Home Almighty Your Persona Has CollapsedChapter 1

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Chapter 1 Return of 001

T City.

Jiang Family Villa.

Early in the morning, the butler directs the servants to be busy in the restaurant, "The guards are here at ten o'clock, and their movements are quicker."

Staring at the servant finishing the arrangement of the ingredients and flowers, he tilted his head and looked at the direction of the stairs, frowning invisibly: "Miss Meng hasn't gotten up yet? She has a tryout today, right."

The butler lowered his eyelashes and looked at the time his wrist was on the watch. It was already eight o'clock, and he went upstairs to get Meng Fu up.

The upper floor is very quiet, and Meng Fu lives in the last room on the second floor.

The butler stood by the door, raised his hand and knocked on the door, his tone was not very respectful, "Miss Meng, are you awake?"

There is no sound inside .

He knocked on the door and asked again, his expression cold.


The door was slammed with a heavy object from the inside.

The butlers indifferent and harsh eyebrows were only slightly fluctuating. He raised his head in surprise. This Miss Meng, although she was greedy and greedy since she was recognized back to Jiangs family, also knew a little bit of measure and how much she was. , What's going on today?


Inside the house.

Meng Fu got up from the bed while pressing her temples. She looked at the phone that had just been thrown out and smashed the door. She ignored the butler who was still talking. She just lifted the quilt, and her snow-white ankles sank into the dark carpet. Go to the bathroom.

She lowered her head, turned on the faucet, and looked at herself in the mirror.

The person in the mirror is wearing silk pajamas, with a loose belt, and the little red mole on the collarbone is like a blazing fire.

Meng Fu blinked, with hazy peachy eyes, turning around, swaying and swaying.

She closed her eyes, her long curly eyelashes dropped, and a shallow shadow was covered under her eyes. It took a long time before she uttered a word, "Fortunately, it's still Lao Tzu's own body."

Two years ago, her soul was sucked into another world, and her body was occupied by a female reporter. It was not until a month ago that Meng Fus soul returned to the real world, but could only follow the female reporter who occupied her body with the existence of the soul body. Around.

Just now, Meng Fu was attracted to his body by a mysterious force.

Thinking of this, Meng Fu stretched out his hand and pressed the red mole on the collarbone, gathered his pajamas thoughtfully, went to the closet and turned out a casual beige sweater.

The quality of the phone she threw on the door seemed very good, and it rang leisurely at this time.

The caller ID is the name of "Sister Zhao". Meng Fu's soul has been floating behind the female reporter for almost a month, and he naturally knows that this is her agent Zhao Fan.

When her body was taken by a female reporter, she had just entered high school. The female reporter was a liberal arts student who had worked hard in society for several years and did not understand high school science content.

Especially when she came, she was recognized by the Jiang family. She left the house rented by Meng Fu No. 1 Middle School, moved into the Jiang family villa, dropped out of school and stepped into the entertainment industry.

The children who have finally been admitted to the city are fascinated by the bustling city center and drop out of school to go to the entertainment circle. Where would the Jiang family be willing?

But I am really ashamed of this newly recognized daughter, and finally used the relationship to get her into the entertainment circle.

The female reporter is really not talented. After two years of hard work, she recently joined the "Best Idol" as a trainee, and she entangled the Jiang family to clear up her relationship.

So that the Jiang family was very impatient with her.

Meng Fu put the phone in his pocket and opened the drawer of the dressing table, there is a small key inside

is the key to her rental house.

Her previous computers, mobile phones, and other things are still in the rental house. The female reporter did not throw away Meng Fu's things, and they all put them in the rental house.

Meng Fu finished packing and set off to the "Best Idol" base camp. She refused the pick-up from the Jiang family's driver.

There is still some way to go from the villa to the gate of the community. If Jiang Xinran is replaced, Jiang Xinran will naturally not let her walk such a long way. It's just Meng Fu, Jiang Jiang will hold back the words.

"Miss Meng, be careful all the way." It was not until Meng Fu's figure was no longer visible that the steward Jiang shook his head.

Mrs. Mrs. was not at home early this morning. The servants were so nervous and busy. Jiang Xinran could see that something was wrong when she got up in the morning. She looked like Meng Fu and confused, not like Mrs. Mrs.s daughter.

Just as the housekeeper was about to turn around and return to the house, there was the sound of car horns outside.

It is Mrs. Jiang Yu Zhenling who is back.

She is wearing a purple cheongsam with a coat outside, her hair is meticulously coiled up, exquisite and rigorous, "Did the two ladies go out?"

The butler was taken aback, thinking that Meng Fu had just left the house, and Yu Zhenling should be able to see it when she came back from the door. Why did it seem like she didnt see it?

The thought flashed past, and the butler withdrew his thoughts.

"Miss went out at seven o'clock, she took the monthly exam today. Miss Meng has just left," he said hesitantly again, "Miss Meng will not come back for lunch at noon..."

Speaking of this, the smile on Yu Zhenlings face instantly converged, and she said: "I know."

Although Meng Fu is her biological daughter, she dropped out of high school to enter the entertainment industry, not to mention academic qualifications, and did not even understand the most basic etiquette. Many people in the circle taunted Yu Zhenling overtly and secretly.

Yu Zhenling regretted her decision more than once.

Compared with Meng Fu, Jiang Xinran is a well-trained eldest lady from the Jiang family. She is proficient in all kinds of piano, chess, calligraphy and painting. From junior high school to high school, she participated in various competitions and lectures and won various awards. She is a top student in the rocket class of a middle school.

These two people are one world each.

Until now, the Jiang family has not changed the surnames of Meng Fu and Jiang Xinran. Everyone, including Jiang's father, seems to forget that Meng Fu is the eldest of the Jiang family.


Mengfus rental house.

She took off the sunglasses from the bridge of her nose, and slowly clipped it on the neckline. The rental house was no different from the furnishings before she left. There were two rooms, one living room, one kitchen and one bathroom. It was just that there was no one inhabited for so long, and a layer of dust fell.

The door of Mengfu's bedroom is not locked.

She opened the door and went in. The bedroom was very empty. Except for a bed and a table, there was almost nothing else. She saw the old mobile phone at the head of the bed. It was a silver mobile phone with a circular red circle printed on the back. It was not too heavy. , It's quite big, bigger than the latest banana 11 that Meng Fu just threw.

The phone cannot be turned on without electricity, and Meng Fu is not worried that the phone will break if it is not used for such a long time. He just reaches out to put the Banana 11 phone card into her previous phone and finds the charger to charge it.

It was useless for two years. When she plugged in the charger, within one second, the phone turned on smoothly and immediately locked on the green charging screen.

Meng Fu grabbed the flowerpot in the hall, and the key with the dust was pulled out by her, and she directly opened the door next to the bedroom.

is her former study room.

The door should have been unopened for a long time. The female reporter probably felt that Meng Fus bedroom was in space and did not enter the study.

The female author must have never expected that Meng Fus bedroom was impoverished, but the study was full.

On the left side of the study is a row of white bookshelves. The bookshelves are full of books. There is a wide variety of books. A tattered small seal script and a barely turned over original text in F are placed together. There is a wicker chair by the window. , It looks like it's a bit old, and there is a tea set beside the rocking chair.

There was a set of silver needles beside the tea set, and the needle bag had no time to close.

There are a pile of notebooks on the desk, the pen holder is full of pens, and the black laptop lid is not closed yet.

Meng Fu walked to the table and looked down. The open notebook still contains a string of scribbled English that she wrote two years ago


Half an hour later, Meng Fu turned on his silver mobile phone.

The boot speed is very fast, and the unlock password is four special symbols.

The female reporter was unable to unlock Meng Fus mobile phone at the time. In addition, Meng Fus mobile phone was not a banana, it looked like a second-hand mobile phone. She was useless, so she asked the Jiang family to buy her the latest banana. 11. I also reissued a mobile phone card.

As soon as the phone was turned on, countless messages flooded in. It was her previous number.

Immediately, the name of "Sister Zhao" appeared on the screen again.

Meng Fu did not ignore this time. Although the female reporter occupied her body, she did not cause her any serious trouble, but helped her avoid a lot of trouble.

She glanced at the hall and threw the study key back. The key fell in the flowerpot. If anyone is here, she must be able to see that her key fell in the position of the flowerpot, which is the same as the position where she just picked it up. Not bad.

Meng Fu curled up red lips, pinched the sunglasses on the collar with his slender fingers, and said, "It will be there in twenty minutes."


Twenty minutes later.

"Best Idol" base.

Zhao Fan anxiously waited by the door, "This bastard, didn't you say it will be in twenty minutes?"

She picked up her mobile phone, and when she wanted to make a call, a taxi stopped in front of her.

A woman came down from the back of the car. She was wearing white tights and a beige sweater. Her complexion was white and her facial features were delicate. The moment she got out of the car, the sunlight above her head seemed to dim a lot.

Meng Fus black powder called Meng Fu a vase, and Meng Fu was illiterate, but no one dared to spray her for not looking good.

"Sister Zhao." Meng Fu took off his sunglasses and hooked his lips to Zhao Fan.

Zhao Fan was in a daze, and then she realized. She took Meng Fu's hand and walked inside while hurriedly said: "Have you practiced the group song this week? Has the tune been up to date? It will be your assessment soon. Yes, this is related to your grouping this time."

The soul floated with the female reporter for a month. Although Meng Fu hadnt learned group songs, she had listened to it countless times. She turned the sunglasses in her hand and curled her lips slightly, "Its okay."

Zhao Fan stared at her smile, paused, gritted his teeth and said, "Then...what about the English part?"

There is a section of English in the group song of "Best Idol". The female reporter's English is not good, especially the pronunciation, which is neither standard nor smooth.

Yi smiles generously.

Last week, because of Meng Fus poor performance, he couldnt utter his words clearly and couldnt keep up with the pitch, so he was denounced in front of the trainees by the popular streamer Xi Nancheng in the entertainment industry.

Xi Nancheng as a tutor, patiently taught her, but after teaching, she found out that Meng Fu didnt speak English anymore and didnt even know the staff.

Xi Nancheng was so angry that he left the field directly.

Zhao Fan is very worried.

In this assessment, everyone needs to sing the dance group song individually, which is rated by the instructor.

Meng Fu did not answer Zhao Fan, but tilted his head, placing the sunglasses in Zhao Fans palm, with cold eyebrows and a lazy demon, "Wait for me to come out, baby."

Zhao Fan waited in the corridor, thinking of her smile, but somehow he couldn't react.

I always feel that this worried Meng Fu is a bit mysterious today.


In the assessment office, there will be an intermission of ten minutes, waiting for the next recording.

The office turned over the paper in his hand, "There is the last person in class A, and class B will follow. Ill call Teacher Xi to come."

Behind is the instructors lounge. Xi Nancheng drank a glass of warm water, "Who is next?"

The scene took a look, "It's Meng Fu."

Xi Nancheng's action of drinking water, he sat down again, "Let the three teachers record it first."

The office nodded and went straight out.

"Best Idol" is not really popular at this time. Meng Fu also has a little bit of topicality. Xi Nancheng's agent also knows that Xi Nancheng denounces Meng Fu. He knows that Xi Nancheng doesn't like Meng Fu, and when he mentions Meng Fu, he I also remembered one thing: "Her image is very suitable for the entertainment industry, what do you think? Is it suitable for signing into our company? I have not met her yet."

Xi Nancheng lit a cigarette, and said faintly: "The eyes are good and the hands are low, not pleasing, and walking is not long."

The agent nodded, extinguished her thoughts of signing her, only smiled, "Is she going to test you?"

Xi Nancheng flipped through the list, "No, it's an ear."


2020, thank you all for being here. Brother Fu will spend the new year with you.

This time, the heroine is a new attempt. Part of the setting refers to the fifth world in Huahuas fast-traveling book, "The Wronged Rich Daughter". The new article wants to break through the emotional drama, ask for collection, ask for support, and ask for comments~

(End of this chapter)

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