"...This is my personal business, why should I tell you!"

Qin Youxuan was annoyed by his domineering tone, and slapped his hand off, unwilling to show weakness.

The cat's eyes were round, staring at the man whose face was sinking in front of him.

The nervous heart beats the drum, but the pretty face is holding on, just refusing to admit defeat.

"Private matter?" Shan Hanjie narrowed his coquettish eyes, glanced at her pale lips, slowly raised her lips, and declared aggressively, "With me, this word does not exist."


"Don't want to join Qin's enterprise?"


Qin Youxuan's body stiffened, she raised her head to look at him, and pressed her lips. As soon as she was about to speak, his mobile phone rang.

"your phone"

Qin Youxuan said, wishing to bite off his tongue!

Why did she remind him?

It's best to let him miss all the big orders, and then go bankrupt, and see how this evildoer bullies others!

Shan Hanjie took a look at her, then lazily retracted his hand, stepped towards the desk, reached out to copy the phone on the table, and glanced at it.

The thin lips opened slightly, "You can now go to Qin's enterprise to check and accept the results."

"..." Qin Youxuan was taken aback, "What, what do you mean?"

Shan Hanjie didnt say anything. He just walked up to her with a mobile phone and zoomed in on the huge stock market graph in front of her...

One word for a while, "If you can't come up with a solution, within three days, Qin's enterprise will be in crisis."

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