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Bai Ye saw the man standing on the deck from a distance.

After many years.

Father and son meet again.

"It's taller," Bering said.

"Yeah." Bai Ye nodded.

Fang Luolin's eyes were a little red.

"Dad." yelled cautiously.

Bering looked at Fang Luolin, with a smile on his face, "It's better to be a girl, you know to call me."

Bai Ye rolled his eyes.

The fairy-browed ape jumped out of the gift box that Fang Luolin was holding.

"Master." Immortal eyebrow ape folded his hands and bowed.

"Thank you," Bering said.

Fairy-browed Ape shook his head slightly.

"Long time no see." Bai Luo said to the fairy eyebrow ape.

Fairy-browed Ape smiled slightly.

Bai Ye thought this scene was a bit strange.

My grandfather's attitude towards the fairy-browed ape is somewhat unusual.

Seems to know each other for a long time.

But Bai Ye didn't think too much, this fairy-browed ape was a very old man, perhaps he had known each other very early.

"Let's go back and talk later." Bai Luo said.

He knew that the father and son must have something to say in their hearts.

But it's not appropriate here either.

There are a lot of eyes around here.

There was a lot of noise just now.

However, after crossing the sea of chaotic stars, the remaining distance is very short for the real snake.

It has a long tail.

The next moment everyone disappeared in place.

"It's not like spatial ability." Bai Ye was a little surprised.

He did not feel the spatial fluctuations.

"This is the domain, you can do it in the future, it's just a little ear." Bai Luo said with a smile.

Bai Luo's residence is a palace.

This palace is very luxurious.

It's not the wild farm in Bai Ye's imagination.

Nor is it a thatched house, two acres of small fields.

It seems to have seen through Bai Ye's thoughts.

Bai Luo chuckled: "I also have that thatched cottage. There is a small hill behind the palace. There are a few small brick houses and a small yard on it. There are two dogs and a few chickens. This palace is used to entertain on weekdays. Guests."

"Does this dog have the blood of Tengu? Does this chicken have the blood of Phoenix?" Bai Ye was curious.

Some of the biographical novels he read were recorded in this way.

"Hahaha." Bai Luo laughed when he heard the words.

"When your dad was a kid, he thought that the old hen I raised had Phoenix blood. He took one home and wanted to sign a soul deed, but he didn't succeed. He thought it was because he was not qualified, so he hid in the bed and cried One game."

Bering coughed.

The old face blushed.

How long has it been.

How can I say it in front of a child.

Father's power does not exist.

Bering is ready to shift the flames of war.

He looked at Bai Ye in a blink of an eye.

Bering asked: "Why are you here? I remember you seem to be still in school. Did you skip class?"

"I didn't skip class." Bai Ye was innocent.

"Dad, brother, he has skipped a grade, and he is now at the same level as me, both freshmen." Fang Luolin glanced at his father secretly.

"???" Bering was silent.

Why didn't he know.

Just when Bering was about to continue moving the battlefield.

Footsteps came from outside the hall.

"Xiao Ye is back?"

A woman who seemed to be about ten years old walked into the hall.

Faintly similar to Fang Luolin's appearance.

Although it looks like a green girl,

But the temperament is much more mature.

"Hmph, I won't tell me the first time I come back." Fang He glared at Bai Ling.

She rushed over as soon as she heard the news.

She had been waiting in the other halls early.

Come over as soon as you hear the movement.

Bai Ye and Fang Luolin are brothers and sisters.

One follows the mother's surname and the other follows the father's surname.

The Fang family was once a big family that was not inferior to the Bai family.

Only then something happened to the Fang family.

Therefore, Fang He cannot return to the family for the time being.

Now lives in the Bai family with Bering.

Bai Luo got up and coughed. "Let's talk first, I haven't fed the chickens today. I'll come back later."

He didn't think it was right for him to stay here.

The family haven't seen each other for a long time

There must be some intimate things to talk about.

Bai Luo got up and left, and Bering chased after him.

Bai Luo waved his hand, "You don't need to stay, the old man, I'll take a step first."

"No, grandpa, you forgot to take the crutches." Bering said.

Silently took the crutches and glanced at Bering's leg.

Bai Luo snorted softly.

After the great-grandfather is gone.

Bering said to Bai Ye.

"I heard from my grandfather that you have signed the third Royal Beast, and you can't sign the Royal Beast until your mental power breaks through the diamond.

I forgot to tell you before. You can't be too hasty to sign the Royal Beast. Too many Royal Beasts can easily become distracted and affect your subsequent breakthroughs. "

Bering said.

"Will Yu Beast affect the breakthrough?" Bai Ye wondered.

Why didn't he feel it.

"It's normal if you don't know, and most people don't know. Different imperial beasts have different qualities and different attributes." Bering said.

"The Royal Beast Breakthrough can bring feedback to the Royal Envoy, which complements each other."

"But the more the beast, the more impurities. If the quality of the beast is good, the less impurities will be. If the quality of the beast is not high, the more impurities, the more it will affect your future breakthrough."

This is not a secret.

But it is a kind of hidden information resource mastered by large families.

When there is a powerful emissary in the family who has broken through to a certain level.

This is naturally no secret.

"If you meditate for a while and distinguish carefully, you can find that there are some gray particles in your mental power." Bai Ling passed a formula to Bai Ye.

Bai Ye did so after learning.

The mental power is thorough.

As if turned into a mirror.

In the clear rippling sea of knowledge.

Bai Ye found some gray particles.

There are a total of twenty-seven.

Bai Ye spent 27 seconds to expel all the gray particles out of the sea of consciousness.

The sea of knowledge has regained thoroughness.

"So much." Bai Ye sighed with emotion.

"There are more impurities." Bering smiled.

Finally found a little confidence in being a father from this kid.

"These impurities can be removed, and the easiest way is to use mental power to distinguish them. It's just the most troublesome. After all, cleaning them one by one is the most stupid way." Bering said.

"There are two other ways. One is to use foreign objects to get rid of. Our Bai family has the World Tree, and the young leaves of the World Tree have the effect of clearing the sea of consciousness."

"The second is the formula. Our ancestors of the Bai family have summed up and created a formula that can clean up impurities. But Yuju still don't sign too much, otherwise the speed of cleaning up impurities will not keep up with the rate of production."

Signing the royal beast is a double-edged sword.

Impurities will continue to be produced after the soul deed is signed.

Even if the imperial envoy wanted to stop it, he couldn't stop it.

"Dad, but my 27 impurities have been cleaned up." Bai Ye hesitated.

"Only 27 have been cleaned, and the impurities in the sea of knowledge can produce thousands of them every day~wuxiaworld.online~ Don't you do nothing every day and keep cleaning up the impurities?" Bering shook his head.

This child is innocent.

"But I seem to have only twenty-seven in total." Bai Ye glanced at the Lord of Nightmare.

This guy is the biggest manure machine.

He could feel that most of the impurities came from the soul deed of the nightmare lord.

Bering's eyelids flicked.

"Lying is not..."

"Xiao Ye never lied." Fang He protected the calf.

"I'm not saying that he lied, maybe he read it wrong." Bering had a headache.

This daughter-in-law has spoiled him since he was a child.

Not afraid to spoil him.

If Xiao Ye didn't lie.

Bering looked at Xiaowei in Bai Ye's arms, the Lord of Nightmare standing on his shoulders, and the ultimate world-swallowing snake on his wrist.

"Then the origins of these imperial beasts may not be simple." Bering said.

They may be some of the legendary beasts.

In the entire starry sky is the very top existence.

But this probability is too rare.

At the beginning, he ran to Obsidian specially to find the trail of the candle dragon cub.

But the snake on Bai Ye's wrist was obviously not a candle dragon.

The candle dragon has a red face and a serpent body, straight eyes, white eyes and black eyes.

Of course that is the talent of Candle Dragon.

But even under such normal circumstances, the body of the candle dragon still has strong light and dark power.

But the snake on his son's wrist had no light and dark power, and seemed to be an attributeless "scrap snake", but there was no attributeless monster in this world, so it seemed even more weird.

"What are their names?" Bering thought the same as Bai Luo at the moment.

I want to know if I can get some clues from their names.

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