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Go underground, this is a huge underground laboratory.

In a huge cylindrical container in the center of the laboratory, Su Bai saw the monster hiding here.

This is a vine, each vine has forearm thickness and blood red all over, which looks terrifying and evil.

looked at it, and the data about it appeared in front of Su Bai:

[Name|Race]: Corpse Vine

[Gender]: None

[Level]: None

[attribute]: blood, ghost

[Features|Passive]: Cannibalism (extremely sensitive to the breath of death, can swallow the corpses and remnants of the dead life, so as to obtain some dead life's perception of the laws and skills.)

[Skills]: None

[Restrained]: Dragon

WeaknessLight system

[Evolution direction]: None

[Introduction]: A genetically modified monster, a semi-finished product, was transformed from a rare genetically mutated blood-devouring spear king. There are many mistakes in it. It should be...


Su Bai didn't expect that there would be something like this below, this feature is very impressive.

can obtain its skills by eating the corpses of other monsters. This is the first time that Su Bai has seen this feature.

But at present this is still a semi-finished product, and there are many things wrong, the system has given it out.

It can be cultivated completely on the current basis.

Genetically modified monsters like this are still rare. Generally speaking, genetically modified monsters cannot survive.

Its a miracle that this one is still alive.

After thinking about it, he decided to take this as his own and take it back to study.

went around in the basement again, and Su Bai also found a lot of samples, all of which were used to study the corpse vine.

Many related experimental data are also stored in the computer.

After reading it, Su Bai destroyed all the experimental data, first deleted the data, and then directly destroyed the computer physically.

took away all the samples again and put them in the storage ring.

His storage ring was made by Zhao Ya using original amethyst and a kind of space-cherished material.

The space inside is more than 1,000 cubic meters, and these things can be easily installed.

Walking out of the basement, Su Bai came to the remaining assassins, they were still trembling.

"Where are the experimenters in the basement laboratory?"

Su Bai asked coldly.

"Dead, dead." A killer looked up at him, "Just died."

Su Bai: "..."

It's really rare for a killer to have this level of education. He thought the experimenter was someone else.

"Who else has experimental data? Where are the other bases of your organization?"

Su Bai asked again.

"No, the experimental data are all in the computer in the laboratory. Our organization is based on this stronghold, accepting the orders from above and looking for opportunities to capture your parents here."

a killer whispered.

"Whose order? Who is above you?"

"I don't know, our boss was killed by you just now."

Su Bai: "..."

Since I don't know who it is, let's count it on the head of the Amethyst Dragon King.

"Who else is inside the gym?" Su Bai asked again.

"No, they were all killed by you just now." The killer said tremblingly.

The space that was completed by that move is torn, and it hasn't closed yet, it's terrifying.

He trembled as soon as he saw the **** cross in the sky. If he hadn't had the ability to escape, he would definitely not survive.

"What about Curator Li Feng? Does he know about this?"

"I don't know, he only knows that we are hiding here. The deputy curator is ours. He bribed Li Feng, but you have just killed him."

Su Bai was not talking, turned around, and left slowly.

The muzzle of Planet Eye slowly lit up after Su Bai left.

"Do not"

These assassins yelled, turned their heads and ran, they didn't understand how Su Bai would suddenly attack.

The next moment, the golden beam of light fell, and the group of people disappeared without a trace, and a three-meter pit fell on the ground.

"I said don't run away, look, let's die now."

Su Bai was helpless.

He doesn't feel guilty. Each of these guys has at least a few hundred lives in his hands, **** it.

Planet Eyes quickly shrank to the size of a basketball after the attack, and flew to Su Bai's side.

"Report to the Pet Alliance and the Pet Administration, and post some fighting clips. You should know how to do it, right?"

Su Baidao.

"Don't worry, Master, I understand." 1314's body beat twice.

"I have reported to the Pet Alliance and the Pet Administration Bureau. Curator Li Feng can go and talk to them by himself."

Su Bai looked at Li Feng who was still stunned, jumped onto the planet's eye, and then let the planet's eye open the invisible spiritual breath state and leave.

A kind of disciple and students on the ground are still in deep shock, constantly skipping the horrible scene of the cross-cutting of more than 30,000 monarch-level monsters in their minds.

After a short while, all the other onlookers rushed over.

Su Bai only spent more than ten minutes before and after, but found that there were many fighting.

After flying over, people looked at the situation here and were deeply shocked.

"Is this Su Bai's terrifying power? No wonder he can be the chief disciple of Yulong Daoguan."

people exclaimed.

When the Pet Management Bureau came over, the split space in the sky had already closed, but a faint red cross light remained forever, becoming one of the eternal scenery of Liyu Mountain.

"Su Bai, you just took the Liyushan Gymnasium? Why?"

Su Bai came back, Su's father and mother were all waiting at the gate. They just saw the huge planet eye, and they knew that it was Su Bai's hand.

While was shocked, there was still confusion and confusion.

"There is an evil killer organization there. It is harboured by the Liyu Mountain Museum. I killed the killer. The others are fine. You don't have to worry about it. The Pet Administration will take care of it."

Su Bai explained and said.

Hearing this, the two elders were relieved, so that's okay, they really thought that Su Bai was not pleasing to the eyes and destroyed them.

After Su Bai rested at home for a while, the people from the Liyu Town Pet Management Bureau came, and the director personally came.

"Su Bai, I'm here to record a confession. I hope you can actively cooperate. We have already understood the specific situation."

Director explained with a smile.

"no problem."

Su Bai is very cooperative.

"Why can't you keep alive? Maybe we can ask what else."

After recording the confession, the director smiled bitterly.

"There is no way, they took out more than 30,000 monsters. If I show mercy, those disciples will die.

Then those people thought about running away. UU Reading www.uukahnshu.com was solved by the pet directly. I couldn't help it. I told them not to run away. "

Su Bai said helplessly.

"Then, do you know what's in the basement?" The director asked tentatively.

"I want to know too, it was destroyed when I went in, maybe I was studying some genetic monster."

Su Bai's face was very calm, showing no flaws.

The director looked at Su Bai, and his years of experience told him that the things in the underground laboratory were in Su Bai's hands.

But he has no evidence.

Moreover, Su Bai's identity background is strong, and he can't just pick it up.

In addition, Su Bai is still the face of Cannes and the future star, he actually doesn't want to check it, anyway, some **** people are dead, no need.

"Well, thanks to you Su Bai this time, if it weren't for you, we really don't know how long we will keep this killer organization hidden."

There was a smile on the face of the director.

"With a little effort, I also found it by accident."

Su Bai said with a smile.

"Haha, then I will leave, and I will let you know if there is further information later.

And you can rest assured, I will definitely report your credit, and the country will reward you when that happens. "

The chief stood up and said with a smile.

With the evidence provided by Su Bai, he can already deal with him. Now there are so many things, it doesn't make sense to bite on this matter.

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