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Chapter 7440, you can try

Its very happy that the food I make is praised by people.

However, Gu Yiman still said modestly: "Not as good as you praised, but I have an aunt who is very good at cooking. My aunt taught me a lot.

Her Auntie Mint is the super **** in the cook world!

Her cooking skills were carefully taught by her Aunt Mint.

Famous teachers make good students.

So her cooking skills are really good.

Lu Jinghuan was full of praise, and felt that his vision was too good!

The girl he likes, not only looks good, but also has such a great cooking skill!

There are very few girls who can cook now, and there are very few girls who can cook such delicious meals.

Wait for him to catch up with his concerns, his brothers will definitely be envious of him!

A meal, the host and the guest are happy.

Lu Jinghuan understands the truth.

Although he can't wait to let Gu Yi agree to be his girlfriend immediately, but stalker men will make girls hate.

After eating, he helped clean up the kitchen, and left with a sense of goodbye.

After he left, Xie Hewu took Gu Yiman but sat down beside him, "What do you think of Lu Jinghuan?"

"Very good," Gu Yiman said, "Sunshine is upright, can cook, very good."

"Do you see that he wants to pursue you?" Xie Hewu went straight to the subject.

"Uh..." Gu Yiman said embarrassedly: "I can see..."

She's not stupid, is she?

Lu Jinghuan's eyes were so hot when she saw her, and her eyes were completely different from those of her cousin. She couldn't feel the obvious difference.

"It's good to see it," Xie Hewu asked her, "What do you think?"

"I think...too frequently..." Gu Yiman said: "After I left the company of Brother Yue, Sheng Qingjin counted one, and Gu Jin counted one. If I interact with Lu Jinghuan again, there will be three. Will I look too frivolous?"

"What nonsense?" Xie Hewu knocked on her head. "You and Sheng Qingjin only went shopping once, and you only had contact with Gu Jin for two days. They are not even ordinary friends. What kind of relationship? I warn you. !"

She warned seriously: "If someone asks about you in the future, you must say that you have never been in a relationship. Don't say that you have been in a relationship twice. If you dare to say that you have been in a relationship. Im in love for the second time, and Ill be **** off by you!"

"Uh...well..." Gu Yiman himself felt that the relationship between her and Sheng Qingjin and Gu Jin was not considered a relationship, at most it was over before it started.

Between and Ling Yue, she has always been in unrequited love, not in love.

So, her sister said that she had never been in a relationship, so she should be right.

"What do you think of Lu Jinghuan? Do you feel about him?" This is what Xie Hewu cares most about.

"I think he is very good, and I feel comfortable with him," Gu Yiman said, "As for the feeling...the feeling of being in love? I don't know what it is like to be in love..."

She only knows what it feels like to be unrequited love.

She is so pitiful!

"I think Lu Jinghuan is also good, tall and handsome, with a sunny personality, and he is still a people's policeman," Xie Hewu asked her: "If he has been pursuing you like today, do you feel like you want to give it a try?"

This time, Gu Yi thought about it for a long time, then nodded and said, "I think I can try..."

She really feels very comfortable with Lu Jinghuan. Moreover, Lu Jinghuans profession is one of the professions she admires most.

(End of this chapter)

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