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"You are..." Bai Ye looked at the big snake beside him.

It is also called the snake of reality.

is a coincidence.

also just got a snake.

Although the varieties are different.

But it should be no worse than this snake of the ancestor.

The ultimate snake that swallows the world.

"Is this your Royal Beast?" The Real Snake looked at Bai Ye.

Its eyes are glowing.

The pale golden eyes are like two big days.

brilliant and vast.

There are not many secrets in this world that can be concealed under its eyes.

The snake in Bai Ye's hand was not found at first.

This aroused its curiosity.

It probed the snake.

found it like a black hole.

All power is swallowed, including its mental power.

It's easy to ignore it if you glance at it roughly.

"It's delicious." The snake that swallows the world eats up its mental power.

It is very excited.

It has never had such a delicious mental power.

is more delicious than that big head.

It crawled out following Bai Ye's hand.

The real snake crawling not far away.

The real snake did not shy away from the approach of the world-swallowing snake.

In its opinion, this is just a royal beast of the younger generation.

A figure emerged from the eyebrows of the real snake.

This is an old man.

Snow-white eyebrows, a long coat, black boots, goatee.

He is looking at Bai Ye.

Bai Ye is also looking at him.

comes out of Yu Beast's eyebrows, is this some kind of special ability?

It is still the ability of the imperial envoy to advance to the later stage.

"My name is Bai Luo, and your father calls me grandfather. You should call me great grandfather." said the old man.

The first time I met, Bai Ye couldn't say anything.

Even if it may really be his ancestor.

But the first contact.

is a bit strange to the truth, Bai Ye feels that he needs a little time to adapt.

Bai Luo didn't care either.

He seemed to have expected it.

"Your father is waiting for you at Hongqiao."

"Whose ability is this?" Bai Ye looked at the bridge under his feet.

very curious.

This Hongqiao seems to be far away, but it seems to be very close.

Bai Ye looked into the distance.

The starry sky seems to be distorted.

The distance was shortened at this moment.

This is the power of space.

Xiaowei in Bai Ye's arms is very peaceful.

It glanced at the Hongqiao underneath.

A trace of contempt was vividly revealed under his eyes.

Then he continued to lie in Bai Ye's arms,

licked his own long hair.

Bai Ye suddenly remembered something.

The bald was not taken away by himself.

There are only two of his three Royal Beasts by his side.

"Great ancestor, I still have an imperial beast on the planet." Bai Ye said.

"Just walk back again." Bai Luo said casually.

Bai Luo glanced at Xiao Wei in Bai Ye's arms, as well as the ultimate world swallowing snake.

plus the one left.

are three royal beasts.

"You have a few royal beasts." Bai Luo said.


The silly carving is a servant of the mirror, not his own beast.

"That's okay, don't continue to conquer the beast until you break through to the level above the diamond." Bai Luo said.

"There is this doorway here." Bai Ye was surprised.

He never knew such a thing.

No one told him.

"Your dad's lazy guy forgot to tell you." Bai Luo was angry.

Bai Ling didn't say that, of course, it was not forgotten.

Mainly because Bering didn't think that Bai Ye would be able to break above diamonds in a few years.

Is it like an adult tells a junior high school student about the requirements for a PhD candidate?

at most tell him what he needs to prepare for the university entrance examination.

"Where is your royal beast."

"just in front."

Bai Ye sensed the breath of the Lord of Nightmare before he was outside the planet.

In the starry sky, a black crow flapped its wings and hurried anxiously.

scolded his mother while rushing.

"Mrs. Gan Lin! Mother Gan Lin! I didn't get in the **** car! Stop!"

This is what Bai Ye heard.

The nightmare lord saw Bai Ye and flew over cursingly.


"You are not waiting for me! Do you want to sell me!"

"No, I just have an important task that I want to assign to you." Bai Ye's face was not red and his heart beat.

The nightmare lord looked suspiciously at Bai Ye.

real or fake.

always feels lying to me.

The real snake stared at these three beasts.

found that these three royal beasts seemed to be shrouded in a cloud of mist.

looks very mysterious.

tells it to the owner.

Bai Luo has deep eyes.

"You three imperial beasts... are extraordinary."

If it is an imperial beast, it is luck.

Two royal beasts are destiny.

Even he couldn't understand the three royal beasts.

Such a talented beast.

Even if he doesn't return to the Bai family, he can grow up.

Returning to the Bai family is nothing more than shortening the process.

"Maybe your return is the family's light on you." Bai Luo said.

"What are their names?"

Bai Luo asked.

He is very knowledgeable.

also lived a long time.

Maybe I have heard the names of these imperial beasts, and can find some clues.

He was really curious and expectant.

Bai Ye hesitated, if his father was here, he might tell his father.

But great grandfather...

Don't blame Bai Ye for being careful.

Bai Luo laughed blankly, "It's okay, it's okay to go back to the family."

stepped on the Hongqiao to return to Bai's house.

This Hongqiao not only shocked everyone in the Obsidian Federation, but also shocked the Bai Family Ancestor Land.

Countless masters of the Bai family, Da Neng, turned their gazes of exploration to this side.

The huge figure of the real snake appeared on the Hongqiao.

is it.

Many people guessed the identity.

Rainbow light disappeared on the receiving ship.

Bai Ye saw a huge ship comparable to a continent anchored outside the planet.

He felt a strong and majestic breath of life on it.

This huge ship is not a simple life!

This is a life!

Considering that it appeared in Baijiazudi.

may even be an imperial beast.

"It is indeed a beast." Bai Luo said.

"It used to follow our third ancestor of the Bai family and was one of his royal beasts."

"The most favored!" A boy wearing a bellyband and white as snow suddenly appeared, as if he was telling a fact.

This is Qi Ling. UU reading www.uukanshu.com

Bai Ye thought of Xiaowei.

They smell very similar.

"Of course that is the most favored." Bai Luo smiled.

"Don't talk to me in a comforting tone of a child, I am older than your ancestor's ancestors." The boy was a little upset.

looked at Xiaowei in Bai Ye's arms.

"Hey, little guy, you also have the aura of space on your body, and you are also a beast, we are the same race!" The boy was surprised, "Would you like to mix with me!"

Xiaowei shrank back and hugged Bai Ye.

The boy glanced at Bai Ye and then at Xiaowei.

suddenly thought of something, it sighed.

"The time is limited, so you can accompany him more now." The boy turned around sadly.

"If he is willing to be with you, accompany him more. Every day you are together will become the best time in his future memories." The boy suddenly said this.

"Go away~"

Boy stepped out.

disappeared in place.

"Let's go, your father is waiting for you over there." Bai Luo pointed to somewhere on the deck.

This huge ship has a large area, comparable to a continent.

But there are very few buildings built on it, only a few sporadic ones.

This may be the Bai family's respect for this adult who was willing to stay after the imperial envoy left.

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