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"Huangquan Road!?"

Jiang Chen was shocked and knew the meaning of Huangquan Road!

It is said that Huangquan Road only exists in the ancient land, and stepping on Huangquan Road is equivalent to embarking on reincarnation!

The end of Huangquan Road is the end of reincarnation!

"This place... is the Huangquan Road of the Ancient Mansion?" Jiang Chen said solemnly.

"Yes." Huang Shangga nodded: "We are all struggling for crossing, but for some reason, we can't reincarnate. Over time, we will stay here as souls."

"Heh... what a master of the ancient palace, he played such a big game of chess, is this going to bury the three big worlds?" Jiang Chen felt cold. He never dreamed that the master of the ancient palace would have written So big and profound!

This is not to destroy one world, but to completely destroy the three worlds!

Today, there are no strong players in the three big worlds, and the ancient land is enough to sweep the three big worlds!

"I've said everything, now...it's time to send you on the road." Huang Shangfang said, the chariot screamed, and the battle spirit tore through the clouds like a sword, shattering the sky!

I saw him wave his hand, the Fang Tian painted halberd in his hand was cut off in the air, the law of ten thousand ways withered, and there was a vague feeling of being above the avenue!

This blow was too strong, and Jiang Chen was shocked and flew out before he could make a move!

"Since it is a dead soul, then rest forever!"

At this moment, Jiang Chen roared out, and the spirit body from the previous breakthrough fell and merged with it!

The momentum is constantly skyrocketing, and there is more Qiyun falling above the sky!

Good luck!


However, this Qi Luck only existed for three breaths of time, and then disappeared again!

The laws of the great road here are weird, and the luck of the great great road outside the world is hard to fall!

"I, Jiang, must be invincible!" Jiang Chen was not discouraged. Under the roar, the emperor's pain turned into a purple-gold sword and held it in his hand, and the immortal fire turned into a battle dress and draped on him!

Wanhua Tianzhan burns on its head, protecting its true spirit!

Afterwards, Jiang Chen rushed out, holding the opponent's Fang Tian painted halberd, and smashed it with a punch!

"Outside the world, you may be strong, but here... I wait for the soul to be the master!" Huang Shangfang looked contemptuous, waved his right hand, a fist cut through the void, and Jiang Chen's punch was bombarded together!



With a burst of noise, Jiang Chen flew upside down again, and the sharp sword that the Emperor Vine transformed into dissipated and was beaten back into the body!

Even the unquenchable fire covered on his body is flashing indefinitely, seeming to be extinguished!

"You are an ant after all." Huang Shangfang was very indifferent, but also carried a hint of contempt and aloofness.

In his eyes, Jiang Chen's body is already his.

Once he has this physical body, he can repay the Yang!

"Once, I also looked down upon the heroes, was glorious, and was admired by thousands of people. However, after I died, I stepped onto the road of Huangquan and couldn't enter the reincarnation... I hate it!"

"Today, since I found a good physical body, then I can pay back my yang, and I can regain my brilliance after going out of the world!"


Huang Shangfang was a little excited, he seemed to see the days after the sun was restored!

"My physical body, you don't deserve to have it!" Jiang Chen said coldly.

Suddenly, the Wanhua heavenly lamp burned, and a chaotic-like sword light rushed out, directly cutting away the chariot above Huang!

If it weren't for Huang Shangfang to avoid him in time, this sword might not be enough to kill him, but it could also seriously injure him!

"There are these other methods? Wanhua Tianzhan!?" Huang Gaofang stared at him, and only then did he recognize Jiang Chen's Dao Soul, and the greed in his eyes became more and more obvious!

The three souls, with the aura of chaos, and the physical body so powerful, this is the physical body he dreams of!

"It's over, you will sleep here forever." Huang Gaofang whispered, with runes lingering on his body, and then gathered in Fang Tian's painted halberd. After a shot, he knocked the Wanhua Tianzhan back to Jiang Chen's. in vivo!

Moreover, the trend of this blow did not abate, shattering Jiang Chen's body, almost shattering his soul!



But, at this moment, around Jiang Chen, there was a roaring sound, and wisps of clouds floated from the void, and the whole person seemed to be bathed in Shenxi, full of sacredness!

His body was recast in an instant, his soul was restored, and the Three Great Souls appeared again!

Moreover, three wisps of chaos also appeared, divided into three sides, against the Wanhua Celestial Lamp, like a three-star Gongyue, and like those three flowers gathering on the top!


Huang Shangfang frowned, his expression a bit solemn, because he felt a slight threat!

This made it difficult for him to understand why Jiang Chen, who was previously vulnerable, suddenly broke out in combat power?

"You go! Leave me alone!"

At this moment, even though Jiang Chen had recovered and his combat power had risen sharply, his expression was very solemn.

He raised his head and looked into the distance. In that void, a woman was dancing!

The flames burning on his body, the true spirit seemed to be on fire, and it was constantly dissipating!

And this person is Nalan Meier!

She didn't go, she was always far away, until she saw Jiang Chen was about to die, shedance!

World War I dances the universe, one person gallops Haoyu!

However, Jiang Chen's heart was chuckle, he knew that Nalan Meier was burning the real spirit and dancing!

If not, Jiang Chen's combat power could not be improved so much.

And the consequence of burning the true spirit and dancing is eternal death!

The true spirit dies, and even the qualifications for reincarnation are gone!

"Master...If I died, would you miss me?" Nalan Meier smiled, without a trace of sadness.

Before Jiang Chen could speak, a trace of decline flashed in Nalan Meier's charming eyes, and she whispered: "It's a pity that I haven't been your woman yet."

"Stop it!" Jiang Chen roared, trying to rush to stop Nalan Meier.

However, Huang Shangfang rushed over, Fang Tian's painted halberd fell, and the universe shattered!

"you wanna die!"

The flames in Jiang Chen's eyes burned, his anger erupted like a tsunami, and he thrust out with a punch, and the light and darkness around him flickered!

"Bright and dark sky dance!"

The interweaving of light and darkness, the collision of yin and yang, the first martial art Jiang Chen used when he was "rebirth" was the light and dark sky dance.



After two consecutive explosions, the light flashed by, cutting off the Fang Tian painted halberd above the emperor, and then a gloomy color swept across it, shaking the top of Huang away!

"I saw... the light and dark sky dance..." Nalan Meier whispered, recalling that it was a happy time.

At that time, they were all small monks, but at that time, there was no need to think about the world.

At that time, what I saw was the world.

At that time, Nalan Meier had only Jiang Chen in her eyes, and he was her world.

"Stop it!" Jiang Chen rushed towards Nalan Meier after shaking off the top of Huang, trying to stop her.

However, Huang Gaofang rushed again, punched down, and the stars fell like a meteor shower!

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