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Chapter 1285 Looking at it makes people uncomfortable

Jiang Zongjin frowned instinctively to refuse, and when he saw the girl next to him, he became hesitant when he reached his lips.

He has been immersed in scientific research these years, and has no interest in other things at all. He has not taken a driver's license for so many years.

He is accustomed to taking the bus and subway, and no longer need to walk to the station or scan the code to ride a small yellow car. He used to think that his lifestyle was nothing, it was healthy, and he was happy, and he didn't care about other people's eyes.

But at this moment, Jiang Zongjin hates that he didn't go to learn a car, otherwise he wouldn't be embarrassed to need Jiang Yao to send them.

They had a conflict with Jiang Yao.

According to his temper, even if he walks back today, he does not bother to ride in Jiang Yao's car.

Jiang Zongjin had to consider Qiao Nian.

Jiang Yao saw his uncles hesitation, and Cong Shan Ru Liu said, "Its not easy to take a taxi here, and Im fine. Ill send you back."

Jiang Yao's Junlang face is completely sincere.

But Jiang Xianrou, who was standing with him, did not conceal her cold face and mockery in the slightest. Even if she didn't say a word, no one could see that she looked down on people!

The corners of the eyes and the brows are full of contempt!

"..." Jiang Zongjin just took a bite of a fly, unable to swallow or vomit it out, holding back in his heart very uncomfortable, just about to speak.

The girl walking behind him said lazily, "Dont bother, lets take a ride back by ourselves."

"Here..." Jiang Yao wanted to say something else.

Jiang Xianrou can't wait to interrupt him: "Brother, it's okay if they don't take our car, why bother to force them. Let's go first. Anyway, they said it very clearly. From now on, we will return to the bridge and the road to the road. Don't say hello to your face."

Jiang Yao frowned fiercely, wanting to say that she was holding it back again, and subconsciously turned her head to see Qiao Nian's reaction, only to find that the girl had no reaction. The expression on her white face was quite cold, as if she hadn't heard Jiang. Sianrou said something, with one hand in his pocket, and the other with a mobile phone, as if sending a message, standing loose and tempered, and the face under the brim of the hat was swagger and evil.

Jiang Yao only glanced at it and then retracted his gaze, frowning again.

He still thinks Qiao Nians face is too inviting.

Looking again, he was still a little dazed by this face, he couldn't resist this way, let alone outsiders.

Xianrou is not unreasonable to worry about Qiao Nian on a crooked road.

With such a face, Qiao Nian is also the champion of the college entrance examination and represents the country in the competition. The uncle doesnt care about it. Sooner or later, this kind of aura of youth and fame will dizzy little girls minds. Qiao Nian is not a small place like a city in Beijing. , Beijing Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, there are too many families and family members that can't be offended.

What if Qiao Nian gets into trouble one day and they cant solve it?

Uncle and Grandpa dont understand his painstaking efforts!

always felt that he was deliberately looking for trouble because he excluded Qiao Nian.

Jiang Yao saw that Jiang Zongjin and Qiao Nian didnt plan to ride in his car, so he didnt force any more, holding the car key in his hand, turning his handsome face to the side, and judging Jiang Xian: "Lets go."

Jiang Xianrou did not even say hello, crossed Jiang Zongjin, carried his bag, and walked straight to the Land Rover on the side of the road.

Jiang Yao seems to be more polite than her, and before leaving, he politely said to Jiang Zongjin: "Uncle, I will send Slim and Rou home first, let's take a step first."

He paused, then looked at the empty road without a car and added: "If you and Qiao Nian didn't get the car, please give me a call and I will come back to pick you up."

(End of this chapter)

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Chapter 529: Face Is Going To Be Beaten Chapter 530: What Does Qiao Nian Mean Deliberately Humiliating Her? Chapter 531: You Think Sister Is A Black Hole Of Appraisal Chapter 532: I Won't Cry If I Don't See The Coffin Chapter 533: It's 62 Points Higher Than Qiao An Chapter 534: No Shoes Fit Chapter 535: If The School Knows It Must Be Expelled Chapter 536: What Do You Think Of Paying A Million Chapter 537: I Can Still Find Professor Liang Lu To See His Father Chapter 538: Sister Nian: I'm Very Poor But I Can Afford A Lawyer Chapter 539: Kan Nian Sister Is Young And Wants To Scare Sister Nian Chapter 540: You Don't Have Such A Big Face With Me Chapter 541: I Was Slapped In The Face In A Blink Of An Eye Chapter 542: Go Up One Level In A Blink Of An Eye Chapter 543: Miaoye Is A Real Dog Chapter 544: Why Don't You Rob The Bank? Chapter 545: Master Wang Is Too Spoiled Chapter 546: It's Three To Five Years To Go In Now Chapter 547: There Is Only One Way To Apologize Chapter 548: Such People Are Used To Being Superior Chapter 549: I Want To Put Eye Drops On Sister Nian Chapter 550: Lao Nies Closed Disciple Is At This Height Chapter 551: They Dream Of Going Where They Want To Go But I Dont Want Sister To Go Chapter 552: The Name Of The Chaser Is Qn Chapter 553: I Knew He Was Pretending To Be Pathetic Chapter 554: Sister Nian Is Going She Must Be The First Chapter 555: Could It Be A Text Message From My Girlfriend? Chapter 556: Niu X To The Kind Of Explosion Chapter 557: If You Are Looking For A Hacker I Also Know Someone Chapter 558: Can Zhou Hengfeng Compare With Sun? Chapter 559: I'll Keep The Hard To Get Places For Your Sister Chapter 560: Who Slaps Whom In The Face Is Not Always Certain Chapter 561: Alas You Said That Joe Wanted To Beat People This Afternoon Chapter 562: Just Solved The Urgent Need Chapter 563: Wu Jie's Real Name Report Chapter 564: What Did You Call Him Just Now? Chapter 565: Wasn't Everyone Called Brother Ye Before? Chapter 566: Came To Work Early On Purpose Chapter 567: Who Is Wu Jie The Principal Is Looking For You Chapter 568: Did You Post The Posts On The School Forum? Chapter 569: Call Qiao Nian To Come To School Chapter 570: Gee One Million Becomes Three Million Chapter 571: Really Not Jealous At All? Chapter 572: The First Wave Of Face Slaps Chapter 573: Alas Do You Know What Happened In School? Chapter 574: I'm Her Parent What's Wrong Chapter 575: Finally Come Chapter 576: The Second Wave Of Face Slaps Chapter 577: In Society You Think About Sisters People Are Ruthless Chapter 578: Just Throw The Evidence Off Her Face Chapter 579: Qiao An Was Rubbed On The Ground Chapter 580: Social Behavior Disorder Is A Disease Chapter 581: Shen Jingyan Finally Knows He Regrets Chapter 582: Now I Know I Regret And Apologize Chapter 583: Qiao An Got Into A Big Disaster This Time Chapter 584: Logically Chapter 585: Gu San: I Think Sun Is At Least 40 Years Old Chapter 586: Make Two Million Lose Two Hundred Million Chapter 587: I'm Worried That Qiao Nian Might Hear Chapter 588: Wei Ling Can't Wait To Slap Qiao In The Face Chapter 589: I Heard That Wei Lou Called Someone Too Chapter 590: Sister Nian Is In Beijing Chapter 591: The Other Party's Voice Is Too Young Chapter 592: Wei's Family Is Afraid It's Going To Shake Up The Sky Chapter 593: Only Three Points Of Confidence There May Be Hemiplegia Chapter 594: My Sister Who Came Around The City Chapter 595: Really A Little Unlearned And Incompetent Temperament Chapter 596: Hidden Boss Chenchens Leg Was Cured By Her Chapter 597: I Have Never Compared Liang Lu And Qiao Nian Together Chapter 598: Know Chinese Medicine? Chapter 599: Hiss Face Liang Lu Chapter 600: You Think Sister Is A Hidden Boss Chapter 601: This Wave Of Liang Lu And Others Are Embarrassed Chapter 602: Is This A Great Fame? Chapter 603: I'm Going To Save A Game Later And Receive A Kid Chapter 604: Sent Her A Picture Of Zhang Ye Wangchuan Chapter 605: See A Familiar Figure Chapter 606: Qin Shao Is Your Relative? Chapter 607: Sister Nian You Lost Your Horse Chapter 608: My Face Hurts Even More For A While Chapter 609: Recognize Qiao Nian Chapter 610: Do You Still Play Stocks? Chapter 611: Master Si Wouldn't Like Her Little Sister Anymore Chapter 612: Ye Lan Is Here Chapter 613: I Don't Want To Tell My Family About Qiao Nian's Showy Chapter 614: I Don't Want To Look At It But I Have To Fight For It Chapter 615: Almost Certainly That Person Is Qiao Nian Chapter 616: You Opened This Hotel? Chapter 617: Let Sister Nian Return To The City Earlier Chapter 618: It's Different Now There Is Chasing Light Chapter 619: The Big Man He Thought Was Sister Nian Chapter 620: What's In It It's Quite Heavy Chapter 621: Sister Nian Is Not Short Of Money Chapter 622: I Remembered The Fear Of Being Dominated Yesterday Chapter 623: Read Sister's Small Profit Chapter 624: Ever Heard Of Chasing Light? Chapter 625: Busy Reading You Read Sister Chapter 626: The Possibility Of Accepting Jiang Xianrou Is Very High Chapter 627: Just Accept Students Chapter 628: I Haven't Found A Suitable Opportunity To Make It Public Before Chapter 629: She Is Not The One With The Highest Piano Attainment Chapter 630: Let Me Introduce You Qiao Nian Chapter 631: Shao Qin What Is Your Sister's Background? Chapter 632: If Excellence Is Not The Standard Chapter 633: Just Use The Second Place Arrangement Chapter 634: I Don't Think She Knows Anything Chapter 635: Sister Nian Your Waistcoat Is Off Chapter 636: It Hurts More Than Someone's Face Was Beaten Chapter 637: Mr. Wang Hasn't Sent A Message For Two Or Three Days Chapter 638: Paranoid In The Hospital Chapter 639: Our System Is Broken Chapter 640: If You Think It Will Turn On Or Off Chapter 641: Gu San Decided To Believe Her Chapter 642: Who Intercepted It? Chapter 643: You Read Sister Backhand A Virus Chapter 644: I Think You Are Playing With Me But There Is No Evidence Chapter 645: The Prince Woke Up Chapter 646: Hot Search On The Previous Video Chapter 647: Qiao Wailed The Sound Of Broken Dreams Chapter 648: Old Nie Don't Think About It Anymore Chapter 649: This College Banquet Is Going To Be Held Chapter 650: Sister Nian's Vest Is Falling Off Layer By Layer Chapter 651: Qiao Ai Hasn't Entered Yet Qiao Nian Is Already On The Top Floor Chapter 652: The President Of National Tsing Hua University Came Around The City In Person Chapter 653: Students Who Were Robbed By Dozens Of Colleges And Universities Chapter 654: I Hope You Stay Away From Me Chapter 655: It Turned Out That The Results Were Announced Chapter 656: Colleges And Universities Across The Country Gather In One Middle School Chapter 657: No One Comes To National Taiwan University? Chapter 658: Why Are You So Uncomfortable? Chapter 659: What Do You Say About Programming Technology Chapter 660: Show Off Your Wealth In Front Of The Boss Chapter 661: Sister Nian: I Don't Expect Much From Strangers Chapter 662: The Deepest Pit I Have Dug In My Life Chapter 663: Raise Xiaoye's Submachine Gun Chapter 664: Nie Mi Called Chapter 665: Today Is Another Day When I Was Raised By The Boss Chapter 666: There Is A Chance For Her To Repeat Chapter 667: Boss No Other School Digs The Wall Chapter 668: 100000 Per Semester Recommended By The Medical Association Chapter 669: Want To Take A Test For Them Chapter 670: Didn't Qiao Nian Also Take The Exam? Chapter 671: The First Wave Of Face Slaps Chapter 672: The Second Wave Of Face Slaps Chapter 673: The Bright Future Is Not Qiao An At All Chapter 674: I've Met All Of Them Let's Eat Together Chapter 675: I Think You Are Quite Talented In Learning Acting Don't You Consider Changing Departments? Chapter 676: The Provincial Champion In This Grade Did Not Run Chapter 677: I'm Hitting Qiao's Face Everywhere Chapter 678: A Call From The City Hospital Chapter 679: Ask Qiao Nian For Help Chapter 680: Hacked The Other Party's Computer Backhand Chapter 681: I Just Want To Watch Her Face Slapped Quietly Chapter 682: Didn't You See Sister Dang? Chapter 683: It's Almost Two Hours Why Haven't You Come Yet? Chapter 684: Jiang Li This Sister Is Too Good Looking Chapter 685: Problems That Cannot Be Solved In Three Months Can Be Solved In Two Days Chapter 686: As If Looking At A Bad Pen Chapter 687: Sister Nian You Lost Your Horse Chapter 688: It Cant Be Said To Be Like Its Just A Dime Chapter 689: The Prince Used A Beautiful Man's Plan Chapter 690: Li Ge: My Sister Is My Idol? ? ? ? Chapter 691: Jiang Li Was Shot While Lying Down Chapter 692: The Dog Is Still Your Delusion Chapter 693: Sister Nian: The Vest Seems To Fall Too Fast Recently Chapter 694: Do You Like Me? Chapter 695: Dao Did I Do Something Wrong Again? Chapter 696: Finally Understand What Is Really Being Isolated Chapter 697: Holding Qiao Ai's Recording Pen Chapter 698: Give Back To Qiao Qiao's Method Chapter 699: Just To Slap Her In The Face Chapter 700: Look Back To Class Chapter 701: Will Come Back Before The College Entrance Examination Chapter 702: Sister Nian: Send You A Silly Sentence Chapter 703: Should Go To Beijing Chapter 704: Sister Nian Doesn't Need To Be In The Entertainment Industry To Be So Popular Chapter 705: Wang Ye Personally Drop Off The Plane Chapter 706: Set Off To Beijing Chapter 707: Is Biased Towards Sister Nian Chapter 708: I've Seen It Chapter 709: Did You Forget Something Chapter 710: Sent To The Door To Slap Your Face Chapter 711: Sister Nian Took Out The U Disk Backhand Chapter 712: Really Thought You Were Begging For Master Cheng To See A Doctor? Chapter 713: Someone Came Forward Chapter 714: Just Like Tang Seng Reciting The Scriptures Im Chanting In My Sisters Ear Chapter 715: Do You Think About Sister Or Do You Think About Sister? Chapter 717: A More Powerful System Than The Iris Recognition System Chapter 718: How To Compare With Sun Chapter 719: Regret It Regret It Very Much Chapter 720: To The Nine Chapter 721: Zhou Wei Apologizes Chapter 722: Kicked The Iron This Time Chapter 723: My Laboratory Just Lacks Personal Hands Chapter 724: Does The Little Girl Really Know Chinese Medicine? Chapter 725: Master Cheng: Do You Know All This? Chapter 726: Chase Zhou Wei Out Chapter 727: The First One Is The Same As The Disciple Nie Laoguan Chapter 728: I Can Only Swallow It In My Stomach Chapter 729: Qiao Nian Took Half A Month's Leave Chapter 730: Lao Nie Is Not Attending The Music Exchange Meeting Anymore Chapter 731: Sister Nian's Waistcoat Needs To Be Covered Chapter 732: Staying Around The City For So Long Without Chasing People Chapter 733: Bo Shao Master Cheng Woke Up Chapter 734: Boss You Are Not Doing Human Things And You Have Less? Chapter 735: Sister Nian's Soft Rice Is Delicious Chapter 736: Forget It Tonight The Atmosphere Is Not Enough Chapter 737: Stand Up Chapter 738: I Won't Reply To Him At All Chapter 739: Already Had A Vengeance Chapter 740: No One Will Remember Who Was The Number One At National Taiwan University Chapter 741: Has Zhou Wei Been Here? Chapter 742: Master Miu Came Over To Help Miss Qiao Out Of Anger Chapter 743: It's The Style Of Hongmeng Sun Three Years Ago Chapter 744: Sister Nian: I Don't Know Who She Is Chapter 745: Reading And Groping For Your Sister Chapter 746: This Thing Depends On The Eye Chapter 747: Refusal To Become A Master Twice In A Row Chapter 748: You Have A Lot Of Small Movements Chapter 749: I Ate Ms. Qiaos Tofu Several Times Chapter 750: Then This Chasing Light Is Pretty Good Chapter 751: I Guess Where Did You Go Fooling Around Again Chapter 752: Sister Nian: I Guessed Chapter 753: There Is A Problem With The Contents Of The Usb Flash Drive Chapter 754: Who Are You Waiting For When Your Eyebrows Are On Fire? Chapter 755: If A Dog Has An Iq Chapter 756: Sister Nian: Why Don't I Go Up? Chapter 757: Only Chapter 758: Are Your Nine Doctors So Young? Chapter 759: Not A Phd But A Master? Chapter 760: Sister Nian Your Vest Is Off Chapter 761: How Can The Nine Institutes Have The Red League Virus Chapter 762: Sister Nian: U Disk Was Deliberately Planted With Trojan Horse Chapter 763: Sister Nian: It's Actually Very Simple Chapter 764: Because She Played With Semi Finished Products Chapter 765: I Found Zhou Wei On Her Head Chapter 766: Either The Signal Is Bad Or I Dont Want To Connect Chapter 767: The Abacus Is Very Loud Chapter 768: Take The Initiative To Bring Up The Usb Flash Drive Chapter 769: Expose Her True Face In Public Chapter 770: Zhou Wei Was Expelled From Nine Institutions Chapter 771: Are You Going To Change Your Name To Sister In Law? Chapter 772: Nian Sister's Teacher And Elders Chapter 773: Sister Nian Have You Heard Of It In Beijing? Chapter 774: Wang Ye Has Made An Appointment To See His Parents Chapter 775: Miaoye: You Are A Student And Have No Money Chapter 776: There Are A Billion Points You Read Sister Chapter 777: You Lose Face Chapter 778: Sister Nian: I Want To Get A Weibo Authentication Chapter 779: Also Want To Make Things Difficult On Purpose Chapter 780: My Celebrities Dont Do Things For No Reason Chapter 781: Chasing Light Never Ignores Public Opinion And Gossip Chapter 782: Sister Nians Weibo Certification Is Done Chapter 783: Aite Jiangli My Brother Chapter 784: Daoye: I Silently Pay Attention Chapter 785: Who Did You Offend? Chapter 786: Sister Nian: I Didn't Sleep Chapter 787: Come Here Let Me Blow Your Hair Chapter 788: How Do You Feel Comfortable Chapter 789: Who Told You I'm Nervous Chapter 790: Wei Ling And Others Were Stopped Outside Chapter 791: The License Plate Number Is Extremely Arrogant Chapter 792: Sister Nian: Why Am I Nervous? Chapter 793: A Show Of Affection Like No One Beside The Paranoid Master Chapter 794: Come To See Master Cheng Chapter 795: Niannian Do You Have A Boyfriend Chapter 796: Hehe Why Does He Have An Uncle Chapter 797: Grandpa Are You Confessing To Me? Chapter 798: Paranoid: First Exercise The Power Of Boyfriend Chapter 799: Was The Person She Saw Qiao Nian? Chapter 800: Peek Outside Of Class A Did Qiao Nian Go Back? Chapter 801: Sister Nian Is Chasing Herself Chapter 802: Coffee Is Bitter But Single Dogs Are More Bitter To Show Affection Chapter 803: Are You Qiao Nian? Chapter 804: Sister Nian: There Are Just A Few Mad Dogs Barking Chapter 805: Chen Yuan Informed Chapter 806: Isnt It A Person From The City? Chapter 807: Sister Nian: It's Me? Chapter 808: There Is A Certain Difference From The Tragic Imagination Chapter 809: It's Not Her Blood On The Clothes Chapter 810: The Prince Will Come To The Trial In Person Chapter 811: Sister Nian Has Found The Number In Beijing Chapter 812: Zhou Wei Still Doesn't Know She's Going To Die Chapter 813: Why On Earth Was He Expelled From The Nine Institutions? Chapter 814: Did She Provoke The Hongmeng? Chapter 815: The Police Came Zhou Wei Was Done Chapter 816: The Girl Around The City Is Still An Acquaintance Of Their Family Chapter 817: Just Ask Me For Help Chapter 818: The Embarrassed Face Is Hot Chapter 819: Or Just Forget About It Chapter 820: Zhou's Family Still Wants To Negotiate Privately Chapter 821: Mr. Jiang Doesn't Save Any Face For Zhou's Family Chapter 822: I Don't Plan To Let Qiao Nian Live At Home Anymore Chapter 823: Society You Miss Sister Chapter 824: Is It Really Zhou Wei? Chapter 825: Jiang Xianrou Called Chapter 826: Grandpa Can You Give Me A Face? Chapter 827: Wangye: Why Do I Look So Talkative Lately? Chapter 828: Hongmeng Releases News Chapter 829: What Is The Background Of Qiao Nian? Chapter 830: Mistress Talks With Someone On The Phone? Chapter 831: I Won't Be So Rebellious Chapter 832: Daoye: Well I Cant Wait Chapter 833: Zhou Family Is Over Chapter 834: It's Useless To Regret It At The Beginning Chapter 835: Still Waiting To See The Joke Chapter 836: Nationwide College Entrance Examination Sister Nian Hasn't Gotten Up Yet Chapter 837: These Two Have Exactly The Same Tone Chapter 838: Dont Forget Give Me The Answer After The College Entrance Examination Chapter 839: Don't Ask If You Ask No Points Will Be Deducted Chapter 840: Joe Is On Tv Chapter 841: Qiao Ai Also Did Simulation Papers For The Past Year Chapter 842: Ye Lao For A Few Minutes To Drink A Cup Of Tea Chapter 843: Shameful Offspring You Arrogant Master Chapter 844: Let's Talk About The Results Chapter 845: May Only Be Able To Study College Chapter 846: A Row Of Zero Points Down Neatly Chapter 847: I'm Really Crying Now Chapter 848: She Was The Only One Who Failed The Exam Chapter 849: There Was A Precedent Of This Kind Before Chapter 850: Has The Arrangement Been Handed In? Chapter 851: Hacked Sister Nian On The Hot Search Chapter 852: Someone Is Doing Small Actions Behind His Back Do You Want To Check Chapter 853: The Results Came Out I Found An Old Acquaintance Chapter 854: Sister Nian: I Can Only Help Her Cover The Coffin Board Chapter 855: You Must Apologize To Me Chapter 856: Is My Stuff Easy To Use Chapter 857: What's Your Niece's Name? Chapter 858: Qiao Hai Is Ruined This Time Chapter 859: Didnt You Tell Me That Qiao Nian Takes 0 Points? Chapter 860: After A Lapse Of Many Years The College Entrance Examination Champion Chapter 861: Shameless I Am Embarrassed To Post On Weibo Chapter 862: Sister Nian's Whirlwind Slap Chapter 863: Qiao Nian You Are Jealous Of Me Chapter 864: Sister Nian: I Took Off My Vest Chapter 865: Joe Apologizes For Shame Chapter 866: Sister Nian Brought Her Family To Participate Chapter 867: The Main Answer Is That I Didnt Wait It Was Anxious Chapter 868: Sister Nian Wants To Recognize Her? Chapter 869: Why Didn't You Reply To Me Just Now Chapter 870: Paranoid Is A Real Dog Chapter 871: Wrong Master: First Collect Interest Chapter 872: Qiao An Was In A Panic This Time And He Was In Pain From The Fall. Chapter 873: Severe Warning Chapter 874: Qiao Nian's Entrance Banquet Chapter 875: I Dont Even Look At The Face Of Someone From A Small Place Chapter 876: Qin Si Attaches Great Importance To This Attitude Chapter 877: Go Back For A Tooth For A Tooth Chapter 878: It Turned Out To Be Qin Si Chapter 879: Like A Daughter Chapter 880: Sister Nian Is In Beijing Chapter 881: Nian Nian Maybe No One Will Come Chapter 882: Sister Nian Called Personally Chapter 883: I Made A Special Trip To Watch The Excitement Chapter 884: The Red Envelopes Are All 666 Numbers Chapter 885: No Labor And Management Are Not Available Chapter 886: What Is Pomp This Is Pomp Chapter 887: Care From Your Boyfriend Chapter 888: Just Clean Up The Garbage What Can I Have Chapter 889: The First Wave Of Face Slaps Chapter 890: The Second Wave Of Face Slaps Chapter 891: I Want To Participate Now I Have No Place Chapter 892: This Speed Is A Bit Fast Chapter 893: Tang Wanru Is Unwell Chapter 894: Introduce Qiao Nian To Ji Nan Chapter 895: A Friend I Met Online Chapter 896: Sister Nian: Just Someone I Know Chapter 897: Are All Checking Out Sister's Background Chapter 898: You Can Hear The Echo If You Slap Loudly Chapter 899: I Must Take The First Place Back This Year Chapter 900: Gave Jiang Xianrou The Quota Chapter 901: Were Not Number One In The Country This Year Chapter 902: Big Guys Handwriting Guess Its One Hundred Million Chapter 903: I Want To Stay In A Four Star Hotel Chapter 904: Just Hit The Face Back Chapter 905: Can't Afford To Offend You Delusion Chapter 906: How Many People Does Nian Nian Know? Chapter 907: Wangye: You Can Also Live In A Room Chapter 908: Tell Him If You Dont Agree Granddaughter Is Gone Chapter 909: Sister Nian: I'm Fighting Not To Be The Last Chapter 910: Sister Nian: I Just Went To Meet The World Chapter 911: I Heard They Look Down On Chinese Medicine Chapter 912: Found Something Chapter 913: I Handed In The Application Forms Chapter 914: I Support Her Any Decision Chapter 915: Wangye: Go To See A Movie In The Afternoon? Chapter 916: Don't Shake In Front Of Me Until I'm Full Chapter 917: I Only Know That He Is A Schoolmaster Chapter 918: Don't Worry I Will Trample Her Under My Feet Soon Chapter 919: Medical Competition Day Chapter 920: I Thought He Wouldn't Eat Fireworks Chapter 921: Not Even Willing To Come A Day Earlier Chapter 922: This Year's First Place And Penultimate Place Are Set By Default Chapter 923: Sister Nian Is Serious This Time Chapter 924: It Is Said That There Are Heavyweight Guests Coming Chapter 925: Sister Nian: Why Are People Here? Chapter 926: It Smells Full Of Gunpowder As Soon As It Comes Chapter 927: Give A Close Up Of The Last Person's Face Chapter 928: Sure Enough Let's Live Up To Expectations Chapter 929: How Come Sister Qiao's Score Hasn't Changed Chapter 930: Did You See Qiao's Name? Chapter 931: Rushed Directly To The First Page Chapter 932: Score 10 Points In Three Minutes Chapter 933: Sister Nian Teaches You What Is Arrogance Chapter 934: Sister Nian Is Timid And Afraid Of Life Chapter 935: The Stimulated Mind Is Hot Chapter 936: Oh I Dont Know How To Do This Chapter 937: Sister Nian: It Was Quite Sudden At The Time Chapter 938: The Freshman In Your Department Also Plays Ins Chapter 939: You Are Arrogant When You Think About Sister Chapter 940: She Takes The Third Place And Also Treats To Dinner? Chapter 941: Sister Nian The Vest Is Off Chapter 942: Have You Ever Published Academic Papers Chapter 943: If You Lose The Game You Lose The Game Shameless Chapter 944: Nothing Sister Nian Also Posted A Paper Chapter 945: Ye Lao: You..you Have To Work Hard Chapter 946: You Can Only Eat Soft Rice If You Dont Work Hard Chapter 947: Sister Nian: Do You Want Soft Rice? Chapter 948: Don't Look At Me I Can't Afford It Chapter 949: I Have To Pick A Place Exactly The Same Chapter 950: True Fairy Level School Girl Chapter 951: Wen Ziyu Didn't Give Face And Didn't Come Chapter 952: Huang Lao Is Also In Yufu Chapter 953: Who Can't Reach Anyone On Tiptoe Chapter 954: Touched Chapter 955: I'll Get Rid Of It If I'm Tired Of Playing Chapter 956: This Time It's Extra Slap Chapter 957: Finally Realized What The Gap Is Chapter 958: Actually I Know A Student Chapter 959: Isn't It Online Dating? Chapter 960: The Legendary Sister Chapter 961: If You Want It To Die You Must Make It Crazy Chapter 962: Happens To Be Her Favorite Designer Chapter 963: I Gave Away My Loneliness Last Time But This Time I Make Up For It Chapter 964: I Think It's Like Talking About Sister Nian Chapter 965: Delete The Post On The Post Bar First. Chapter 966: Where Did You Buy That Necklace Chapter 967: Early Works Of The Ghost Designer S Chapter 968: Its Not Too Much To Describe It With Respect. Chapter 969: Came With An Elder Chapter 970: Ms. Qiao Do You Want To Go Up? Chapter 971: I Want To Teach Sister Nian To Play Games Chapter 972: Suddenly Change Their Positions Chapter 973: I Have A Very Important Friend Here Today Chapter 974: Sister Nian Don't Lower Your Head The Vest Will Fall Chapter 975: If Aunt Ye Likes It I'll Give You A Few Things Another Day Chapter 976: Settle After Autumn Chapter 977: Tian Siqi Is Over Chapter 978: Looks Familiar Chapter 979: Miss Nian Something Went Wrong Chapter 980: Still Thinking About Going Abroad Chapter 981: Sister Nian Hasn't Responded Yet Chapter 982: An Idea With Yelan Chapter 983: I Bought A Plane Ticket Ready To Go Abroad Chapter 984: Still Thinking About My Bright Future Chapter 985: Qiao An Was Stopped Chapter 986: Ye Wangchuan Is Waiting For Her Outside Chapter 987: This Is Too Arrogant Chapter 988: One Is More Arrogant Chapter 989: Qiao Dont You Think I Wont Watch Overseas Awards? Chapter 990: Nian Sister And Others Here Comes Chapter 991: I Finally Know What Qiao Nian Wants To Do Chapter 992: Sister Nian Throws The Paper And Pen In Front Of Her Chapter 993: Greetings From Miuye Face Chapter 994: You Can't Go To The Curtis Conservatory Chapter 995: Sister Nian: Because She Crossed My Bottom Line This Time Chapter 996: Asking Is The First One Chapter 997: If You Want To Die Nian Sister God Level Slapped Face Chapter 998: Nian Sister's Computer To Play 6 Chapter 999: This Time I Really Didn't Give Any Face Chapter 1000: Qiao Hai Will Definitely Go To Jail Chapter 1001: Wangye: Dont Ask Ill Wait For Her To Tell Me Chapter 1002: What Do You Want To Eat At Night Chapter 1003: Sister Nian: Don't You Ask Me? Chapter 1004: The Truth Behind The Kidnapping Is.. Chapter 1005: An Elder Of average Chapter 1006: Sister Nian Has Always Been Generous Chapter 1007: Sister Nian: I'm Alive Chapter 1008: Do You Guys Have So Many Connections? Chapter 1009: All The Qiao's Ate Must Be Vomited Out Chapter 1010: You Mean Qiao Nian? ? Chapter 1011: Chengfeng Group Gave Them Face Because Of Qiao Nian Chapter 1012: What Is Qiao An Qiao Nian Is The Treasure Chapter 1013: Picked Sesame Seeds And Lost Watermelon Chapter 1014: Qin Si Publicly Slapped Her Face Chapter 1015: Wangye: Called Sister In Law Chapter 1016: Qin Si Invited New Member Qn To Join Chapter 1017: The Other Party Has A Relationship With The Hongmeng In The Illegal Zone Chapter 1018: Sister In Law Is Not A High School Student Right? Chapter 1019: Or Arrogant Observant Chapter 1020: Sister Joe Have You Bought The Stocks I Recommend To You? Chapter 1021: Sister Nian: Goodbye I Can't Afford It Chapter 1022: Jiang Li Returned The News Chapter 1023: Does Lanting Have A Computer? Chapter 1024: Sister Nian Has Been Very Restrained In The 9th Institute Chapter 1025: Dad Jiang Was Detained Chapter 1026: What You Want I Have Chapter 1027: Dad I'll Talk To Sianrou Again Later Chapter 1028: Old Jiang: How Do I Know Chapter 1029: Sister Nian Who Just Wants To Go To School Quietly Chapter 1030: When Are You Going To Roll? Chapter 1031: Sister Nian: Safe Journey? Chapter 1032: I'm Striving For An Early Internship Period Chapter 1033: How Can A Freshman Help Them Chapter 1034: Sister Nian Is In The Illegal Zone Chapter 1035: The One Who Said He Was Coming Didn't Come Chapter 1036: Sister Nian: I Have A Friend.. Chapter 1037: Representative Is Hongmeng Chapter 1038: Big Brother Give The Little Brother A Chance To Kneel And Lick Chapter 1039: Do Not Accept The Settlement Chapter 1040: Boss I Saw A Beautiful Paper Thief Chapter 1041: My Waist Control Is Cracked Chapter 1042: How Long Does It Take To Pick Up Someone? Chapter 1043: Sister Nian: Tell Me My Teacher Chapter 1044: Hongmeng Has This Tone Chapter 1045: Qiao Nian What Is The Origin Of This Friend? Chapter 1046: Slap In The Face Chapter 1047: People From The It Association Really Came Here Chapter 1048: Its Better To Say That Qiao's Background Is Not So Much About His Friend Chapter 1049: Qi's Family Followed And Finished The Calf Chapter 1050: I Don't Know Who The Hongmeng Will Let This Time Chapter 1051: Just An Ordinary Person Chapter 1052: I'm Going I Saw Sister Joe Chapter 1053: Sister Nian The Vest Is About To Fall Chapter 1054: He Was Sure That The Person He Saw Was Qiao Nian Chapter 1055: The Two Men And Horses Bumped Into Each Other Chapter 1056: Qiao Nian's Friend Sent Her An Invitation Letter Chapter 1057: Sun Seems To Have Come To The Illegal Zone Chapter 1058: Five Big Men Huddled On A Sofa Chapter 1059: There Is A Mineral Boss In The Illegal Zone Chapter 1060: I Know People From It Association You Can Ask Them For Help Chapter 1061: Miss Qiao Someone Is Looking For You Chapter 1062: 3306 Qiao Nian Lives? Chapter 1063: Is It Convenient To Talk To You Alone Chapter 1064: Sister Qiao Knows A Lot Of People Chapter 1065: Sister Nian: Why Should Anyone Come To Pick Up The Vest Chapter 1066: Let Her Beg Qiao Nian In A Low Voice Are You Crazy? Chapter 1067: The Thin Waist Didn't Tell You That The Hongmeng Won't Accept Qi Lanyin Chapter 1068: Sister Nian: Next Time Chapter 1069: There Are Still People Who Dont Know How To Use Computers These Days? Chapter 1070: I Want To Miss My Sister At The Opening Ceremony Chapter 1071: Wechat Also Made A Couple Avatar Chapter 1072: A Gift From Home Chapter 1073: Ready To Return To Beijing Chapter 1074: Isnt It A Bit Too Owing To Send It Up For Scolding? Chapter 1075: Tian Jing Apologized To Sister Nian Chapter 1076: Three People Plan To Book The Venue Chapter 1077: Jiang Xianrou Will Come Later Will You Play Together? Chapter 1078: Everyone Doesn't Give Her Face Chapter 1079: I Dont Know If The Top Pick In The College Entrance Examination This Year Will Show Up Chapter 1080: I Heard What Principal Liang Said Chapter 1081: Sister Nian: Tell Me Next Time I Can Help Chapter 1082: My Friend Bought The Order First Chapter 1083: I Don't Know Where Qiao Nian Lives Chapter 1084: I Was Stunned By The Place Where Sister Nian Lived Chapter 1085: It's A Pity That Sister Qiao Didn't Come To See The World With Him Chapter 1086: I Can Only Say That Doing Research Is To Burn Money Chapter 1087: Zhang Yang Is About To Take Off With Sister Nian Again Chapter 1088: Someone Knocks On The Door To Deliver Something Chapter 1089: Sister Nian Is The Mineral Boss In The Illegal Zone? Chapter 1090: Gangster Our Hongmeng Changed Its Name To Give It Away For Free? Chapter 1091: Have A Dinner With People From The Department Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Chapter 1092: I Met Something That Doesn't Have Eyes Chapter 1093: The Manager Almost Broke Into A Cold Sweat Chapter 1094: Qiao Nian No. 1 Middle School Around The City Chapter 1095: I Really Want To Talk About The Opening Ceremony Chapter 1096: Need Someone To Accompany Her Chapter 1097: Nirvana Who Likes To Chase Chapter 1098: It's Qiao Nian Again Chapter 1099: I Chose The Same Tune Chapter 1100: The Master Also Has Things That He Is Not Good At Chapter 1101: And Deliberately Pretended To Be Stupid With Him Chapter 1102: I Clearly Want The Outside World To Misunderstand That She Is Chasing Light Chapter 1103: You Regret It Now It's Still Too Late Chapter 1104: Jiang Xianrou Knows That She Hit The Tune Chapter 1105: Big Guys Are So Idle? Chapter 1106: Sister Nian Is Pampered With Her Boyfriend Chapter 1107: What Can Be More Annoying Than Him Now Chapter 1108: Jiang Xianrou Is A Smart Buy Hot Search Chapter 1109: The Chasing Deity Is Jiang Xianrou? She Is Also Worthy Chapter 1110: The Reporter Is Here Too Chapter 1111: Qiao Nian Is Afraid That She Won't Be Able To Come To Taiwan Today Chapter 1112: I Only Learned About The Crash Temporarily Chapter 1113: The Results Of The Draw Came Out Exactly One After The Other Chapter 1114: Doing So Is Also Tantamount To Sacrificing The Face Of The Tie Chapter 1115: Sister Nian: I Just Follow The Light Chapter 1116: Let's Hurry Up And Practice Again Chapter 1117: Sister Nian Is Going To Be On Stage Chapter 1118: Become A Buddha In The Audience And Become A Dog In The Audience Chapter 1119: Some People Stand There Is A Beam Of Light Chapter 1120: You Think About Sister Jiang Xianrou Chapter 1121: The Result Came Out Slapped Chapter 1122: But Elder Brother Is Uneducated And He Walks The World In One Sentence Chapter 1123: Jiang Xianrou Is Short Of Breath Chapter 1124: Half Of The Fan Circle Rice Circle Joins Forces To Sniper Chapter 1125: Went To Dinner With My Father Chapter 1126: Don't Even Answer Old Man Jiang's Phone Chapter 1127: Jiang Li: Ok Let Me Clarify Chapter 1128: Nian Sister Airborne Hot Search First Chapter 1129: Jiang Xianrou Was Exposed On The Spot Chapter 1130: Feng Shui Turns Around And Doesnt Answer Jiang Xianrous Calls At All Chapter 1131: Called Back All The Elders In The Family Chapter 1132: Sister Nian Doesn't Know About The Internet Chapter 1133: Father Jiang: I Want To Split Up Chapter 1134: This House Is Worth 100 Million Chapter 1135: When Things Get To This Point You Dont Even Think About The Aisles Chapter 1136: Jiang Xianrou: I Don't Apologize Chapter 1137: Sister Nian: I'm Sorry I Also Protect My Shortcomings Chapter 1138: This Is My Family's Business Please Respect Yourself Chapter 1139: Slap Jiang Xianrou Chapter 1140: So I Never Thought About Apologizing To Nian Nian Chapter 1141: A Harsher Punishment Than An Apology Chapter 1142: Tang Wanru's Face Is Green Chapter 1143: Do You Really Have A Little Girlfriend Who Goes Around The City? Chapter 1144: Announced Jiang Xianrou Will Be Completely Slapped Chapter 1145: Don't Be Afraid Of The Pain When You Can Do It Chapter 1146: Look At My Weibo You Will Know Right Away Chapter 1147: Wen Ruxia: No You Are Not Good Enough Chapter 1148: I Didn't Understand The Meaning Of That Sentence Until Today Chapter 1149: Now That The Family Is Separated It Is Clean Chapter 1150: People If You Want To Be Fair Be Fair To The End Chapter 1151: The Poor Teacher Doesn't Deserve To Make You Apologize Right? Chapter 1152: I Didn't Even Need A Bank Card Chapter 1153: My Face Was Smashed Chapter 1154: She Has No Level Of Contact With Wen Ruxia Chapter 1155: We Want To Have Things That Other People Have Chapter 1156: A Dog who Was Scolded By His Father At The Age Of Forty Chapter 1157: Dad Is Not An Ordinary Person Chapter 1158: Miss Qiao You Finally Came Chapter 1159: Sister Nian: I Am So Crazy About Losing The Vest Chapter 1160: Get To Qiao Nian Why Is There Citibank's Black Chapter 1161: Just Took Over A Mess Chapter 1162: Mr. Wei's Situation Is Not Very Good Chapter 1163: Niannian Can You Do Grandpa A Favor? Chapter 1164: The Old Man Can Finally Rest Chapter 1165: I Will Let Them Die To Understand Chapter 1166: Nian Nian Still Has The Technology Of Repairing Computers? Chapter 1167: I Found Ye Wangchuan Chapter 1168: Poor Abandoned Qin Si Chapter 1169: Sister Nian: I'm Afraid I Won't Die Hard Enough Chapter 1170: Dog Food Stuffed One's Mouth Chapter 1171: There Are Big Bosses No In Case Chapter 1172: Sister Nian: That's It Chapter 1173: My Face Is Green Chapter 1174: Wangye: Why You Are Only Allowed To Call The Police Chapter 1175: Needless To Say Sorry To Apologize? Chapter 1176: Kill The Heart Slap In The Face Chapter 1177: Sister Nian: Dont Cant Afford It Chapter 1178: Master Miu's Bowl Of Soft Rice Is Tightly Gripped Chapter 1179: Sure Enough I Asked Jiang Xianrou For Help Chapter 1180: Gangster Are You Very Poor Lately? Chapter 1181: Sister Nian Saw Jiang Xianrous Text Message And She Blocked It Directly Chapter 1182: Qin Si Can't Look Down On Wei Mingxuan Chapter 1183: Sister Nian: Mr. Wei Left His Will Chapter 1184: How Can A High School Student Be So Awesome Chapter 1185: Gangster What Else Do You Have For Fun? Chapter 1186: Sister Nian Starts School Chapter 1187: Qiao Nian Did You Know That Professor Liang Was Suspended? Chapter 1188: The Light That Belonged To Her Was Concealed By Qiao Nian Chapter 1189: Some People Just Love To Be Self Righteous Chapter 1190: Niannian Do You Have Time To Drink Some Water? Chapter 1191: You Won't Give Me The Pen Ready Chapter 1192: You Really Thought I Didn't Dare To Kill Qiao An Chapter 1193: The Qiao Family Dont Even Want Their Faces Chapter 1194: Old Wei's Funeral Is Set Chapter 1195: Do You Think Sister Is Soft Or Hard? Chapter 1196: I Lost My Face To Grandma's House Chapter 1197: Your Sister Looks Pretty Chapter 1198: Not A Real Sister But A Cousin Chapter 1199: Both 1199 Chapter 1200: My Grandpa Has An Important Friend In Beijing Chapter 1201: She Dare To Come Chapter 1202: Wei Lou: The Sympathy Of A Girl Who Has Been In Crush For Many Years Chapter 1203: The Big Boss Of Tianchen Group Is Here Chapter 1204: Why Did Lu Zhi Come To Beijing? Chapter 1205: Big Guys Are More Shameless Than The Others Chapter 1206: Sister Nian: I Just Know How To Use A Computer Chapter 1207: World Class Competition What Do You Think Chapter 1208: Top 16 Every Year Better Than Every Year Chapter 1209: Two People Who Signed Up The Department Of Traditional Chinese Medicine Is Going Against The Sky This Year Chapter 1210: Shao Wen Your Goddess Is Going To Participate In The Competition Chapter 1211: The Result Came Out Chapter 1212: Really Slap In The Face Chapter 1213: The Little Devil Becomes The Little Milk Dog Of Sister Nian Chapter 1214: I Want To Live With Qiao Nian Chapter 1215: The Final Result Will Come Out In Three Days Chapter 1216: Wen Ziyu Was Hit Hard Enough Chapter 1217: Tired Of Seeing This Inferior Method Chapter 1218: Was Exposed On The Spot Chapter 1219: You Said She Asked Someone To Make The Software? Chapter 1220: With Weakness And Armor Chapter 1221: Three Days Later I Have A Game Chapter 1222: Match Day Chapter 1223: She Feels Wronged Feels Unfair Chapter 1224: Mr. Wang Made A Private Room Chapter 1225: If You Want To Wear The Crown You Must Bear Its Weight Chapter 1226: Tang Wanru Is Also In Lanting Chapter 1227: There Is A Son Of Tianchen Elite Chapter 1228: Jiang Yao Is Not Qualified Enough To Build Relationships With Others Chapter 1229: Dig Their People In Front Of Him Chapter 1230: Sister Nian: I Dare Not Try My Best Chapter 1231: In The Middle Of The Middle You Read Sister Chapter 1232: All Screens Are Black In One Second Chapter 1233: Arrogant Master Came To Pick Up Chapter 1234: What's Wrong With Him Why Is One Hundred Thousand? Chapter 1235: Slap Who Is Jiang Yao Chapter 1236: She Participated In The Competition To Win Glory For The Country. Chapter 1237: Haven't You Officially Met With Your Little Cousin? Chapter 1238: The Big Guys Are All Gathered In Beijing To Make A Table Of Mahjong? Chapter 1239: It's Not That The Uncle Squeezed Their Family Chapter 1240: Slapped In The Face By My Own Son Chapter 1241: The Number One Hacker In China Is Out Of 500 You Read Sister Chapter 1242: Qin Si: My Leg Cramps Chapter 1243: Sister Nian: I'm Sorry I Don't Have Time Chapter 1244: Sister Nian: You Still Need Confidence To Enter A Group Stage? ? Chapter 1245: Wangye: I Almost Got A Laugh Chapter 1246: Wouldn't You Want To Shame Chapter 1247: It Turns Out That The Boss Still Doesn't Know What To Do Chapter 1248: They Really Want To Host A Celebration Banquet For Qiao Nian. Chapter 1249: Jiang Xianrou Also Fell In Love With The Heroine Of The Mv Chapter 1250: Dad Said He's Not Coming Chapter 1251: Slap Sorry It's Not Coming Anymore Chapter 1252: Who Has Never Seen The World Chapter 1253: I Didn't Answer The Call To Sister Nian Chapter 1254: 90000 Yuan Still Thinks She Will Be Under Pressure Chapter 1255: Sister Nian: Sorry I Have A Billion Points Chapter 1256: Sister Nian: I Don't Feel Anything Chapter 1257: Someone Was Shocked And Nervous When They Saw Qiao Nian Chapter 1258: Don't Ask Ask Is To Read Sister First Chapter 1259: I Finally Know Who He Inherited Chapter 1260: Champagne Rose Chapter 1261: Qiao Nian Was Seen In A Sports Car Chapter 1262: Is This Bag So Valuable? Chapter 1263: Nian Sister Hot Search Warning Chapter 1264: I Want To Invite Jiang Yao To Support The Field Chapter 1265: Sorry You Wont Accept It Chapter 1266: Call Xu Jishen To Go With Him Chapter 1267: Large Scale Face Slap Scene Chapter 1268: Hello We Are Your Vip Guests Chapter 1269: Jiang Yao: Why Haven't You Entered Yet? Chapter 1270: Someone Saw Sister Nian Chapter 1271: You Missed A Hole With Ten Shots Chapter 1272: Sister Nian Is The Diamond Boss In The Illegal Zone Chapter 1273: Received A Call From Jiang's Father Chapter 1274: Sister Nian: Alright No Need To Cooperate Chapter 1275: My Daughter Is Not Inferior To Anyone Chapter 1276: Joe Do You Want Me To Go In With You? Chapter 1277: There Are Quite A Lot Of People In The Ward Chapter 1278: There Are Always People Who Disrupt The Good Atmosphere Out Of Time Chapter 1279: Sister Nian: Why Should I Explain Are We Familiar? Chapter 1280: Sister Nian Always Slaps Her Face With A Fan Chapter 1281: Don't Mess With Me I'm Not Messy Chapter 1282: Not Even Giving Them A Chance To Apologize Chapter 1283: Take Care Of Jiang Yao And Them Chapter 1284: Mr. Jiang: In The Future It Will Be Different For Which One Of You Will Be Exposed To. Chapter 1285: It Makes People Uncomfortable To Look At Chapter 1286: Miuye Came To Pick Up The People In Person Chapter 1287: Ahem The Ugly Wife Will See Her In Laws Sooner Or Later Chapter 1288: Jiang Xianrou Got Beaten Chapter 1289: Still Maintaining Jiang Xianrou Everywhere Chapter 1290: The Owner Of That Sports Car Is One Of The Illegal Zone Bosses Chapter 1291: Jiang's Brothers And Sisters Were Beaten To The Ground Chapter 1292: Sister Nian: Oh A Harassing Call Chapter 1293: Dad He Is My Boyfriend Chapter 1294: Wangye: My Girlfriend Is Not Inferior To Anyone Chapter 1295: Remove Jiang Xianrou From The Recruiting List Chapter 1296: Everyone In Beijing Must Know That Jiang Xianrou Was Squeezed Out Chapter 1297: Are You Free Tomorrow? Accompany Me To Meet Someone Chapter 1298: Its Not Good To Provoke Ye Wangchuan Chapter 1299: The Point Is That The Other Party Is Too Young Chapter 1300: Can they do it? Chapter 1301: Wangye: Do you want to smoke or go out to smoke? Chapter 1302: Not from Hongmeng Chapter 1303: Find out its you begging my girlfriend, begging for someone Chapter 1304: Sister Nian: No one can run away in my hands yet Chapter 1305: Well, Hawkeye has offended her? Chapter 1306: Sister Nian said that ten minutes is ten minutes Chapter 1307: How's it going, Qiao Niancan see you? Chapter 1308: Wang Ye finally knows to fight back! Chapter 1309: It's not as good as a plate of spicy food in my girlfriend's heart Chapter 1310: He didn't even have the face to ask Chapter 1311: Only her name is missing from the list Chapter 1312: Bo Jingxing: I advise you not to daydream Chapter 1313: In her place, she has to avoid sister Nian. Chapter 1314: She thinks Jiang Xianrou is going to have a big somersault Chapter 1315: Shame on his mother to open the door to the police, shame to death Chapter 1316: I want to take revenge on Miss Nian Chapter 1317: Who told her not to have eyes to provoke someone who shouldn't be offended Chapter 1318: When I think of using such a pair of hands to grasp herbs Chapter 1319: Sister Nian sent out a prescription Chapter 1320: Pharmacist, Q Chapter 1321: U disk was stolen Chapter 1322: Some students went into the office to move things Chapter 1323: I found out on Yin Wenzhi's head immediately Chapter 1324: Was caught in the current! Chapter 1325: Sister Jiangs friend let me steal it Chapter 1326: Wangye: I just live enough and want to die Chapter 1327: Before he had time to say, Jiang Xianrou on the back foot provokes Chapter 1328: I also bought Jiang Xianrou a precious gift Chapter 1329: The arrogant master is stupid, ruthless and stable Chapter 1330: Hey, who is better to die? Chapter 1331: Who knows... something happened Chapter 1332: Still dying Chapter 1333: It depends on what Sister Nian means! Chapter 1334: The system in the U disk, can you make another one Chapter 1335: The paranoid masters do things silently Chapter 1336: It's impossible for him to be angry Chapter 1337: How are you going to explain Chapter 1338: Is Jiang Xianrou going to ruin her reputation? Chapter 1339: Father Jiang's decision Chapter 1340: He even Ye Lao was alarmed Chapter 1341: Elected the future heir of the Jiang family Chapter 1342: The old man wants to remove Jiang Xianrou from the genealogy! Chapter 1343: Said Sister Nian is not suitable Chapter 1344: Formal break Chapter 1345: The old man left a stamp for sister Nian Chapter 1346: Qiao Nian has what she has Chapter 1347: Going abroad is already your best result Chapter 1348: You have been removed from the group chat Chapter 1349: Sorry, sister Nian doesn't care about you Chapter 1350: Yes, the boss is still in college Chapter 1351: Emperor 1351 Chapter 1352: Emerald picks people and sends them to elders Chapter 1353: Sister Nian, humble God! Chapter 1354: It's such a coincidence, I'm looking for Jian Yu Chapter 1355: Jiang Yao: Help me pass the word down, I am from Tianchen Chapter 1356: Sister Nian swaggered in Chapter 1357: Sister Nian loses her horse Chapter 1358: Someone is staring at you Chapter 1359: Low 1359 Chapter 1360: A large truck ran into them Chapter 1361: Sister Nian is injured Chapter 1362: The person in the ambulance is Nian Nian? Chapter 1363: Miss Qiao can't get through Chapter 1364: The grandpa took a bunch of people and went directly to the hospital Chapter 1365: They won't come Chapter 1366: He felt it was just a small car accident, there is no need to Chapter 1367: Jiang Yao looks silly Chapter 1368: Sister Nian: I only know that some people have died Chapter 1369: Sister Nian directly found out the person behind her Chapter 1370: I never thought it was her Chapter 1371: No matter what, the other party is quite capable Chapter 1372: Those who usually cry are ruthless Chapter 1373: Someone texted her Chapter 1374: The phone was hacked remotely Chapter 1375: Zhu's home is over Chapter 1376: Sister Nian can't participate in the competition Chapter 1377: Its hard to say, but she doesnt understand it. Chapter 1378: She is also considered as benevolent and righteous Chapter 1379: Check if the person behind the instigator Chapter 1380: He's so embarrassed to talk to Sister Nian Chapter 1381: Jiang Zongnan is ashamed Chapter 1382: Jiang Li apologized for his father Chapter 1383: What do they think of sister joe Chapter 1384: Who doesn't understand her careful thoughts