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Text Chapter 919 Are you sure to defeat Grindelwald?

The Auror was startled at first, but when she turned her head and saw the person coming, her tension relaxed, and then she seemed a little unwilling.

Iris shook his head insignificantly, indicating that the other party is not a good time to do it.

This little episode failed to attract the attention of others present. Under the joint pressure of Pierce and Conor, the French minister no longer had the same tough attitude as before, but still gritted his teeth and insisted on searching Ivan and others. , To prove that they did not take any treasures in the tomb.

Pierce naturally refuted the other party's rude request without hesitation, and emphasized that they should not treat the two heroes who dared to fight Grindelwald so harshly!

After a fierce argument, the French minister reluctantly chose to let go. Without definite evidence, he really had no reason to force Ivan and Rolf to stay.

It's not worthwhile to have guilty with England and the North American Ministry of Magic for a possible treasure.

"Since the matter is clear, then we will leave first, Minister Minister." Seeing that the other party was finally softened, Ivan also secretly relieved. If not necessary, he is not willing to use violence to solve the problem.

Although he can completely beat all of these people with his strength, and then force the other party to admit their mistakes, once the hands are refreshed, there will definitely be endless troubles.

After all, this is different from the time in England. The reason why he dared to kill Fudge in full view was that on the one hand, he took advantage of Voldemorts identity, and on the other hand, he laid out ahead of time, controlled the media, and obtained nearly half of the pure-blood family. The recognition of this, coupled with Pierce, the executive directors backlash, minimized the impact.

No matter how much France is said to be a great power of magic, simply relying on strength will not make them succumb, but will only arouse stronger resistance, otherwise the minister would have surrendered to Grindelwald, how could he send people everywhere to arrest the other's believers .

If he acted recklessly this time with the French Ministry of Magic and even caused a wizarding war between Britain and France, then Grindelwald would be able to wake up with a smile if he didn't dream at night...

All the way out of the door of the Ministry of Magic, Ivan looked back at Conor and spoke. "Thank you for your help, Director Conor."

"I just told a few truths. Even without me, I believe your Excellency Hals can solve this little trouble by himself." Conor said with a smile, seeming to have forgotten the unpleasantness of the last time. When I got to the back of my head, after a little greeting, I brought the topic to business.

"The intelligence personnel I sent to France before received some very strange information. There is news that Grindelwald's image has changed so much that the Aurors almost thought they had confessed to the wrong person."

"Your information is correct. When I met with Grindelwald this time, he has completely recovered his youthful appearance, and his strength is probably more difficult than ever!" Ivan said very carefully.

With Ivan's confirmation, Conor's face suddenly became very ugly, but he still forced to calmly look at Ivan and asked.

"The question is how exactly did he do this? I remember the report that Secretary Pierce submitted to the International Wizarding Federation said that Grindelwald had suffered a very difficult black magic during the battle with Voldemort. It should be in a strange state now..."

"It's very simple, just die once, isn't it all right?" Ivan muttered to himself.

"Die...once?" Conor was stunned. At first he didn't quite understand Ivan's words, but then he realized something and immediately took a breath. There was only the most evil in his mind. That kind of black magic can reverse life and death.

"Only in this way can we explain Grindelwald's weird situation." Ivan said with a slight headache. When he learned that the other party had arrested the North American vice chairman, he suspected that Grindelwald might use Voldemort. The same method is resurrected once, so as to get rid of the trouble of being corroded by black magic.

This also means that the other party may have made a Horcrux!

It was already difficult to defeat Grindelwald, and now there was an additional prerequisite, which was to find and destroy the Horcrux that did not know where it was hidden.

Conor was even more deeply worried. He knew that the power of the North American Ministry of Magic might not be able to compete with Grindelwald.

"Are you sure to defeat Grindelwald?" Conor asked deliberately.

"It's difficult, and even if Grindelwald is defeated, no one can stop him, unless you find a place where you can't use Apparition!" Ivan shook his head and said directly.

Conor nodded, not surprisingly, if Ivan's age was enough to defeat Grindelwald, that would be a shocking thing to chin.

However, judging from the fact that Ivan broke into Nicol Lemays tomb this time and played against Grindelwald, he can still retreat. Even if his strength is not as good, it is probably not far off. UU reading www.uuknshu.com is now. The only wizard who can compete with Grindelwald.

It is precisely because of this that Conor, after learning that Ivan was made things difficult by the French Ministry of Magic, hurried over to show his favor, in order to make up for the little unhappiness between the two before...

Facing Conor's initiative, Ivan was naturally willing to accept that with enemies like Grindelwald, if they were to regenerate, they would only let the opponent find a chance to defeat them one by one.

After some discussions, North America and the British Ministry of Magic reached a preliminary agreement. The two sides shared the latest information about Grindelwald and cooperated against the powerful dark wizard.

And Ivan also got the assurance from Conor that if there is any major action that requires him to go out in person, the International Wizarding Federation will grant him the status of the top executive officer in this mission, and there will be a few directors or more. Apart from high-ranking officials, all wizards need to follow his instructions.

Of course, this force can only be used against Grindelwald. If Ivan ordered them to do something illegal, these Aurors would definitely not listen.

After discussing the general framework of cooperation, Conor hurriedly left. In order to win over Ivan, he was forced to agree to many harsh conditions and needed to report to a higher level.

When Conor walked away, Ivan suddenly remembered something, turned his head to look at Pierce, and asked. "Who is the wizard named Ellis just now? Is there any information about him in England?"

When he was in the minister's office before, he felt that Iris was a bit wrong, and Ivan could even vaguely smell a faintly dangerous breath from the other party.

This is also one of the reasons why he didn't take the initiative in the Ministry of Magic.

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Chapter 464: Afterglow Of The Setting Sun Chapter 465: The Missing Invisibility Cloak Chapter 466: Training Before The Game Chapter 467: Is It Too Late To Regret Now? Chapter 468: Miss Novgood Chapter 469: Gryffindor's Pitching Machine Is Back Chapter 470: You Might As Well Call Seamus The Troubadour Chapter 471: This Is Not Fair Chapter 472: Friends And Friends Chapter 473: No Way I Have Always Been So Clever Chapter 474: Trelawney's New Prediction Chapter 475: Who Is Not A Great Dramatist These Days Chapter 476: Angry Fudge 2 In 1 4000 Words Chapter 477: Is That Afraid Of Death? I'm Just Afraid Of Delaying The Great Cause Of The Dark Lord.. Chapter 478: Well Said So Who Is Willing To Sacrifice? Chapter 479: That Man Is Not As Important As You Think 2 In 1 Four.. Chapter 480: How Dare They Do This Chapter 481: Level 1 Merlinxun Chapter 482: Malfoy You Ungrateful Bastard Chapter 483: Yes I Want To Report Principal Dumbledore Chapter 484: I Can See It Now Too Chapter 485: Leaving School And Renewed Task Schedule Chapter 486: If The Poor Mistress Learns This News She Will Be Angry.. Chapter 487: Poor Old Kreacher Chapter 488: Regulus Arcturus Black Chapter 489: Horcruxes And Whereabouts And Past Events Chapter 490: Slytherin's Locket Chapter 491: Silent Sirius Chapter 492: The Story Of Regulus Chapter 493: Master And Slave Chapter 494: Destroy The 4th Horcrux Chapter 495: Secret Of The Dark Lord Chapter 496: Cutting Edge Black Magic Decryption Chapter 497: Lihuo Curse Chapter 498: When Did The Dark Lord Look Like A Normal Person? Chapter 499: Ivan: No One Knows The Dark Lord Better Than Me Chapter 500: Ivan: I'm Sorry I'm Not A Normal Person 2 In 1 Four Thousand.. Chapter 501: Ivan: As Long As There Are Enough Cards In The Hole No One Can Beat Me.. Chapter 502: Lu Ping: I Didn't Expect You To Have Grown To This Point 2 Chapter 503: Black Lake And The Corpse Chapter 504: The Limits Of Crossing The Lake And The Evil Taste Of The Dark Lord Chapter 505: Scavenging Dead Bodies At The Bottom Of The Lake 2 In 1 4000 Words Chapter 506: No Matter How Much He Splits The Soul He Won't Be So Stupid.. Chapter 507: Fierce? Fierce Chapter 508: A Fighter Against The Dark Lord A Well Deserved Hero 2 Chapter 509: In Such A Big Magic World There Is No Room For A Small Shop That Can Make Money Safely.. Chapter 510: We Are Willing To Be Your Most Loyal Servants Chapter 511: Ivan: Impossible Am I So Scary? Chapter 512: Ivan: Well According To What You Said It's Actually Not That Exaggerated.. Chapter 513: Dougert: Hals's Strength And Scheming Are Unfathomable 2.. Chapter 514: Weakness And Ignorance Are Not Obstacles To Survival Arrogance Is 2 Chapter 515: What? Is There Such A Thing? I Do Not Know How? Chapter 516: Shut Up You Are Slander Chapter 517: Fast Write It Down This Is The Action Plan Of The Organization .. Chapter 518: Ivan: What? I Am So Ambitious That I Want To Do A Big.. Chapter 519: Ivan: This Is Really A Surprise 2 In 1 Chapter 520: What? I Actually Have The Mighty Power Comparable To The Dark Lord? 2 In 1 Chapter 521: Conquer The Rozier Family 2 In 1 4000 Words Chapter 522: What Kind Of Magic Is This? 2 In 1 Chapter 523: Alliance? Nonexistent 2 In 1 Chapter 524: Old Rozier: It's Ridiculous That You Think I'm An Undercover Agent.. Chapter 525: Don't Do It Everyone Is Your Own Chapter 526: When I Was Talking And Laughing With The Minister Of Magic You Didnt Even Know It Was.. Chapter 527: Ivan: Can You Surrender? That Is Obviously Greedy For My Body.. Chapter 528: What? Did I Think So? Chapter 529: We Have To Use Brain Patching To Defeat The Brain Patching 2 In 1 Chapter 530: Contemplation Chapter 531: His Mighty Power Is Simply Unimaginable Chapter 532: Is There Any Misunderstanding In This? 2 In 1 : Ask For 1 Day Off Chapter 533: Ivan: Is There Such A Good Thing To Give Money? Chapter 534: Rectify Knock Down Alley Chapter 535: Magic Mark And Falsified Memory Chapter 536: Control Knot Chapter 537: Training Course Chapter 538: Casting Like Clouds And Flowing Water Chapter 539: Maybe It's Because Of My Outstanding Talents Chapter 540: Fortunately I Am Not The One Who Has Been Fined The Longest : The 541th British Special Wizard 3000 Words Chapter 542: Alchemy Hut 2 In 1 4000 Words Chapter 543: Meet Nick Lemay 2 In 1 Chapter 544: The Nature Of Magic I Think You Already Know It Dont You? .. Chapter 545: The Essence Of Magic And The Ultimate Creation Of Alchemy Chapter 546: Room Not Allowed To Be Opened Chapter 547: Nick Lemay's Library Chapter 548: Modern Alchemy Addendum Chapter 549: Crescent Moon Pendant Chapter 550: Ivan: This Is Due To Official Damage. Do You Have To Fix It For Me.. Chapter 551: Learn Alchemy Chapter 552: Hogwarts Is A Very Suitable Place Isn't It? Chapter 553: Actually.. We Have No Plans At All Chapter 554: Manifesto Of The Dark Lord In The New Century Chapter 555: You You Can Always Come Up With Something New For Me Chapter 556: Forgotten Book Chapter 557: Nick: If It Weren't For This Book I Don't Even Know You Are Doing This Again.. Chapter 558: Let Fate Make The Decision 2 In 1 Chapter 559: What Are You Hiding From Us? Chapter 560: Ivan: It's So Difficult For Me Chapter 561: Poor Sirius Chapter 562: Stop I Surrender Chapter 563: Back To School And New Semester Chapter 564: Kill Me I Won't Eat This Shortbread Either Chapter 565: Top 3 Tournament Chapter 566: Ways To Crack The Age Limit Chapter 567: It's So Late What Are You Calling Me Out For? Chapter 568: There Is No Cruelty This Is Just The Of The Winner Over The Loser Chapter 569: What? You Guys Actually Talked About House Elves For 1 Night Chapter 570: Little Crouch Chapter 571: I Saw Them Killing One Person In That Room Chapter 572: Isnt It Just Two Dung Eggs? As For Keeping The Hate For So Long? Chapter 573: Malfoy Gloating Chapter 574: Alastor Moody Chapter 575: Moody: Are You Doubting Me? Chapter 576: Crouch Is Much Easier To Use Than A White Mouse Chapter 577: Moody's Defense Against The Dark Arts Lesson Chapter 578: I Am Not Giving You Another Lesson Hals Chapter 579: Use Arvada.. Weasley For Me Chapter 580: Ron: If I Had A Whim Professor Moody Would Kneel Down.. Chapter 581: Are You Sure You Want To Copy My Homework? Chapter 582: Ordered To Cheat? Chapter 583: Busbarton School Of Witchcraft And Wizardry Chapter 584: Conflict Between The Principals Chapter 585: Fanatical Flock Chapter 586: Oh This Is A Heartbeat Feeling Chapter 587: Goblet Of Fire Chapter 588: Selection Of Warriors And Age Limit Chapter 589: Go To Sleep Ron You Have Everything In Your Dreams Chapter 590: Sign Up For The Competition Chapter 591: Surprised Dumbledore Chapter 592: You Are Late Professor Mcgonagall Chapter 593: Warriors Candidates Chapter 594: Harry Who Is Hard To Argue With Chapter 595: Unhappy Banquet Chapter 596: Pot King Snape Chapter 597: The Crack Of Friendship Chapter 598: I Wish You Weren't So Good Chapter 599: I Have Never Heard Of That Kind Of Magic Chapter 600: A Duel That Ended In A Flash Chapter 601: Is That Magic That Important? Chapter 602: Hermione's Memory Chapter 603: Past Memories Chapter 604: Your Love Is So Vast Chapter 605: Can't You See It? She Likes You Chapter 606: I Am Always Good At Boasting Myself Chapter 607: Low Key Hals Chapter 608: Are You Having Any Trouble? Ivan? Chapter 609: Painful Memory Chapter 610: There Are Already 2 People In This Memory.. Chapter 611: The Legend Of The 3 Brothers Chapter 612: Fire Dragon Chapter 613: The Dragon That Can Grill Fish Chapter 614: Sound In The Dark Chapter 615: Criteria For Judging Spies Chapter 616: 4 Suspects Chapter 617: Conversation With Moody Chapter 618: I Am Not Who I Was 3 Years Ago Chapter 619: Cheating Is The Tradition Of The Top 3 Competition Chapter 620: I Didn't Expect You To Be This Kind Of Person Chapter 621: Game 1 Chapter 622: Warriors Fight The Fire Dragon Chapter 623: Let Us Invite The Last Warrior To Come On Stage Chapter 624: Violation This Dragon Violates The Rules Chapter 625: What Are You Doing? Noble? Chapter 626: The Joy Of Life Lies In The Challenge Chapter 627: With This One Point Alone You Will Be Recorded In The Annals Of History Chapter 628: Sometimes The Truth Is Not That Important Chapter 629: Perhaps This Is The Price Of Completing The Task Chapter 630: You Are Really Little Money Making Geniuses Chapter 231: The Two Of You Both Acted Very Well Chapter 632: Are You Really Not Thinking About Raising A Dragon With Me? Chapter 633: Anyway You Dont Need Friends Like Me.. Chapter 634: Your Words Are So Hurtful Hals Chapter 635: Crouch Came Back Early Chapter 636: It Seems You Are Finally Crazy Alastor Chapter 637: Immediately..get Out Of My Brain Chapter 638: I Just Made Some Reasonable Guesses Based On Intelligence Chapter 639: What Went Wrong? Chapter 640: You Are Simply A Born Auror Chapter 641: She Is So Smart She Won't Be Unexpected Chapter 642: Zong Xian And Zong Xian Shu Chapter 644: Hermione: Are You Here To Show Off To Me? Chapter 643: Hermione: Are You Here To Show Off To Me? Chapter 644: Do You Still Want To Hear That Answer? Hermione? Chapter 645: Do You Want To Be My Dance Partner? Chapter 646: You Are Her Only Friend Aren't You? Chapter 647: Mr. Is Really A Kind And Great Wizard Chapter 648: Christmas Ball Chapter 649: So Let's Start Today's Dance Party Chapter 650: Special Christmas Gift Chapter 651: Repair The Meniscus Pendant Chapter 652: Happy 7th Festival Chapter 653: Information On Game 2 Chapter 654: The Singing Of The Mermaid And The Gills Chapter 655: Game 2 Chapter 656: 4 Hostages Chapter 657: Heartless Hals Chapter 658: I'm Just Joking I Didn't Expect You To Come For Real. Chapter 659: Miserable Warriors Chapter 660: Dumbledore With A Headache Chapter 661: This Is The Original Intention Of The Top Three Competition Isn't It? Chapter 662: You Thanked The Wrong Person Miss Delacour Chapter 663: Scoring And Tearful Hibiscus Chapter 664: Fusion Of The Fourth Bloodline Chapter 665: Fusion Of Dragon Blood And Horned Snorer Chapter 666: New Blood Magic Chapter 667: True Biological Transformation And Clues To Batty Chapter 668: For The Sense Of Justice In My Heart Chapter 669: Yeah How Could It Be Him? Chapter 670: Clue Chapter 671: Track Chapter 672: The Secret Road In The Office Chapter 673: Just Stay Here And Reflect On It Chapter 674: Wars And Collapsed Spaces Chapter 675: The Horror Of Master Pantheon : Ask For A Day Off And Talk About The Latest Situation By The Way. Chapter 676: Magic Transformation Chapter 677: Where Are My Feet? Where Are My Feet? Chapter 678: When Did My Live Spot Map Become Known To Everyone? Chapter 679: Wait Is There Such A Thing? I Do Not Know How? Chapter 680: Misunderstanding That's All Misunderstanding Chapter 681: It Seems That Professor Moody Has Finally Gone Crazy Chapter 682: Calm Before The Storm Chapter 683: A Fairy Tale Belonging To One Person Alone Chapter 684: Flowers In The Mirror Moon In The Water Chapter 685: Foreboding Of Dreams Chapter 686: If We Can't Stop Him In Time Everything Will Be Done Chapter 687: Stubborn Fudge Chapter 688: If You Had A Refreshing Point Back Then There Will Be So Many Things Now.. Chapter 689: Voldemort Really Didn't Stop For A Moment Chapter 690: Before The Game Chapter 691: But It's Not That I Deliberately Avoided Him.. Chapter 692: Game 3 Chapter 693: Between 2 Points The Shortest Straight Line Chapter 693: Between 2 Points The Line Segment Is The Shortest Chapter 694: Aggrieved Sphinx Chapter 695: What The Game Is Over Before I Start? Chapter 696: Can I Touch Your Trophy? Chapter 697: You Haven't Congratulated Harry Yet.. Chapter 698: Too Many People Are Fascinated By Him Chapter 699: Chaotic Field Chapter 700: If I Knew It I Should Have Watched That Quidditch Game. Chapter 701: It Turns Out That You Are The Inner Answer Chapter 702: A Duel In Front Of The Cemetery Chapter 703: It's Time To Make An End Chapter 704: Courage And Faith Chapter 705: Chaotic Battlefield Chapter 706: Close Contact With Voldemort Chapter 707: Long Time No See Tom Chapter 708: What You Do Will Only Push Yourself To Death Faster Chapter 709: He Is Back Chapter 710: Have You Defeated The Mysterious Man? Chapter 711: The Mysterious Man Has No Heart At All Chapter 712: Noisy Auditorium Chapter 713: Illusion Of Peace Chapter 714: It Seems That Knockdown Alley Needs To Be Cleaned Up Chapter 715: Semester End Summary Chapter 716: The Third Dream Chapter 717: Conversation In The Principal's Room Chapter 718: The Whimsical Dumbledore? Chapter 719: Courageous Loyalty Curse Chapter 720: Morning In Knockoff Alley Chapter 721: Everyone Is A Trustworthy Person Chapter 722: That Man Is More Terrifying Than Before Chapter 723: There Are Some Traitors Among Us Chapter 724: Loyal Rozier Chapter 725: Ivan: This Is A Win Win Move Chapter 726: The Dark Lord Is Invincible Chapter 727: The One Year Period Has Come Chapter 728: Is It Really Appropriate For You To Invite People Like This? Chapter 729: Open The Door The Community Will Send Warmth Chapter 730: My Friends Its Time To Make A Change Chapter 731: Knockover Alley Needs Order Chapter 732: Interrupted Assembly Chapter 733: You And I Are The Same People Chapter 734: Are You Worthy To Share The Magic World With Me? Chapter 735: Life And Death In 60 Seconds Chapter 736: This Is Impossible The Dark Lord Is Invincible Chapter 737: From Now On The Magic World Is Going To Change Chapter 738: Rise Of The Dark Lord Chapter 739: Ivan: Why Are You Braver Than Me? Chapter 740: Mark Of Magic Chapter 741: Misunderstanding.. This Is All A Misunderstanding Chapter 742: Such A Spirit Is Really Unimaginable Chapter 743: Let's Start Follow The Old Rules Chapter 744: Magic Power.. Magic Power Chapter 745: If You Do This Hermione Will Cry.. Chapter 746: List Of Personnel Of The Order Of The Phoenix Chapter 747: Riddle House Rally Chapter 748: Everything You See Is Just Appearance Chapter 749: The Plan To Assassinate Ivan Hals Chapter 750: Obey The Law And Overturn Alley Chapter 751: Goodbye Nico Lemay Chapter 752: Ivan: This Can Also Be Called Assiduous Study? Chapter 753: Level 7 Alchemy Chapter 754: The Method Of Alchemy Enchanting And Amplifying Magic Power Chapter 755: Powerful Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 756: Enchant Magic Chapter 757: How To Make Philosophers Stone Chapter 758: Immortality And Immortality Chapter 759: School Opening And Presidency Badge Chapter 760: This Must Be Another Test Of Friendship And Love Chapter 761: This Must Be Dumbledores Conspiracy Chapter 762: Secret Or Mourning? Chapter 763: Opening Banquet Chapter 764: Umbridge Chapter 765: Sometimes The Truth Is Only In The Hands Of A Few People. Chapter 766: Book Of Pictographic Symbols 2 In 1 4000 Words Chapter 767: Ivan: Who On Earth Wants To Murder Me? Chapter 768: Weasley Joke Toy Shop 2 In 1 Chapter 769: Ivan: Be Cautious..1 Be Cautious Chapter 770: Clues To The Magic Storage Room Chapter 771: Teasing Umbridge 2 In 1 Chapter 772: Beautiful Boys Are Very Deceptive Chapter 773: So Called Responsive Chapter 774: The Essence Of Magic Chapter 775: Education Order No. 22 Chapter 776: Prophecy And Annoyed Umbridge Chapter 777: Rebuild The Duel Club Chapter 778: We Will Regain The Right To Cast Spells Chapter 779: Ivan: I Will Reveal Everything Covered By The Ministry Of Magic For You Chapter 780: You Guys Get On One Chapter 781: Ivan: I Really Dont Fit Ravenclaw College Chapter 782: The Choice Between Wisdom And Family Chapter 783: Make A Magic Stone Chapter 784: Alchemy Armguards And Sorcerer's Stone Chapter 785: Trelawney Was Fired Chapter 786: Education Order No. 23 Chapter 787: 2nd Package Chapter 788: You Broke It Cruelly Chapter 789: Conversation With Umbridge Chapter 790: Ivan: That's Right I Have To Deal With The Ministry Of Magic Chapter 791: Measures In Response To The Ministry Of Magic Chapter 792: Why Do You Look Familiar With This Handwriting? Chapter 793: Maybe.. This Is The Trouble Of The Strong Chapter 794: You Should Be Thankful That You Dont Have The Talent To Be A Villain Chapter 795: Lucius In 2 Hardships Chapter 796: Crazy Plan Chapter 797: Draco Trembling Chapter 798: This Kid Is Strong And Outrageous But Always Unexpectedly Cautious.. Chapter 799: The Disappearing Fireplace Chapter 800: Angry And Helpless Malfoy Chapter 801: Conquer Azkaban Chapter 802: Now Is The Best Time To Attack The Ministry Of Magic Chapter 803: It's Impossible For The Mysterious Man To Bring In Death Eaters Right? Chapter 804: Fudge: What? Did The Dark Lord Come In? Chapter 805: Death Of Fudge Chapter 806: Abandoned Death Eater Chapter 807: They Are All Righteous Men Who Came To Help The Boxing Chapter 808: Ivan: Although I Am Kind By Nature I Am By No Means Gentle.. Chapter 809: 1 Cut To Defeat The Dark Lord Chapter 810: Voldemort: 1 It Must Be That The Way I Was Resurrected Is Wrong Chapter 811: All The Information Is In His Brain.. Chapter 812: Acting Minister Pierce Chapter 813: Umbridge Chapter 814: The So Called Acting Minister Is.. Chapter 815: Dumbledore Returning Chapter 816: The Contradiction That Can't Be Resolved Chapter 817: International Wizarding Secrecy Act Chapter 818: The Plan To Dominate The World Chapter 819: Young Ideals And Reality Chapter 820: You And I Are Just For The So Called Justice.. Chapter 820: You And I Are Nothing But Tyrannical Things For The So Called Justice.. Chapter 821: Phoenix Blood Chapter 822: Fusion Of Phoenix Blood Chapter 823: The Control Is Fierce Chapter 824: Does This Count As Bullying And Sick Lonely Old Man? Chapter 825: Orlando Hals Chapter 826: Outbreak Of Disagreement Chapter 827: Hatred Deep Into The Bones Chapter 828: I Can Definitely Win Chapter 829: You Are More Dangerous Than Me Hals Chapter 830: Burning Church Chapter 831: The Scream Of The Phoenix Chapter 832: The End Of The Old Age Chapter 833: There Is No Voldemort In The Magic World Or Everyone Is Voldemort.. Chapter 834: The Funeral Of The Great Wizard Chapter 835: Helpless Snape Chapter 836: Snape: I'm So Hard Chapter 837: Call Of The Dark Lord Chapter 838: Voldemort: I Have Never Seen Such A Brazen Person Chapter 839: Ecstatic Voldemort Chapter 840: Anyway I Want To See You Again.. Chapter 841: Hufflepuff's Gold Cup Chapter 842: Shut Up The Dark Lord Is Not Your Tool Man Chapter 843: There Can Only Be 1 Dark Lord In The Magic World Chapter 844: The So Called Hero Chapter 845: Sword Of Gryffindor Chapter 846: The Phoenix Reappears Chapter 847: Ivan: I Dont Really Understand What You Guys Think Chapter 848: I Wont Teach Defence Against The Dark Arts. Chapter 849: The Crown Of Growing Wisdom Chapter 850: The Magic Of Increasing Wisdom Chapter 851: Knowledge Is The Root Of The Power Of Wizards Chapter 852: Occlumency Happy New Year Everyone Chapter 853: Frequent Lectures Chapter 854: Snape's Change Chapter 855: Neumongaard Chapter 856: Gellert Grindelwald : 1 Day Off 2 More Tomorrow Chapter 857: This Is Part 1 Of The Agreement Chapter 858: The Wizard Is Born And Noble Chapter 859: Harry Around The Corner Chapter 860: Activated Ancient Clock Chapter 861: Nothing Can Be Hidden In Your Empty Brain Chapter 862: Harry: You Guys Don't Want To Lie To Me Again : 863 Survive From Death Chapter 864: Dumbledore's Plan Chapter 865: Use A Disarming Spell On Me Severus Chapter 866: Snake Cave And The World Where Life And Death Meet Chapter 867: The Border Between Life And Death Chapter 868: Dumbledore: I'm Waiting For One Person Here Chapter 869: Voldemort: It's Impossible. Snape's Loyalty To Me Is Like.. Chapter 870: The Dark Lord Actually Killed The Dark Lord Chapter 871: The Magic World Is Just Another Prison Chapter 872: Tiger Out Of The Cage Chapter 873: The Battle In The Auditorium Chapter 874: News Of Voldemort's Death Chapter 875: Ivan: This Is Just A Small Suggestion Chapter 876: Ivan: Impossible Am I A Fake Gryffindor? Chapter 877: Balance Weight Chapter 878: O.w.l. Exam Chapter 879: Special Graduation Exam Chapter 880: Mr. Hals Can Handle Such A Small Scene Chapter 881: Use His Own Way To Treat His Body Chapter 882: Completed Tasks And Secretaries Chapter 883: International Federation Of Wizards Chapter 884: Aggressive Wizarding Union Chapter 885: Pierce: I Will Never Allow Anyone To Do Anything Wrong In England.. Chapter 886: Before Long They Will Come Back And Beg Us.. Chapter 887: Ivan: Is This The Bastard's Brain Made Up Again? Chapter 888: Black Magic Ritual Chapter 889: He Returned From The Fire Chapter 890: Create A New Era Chapter 891: Cohabitation And School Year Summary Chapter 892: You Dont Have To Talk About Morality When Dealing With The Dark Lord Chapter 893: Potion Of Immortality Chapter 894: 1 Granger That Came To Visit Chapter 895: Ivan: I Know Muggles Better Than Muggles Chapter 896: Live Together Chapter 897: The Idea Of the New Magic Wand Chapter 898: Making And Improving The Magic Wand Chapter 899: The Approachable Pierce Chapter 900: Trail Of Thunderbirds Chapter 901: Memory Thread Chapter 902: This Is Magic.. They Are Wizards Chapter 903: Inquiry And Pendant Chapter 904: Rolf Scamander Chapter 905: Rolf's Animagus Chapter 906: Thunderbird Shot Down Chapter 907: Forbidden Air Circle Chapter 908: Terrible Thunderstorms And Space Nodes Chapter 909: 3 Hallows Chapter 910: Repeated Room Chapter 912: Mighty Grindelwald Chapter 913: The 6th Blood Fusion Chapter 914: Deathly Hallows Resurrection Stone Chapter 915: The Coffin Is Flying In The Sky Chapter 916: Do You Know How Big A Basket You Have Stabbed Out Chapter 917: Conflict Chapter 918: Stalemate Chapter 919: Are You Sure To Beat Grindelwald? Chapter 920: The Resurrection Stone Might Be Placed With Him First Chapter 921: Ollivander Wand Shop Chapter 922: The Physique Of Wizards And Wizards Cannot Be Generalized Chapter 923: The making of a new wand Chapter 924: Human bone wand Chapter 925: Manipulate the celestial phenomenon Chapter 926: New Professor at Hogwarts Chapter 927: Magic Research and Practice Course Chapter 928: The first class of the new professor Chapter 929: Ivan: We have to give the students a little bit of pressure Chapter 930: Ivan: What should I do if it is too popular? Chapter 931: Frequent vicious attacks Chapter 932: We are wizards, people who master magic miracles! Chapter 933: What I want is an era that truly belongs to magic! Chapter 934: The war has already started! Chapter 935: Grindelwald's Plan Chapter 936: World union conference of wizards Chapter 937: Magic Congress of North America Chapter 938: Magic exposure level Chapter 939: Scary Resurrection Stone : Ask for a day off, make up tomorrow Chapter 940: The dead return Chapter 941: Sudden attack Chapter 942: The scene reappears!