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[Monster name <Green Frog> lvl.1 HP: 550 -It can deal +50 damage in each attack and this monster had +20 VIT.]

[Monster skill <Wippy Tongue>: concentrating the strength in a certain position, and releases explosive power by using its tongue]

In front of Yumiro, a green frog with the size of a fighter tank the only monster he needed to fight before he could leave the boss room.

Even the monster's started to struggle on the 500 square meters platform, but its aggressive expression didn't bother him. As he knew that he had the advantage of this match since the monster screen name has a white color, so it means the monster was weaker than him.

"Are out of your mind?! Why you didn't pull out your weapon?!" The blue-haired exclaim to yelled to everyone, as she saw the unhanded young man dashes to the monster's aggression, without being hesitated.

"Just watch him, he will surpass your expectations"

In Roshy's mind, she didn't actually witness Yumiro's true abilities, but she was guaranteed that he will definitely win in this matchup.


Yumiro charged but suddenly he seemed to stops as he wanted to found out how the monster would react in his first move.

"Hmm... The monster didn't react it seems, it wouldn't fight back recklessly."

He took a deep breath then suddenly he dived to the ground, as the green frog elastic tongue expand that could reach his distance and quickly attacked him like a whip.


The monster attack hardly slapped to the ground and the wall. Therefore the platform was surrounded by golden brown thick dust.

After Yumiro regained his footing, he stepped back to couldn't receive damage from the followed-up attack.



He was stunned at the monster tongue, as it started to move widely, aside from that when in its every attack landed onto wall or surface. The tongue trajectory suddenly changed which makes it unpredictable.

Inside the platform, Yumiro couldn't saw anything as the entire place was surrounded by the thick dust. Even the monster was blinded but still its keeps throwing a non-stop massive attack.

"Tch! I must attain a closer distance, but how?" Yumiro crossed his arms as the strong force forcefully pushes him, until his back reached the invisible barrier.

"I can't stay in this sit..."


He couldn't finish his words as the monster's tongue came out from nowhere, then sent him to the mid-air. Because the place was zero visibility, Yumiro wasn't able to see that rapid attack was aimed at him, and as he thought the monster didn't know his precise location.

How he will be survived in this kind of situation? He doesn't have any weapons to defend himself. And all, he was the only one inside the boss room so no one could lend him some help at this point. Only himself, the only person he needed to overcome this situation, or we must say, the best thing he needed to do it was to started his true adventure before the monster gave a chance to drained his health power in an instant.

[Your health power reduced by 30%]

[Grim Draigh HP:196/280]

He seemed to smiles while elevated in the mid-air "Thanks for revealing yourself!"

Yumiro saw a green shiny head of the green frog, then inside of it he completely realized that monster wasn't making a reckless attack. It seemed like he had enough strength to manipulated its true power.


Another attack landed on the rough wall beside the frog statue that in a straightforward position. Once the monster tongue reached the corner, it bounced and shifts its direction to aimed at Yumiro.

"No, I should dodge that attack it's way more dangerous than the other its attacks." He recognized the monster attack suddenly transformed into a hardened tongue that could pierce his body in just blink of an eye. So while in the mid-air he tried to swiftly rotated his body to add some speeds to his landing, as his head points on the surface. Just like a man diving in the sea but in him was different, since he was heading to the ground that could smack him, and bring a lot of damages.


As the monster tongue charged in front of him, Yumiro slowly manipulated his body just to dodge the attack.

"Ah, I miscalculated the attack." The monster's hardened tongue had passed into him, but still, his right shoulder couldn't escape from the damage.

[Your health power reduced by 15%]

[Grim Draigh, HP:154]

[We would like to suggest use one of your HP potions!]

As soon as he slightly saw the surface, he straight forward his arms to stabilize his body from the rapidly landing.


When his hands touched the surface, to didn't shock at the moment also to didn't slapped on the ground. He bent his arms to bounce back the force and regained his footing without taking any added damage.

"That's a close call haha!" Even he drowned in the hard situation Yumiro still could chuckle, as the excitement that he can't explain explode his chest.

"I'll take this seriously." He glimpsed on the bottom left corner of his screen. "I have 30 minutes before I take my medicines."

Every adventurer entered in the Adventure Capital and all the people watching in the real world thrown multiple harsh words against him.

"What do you think you're playing?"

"Why the kangaroo entered the game? Hahaha"

"Don't push yourself too hard still you probably died."

Yumiro can't be escaped from the harsh opinion of everyone but seemed he would not affect him since their comments doesn't appears on his elevated screen.

On the other side, Roshy smirked to everyone as she knew this match already been decided by Grim. She just sat on the surface and confidently said. "Called him now whatever you want, but after this, all of you will take all the harsh words that you said to him."

"Who's that blonded woman?"

"She's kinda beautiful, but she's a weird one."

"We must stay away at her."

All the adventurer said while stared to her in a different way. After they make far distance to her, they immediately focused their attention onto the screen.


[Jumping Axe Kick]

As the monsters attack, Yumiro able to concealed his presence inside the thick dust. Then after he reached the speed he needed, he leaped out of the dust looks like he was walking in the mid-air.


His attack directly landed into the monster's head, but his foot was just absorbed by the green frog. So at the time, his foot can't release at the strong tighten.



"No, let me go!" Yumiro punched the monster's head as he thought, his strength could pull off the situation.



Since the green frog had a high vitality, so it can cover up all the small damages that he made.

"No this bad!" He struggled and struggled as he heard a screeched sound of the green frog feet.


The monster's totally locked down the young man in a certain position, as soon as the green frog leaped Yumiro close his eyes because he will definitely be bumped on the invisible barrier.


Although Yumiro didn't feel any kind of pain, still the moment his back touched on the barrier his mouth released a gleaming particles that seemed to be blood in this world.


He immediately fell to the ground with the damage of 20% that reduced in health power.

[Grim Draigh HP:94/280]

After he regained his footing, Yumiro didn't hesitate to grasp the HP potion out of his inventory. To recover the health power loses to him rapidly.

In each potion, it had just 40% of regeneration effect so he needed two potions to recover his HP in a single time.

[Grim Draigh HP:280/280]

[Remaining HP potion(s): 6/10]

Yumiro glared to the monster when his health power back in its original states, then suddenly he dashes again with the truly intention to annihilate the monster in his front, also the monster started to whip again its tongue.

He repeated the same movements to obtained a closer distance, but this time he slid in the amid of the platform.


[X kick!]

Yumiro decided to use one of his skill he got from the rank-F forest, in what he used to the 13 monsters that he killed in an instant.

Suddenly his limbs on his legs gleamed it looked like all the power of his body transmitted to his legs.

"I don't want to use this skills because I knew it's dangerous but it can't be helped."

His legs involuntarily jumped out with the amazing speed, still, the monster responds in what he did so the monster also used one of its skills.

[Wippy tongue]

The monster tongue also gleamed and rolled it inside to concentrate the power in one position.

And when the time two of them was about to release their powers, the broadcast of the system lost for a second so the adventurer couldn't watch the actual fight.

Yumiro stood up on the monster grave without its head, and beside them there's a glowing green light that appeared, it seemed it was the dropped item.

[Level up!]

[+1 to all attributes]

[+4 free attributes]

[New skill(s) acquired <Physical transmission>]

"You must recruit that man!"

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