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Chapter 7448 Want to see your future brother-in-law?

"It will definitely not!" Lu Jinghuan said quickly: "I promise with my life and reputation that I will be loyal to love and marriage, and will never betray my lover and family!"

"Me too," Gu Yiman looked at him and said seriously: "I think the time we know each other is too short. It's too hasty to be a boyfriend and girlfriend now. We can try to date each other for a while and feel that we are suitable for each other. If so, then determine the relationship between boy and girl friends.

But I can guarantee that I will also be loyal to love and finally get married. As long as the relationship is confirmed, I will never betray. "

"That..." Lu Jinghuan asked cautiously: "Whether you are trying to socialize during this period of time? Do you... still talk about other friends?"

"Of course not," Gu Yiman said, "I tried to date you, and talk about other friends. Isn't it just two boats?"

Lu Jinghuan: "..."

Then he is a little confused.

The situation mentioned by Gu Yiman is not a boyfriend and girlfriend?

Why do you still say trying to socialize?

Probably... is it a trial period?

Try it for a while, if he is qualified, he can become an official boyfriend.

He got it.

He immediately became motivated, his waist straightened a bit, "Okay, let's try to socialize first, and I will work hard to pass your inspection and be your official boyfriend!"

Isnt the probation period just the inspection period?

Hes fine!

Gu Yiman: "...Actually, just to see if the other person is right for you, you can also observe me. After all, we know each other for a short time, and we dont know each other enough. After contacting for a period of time, you may think that I am not what you like. What about the type?"

"Impossible! I like your type!" Lu Jinghuan categorically rejected it.

Gu Yiman treats him like Wang Yuyan treats Duan Yu.

Duan Yu was fascinated by Wang Yuyan at first sight when he saw Wang Yuyan, and then he was so devoted to Wang Yuyan that he did not give up and became a humble licking dog that was scolded by many people. .

His start was smoother than Duan Yu.

After all, Gu Yiman doesn't have a childhood sweetheart who wants to marry a cousin.

I just hope that it will be so smooth in the future.

Finally, like Duan Yu, he can marry his sweetheart at first sight!

The two chatted for a while, the time was almost up, they left the restaurant and went to the cinema.

After watching the movie, Lu Jinghuan sent Gu Yiman back to Xie Hewus apartment.

Standing at the door, Lu Jinghuan slowly refused to say goodbye.

I always felt that the night passed too fast, he didn't feel anything, so he just passed it by swish.

The two chatted at the door for a while, watching Gu Yiman enter the room and close the door before he left.

"You two are too tired and crooked," Xie Hewu, who was playing games on the sofa, teased Gu Yiman: "I just heard you talking outside the door, and birds are almost hatched in the birdhouse outside. Come in."

Gu Yiman: "...Sister, you are too exaggerated! But..."

She walked up to Xie Hewu and sat down, "Sister, why have I never seen Zhou Daoran take you home?"

"He?" Xie Hewu snorted, "I will hit him ten! He sent me back, shall I send him back again?"

Gu Yiman: "..."

She stared, not knowing how to answer this.

Looking at her speechless look, Xie Hewu gave a "pouch" smile, squeezed her cheek, teasing: "What? Want to see your future brother-in-law?"

(End of this chapter)

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