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Shane began to laugh out loud when he read the message while saying "What a bootlicker" when he noticed that he drew the attention of other people in the surrounding on him.

Quieting down, he was about to message the Corvi merchant assistant, when he noticed some important facts.

'Are the Corvi really so desperate to make a deal with someone as low as me? The trade was only over slightly more than 100 Nightshade flowers and are probably not enough to cover a field of 50 sq. meters with darkness transmuted mana...Weird!'

Shane thought but the more important matter was, that he didn't have a pseudonym until now! What if he made enemies with some human merchants or other races and they found out his real name?!

That would be devastating and Shane quickly went down from the Dimensional Portal when he noticed that he blocked the pathway, before he sat down on a bank to think of a good synonym.

The system charged 1 gold to create a pseudonym but it was definitely worth the price, even though Shane didn't have many funds at the moment.

After thinking for a few seconds Shane decided to take an acronym and [Orus] was picked as his pseudonym.

Deducting 1 gold coin, Shanes status changed slightly


Title: [None]

Occupation: [None]

Name: Shane Suro (Orus)

Race:[Human 100%]

Cultivation Level: Mortal-1st [Purity 0.00%]

Body Refinement: [Mortal-4th]

Cultivation Manual: [None]


![Artemis Blessing]+

[Innate Skill]: Taming |Trash-(+)|

Finances: 11 Gold coins, 25 Silver coins


After looking at his status, Shane had to decide which tactic he should use to strike a deal.. The most important fact was to not let the other side know, that he didn't have anything to trade at all.He already sold all of his Nightshade flowers and it would still take a few days until he wanted to go back to the Soul-Onyx-Jungle shelter because increasing his strength was more important right now.

But gaining some wealth wouldn't be bad, as such, he wrote a message to the Corvi merchants assistant `Yulgre Luor` using his pseudonym.

<Hello, Ms. Luor, Im NoPainNoGains shop owner and Yangra Ugri messaged me because of business matters with the Nightshade flowers I sold him. I was told to write Ms.Luor if I'm interested to trade with the Covi race...I'm wondering how the Corvi race thinks of the Nightshade flowers I send and what kind of deal I would receive.>

His Primordial language skill was extremely good but his writing could be better, but there was nothing he could change about it, as of now.

As such he pressed send and closed his system to look out for an Inn to stay at.

Searching for accommodation as soon as possible was always useful, because looking out for one once it was dark, would waste a lot of time.

The DeepMountain shelter looked much better than the Soul-Onyx-Jungle and Shane was expectant at the Inn's interior and from the price alone, one could tell, that it had to be much better because he had to pay 50 bronze for a single night.

Walking inside his room, Shane immediately looked around and saw that the room was clean without any bad odor in the air.

As such he smiled and Umbra left the dark robe, looking fiercely at Shane who smiled innocently.

Umbra needed some time to adjust himself but it was good that it happened sooner than later.

As such Shane ignored the torture his first tamed beast had to go through and it wondered him, that Umbras loyalty didnt decrease.

Suddenly he received a notification and it could only be the Corvi merchant assistant which astonished Shane, as it was extremely fast.

<Hello Sir Orus, thank you for the fast reply to our request. As Sir Orus has only traded Nightshade flowers with us, Ill only message the prices related to the Nightshade flowers.

As sir may know, the outside trades made through the system will demand 1 gold coin for every 200 Items at the 1st Cultivation stage.

Because of that, we would like to trade in batches of 200 Nightshade flowers each time if that is possible.

Sir will definitely receive more benefits with the following prices

Nightshade flower(Trash)=9.5 silver coins/each

Nightshade flower(Common)=15 silver coins/each

I hope Sir Orus will accept our trade because it is beneficial for both of us.

Bless the winged! >

Reading through the message, Shane was nodding at first until the pricelist was attached.

The ending sentence was simply ignored as many races used some sort of incanations and ignoring them would be better than starting a discussion.

Calculating a few possible batches of Nightshade flowers through his mind, he frowned and replied with a self-made pricelist

<Nightshade flowers(Trash)= 11 silver coins/each

Nightshade flowers(Common)=16.5 silver coins/each

Take it or leave it Im doing business and not a charity campaign!>

Shane stated, proud about his reply as he left the chat.

He was trying out some gamble and if everything worked both sides would still gain something, As such he still considered that the Corvi race could save spending 25% in vain. He would receive more profit, while the Corvi race had to pay less and only a minute later he received a message.


Nightshade flowers(Trash)= 10.5 silver coins/each

Nightshade flowers(Common)=15.5 silver coins/each>

Was the message content and Shane smiled brightly

<Deal! However, Ill need at least a week to gather more Nightshade flowers, but it will definitely be more than one batch!>

Shane said and left the chat with the Coriv assistant for good, without looking at the several notifications he received.

*On a large planet many galaxies away from Igra*

"ARGHH ORUS!! HE TRICKED ME!!!" One could see a feeble Corvi with deep blue plumage and bloodshot eyes screaming out loudly.

Only after stating the last pricelist, she noticed that his opponent wasn't a new merchant like her master told him, which caused her to be tricked.

Unfortunately, they messaged each other through the system and the price lists they used were special... Once accepted they were bound and if she didn't want to pay a humongous fine, they had to follow the pricelist, she sent Orus.

"ARGGGG" She continued to scream and many Corvi looked at her bewildered.

*DeepMountain shelter*

Shane was smiling when he looked at Umbra but the thought of venturing back to the Shadow-snake valley, gave him chills and he decided to utilize his remaining wealth in the best way to increase his strength over the next few days.

But before he could do anything, he had to purchase a larger Spatial ring, because his 1 cubic meter once wouldn't be large enough to store a few hundred Nightshade flowers.

Fortunately, there was a market inside the DeepMountain shelter with more human-friendly prices compared to the system that scammed him 8 gold coins for a 1 cubic meter spatial ring.

Walking out of the Inn, Shane immediately went to the market, where hundreds of stalls were, selling everything one would need to either cultivate or strengthen oneself.

There were even skill tomes and cultivation manuals found inside DImension ruins, but they couldn't be used by many people because most of them demanded certain physiques or other special means for someone to learn them.

Primordial Dimension ruins were random and they appeared sometimes, somewhere, without giving any prior signs.

Once they appear, multiple races will target these ruins and bloodbaths emerge from the constant killing of each other.

Some of them were temporary and manifested a dimensional rift in order to transport someone into a different plane, that is connected to ruin, while other Dimension ruins, were ancient remains.

Everything from these ruins was said to be exceptionally rare and hard to obtain without paying a huge fortune, sometimes even with enough wealth, it is impossible to receive certain unique resources, items, or special rewards, which turn the ruins worthwhile.

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