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The sweet-scented osmanthus coconut cake exudes a sweet taste.

Xu Jiao sat on the blue fabric sofa, holding a spoon to scoop down the trembling, Q-shaped diamond-shaped pastry----

The reason for sitting on the sofa alone is to start with what happened a few minutes ago. At that time, she and Ye Zhen rarely analyzed their hearts to show each other. The more they talk, the more emotional they are. Someone who is just the best of his years. Naturally, I couldn't help but want to have further communication with her.

Halfway through the kiss, Xu Jiao pinched the two soft lips with her small hands.

Immediately, she smiled and asked: "What do you do to minors? Huh?"

Ye Zhen: "..."

Seeing Xu Jiao, who is now only five years old, she feels a bit of suffocation. She was fine when she used the identity of Yu Ye. At that time, her memory was abandoned. She wanted to know if she could be ignorant. Next, once again she fell in love with Xu Jiao without hesitation. If she can, not only will the memory of the two people get together before, but she also decided to reveal everything she had originally.

In that world, for a long time, she didnt have any specific feelings about Xu Jiaos age. Even at the very beginning, she hoped that Xu Jiao would grow up slower, so that she wouldnt be full of wings too soon. Oppose yourself in power.

It's different now--

Knowing that the other party is his lover, the two of them are also connected, and it becomes a very tormenting thing to make Ye Zhen to be patient.

She sat down gloomily and watched the little girl eating dessert, her face was surrounded by black air.

I had to use other methods to divert my attention, and by the way, to lower the fire of some warming brains: "System, I obviously just want to figure out this memory, why do you want to bring her in together? I mean Even if the past in this memory is indeed Xu Jiao, there is no need to put her in the future, right?"

The system quickly answered: "Because the answer you want lies with her."

After hearing these words, Ye Zhen fell into deep thought.

at the same time.

Xu Jiao was eating a small snack and chatting with the system: "You said this world is a bit special before. I only thought it was a part of my life experience. It was really different. I didn't expect it to be related to her..."

"If you put it earlier, I will definitely think that you are waiting for me with something bad. You are either calculating me or bringing her together, but I dont know why. I look back on my experience from the first world to the present. All the experiences, but I vaguely have an answer that I dont want to believe--"

"You seem to really expect me to have a better life."

It seems to have truly deserved that peculiar name, and it is guiding people to become positive and optimistic and have a life without regrets.

Although the method is a bit unique.

Xu Jiao was a little bit stunned. She subconsciously moved her gaze away from the snack plate that had been eaten, and went to read the books on the TV cabinet. She glanced at it. She originally thought it was a literary work with exceptional depth, but she glanced at it. They are all written in English, and there are few Chinese on the spine of the books. However, the university computer-related courses are still well established. Xu Jiao can recognize such things as "", "Java in the field", "Pyhon..." Computer language words.

She was dumbfounded for a second, and some thoughts flashed through her mind.

Before she could understand, she blurted out:


"What major did you study?"

This was asked to Ye Zhen. Hearing her voice, Ye Zhen turned his head naturally, followed her gaze, and saw some books on the wall. After a little memory, he remembered. :

"Software Engineering."

Xu Jiao looked at her head as if she didn't understand it, but she couldn't help it. For a pure liberal arts brain like her, software, computers, and the like can only be summarized as "computer-related".

Compared with those laymen who don't understand college majors, who simply summed it up as repairing computers, she has made a little progress.

But this is not the point-

She vaguely remembered that she was always taken home by Ye Zhen when she was a child. Although the environment is not clear, she still remembers the computer in the other party's study. In her memory, this person seems to be sitting on a chair with his back to her and typing. write.

Later, when she rented the house, a lot of the furniture inside was removed, and the book was also lost by the previous owner. Naturally, there was no way to know Ye Zhen's professional preferences.


Later, she chose to write in the nest, which was more or less related to the vague memory in her mind, but it turns out that the person who sits there all day typing on the keyboard is not necessarily the author, but may also be the programmer.

In my heart, I couldn't help but give birth to a funny feeling of destiny.

Ye Zhen was about to ask Xu Jiao how he thought of this, when suddenly he heard the sound of an ambulance ringing downstairs.


The Tongzilou where they live is an old alley. On weekdays, cars want to come in and they have to be mentally prepared to be smashed. Most of the people who come to work in the building are riding bicycles or electric vehicles. The complicated terrain is stumped, and now only emergency doctors, nurses and stretchers can be sent over.

Ye Zhen is the one who helped call the ambulance. Naturally, he has to answer some on-site questions and make it easier for emergency doctors to make judgments. Although Xu Jiao is still young, she does not need to be accompanied by family members, but the neighbors quickly learned about it. The movement of their home kindly called her mother.

After the "blood man" Xu Hankai was carried away on a stretcher, Xu's mother hurried back from the company. The first thing she did was to find Xu Jiao at Ye Zhen's house.

Thinking of what the hospital had said, she was afraid for a while. She couldn't help but worry that Xu Jiao would be more irritated because of Xu Hankai's inexplicable problem. When she saw Xu Jiao, she wanted to go up and hug the child, but she was worried. Halfway through her life, she just squatted and looked at her with a smile:

"Jiaojiao, my mother is back, will my mother take you home?"

Xu Jiao looked at her quietly.

Compared to Ye Zhen, the mothers appearance in her memory is naturally much clearer, but Xu Jiao always thought that she was a little bit old because of hard work and growing age, but she did not expect that her current mother There are lines on the face.

It's not because of poor maintenance, or poor economic conditions, but just because she has a child, Xu Jiao.

If she has been taking care of Xu Jiao at home, she will not be able to give Xu Jiao the best treatment environment and living conditions, but if she always works outside, she will be ignorant of the child's psychological changes.

From the background content given by the system, Xu Jiao found that her mother had changed many jobs.

If it weren't for her blindness that happened to have fancy Xu Hankai, and finally allowed her to free her hands to do business with her friends, maybe the family would be in a state of insecurity now.

Xu Jiao never blamed her mother for choosing Xu Han.

She knew that this woman had already given too much for the family.

When other women were running for the family and life, because of Xu Jiao, a child with autism, Xus mother had to focus all of her attention on the child. For this reason, she was taken by her first husband. Disgusted, she divorced without hesitation when she discovered that the other party had cheated and even brought people home.

Before Xu Han opened, she had always worked hard at home and worked with both hands. It was only after the start of her career that she had to do more business trips. In addition, afterwards, no matter how late he socialized, the first thing he did when he returned home. They are all going to see Xu Jiao, wake Xu Han, and ask him if there is anything different about the child today, what he ate, how long he was in a daze, if he lost his temper, and so on.

She was already doing her best to take care of Xu Jiao, although the final result showed that she seemed to be not taking good care of her.

But it doesn't matter.

Because she is a mother, she is like the mother praised in the stories of the whole world, always thinking about her children.

Xu Jiao didnt take any special action in front of her mother who knew her best at this moment, but just stood there quietly. But just like that, Xu Jiao gave birth to a little comfort. She walked carefully. Nearly, after realizing that the child was not repulsive, he stretched out his hand carefully, and while always paying attention to Xu Jiao's actions, he gave her a hug gently and quickly.

Xu Jiao was quiet from beginning to end.

After Xus mother hugged this, there were some tears in her eyes. She wiped the back of her hand, went to see Ye Zhen, and smiled at her: "Thanks to you, thank you little girl, you dont know, Jiaojiao has been I dont like going out very much. I was still worried about whether Xiao Xus affairs would scare her, she would be fine..."

Ye Zhen looked down at the top of Xu Jiaos hair, then looked at Xus mother, showing a friendly smile very cooperatively, and said to Xus mother: "Auntie, do you want to go to the hospital to see your uncles condition? Jiaojiao will go back now. If you do, you have to take care of her. I think she is pretty good. Would you like to let her stay with me for a while and wait for you to come back from the hospital?"

Xu's mother showed a hesitant expression, hesitated for a while, and said: "She... just looks better now, but Jiaojiao is different from other children. Sometimes she gets irritated suddenly, and then she loses her temper. I'm afraid she will cause you trouble."

Although she was very euphemistic, for Xu Jiao and Ye Zhen, the two people had a mirror image of the three words "frustration" in their hearts, but on the face, Ye Zhen just didn't know it, and said with a smile:

"It doesn't matter, she has been obedient just now, and if she can't handle it, I'll call you."

"Anyway, I have nothing to do today. I can play with her in the house. If you are not at ease, I will show you a video."

At this point, Xu's mother really needs to see Xu Hankais situation to determine whether he can stay by her side to take care of his children. After a few seconds of thinking, she solemnly thanked Ye Zhen. After leaving the number for the other party, he went out one step at a time.

She wanted to settle the matter at the hospital as soon as possible and then come back. On the way to the hospital, she began to edit some things that Xu Jiao liked and disliked for Ye Zhen. The wording was very polite and euphemistic, not the kind of pretentious attitude, just I want Xu Jiao to cause her less trouble.


This end.

Ye Zhen led Xu Jiao back, blocking out some good things in the corridor that were looking into his head.

When the door closed, Xu Jiao involuntarily raised her brows and looked at the person beside her. When Ye Hao lowered her gaze, Xu Jiao slowly said, "I want to go too."

She also wants to go to the hospital to see how Xu Hankai is doing.

After all, this scumbag lives one more day in the world, and she can't help but worry that more young women and children will be killed by him.

Ye Zhen didn't want to agree, but after seeing the persistence in Xu Jiao's eyes, he couldn't help but sighed, turned and went back to the house. When he came out again, he had a black peaked cap in his hand. With his strength gently pressing the child's head, Ye Zhen said:

"Be good when you go out."

Xu Jiao nodded: "I know."

Keep the character set. If neighbors see her chattering, they will definitely be suspicious.

Ye Zhen pressed her hat and didn't let go: "I mean, you don't want to be seen by Aunt Xu. If she knows that I promised to take good care of you with my front foot, she will take you out and run around with her back foot. Shark, and then lift my ashes."

"Okay, let me do some goodwill with my future mother-in-law, okay?"

Xu Jiao pursed her lips and smiled and nodded.


Ye Zhen took Xu Jiao to the hospital.

She had already remembered the name of the hospital when she cooperated with the doctor, and now she took a taxi to the hospital, holding Xu Jiao to the nurse and asking about the situation, she went to Icu's direction

Not yet at the door.

Xu Jiao moved her nose suddenly, raised her hand and grabbed it in the air.

Ye Zhen: "?"

Xu Jiao blinked and asked her, "Do you smell it? It smells like scum."

Ye Zhen: "..."

She just wanted to cooperate with Xu Jiao's joke. In the next instant, there was a very light and very light color floating in the air, white, translucent fragments, but no one around noticed this strange phenomenon.

Immediately afterwards, those fragments fell into Xu Jiao's hands one after another.

Xu Jiao frowned, and Ye Zhen was about to ask aloud, but the fragments also touched her skin. In the next instant, she realized what it was.

It was Xu Han's unconscious consciousness.

this person

This person actually died?

Xu Jiao glanced at Icu's direction, and Ye Zhen also looked at it. He saw Xu's mother's figure appear a little bit, and immediately turned to leave with Xu Jiao, and asked as he walked:

"What kind of advice is this, I was scared to death?"

Just now the fragments of consciousness have recorded this.

Xu Jiao heard her sigh, slowed for a few seconds, and said with some uncertainty: "Is everyone in this world like this?"

Ye Zhen didn't know what she was referring to for a while: "Huh?"

Xu Jiao repeated it again to herself:

"After everyone dies, where will this consciousness go?"

She couldn't care about Xu Hankai's death at all.

Because there are more important things worthy of her investigation.

She fixed her gaze at Ye Zhen who was holding her, her eyes full of inquiry.

She felt that she was only a little short of the truth.

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