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This is my memory, why are you here?

Both of them had the same questions, but because Ye Zhen first clarified the words, Xu Jiao had room to react--

What do you mean?

Xu Jiao was still wondering where this world was so special. At that time, she only thought that she could come back, correct all the bad things, and give the savior a bright future, so that Ye Zhens life would not end early. Okay, but what are the people in front of me talking?

Why does her heroine and her lover also appear here?

It's nothing more than coming, why do you still say that this is her memory?

Xu Jiao pursed her lips. For a moment, there was confusion in her mind. She didn't know how to connect her savior with the character she created. There seemed to be something crucial in it that she had missed.

Seeing that she did not react, Ye Zhen stopped holding the spoon. Knowing that Xu Jiao hadn't thought of eating for a while, he moved the pastry a bit further, and the spoon and porcelain plate knocked out a little crisp movement. In this short gap, she thought about the reason why Xu Jiao didn't speak.

Not long after, she guessed some clues.

Could it be...

This is not only her memory, but also Xu Jiao's memory?

In this weird memory, did she and Xu Jiao have an intersection long ago?

Thinking of this, Ye Zhen felt a little unspeakable feeling in her heart. For one thing, she hadn't figured out the weirdness of this memory, and she didn't know where to start. Secondly, she only thought it was her own business, but she didn't expect it. But Xu Jiao is still involved...

Moreover, his identity in this memory seemed to be deeply involved with Xu Jiao.

This inevitably made her always recall the thoughts Xu Jiao revealed in the world before. Her **** seemed to have already lived in her heart, and she still missed the other party. If she had left Xu Jiao with deep enough traces, she once thought He had no chance to leave a trace in Xu Jiao's heart.

The warm fingertips scratched gently at the chin, arousing a little itching.

Xu Jiao followed Ye Zhen's movements and turned her head, and saw the non-smiling smile on someone's face, as well as the gleaming emotions in her eyes, she smelled a sour smell in the air for no apparent reason.

Before she could ask, Ye Zhen had already taken the initiative:

"Jiaojiao, the person you liked before was'Ye Zhen'?"

This question is actually a bit subtle.

As if she did not actually agree with this identity.

Xu Jiao raised her hand to remove her movement, but the child didn't have much energy, and instead made the other person notice her non-cooperation. The fingertips that were originally scratching her chin quickly moved to her face and kneaded her. The soft flesh on the face.

The white and fat girl who should be raised has no extra flesh on her face, and even her body is still terrifyingly thin. If Ye Zhen looks closely, she will find that Xu Jiaos thin wrist seems to be broken with a little effort. same.

The original intention was to rub Xu Jiao, but after she started her hands, she found that her cheeks were tender and not very fleshy. The girl couldn't help but relax her movements. Xu Jiao didn't feel the pain, so she let her go, blinked her eyes, and pointed out. The question in her words:

"Are you not Ye Zhen?"

When she asked this sentence, an indescribable feeling crossed Xu Jiao's heart.

She didn't even know if she wanted the other person to be.

She couldn't imagine that her savior was actually a character created in her own writing. In this way, what is the reason for her resurrection of this memory?

Is this all fake? Was the system created to comfort her?

Hearing Xu Jiao avoiding and not answering, Ye Zhen hummed lightly, as if expressing his dissatisfaction, but was not willing to toss Xu Jiao. After all, the child seemed to her to be too thin, as if the wind blows. It will fall, and you will be hurt somewhere if you don't pay attention.

She didn't even have the heart to weave any lies to deceive Xu Jiao, but sincerely said, "I don't know."

Xu Jiao was startled: "What?"

The person holding her patiently repeated it again: "I don't know, I don't know if I am."

Xu was to show that she was not selling the game. The girl thought about it very seriously, and explained in less convoluted words: "I didn't expect you to be here. I signed an agreement with the system. As long as I can get enough from you Love, I am no longer a character that can only exist in the book, I can have a new life"

Ye Zhen tilted his head, and a smile appeared at the corner of his lips, like a spring breeze knocking on the window, with gentleness: "It's similar to being able to appear in your world."

Xu Jiao raised her brows.

Looking at the other person laughing, it was strange, the memories of the benefactor in his mind became more and more blurred, and replaced by the appearance of the person in front of him.

Those young memories are as beautiful as the moon under the sea. She is trembling and afraid to touch it, fearing that Wang Meihao will be crushed. But the person in front of her is the sweetheart she can reach as soon as she reaches out, as if she will always be with her. By your side.

After realizing it, a thought came to her mind:

It seems that I haven't seen this person's paranoia for a long time.

She really laughed more and more.

Ye Zhen still didnt know what Xu Jiao was thinking in her heart, so she only said what she thought of: "I thought that when the last world was over, I could go to your world and give you a surprise, but I always feel that The memory that came up in my mind was very important, so I temporarily changed my wish."

Xu Jiao looked at her with eyes wide open.

Ye Zhen was amused by her frightened look. It seems that she rarely sees Xu Jiao expressing her inner thoughts undefendedly in front of her. She caught a glimpse of the two ponytails that were twisted on the back of the childs head. The kind of cheap plastic ring twisted her hair together, so she helped her gently untie her hair, combing it again, and continuing to say:

"As for this memory"

"I never knew how it came from. It seems to have appeared in my mind since I had my own consciousness. It was hazy at first, but then it became clearer and clearer until I separated from you in the last world. Later, I found that I could see many of the scenes clearly. Its just that I couldnt see the kid Ive helped me in all the time, and I didnt know the name."

"I only knew when I came here and saw you, so you can't think I'm cheating you."

Xu Jiao felt her fingertips go through her hair. The other party's movements were so careful that she never had any pain. She even helped her untie the tightly tied hair. Massaged her scalp, so that she was so comfortable and relaxed that she almost wanted to fall asleep on the spot.

She was still supported by reason and listened to the narration.

She doesn't know how to judge. After all, no matter how smart people are in love, they will be stupid. It is not because of some possibilities that they can't think of, but when facing the person they love deeply, there are several people who bear the heart to turn each other into those bad Where to think about it?

Now, Xu Jiaowei uses her sincerity to change the other's sincerity:

"Sister Ye Zhen, really used to be a very important person in my life."

"But it's funny, I haven't even really gotten along with her. In all the time we spent together, I was muddled. I don't know what happened outside. Until the moment she died, I seemed to be able to feel the world. "

"When I start to live in this world, I always think, is this miracle of enlightenment like this one given to me by her? She is the light that illuminates my whole life, but when I can finally see When the world is colorful, my sun has already fallen, so what is my meaning in this world? I can only use my long life to miss, remember, and think."

"While I was living my life, I was also upset about what happened back then. I have wondered countless times, if I were a normal child and if I could wake up earlier, would such a tragedy not happen? But there are not so many ifs in my life."

"I can only move these possibilities into it. I want to bring her back to life in my country, but..."

"As you can see, I felt that my attempts had failed."

"I can't describe her, I can only create you one after another, you who are full of resentment and cannot end well..."

Xu Jiao paused several times.

She tried to tell the truth in a less cruel way, but the two knew that the story of their encounter was by no means a beautiful, romantic beginning, and almost all the gloom was hidden in the corner where they met.

She once wanted to kill the "failed" protagonist, but was finally dragged into the world where the protagonist was, to save these "failed products" and restore their beautiful life, while her protagonist was full of resentment towards her and exhausted everything. Extreme means, to get her love, what would the protagonists do at that time if they could achieve the system's wish to go to Xu Jiao's world?

Anyone who saw this would have guessed it, it would not be a simple greeting to Xu Jiao.

Xu Jiao has wiped out the life of her character countless times. Wouldn't her protagonist want to do what he did?

Ye Zhen touched the corner of her eye. When she heard Xu Jiao talking about the following content, her tone was trembling, and she felt sad as if she was about to cry. The fear in it was too much to overflow.

At this moment-

Ye Zhen suddenly felt that those dark auras that had entangled him for a long time were far away from him.

As if her persistent doubts finally echoed.

She heard Xu Jiao say: "I'm sorry, those stories are not failures, they are all your life."

"I'm sorry, my childhood was so bad, I didn't get any love, but I still wanted to create perfection for others, but in the end I caused you several times more pain than mine."

"Sorry, the protagonist should have got everything, light, justice, and happiness, but I have ruined you so many times, you should have received my best blessing"

Ye Zhen didn't let her go on.

She raised her hand to cover Xu Jiaos lips, put her forehead on the childs shoulder, closed her eyes and said:

"Got it."

Xu Jiao blinked her eyelashes without knowing where they got wet and swept them on Ye Zhen's fingers.

Ye Zhen cleaned up his thoughts and looked at her again. Hei Yaoyao's eyes were full of light, and only Xu Jiao's appearance was reflected. She smiled and said, "I got it."

"I got my God, she can create everything, and I got her, I got the whole world, didn't I?"

Xu Jiao seemed to want to laugh, but in the end she just bent her eyes.

Ye Zhen didnt want her to be immersed in the feeling of guilt, and said: "What to do? Originally, I was just jealous. I looked like the person you were thinking about. But now, I even have the memories. Like picked from someone else, copied, in my heart, the sour is dripping lemon juice.

She felt that she was living like a shadow from the inside out, a replica.

Xu Jiao shook her head: "My benefactor started my life, she let me see the world, and ended my past sufferings"

"But you control my future."

"You make me feel seven emotions and six desires, teach me what love is, and let me know the meaning of life."

"If I can, can I use the rest of my life to prove it to you?"

She looked at the girl with burning eyes.

At that moment, Ye Zhen seemed to see the flowers blooming throughout the world.

And in this fragrance, she heard her heartbeat.

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