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Alarm masterpiece in the entire building!

Level 4 alarm!

The staff in the entire building shrank.

These four-level alarms are not too small to say, and the five-level representatives may be that something like a world war has occurred.

A middle-aged man in the uniform of a high-ranking officer quickly led a small group into the room where the alarm was sounded.

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Everyone in that squad was fully armed and well-equipped, filled with a certain indescribable perseverance, and at first glance it was not an ordinary squad.

After the middle-aged man entered the room, more than a dozen staff members in the room saw him coming, all stood up straight and saluted him.

"Level 4 alarm. What did you find? What is the situation now?" the man frowned and asked.

"Reporter sir, I... we seem to have found a UFO..." the staff member who sounded the alarm replied nervously.

For an instant, everyone was stunned, including the staff next to him, and they were crazy and said, "What's the matter with this person?" The leader is still talking nonsense here?

The middle-aged man did not immediately deny this person, but continued to ask: "Be careful."

The man said: "We found an aircraft that is not big, only one or two meters in length, and it does not fly very high, but it is extremely fast."

"Very fast? How fast?"

"Yes... Mach Four!"


The whole room was shocked.

Four Mach?

What concept?

Four times the speed of sound! At present, China's most advanced fighter jets are far from reaching this speed.

An unknown flying object also showed strength far surpassing Huaxia Technology.


Is the enemy?

Is it a friend?

Indeed, this speed is not UFO or something?

Moreover, this UFO is only one or two meters in length. It is reasonable to say that it has this speed. It is impossible for the stealth ability to be strong, but it can be detected. Perhaps the other party did not want to hide it at all.

What is the purpose of the other party?

Come to show off your strength to achieve deterrence?

After being shocked, the leader also knew the seriousness of the matter, and then he said in a deep voice, "Could it be a foreign reconnaissance plane?"

Then all the staff shook their heads, and the staff who witnessed the UFO said: "It's impossible, it's too fast, it's impossible, and it's impossible in foreign countries."

"Anyway, send someone to intercept it first!" said the middle-aged man.

When he was about to tell the elite watch fighters around him to go out and intercept, the monitors said: "The UFO has entered the clouds. It seems that it cannot be detected..."

"What? Can't be scanned by radar?"

"Yes, it is"

"Understood, it seems that this matter cannot be solved by us alone. I will report it immediately and you will continue to monitor it. Once you find anything, report it immediately!"



Here, Ye Xuan, Liu Yun and others are standing on the beach watching the plane circle there.

Everyone around was full of worship now, but Ye Xuan looked at that speed and frowned, looking unsatisfied.

Next to him, Liu Yun and others were gearing up, saying they wanted to play.

Here, Ye Xuan said: "Wait for the next time, the fuel is not enough, and we need to strengthen it, the current speed is too slow."

When Liu Yun heard this, he immediately looked at Ye Xuan with an exaggerated expression, and said, "No! Ye Ge, is this slow? How fast do you want it! Four Mach! Are you still a human? !"

Suddenly, Liu Yun thought of something, and cried and said with a sad face: "It's not that I didn't believe Ye Ge today, so I don't want to play, right? Oh, Ye Ge, you are fine. "

Liu Yun's move is like a child who has been robbed of his favorite toy.

Ye Xuan knew that he was joking, but he also explained: "I'm not so stingy. However, the program set this time is limited, so I will show you everything. That's it. When I modify it, Let's play with you again."

Then Ye Xuan turned his head and said to Liu Zonglin: "When I come back, I will revise the drawing again. Some special alloys may be needed. Now this speed is not enough, and some key parts are also relatively fragile, so I can't help flying for a long time. However, those special alloys may not be easy to buy, and you still need to contact some sellers."

Liu Zonglin said that there is no problem.

Then the plane landed back and reversed the device.

Everyone looked at the plane and Ye Xuan, without the arrogance and disbelief they had before, their eyes were full of admiration.

In the end, when everyone went back to the house, they kept looking back, seeming a little reluctant to give up.

"It's alright, don't read it, I will definitely let you play it yourself next time."

Hearing Ye Xuan's approval, everyone cheered.

"You came to see the first flight ceremony of the plane I built. It was also very hard. This time I'm doing an affair, go to my place to have a meal."

Not only did I see good things, but I was invited to dinner by Brother Ye? There is such a good thing?

Seeing the look of everyone's expectations, Ye Xuan said, "Don't think too much, it's not about asking you to eat the delicacies of the mountains and the sea, just go to the restaurant of my Dinglong Group for a light meal."

But still can't stop everyone's expectations.

After all, when I first visited Dinglong Group, it was so luxurious.

Some people even shouted to give up inheriting the family business to work for Ye Xuan.

Although the staff meals may not be luxurious, they are definitely delicious.

Back to the Jinling branch of Dinglong Group, everyone knew that they were naive.

Staff meals are self-service and are provided throughout the day, but the menu will change depending on the time of day.

This is to ensure that employees who work overtime can eat at any time.

The buffet restaurant is divided into a Chinese food area, a western food area, a dessert and beverage area, and an open kitchen area ~wuxiaworld.online~ The ingredients for Chinese and Western food are not luxurious, but they are rich enough.

"I'm going! And Mala Tang! It's so grounded." Liu Yun said with emotion.

Liu Zonglin on the side smiled and said, "Don't think Mala Tang seems to be very cheap, but Mala Tang is quite popular among employees."

All the big and young sighed, yes, there are always times when they want to eat some junk food.

But the point is, what are the rows of glass water tanks in the open kitchen area? ?

"Brother Ye? Are you willing to eat abalone for employees?" Everyone was also stunned.

Although it is not handled by the chef, you have to do it yourself, but the ingredients in this open kitchen area are too luxurious.

"I'm not an efficient employee, but I don't have time to cook here. The ingredients here are usually ordered by high-level staff, and the chef will occasionally come to treat the subordinates after processing. Not all employees can enjoy it." The situation is also relatively familiar, so I explained it to everyone.

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