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Chapter 907 It was indeed my fault

The most influential consortium in China, she is really curious about what it looks like inside.

Lu Jingyao was a little surprised: "Don't you want to sleep at home? I will go early tomorrow."

"I want to sleep." Su Xia's eyebrows curled up, "But I want to stay with you more."

Lu Jingyao is naturally anxious.

He lifted his thin lips: "Okay, but you are not allowed to talk to me tomorrow morning."

Su Xia vowed: "Definitely not!"

But after being tossed by Lu Jingyao all night, she finally fell asleep early in the morning, and Su Xia, who was woken up at 7:30, said she was very tired. She just wanted to sleep, but didn't want to go anywhere.

What kind of Lu family, what to accompany Lu Jingyao.

can be pulled down.

Nothing is more important than her sleeping!

Lu Jingyao: "Who vowed to me last night and told me that he would not cheat me this morning?"

Su Xia closed her eyes: "I don't know who said it, who you are looking for, it's not me anyway."

Lu Jingyao: "."

He knew it.

Seeing Su Xia looking really sleepy, she touched her face with a sigh: "Then I will make you brunch, and remember to eat when I wake up, and take a photo of me during the meal, lest you lie again. I."

"When did I lie to you." Su Xia muttered.

Although we are troubled, we still need to safeguard our rights.

"Isn't it right now? I clearly said that I won't be shameless, but who is the one who is dependent on me now."

"That's not the reason for you!" Su Xia opened her eyes and said angrily, "Who tossed me last night? Or I must get up."

Lu Jingyao raised his eyebrows, so he stood by the bed in a leisurely manner, without the slightest guilt.

"Well, that is indeed my fault."

Su Xia: "."

Dare you not be sincere anymore?

She hummed and lay back on the bed, put the quilt over her head, and was about to go back to sleep.

But the next second, the quilt covering his face was pulled to his chest, and the mans clear and faint voice came: "Dont sleep with your head covered."

Su Xia ignored him.

She is really sleepy.

Lu Jingyao leaned over gently, kissed her forehead, and the corners of her lips curled slightly: "Go to sleep, I will leave after cooking."

The voice is low and pleasant: "Wait for me at home obediently."

Su Xia was so sleepy that she almost lost consciousness. She didn't even remember whether she promised Lu Jingyao, only knowing that it was past 11 o'clock when she woke up after sleeping.

She went to the bathroom in a daze to wash, wash her face with cold water, and finally woke up.

There were breakfast and dinner made by Lu Jingyao in the kitchen. She remembered what happened in the morning and pursed her mouth. After eating that breakfast, she went to the cloakroom to change her clothes silently, and then warmed up the lunch made by Lu Jingyao. She packed a bag and made her best porridge, ready to go to Lu's to give him a loving lunch.

Although he made most of the dishes himself.

But thats okay. Its fine if she goes there anyway, lest he think she is deceiving again.

Su Xia didnt tell Lu Jingyao what she was going to. She took a taxi with her hat and mask and went downstairs to Lus. She looked up and only felt that her neck hurts.

The number one consortium in China is really not just talking about it.

Su Xia took her loving lunch and walked straight to the front desk in the lobby on the first floor. Her face was hidden, so the young lady at the front desk did not recognize her. She smiled and asked, "Hello, who are you looking for? "

(End of this chapter)

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Chapter 710: How Did You Come Chapter 711: Elder Brother Chapter 712: Why Do You Always Look At Me Chapter 713: Really Good Match Chapter 714: You Are Amazing Chapter 715: She Took The Initiative To Lead You? Chapter 716: Started A Crazy Behavior Of Spreading Dog Food Chapter 717: No One Has Paid More Chapter 718: Wait For Me.. Chapter 719: Let's Go Play Chapter 720: Almost Slapped It Chapter 721: Who Are You Chapter 722: Nervous Chapter 723: You Cheated Even After Chasing People Chapter 724: I Can Chapter 725: Can You Think About Me Seriously? Chapter 726: I Don't Want Face Chapter 727: Your House Collapsed Chapter 728: You Believe Me Chapter 729: Am I Missing Your Traffic In A Few Seconds? Chapter 730: You Are So Good Who Would Not Like You Chapter 731: Little Fool Chapter 732: What Should You Call Her? Chapter 733: You Are Already Very Good Now Chapter 734: Our Family Has No Heirlooms Chapter 735: I Will Like You More After Reading It Chapter 736: Sister In Law's Iron Fan Camp Chapter 737: What Did You Do Yesterday Chapter 738: May Not Be Able To Eat Dog Food Chapter 739: Go Try Chapter 740: Wouldn't You Give Me No Sugar At All? Chapter 741: Amazing Chapter 742: You Are Hurting Me Chapter 743: I'm Not A Fool Chapter 744: Dont You Think Shes Familiar? Chapter 745: Looks Like You Chapter 746: Are You Jealous? Chapter 747: Guilty Chapter 748: We Should Prepare Chapter 749: Brother Is Wrong Chapter 750: Not Very Harmful Chapter 751: Would You Like To Try It On? Chapter 752: I Hope You Won The Prize Chapter 753: I'll Make You Cry Again Chapter 754: Where To Go Chapter 755: Will I Lie To You? Chapter 756: I Can Go Out Chapter 757: How Can I Be Happy? Chapter 758: I Haven't Calmed Down Yet Chapter 759: You Can't Go Anywhere Chapter 760: Did Something Happen That I Dont Know? Chapter 761: Why Are You Looking For Me Chapter 762: You Live By The Sea Right Chapter 763: Thanks Boss Chapter 764: Except Rong Chu Chapter 765: Annoyed Chapter 766: Where To Put Me Chapter 767: I Love You Chapter 768: Will It Still Be So Gentle? Chapter 769: Hurry Up Chapter 770: Your Responsibility Chapter 771: I Do Not Know You Chapter 772: Really Don't Remember Her Chapter 773: Anyway There Is No Shortage Of Sugar To Eat Chapter 774: It's Xia Xia Chapter 775: Then I'll Go Out And Wait For You Chapter 776: Bad Intentions Chapter 777: I Know Chapter 778: I've Been Planning For A Long Time Chapter 779: Hard To Say Chapter 780: Just Be Happy Chapter 781: I'll Go If You Go Chapter 782: We Must Be Good Chapter 783: She Guessed Right Chapter 784: Time Flies So Fast Chapter 785: Aunt Do You Remember? Chapter 786: Your Senior Chapter 787: What Are You Kidding Chapter 788: Talk More Chapter 789: Just This Time Chapter 790: Lu's Group Chapter 791: It's All Fake Anyway Chapter 792: I Wish You Could Speak Out Quickly Chapter 793: Go Shopping Elsewhere Chapter 794: He Treats Me Very Well Chapter 795: Just Heard A Gossip Chapter 796: Stay Away From That Person Chapter 797: Fear Of Being Called Full Name Chapter 798: You Told Me To Shut Up Chapter 799: This Is Not A Normal Person Chapter 800: I'm Not Drunk Chapter 801: Drunk Su Xia Is Not Easy To Mess With Chapter 802: Guess What I'm Thinking? Chapter 803: It's Not You Who Have The Final Say Chapter 804: The More You Compare The More Sad The Gap Chapter 805: Is She Also A Cameo? Chapter 806: Su Xia's Face Satisfies All Her Fantasies Chapter 807: I Know Chapter 808: I Won't Shoot Even If I Break The Contract And Lose Money Chapter 809: I Can Chapter 810: See Or Leave Chapter 811: Just Sigh Chapter 812: You're Right Chapter 813: You Just Do It Chapter 814: The Topic Is Coming Chapter 815: Someone's Face Is Green Chapter 816: Then Wrestle With Me Chapter 817: Garbage Identification Machine Chapter 818: What Should I Do Chapter 819: Did You Hear That? Chapter 820: What Do You Mean Chapter 821: Am I Wrong? Chapter 822: What Are You Doing Chapter 823: This Is My Skill Chapter 824: Work First Chapter 825: You Are So Fragile Now Chapter 826: Grandpa Asked You To Stop? Chapter 827: It's Not Impossible Chapter 828: Why Aren't You Leaving Chapter 829: It's Not Uncommon Chapter 830: Lu Jingyao Loves Her Chapter 831: Apologize To You Chapter 832: A Woman Called You Chapter 833: Please Speak Chapter 834: Lu Jingyao Is Not At Ease Chapter 835: If You Can Don't Wake Up Chapter 836: Can Let Me Blow For A Lifetime Chapter 837: Treat Him As My Love Rival Chapter 838: Don't You Really Want To Save Your Husband? Chapter 839: Someone Really Shines Chapter 840: Really Lucky For Her Chapter 841: Get Married And Get Rich Overnight? Chapter 842: What Else Chapter 843: As Long As She Is Pitiful Enough Chapter 844: It Would Be Nice To Have Such Good Acting Skills In Filming Chapter 845: Isn't It Fake? Chapter 846: It's Not Impossible Chapter 847: Always Drop God Chapter 848: Rushed Up And Was Stunned By Her Chapter 849: Don't The Audience Want To Watch It? Chapter 850: I Guessed It A Long Time Ago You Must Have More Than Breakfast Chapter 851: Sleepy? Chapter 852: What Did You Guys Do Chapter 853: Dont Everyone Call You Koi? Chapter 854: I Blamed The Director Chapter 855: It's Really Good Here Chapter 856: I'm Full Of Dog Food Chapter 857: Good Night Chapter 858: Brother Accompany You? Chapter 859: I Don't Care About The Camera Here Chapter 860: Is It Good To Eat? Chapter 861: Want To Go With Me Chapter 862: Lu Jingyao Never Met His Parents Chapter 863: The Kiss Scene Is There And I Can't Run Chapter 864: I'll Be Right Back Chapter 865: It's Hard Not To Know Chapter 866: I Just Pretend Chapter 867: I'll Go Out First Chapter 868: He Knew Chapter 869: Very Good At Everything Chapter 870: I Have Been Looking For You For A Long Time Chapter 871: We Xia Xia Have So Many Children Chapter 872: Did You Hear That Chapter 873: I Don't Think He Can Chapter 874: Can't Offend His Sister In Law Chapter 875: You Forgot Chapter 876: Dreams Are Always There Chapter 877: What's Wrong Chapter 878: I Don't Care About You Anymore Chapter 879: Does It Hurt? Chapter 880: You Are So Obsessed Chapter 881: Do You Want To See My Parents Chapter 882: Why Is His Sister Such A Dog? Chapter 883: Wow You Are Amazing Chapter 884: Was Greatly Insulted Chapter 885: My Parents Like It Chapter 886: Won't Affect Anything Chapter 887: This Kid Can Chapter 888: Didn't You Say Anything Else? Chapter 889: Am I A Bit Unreasonable Chapter 890: It's Normal If You Don't Remember Chapter 891: Miss Su Probably Won't Refuse Chapter 892: I Should Go Home Chapter 893: I Won't Go Back In My Life Chapter 894: When Did These Two Get Together? Chapter 895: Single Unmarried Chapter 896: I Don't Defend Myself Chapter 897: Rare To Be A Person Chapter 898: Isn't A Single Rich Woman Fragrant? Chapter 899: Marry Me Chapter 900: Everyone Has Chapter 901: So Happy Chapter 902: I've Just Got Home Chapter 903: You Don't Have To Be So Polite Chapter 904: Who Can't Tell Chapter 905: Is Lu Jingyao So Clingy? Chapter 906: Can I Go To Lu's With You? Chapter 907: That Is Indeed My Fault Chapter 908: I'm Looking For Lu Jingyao Chapter 909: Just To Go Forward Courageously Chapter 910: Isnt It The Most Important Thing For Me To Come? Chapter 911: Will It Interrupt Your Work? Chapter 912: She Is Lu Jingyao's Light Chapter 913: It's Not Easy To Marry Me Chapter 914: A Cold Behind Chapter 915: The Concert Date Is Fixed Chapter 916: Is It Strange To Write An Album For A Girlfriend? Chapter 917: How To Fight The Director's Wits And Courage Chapter 918: Why Are You So Nervous Chapter 919: The Director Just Can't Afford It Chapter 920: I'm getting older Chapter 921: Never obedient Chapter 922: Getting up is not easy Chapter 923: I am a pig Chapter 924: It's Lu Jingyao Chapter 925: so good Chapter 926: Is five or six hundred enough? Chapter 927: coincidence Chapter 928: very scary Chapter 929: Who made me angry? Chapter 930: Enemy for a lifetime Chapter 931: Relatively novel Chapter 932: Don't commit the crime Chapter 933: Really a nice guy Chapter 934: Will your conscience hurt? Chapter 935: Is your illness healed so soon? Chapter 936: The strongest worker is me Chapter 937: Hurry up, let me go, you Chapter 938: She wants a chance Chapter 939: The director asked for leave? Chapter 940: Dream Linkage Chapter 941: I'm afraid I'm going to explain here Chapter 942: Can't be eccentric Chapter 943: Make best use of Chapter 944: As sweet as my people Chapter 945: You are so good Chapter 946: Because i know you like Chapter 947: You look so good Chapter 948: It's already twelve years ago Chapter 949: you are so cute Chapter 950: Team building for artists? Chapter 951: I'm here to join you Chapter 952: Why don't you go and take a look? Chapter 953: Director i hate you Chapter 954: The more the dishes, the more Chapter 955: Villains dont usually call themselves bad guys Chapter 956: Confused her Chapter 957: You are sure to win Chapter 958: I feel ashamed Chapter 959: Total tragedy Chapter 960: Unable to confirm Chapter 961: I'm yours Chapter 962: I will definitely do it next time Chapter 963: Don't mess with me Chapter 964: Goodbye boss Chapter 965: match made in heaven Chapter 966: really interesting Chapter 967: Blind and confident Chapter 968: Baby good Chapter 969: She is my life Chapter 970: What are you doing in Chapter 971: Turned out to be only for one person