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Wan Gu Sorrow didn't know, Guo Wenyuan, and Yu Jia's nephew did not even know.

Lin Xiao's identity is too mysterious for them.

It was like a cloud of black mist, shrouded in its entire body, unable to pry into it.

Perhaps, only he himself knew Lin Xiao's true identity.

After coming out of the box, Yu Siman had already been waiting in the box next door, looking eagerly at the man coming.

"Go, let's go for a walk" Lin Xiao said as he looked at the slim woman standing at the door.


Yu Siman nodded heavily.

At this moment, she was not a prince of Yu's palace, nor was she a big star, she only belonged to Lin Xiao.

After Lin Xiao and Yu Siman left the hotel, Xu Hao and Yu Rou knew each other and did not follow directly, but secretly protected them from a far away place.

"Lin Xiao, I know your identity" Yu Siman and Lin Xiao walked side by side, only then slowly raised their heads, eyes like autumn water, watching Lin Xiao's profile.

"It seems that you don't need to wait for me to tell you." Lin Xiao suddenly laughed.

Hearing this, Yu Siman pursed his mouth and said, "Cut, whoever used you to tell me, I saw it all."

After saying these words, Yu Siman's eyes looked at Lin Xiao again, and they had completely changed.

Maybe it was in the past. When Lin Xiao's identity was not known, Yu Siman didn't have to worry that Lin Xiao would conflict with the Yu family.

Even if there is a conflict, she can beg her grandfather not to embarrass Lin Xiao, so as to protect him.

Yu Siman even thought of threatening his grandfather with death, as long as she didn't hurt Lin Xiao, she was willing to let her marry anyone.

But now, things are different. The man in front of him has the power to fight against everything.

This makes Yu Siman feel like a dream.

Yu's Royal Mansion, a giant standing in Jinling City, with hundreds of thousands of private soldiers.

Now they are united with Jingzhou Guotu, plus other families in Jinling City, a total of one million troops.

This is quite a terrible number. One million troops can move mountains and fill the sea.

Yu Siman could even foresee that after five days, the whole Jinling City would be a **** storm.

At that time, the sky is black and the river water is red.

I don't know how many heads fall to the ground, or how many wives are scattered.

And all this is because of her.

"Lin Xiao, can I ask you something?" Yu Siman suddenly looked at Lin Xiao.

"What silly things to say, just say what you have." Lin Xiao rubbed Yusiman's head and said with gentle eyes.

After twisting and squeezing for a long time, Yu Siman raised his head. However, the corners of his eyes were already wet, and said: "I don't want to see you and my grandfather go to war."

"Why don't we leave, you take me away now, I am willing to go anywhere with you!"

Yu Siman tried hard to control the teardrops from the corners of her eyes. These words had been hidden in her heart for a long, long time.

She knew very well that if she didn't say it today, she might really have no chance.

Hearing Yu Siman's words, Lin Xiao, who had never smoked in front of her very much, also took out a cigarette at this time.

Slowly lit, took a deep breath, the clouds were lingering, Lin Xiao's eyes looked at Yu Siman: "I'm sorry..."

I'm sorry, like a sharp sword piercing Yu Siman's heart.

Although she had made all the preparations, she still couldn't accept this.

"Why, I don't want to see you fight" tears fell from the corner of Yu Siman's eyes.

"Stupid girl, there are some things that I can't just stop doing if I don't want to."

"Yu Yiran committed the following crimes, colluding with Guo Tu, and wanting to mobilize troops to conspire. This is a crime of treason.

"If I don't care about it, and the Yanhuang National Congress will be plunged into war, do you understand?"

Lin Xiao had never been so serious. For the first time, his eyes revealed a resolute look in front of Siman.

"We are totally negotiable, I will persuade my grandfather, I..."

"Sorry, I can't help it, I don't have much time..." Lin Xiao interrupted Yu Siman and said slowly.

Yu Siman, who just wanted to continue talking, was stunned when he heard Lin Xiao's words suddenly: "You...your time is running out? What do you mean?"

"Haha, I'm not talking, I have no other meaning." Lin Xiao suddenly laughed and said, "After finally coming out, I will leave these things aside. Don't worry, I will take care of it when the day comes."

"It won't hurt the people you care about."

Yu Siman didn't know what was going on with Lin Xiao today. She could feel that Lin Xiao at this moment and when he was in Yanjing had changed a lot.

These are all things she can clearly see, as Wan Gu Chou said, the identity of this person is a mystery.

Perhaps he is far more cryptic and profound than it seems on the surface.

"Miss, it's almost time, we should go back."

"After all, what you came out was hidden from the old man. If he found out that I brought you out privately, I would be in trouble."

Just when Lin Xiao and Yu Siman didn't go far, the eternal sorrow that followed from the private room suddenly said.

"Well, I see" Yu Siman nodded.

"Mr. Lin, sorry to interrupt you, I can't help it" Wan Gushou cast an apologetic look at Lin Xiao.

"Commander Wan is polite, and Yu Siman will leave it to you." Lin Xiao nodded and said: "I don't know if General Wan remembers what I said to you last time."

"After five days, I hope you can avoid it."

Hearing Lin Xiao mentioning this again, Wan Gushou smiled and said, "Thank you Mr. Lin for reminding you that it is really helpless to perform your duties."

"Well, let's go back." Lin Xiao raised his hand and said no more.

Under Yu Siman's reluctant gaze, she still got in the car, but she was not in a hurry to get into the car at this time, but looked at Lin Xiao again.

The more you look at this, the more thrilling you feel. The aura of this young man is no longer the height that ordinary people can reach.

That fierce aura, just like the substance, was really scary, it seemed that after a few more glances, the heartbeat speeded up unconsciously.

"Mr. Lin, the last question is, who are you..." Wan Gushou couldn't help it, and then asked.

"I am me, who else can I be, is it really impossible to die? Ha ha, commander Wan, it's really weird."

"Okay, don't let Yu Siman wait for a long time, go back."

Lin Xiao turned around slowly, and then patted Wan Gu's sorrow on the shoulder.

I watched the stalwart figure walking by him, but at this moment, the eternal sad forehead was already cold and sweaty.

The aura is really tyrannical day by day!

Watching Lin Xiao leave, Wan Gu sorrow wiped away his cold sweat, got in the car, and returned to the Yu Family Mansion.

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