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Yumiro stood up and fearlessly yelled in the middle of the battleground, as he accomplished to conquer the situation.

[Monster name: Green frog HP: 1]

He strolled his eyes in the area, looking for the monster's visibility since its enormous body hides from the thick dust created from their last clash.

"There you are, let me end your life so you could rest peacefully." As he found the monster's legs, he promptly to sauntered into the location.

In his walk, he saw the log-out icon was now available on his screen, he then put a big smile on his dusty face. And after that, he grasped the monster claw out of his inventory uses to seize the monster core in the fastest way that he knew.

"It's way larger than the other monster, but I'm not shocked since you had a larger body." In Yumiro's hands, there was a glowing red crystal and the size was the same as the average size of a rugby ball.

Afterward, the thick dust suddenly to passed off and Yumiro slowly had a vision for each corner of the area. The surface had a bit of crack created by their attack earlier, however, Yumiro paused for a second as there's an item that really caught his attention.

He walks beside it to clearly saw the dropped item came from the monster's grave. As soon as he reached the place he raises the item and staring it with curious eyes.

"A ring?" He asked himself while seeing a glittering ring with an average green gem size, it seemed to be jade stones.


A new widescreen flickered to his eyes with the indication of the item details.

[Item name <Asarki Ring>: in every damage, your HP will regenerate by 25% every minute. Then it had +10 Vitality, +50 Physical defense, and +20 magical defense.

"Somehow it's useful for every aspect, fine. I'll wear this ring even it doesn't have a lot of passion." He positioned the ring on his index finger, then walk next to the torches. "Hmm, if I found it isn't useful I'll sell this ring."

[4:20 PM]

Yumiro saw the time on his screen, 10 minutes before the alarmed clock rang his head. "I should log out for now then take those gross medicine, tch!" Before he leaves, Yumiro gazed around just to check if there's an item he didn't notice.

"Okay, log out!" He clicked the logout icon and he vanished from the VR world smoothly, without bringing any difficulty just like what happened to him earlier.


A young woman with ash black-haired seated on the bus, surfing in the social media what she usually does when she's traveling after the school class.

Then she paused from scrolling when the young woman with fluffy red-haired beside her calls her name.

"Amiya do you see the number one trending?"

Amiya slowly shook her head. "Uh, it didn't pass on my feed, what is it Hina?"

Hina showed her smartphone while his index finger hair pointed to the young man with furious eyes.

"Do you see it? I already read all the comments and they said he successfully defeated the green frog boss in the forest." Hina said with a pleasant tone.

"So? There's nothing special about it, since all the adventurer for now could beat that monster."

"I know I know, but there's an interesting part because that man is just level 12."

"What did you say? He must be cheating because the green frog needs at least two level 10 adventurers with an average Zexel, before that monster's completely defeated. Just like what we did."

"You make laughed, Amiya. You know the cheaters don't exist in VR World. but do you remember? When we fought that monster, our health power nearly to die."

Amiya nodded as she agreed to Hina's words. "Yeah, you're right but who's this man? Grim Draigh huh" She frowned as he tries to recall the young man's face. "Sigh, I didn't know him." Because the image was covered by thick dust and only the whiskey eyes were seen in the picture. As a result Amiya having a hard time describing the young man's face.

In the VR world, the creators implement some programs that could change the face of the player a bit or edit their appearance based on how they like. Not to be cool, it just to avoid leaking out the information to those players who wanted to enjoy the game without being harassed in the real world.


Then suddenly all the wealthy businessmen invested in the VR game appeared, as they looked for the new prospect.

"Do all you can! We must recruit the man to join in our side, even we spent millions or billions for him."

"Hurry! Look for that man details!"

"Hey! Posts his pictures on all social media platforms, and offered some money for the man's identity!"

In what I said, they were a group of rich people hiring all the new players for only one goal. And it was to clear the legendary dungeon located to Heaven's Dream, they were the advance parties exist that could clear a high-level dungeon in just one day.

The real reason why they keeps spending millions or billions of money wasn't for the popularity, it was the item the adventurers could bring in the real world if they succeed to clear the Legendary Dungeon.

The legendary Dungeon was well known for all the gamers or adventurers who had attained a higher level, since they had the chance to step on the Heaven's Dream. And the Legendary Dungeon what was businessmen talked about, it was the high dark tower that consists of 120 floors... Then each floor had a high-level monster that the adventurers mostly saw in the dungeon boss in the mainland. How they could defeat the legendary dungeon? If each floor had tough monsters or powerful magic skills that can kill them in just one swipe. Let say they reached the summit of the dungeon, but still, they were not guaranteed they will survive from the legendary boss.


"Ahh! what a boring life? Where's Amiya she still not home?" Yumiro said to his mind while forcefully swallowed his medicines, that he took for several years.

"Speaking of." Yimiro heard the screeched sounds of tires coming from outside of his house so he place his hands on each wheel of his wheelchair and started to push it.

After his room, the way was straight that suitable for his condition. But even he touched the doorknob, the door clicked as the woman in front of him slowly entered and smiles right after she saw him.

"Oh, brother what are you doing?" She said with a honeyed voice, while slowly removing her school shoes.

"I heard the bus has arrived so I plan to open the door for you." He replied.

"Hmm brother you're so sweet but you didn't need to do that for me. Because you must need to focus on yourself."

"But that's the only thing I can do for you, to help you even it's a small thing," He said with a weak tone.

"I understand you brother, I just don't want to give you a hard time." She sighed while pushing his brother back to his room.

"I didn't having a hard time, Amiya. Actually, I'm happy to help you." His wheelchair stopped as the reached his room.

"If you really want too, okay I agree but don't push yourself too hard." She said and helped his brother to lay on the bed.

"Thank you, Amiya!" Then after he saw the VR helmet beside him. He remembered all the questions about the game. "Amiya, I would like to ask some questions, what the equivalent of monsters core in the VR World.

"It depends on the size and the color," She hurriedly replied."I'm sorry brother, but I can't answer your questions for now, because I need to prepare the food for our dinner and review for the exams." She said with a pleasant tone.

"I see... That's okay Amiya I'll ask you next time. just call me if you need anything."

"Thank you brother, I will!" She whirled and planned to leave the room, but she stops as Yumiro called her.

"Amiya, would you let me to play for few more hours while waiting for you?" He held the VR helmet that attempted to wear.

"No problem, but don't forget to get back in 7 enjoy."

<05:00 AM>

"I'll promise, thank you!" After he spits those words Yumiro immediately worn the VR helmet, and tapped the green button to logged in.

The Helmet emitted again a strong radiance what usually the reason why he was always dazzled, when he stepped again into the VR world.


The Adventurer Capital surrounded by the strong adventurer, as they knew the level 13 adventurer possible entered in this place. It seemed they were waited for Yumiro to arrived.

As his vision still didn't recover by the radiance, there's a woman who forcefully tugged him and bring him to other place.

"Who are you?"

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