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Chapter 7443 Awakening

"Of course there is," Xie Hewu said, "If not, I won't ask you about him."

Nie Yan: "...Okay."

After hung up the phone, he was a little depressed, especially wanted to call Ling Yue, and asked if Ling Yue knew that he was full of empathy and loved another man.

Can hesitate for a long time, after all, he did not make this call.

The brothers and sisters grew up together since they were young. If Ling Yue liked it, they would have liked it a long time ago, and they wont wait until now.

Full of love Ling Yue, but Ling Yue does not like Full.

It is painful to ask but not to.

It's rare to withdraw and retreat, intending to start a new relationship, he still shouldn't make extravagant branches and get involved with this matter.

The most important thing is that his EQ is too low. If he didn't expect anything, he would be in trouble to do bad things with good intentions!

He hesitated for a long time, but decided not to tell Ling Yue about this.

What he didn't know was that Ling Yue already knew.

Although Gu Yiman no longer works with him, he has always sent his people to follow Gu Yimans movements.

A man holding flowers came to visit Gu Yiman and Xie Hewu, and he knew immediately.

When Police Nie Yan told Xie Hewu what he had learned about Lu Jinghuan, he also got the investigation data about Lu Jinghuan.

More than Jing Nie Yan learned, even more complete.

From beginning to end, he carefully read each word.

After reading, he sat quietly behind his desk and didn't move for a long time.

If you use the survey data before him to evaluate Lu Jinghuan, you can almost use the word "perfect" to evaluate Lu Jinghuan.

Perfect family background.

Perfect education.

Perfect character and character.

If you have to pick bones in the egg and pick out something wrong, the only shortcoming is that Lu Jinghuan is a policeman or a criminal policeman. Not only is he busy with work, but his life is also in danger.

But because of this shortcoming, can he prevent Manman from interacting with Lu Jinghuan?

the answer is negative.

Because Police Nie Yan is also a policeman, and also a criminal policeman.

Is the detective unworthy of marrying a wife and having children?

It is impossible for him to prevent Manman from interacting with Lu Jinghuan for this reason.

Other reasons...he couldn't find it.

Except for the dangerous nature of Lu Jinghuan's work, and his work is very busy, after marriage, his wife may have to bear most of the family responsibilities, from Lu Jinghuan himself to his family, they are almost perfect.

He couldn't find a second reason to prevent Manman from interacting with Lu Jinghuan.

The thought of makes his heart cold and...desolate.

Thinking that Man Man might be able to cultivate a positive result with Lu Jinghuan and become Lu Jinghuans wife. He is no longer Man Mans closest and most dependent person. His heart throbbed and flustered.

He sat there for a long time, and finally understood one thing-he didn't want to see Man Man marrying other men and be the wife of other men.

What does this mean?

Explain that he is not a **** sibling affection to Man Man!

He...likes it all.

It's not the brother's liking for his sister, but the man's liking for women.

I want to have her, let her marry him, only let him hug, let him kiss, let him love each other...

The thought popped into his mind, and he couldn't help but slapped himself severely.

Why is he so slow?

Manman has liked him for so long and pursued him for so long. He firmly believes that his relationship with Manman is just brother and sister, there is no other than men and women.

Go to Tamar's brother and sister love!

He clearly wants to make Man Man his wife!

(End of this chapter)

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