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"Lord of the Nightmare, full name Lord of the Eternal Nightmare, nickname Bale..." Bai Ye whimpered.

The mouth was blocked by a wing.

"Just say the previous one!"

I heard someone calling its real name.

The bald raised his head proudly.

The dark wings opened.

The dream world opens.

"Lord of the Eternal Nightmare." Bering muttered to herself.

He seemed to have heard of the name somewhere.

The name is extraordinary.

Can be named eternal.

Certainly not waiting.

Those who can be named are either divine or holy.

"I'll look for the classics," Bering said.

"I have an impression." Fang He said.

She looked at the bald man.

His eyes were surprised.

She remembers reading through a classic book when she was young.

Some things from a long time ago are recorded.

It says that a world is a dream world.

All monsters with dream attributes were born in this world.

Heard that the depth of the dream world is unfathomable.

There are records that the dream world is a mirror world that is diametrically opposed to the real world.

But there are also records that the dream world is a deep, dark sea of nothingness.

The two records are different.

True or false.

No way to get it.

It is said that there is a powerful being in the dream world as the lord of the eternal nightmare.

At that time, he tried to conquer the real world and plunge the world into darkness.

Later, he was killed by the sacred **** of life, Xuanjing Tiancang, and other life system beasts.

This is a story recorded in foreign classics.

A long time ago.

Almost no one believes it.

Be regarded as a myth.

The star sea is vast, and there are countless powerful monsters in the vast star sea.

It is revered as a divine beast.

In fact, there is not only one kind of beast, such as the **** of life and the **** of death.

This is just an honorific.

On some remote planets.

Some monsters of the diamond or even platinum level can be honored as gods.

However, in the starry sky, one can gain a consensus and get the title of God.

At least it is also the existence of the realm master level.

"It's just that you really are it." Fang He looked deeply at the Lord of the Nightmare, with a doubt buried in his heart.

It may have inherited the legacy of the original existence.

Maybe it's just the same name.

But if so, it can't explain its extraordinary.

I heard that some of them will come back again after they have fallen.

Just like the phoenix.

Rise from the ashes.

In the desperate pannier.

Fang He described it.

"If it really has something to do with that person, maybe it can really explain it."

"Since it has been recorded." Bald Zi was astonished.

Then furious.

"Fart, that **** lied to me!" The bald was extremely angry.

Bai Ye frowned and squeezed its wings.

It's not good to swear in front of your parents.

Bald closed his eyes.

Then opened his eyes again.

There was a deep anger in his eyes.

And uncontrollable sadness.

"I'll tell you a story about my friend." Bald said.

Originally this was a scar that it didn't want to mention.

But the **** wound will be opened again.

"There was a bird that has existed in the dream world since its birth."

"You finally admit that you are a bird." Xiaowei said.

"..." Bald gave him a sideways look.

I ignored this silly roe deer.

"It has seen the dreams of the world, but it has never had its own dreams."

"It doesn't know what a dream is. The empty dream world is very lonely."

"It can only be like looking through a treasure, opening other people's dreams one after another curiously, taking advantage of the moment when the dreams have not completely dissipated, and experiencing emotions from other people's happiness, anger, sorrow, and joy."

"Later one day, a crack leading to the real world appeared in the dream world."

"The moment it went out, it saw a green continent."

"On the tallest tree on the continent, there is a beautiful, beautiful bird, and it is deeply attracted."

"Later, it became friends with that beautiful bird."

"It told her that it came from the dream world."

"She said she wanted to see it."

"It took her into the dream world, but what she didn't expect was that she actually promoted her reputation in the dream world and reversed her belief through the dream, which broke the rules of the dream world."

"So it is very angry, but on one side are the rules, and on the other are the new friends it made."

"It's in a dilemma."

"But in the end it decided to maintain the order and rules of the dream world, so it drove her away."

"She apologized and said she didn't understand this."

"After being sent away for a while, she contacted it through other means. She said that in order to apologize for her recklessness last time, she would like to invite him to a feast to apologize and introduce some new friends to it."

"It is so eager for friends. It has been in self-blame and sad emotions since it drove her away last time, so it happily went.

"But I didn't expect this to be a grand feast."

"It was highly poisoned, and she joined a large group of so-called friends to besiege it."

"But it was born because of a dream. The dream is immortal, and it is neither extinct, so it was sealed and exiled by them."

"This friend is you!" Xiaowei innocently made up the knife.


The nightmare lord's beak twitched.

If it weren't for this foolish mirror for so long.

Know that it is this character.

Otherwise, it must suspect that it is absolutely intentional.

"She is Xuanjing Tiancang?" Since Xiaowei had been pierced, Bai Ye also asked directly.

"It should be, she called herself Tiancang." Bald said lightly.

Fang He was shocked.

Although it has been expected that the origin of this black bird is not simple.

But still underestimated.

The dream world actually exists ~wuxiaworld.online~ and this black bird turned out to be an existence based on the origin of the dream world.

What a powerful heel this is.

Just as it says.

As long as the dream world is not destroyed, it will never fall.

Most are sealed and exiled.

"In fact, I checked a lot of things these days." Bald said.

"In fact, there are other records in your dream world," said Bald Zi.

"The gray world in your classics is the dream world."

"Gray World!?" Bering was surprised.

He has been sitting aside without speaking, but his heart is shocked by the origin of this bird.

If what it says is true.

Then its heels and feet are quite scary.

This is the existence born from the origin of one world.

And the gray world is a world that is completely opposite to the real world, where there are occasional chaotic and tyrannical monsters.

Someone will stray into it.

Therefore, there are legends of the gray world circulating in the world.

Unexpectedly, it was related to the dream world.

"After I was sealed, there was no one to manage between the shallow and deep layers of the dream world, and there were some mistakes, and occasionally some deep-seated guys would come out to do harm."

Bald said, "When my strength recovers and I regain control of the mirror world, there will be no such thing. No one will be able to enter the gray world in the future."

"And those guys who shot at me back then." Bald sneered.

What happened to him back then would never be the case!

"I will let them go frightened and wiped out."

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