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After Shane finished configuring his shop, he left everything to the AI and decided to sleep, as it should already be early in the morning on Igra.

The whole night was filled with tension and only now could Shane truly relax as he laid down on the shabby bed that smelled a little bit.

`Ugh...Tomorrow Ill change the hotel..` He could only lament as his mind entered a deep slumber with Umbra still coiled around his left hand.

Hours passed and Shane was woken up by a sudden sense of hunger transmitted into his mind, while a hissing next to him told Shane that Umbra was hungry.

He didn't even open his eyes because he was still exhausted and entered his spatial ring to take out some fried rice cakes which appeared inside a small container.

After food appeared in front of it, Umbra simply ignored Shane, who turned around to sleep some more, but smelling the reeking bedding, caused Shane to jump up full awoken.

"I slept here?!?!" Shane mumbled disgusted when he seriously smelled the filthy air within the small wooden room.

Disgusted, Shane put on his shoes and his robes, before he grabbed Umbra who gobbled down the rice cakes.

Umbra seemed displeased but even he didnt like the smell inside this room, as such it was better to go out than to stay inside the hotel.

Before Shane walked out of the hotel, he downloaded the shelter map on the system and searched for a better hotel, nearby.

He found one but thinking that it rained almost all the time inside the Soul-Onyx-Jungle Dimension, Shane only wanted to leave it.

There was only one important piece of information he had to know, as such he searched for the kind vendor woman, who still at the same place, resting on the bank or maybe even Sleeping.

Before Shane could even wake her up, she opened her eyes and saw him, which caused her to smile gently while she waved his hand at him.

"Hello Shane, how are you? It hasnt been that long, right?" She said and Shane felt weird but also warm around his heart.

This woman was really nice and Shane greeted her back with a radiant smile.

He ordered another batch of food, which would stay hot in his spatial ring, and get bad rather slowly.

While waiting, Umbra was once again eating and it seemed like he grew slightly, which was not that difficult, considering that he was a youngling, but two things changed, causing Shane to be enlightened.

The Upgrade-mission changed from 0% to 1%, which meant the growth process included maturing.

"Yes!" he mumbled. Figuring out that his growth was included in his Innate-skill upgrade mission, Shane was extremely pleased and in addition to that, Umbras loyalty increased by another 2% during the last few hours.

Except eating, Shane asked the vendor how long the night period was, and finding out it had 38 hours, he nodded his head.

This meant there were 2 and a half days left until it would be daytime and 5 and a half-day, before the next night circle.

Maybe he would come back in five days, but Shane was still unsure about that.

Now the most important thing for him was to leave this annoying rainy dimension.

He completely disregarded the thought of staying here for another day as his primary goal had been achieved and going down the valley right after he kidnapped umbra and stirred up the other Shadow-snakes and pythons, was probably not the best idea.

As such, Shane walked towards the Dimension Portal and selected another dimension with denser mana in its surrounding

The Primordial Dimension Shane selected was the Deep Mountain-river dimension which had a large mountain range with a vast river streaming through it.

Paying two silver for the transportation fee which was double the normal amount for Basic-Dimensions, Shane knew that his expenses would only increase, the more beasts he would tame.

But he was still smiling, as he saw his Finances when the two silver were deducted.

[12 Gold coins and 25 Silver coins]

This caused him to smile brightly, as he knew that all of his Nightshade flowers had been sold, but before he would look at the Shop log about the sold Nightshade flowers, he entered the DeepMountain shelter.


Leaving the Dimensional Portal, Shane was blinded by sunlight, and Umbra who was coiled around his hand hissed in fear when it noticed bright sunlight falling on its black scales.

Shadow-snakes weren't fond of sunlight, even more from a sudden bright light that appeared out of nowhere like it was the case with the prismarine-luminous crystal from before when Shane was on a run after he kidnapped Umbra.

Both Shane and Umbra had to slowly adjust themselves to the feeling of bright sunlight, but Shane found it rather pleasing after some time while Umbra had some problems, which caused him to hide inside Shanes robe.

Shane smiled lightly as he whispered "Just adjust yourself slowly.. You'll have to...otherwise, the future will be troublesome for both of us" and the meaning behind his words caused Umbra to hiss out, as it knew that he would have to enter some annoying Primordial Dimension with him.

If Shane was honest, rather than strolling inside Primordial Dimension, he wanted to go to Igra and cultivate there but unfortunately, the federations were still gathering the resources and funds to purchase and awake a symbiotic mana heart to fuse with Igra.

Once they could awake mana on Igra everything would change.

Even the youths below 16 could cultivate to a certain extent and learn more martial art techniques and refine their bodies with mana until they awoke their system and were able to purchase, learn and use Primordial skills and technique.

Shane was already an exceptional case with his physique of a 4th Mortal stage at the age of 16 without having a special trait or the usage of mana, but once Igra awoke its mana, the newer generation would become more powerful.

Right now humanity was split into many Primordial Dimensions and less than half of their population lived in Igra, doing everything to awake the mana and gather more funds to keep their native planet safe while the imminent threat from the nearby Stella system caused humanity feel extremely insecure about their future on Igra.

On the human forums, not a single day passed without thousands of desperate humans that hunted not only to keep themselves alive but also their race.

It could be said that nobody with the slightest combat prowess was poor, because even mortal stages could earn enough from killing Wild beasts in order to earn a decent living but this didn't mean that everyone was doing fine.

The strong preyed on the weak and his father couldn't protect everyone.

Why else would there be guards running through the streets of all human shelters? Probably not only because of foreign races and Shane already got to know a few organizations that hated his father, saying he is a monarch suppressing humanity's potential by doing nothing against the imminent threat from above.

This frustrated Shane a lot because he knew that his father would give up everything to humanity, probably even him, his own son.

But these voices only began to emerge out of the darkness, after humanity made a treaty with the forest elves and mountain dwarves as a few unknown organizations rose to the top of humanity.

They were partially supported by dark ice elves that weren't included by the treaty which caused them to contempt.

Shane never understood the hate between the different elven races but apparently, the dark ice elven and some other elven races hated the forest elven, because they stood neutral, when the chaotic battles between the dark ice elves and the high-elves began.

His father didn't know about the bad blood between these races in the beginning, because it was seen as a secret, and as such, he dragged humanity into a perilous situation.

But fortunately, the treaty was only for trading and a truce, not for supporting each other during warfares.

Otherwise, Shane wouldn't wonder if his father would have been thrown from his presidency.

Ignoring these thoughts in his mind, he opened his shop's log, only to see, that not only everything has been purchased within a short amount of time, but rather than that, everything had been purchased by a single individuum

[113xNightshade flowers(81xTrash/32xCommon) have been purchased by [Yangdra Ugri] for 1177 silver coins +[10% Transfer commission]+[15% Foreign race]]

Shanes eyes widened when he saw the complete message. He knew that there was a 10% transfer commission but he had never heard about the 15% foreign race extra charge, which caused him to sweat slightly.

In the end, Yandra Ugri who bought the Nightshade flowers seemed to have paid almost 1450 silver coins which shocked him a little bit.

But that was not everything, as there seemed to be a notification sent to his shop.

[Mysterious NoPaineNoGain shop owner, Im terribly sorry to bother Sir, but my name is Yangra Ugri and I am an esteemed merchant from the Corvi race.

The Nightshade flowers from Sirs shop were excellent and perfect for our purpose, but unfortunately not enough from its quantity.

I hope Sir can provide me with his information and we can make a deal outside the Shop regulations if more of them are available.

Sir will definitely benefit from this trade more than trading via the Shop.

Please contact my assistant |Yulgre Luor| if sir is interested!!]

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