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The Adventure Capital was surrounded of group adventurers came from the different guild, not to strolled around and it just for the recruitment. They were looked for only the young who had the screen name of Grim Draigh, not for the Zexal he had, it was for the class they really needed to build a new strong party.

As soon as Yumiro's feet stepped on the flat surface there was a blonded woman who tugged him away from the adventurers. It was Roshy, seemingly she waited for Yumiro to arrive since she has the reliability to tell if he was online. The reason was after they were leaving the rank-F she asked Grim to become his friend in the VR World, and he accepted it without thinking too much.

"Come on you're not safe here," She murmured to couldn't get the attention of all the adventurers busy gazing around.

"Roshy? Don't touch me I'm not comfortable with it." He quickly recognized the blonded woman as she was the only woman who had blonde hair that he knew.

"You're so nitpicky, just endure it for now." To couldn't resist she covered Yumiro's mouth by using her hands to assure that she could bring the young man to a safe place.

"Yof canf talk." As he had strength, Yumiro easily pulled Roshy's hands and complete his words in a much clearer way. "You can talk to me without forcing me." He said with a weak tone as he couldn't know how to speak in a larger tone.

"I don't have enough time to explain, just follow me."

He frowned but still followed Roshy in her way. In his mind, they were inside the safe zone if she commits anything that against the rules she will probably immediately ban from the game.

They entered at the fence where Yumiro's sat beside it before. After they were passed the place was enveloped by the colorful flowers, and there's a straight path headed to the spacious place where the only you could see were the trees and numerous birds were chirping around.

"Why you do actually bring me here?" He gazed around with a stolid expression.

"This is how you say thank you? From the person who saved your peaceful life." She confidently said with a bit widened of her mouth.

"Saving from what?" He asked but still the same expression.

"From the adventurers, what do you think of it? I'm a reliable party member, right?" She had an excellent idea but for her sake.

"I didn't know what you're talking about, but I guess you're just wasting time. That I'm sure I enjoy it right now." He whirled around planning to leave the place, as the reason why he logged again was just to change the monster's core from the currency in the VR World. Nevertheless, Roshy still stopped him.

"Wait! I'm saying the truth, those adventurers in the main entrance are waiting for you. What like I did."

"Can you say your words more specifically? So each one of us could proceed in our important business." Even he know it was rude to speak in that kind of way, still he continued since didn't know if this woman had a bad intention for him. He keeps doing this kind of attitude for a purpose. To dislike by everyone so no one would like try to approach him, as he wasn't wanted to taste again the fate he felt 4 years ago.

But on the other hand, even Roshy felt irritated at how the man acted in front of her still, she handle the situation calmly.

"Fine, those adventurers are waiting for you because they wanted to recruit you from their guilds."

"Recruitment? Why?" He answered back and this time he felt Roshy wasn't lying.

"It seems you're interested, why we should seat at that place so we could have a nice conversation." She pointed her index finger under the huge tree with scenery of sunset.

He nodded signs that he agreed. "Okay, just a few minutes." He slowly followed Roshy walking in front of him.

Afterward, Roshy reclined her back on the tree while facing the beautiful sunset where the breeze feels so relaxing the could set the mood.

"What are you waiting for? Why you didn't take a seat." She said with her head lift a bit looking at Yumiro's face.

He glanced in a different direction, as he felt shies to stared by the beautiful woman. "N...No I'm okay in my position. And now let's get back where our conversation ended." He swiftly shifted the flow of the conversation, to didn't found that he stuttered in his first word.

"Okay, this is all starts from your fight earlier I thought you already know since you logged out."

"My last fight? The monster had a white screen name, why I broke some rules?" He said with weak tone.

At this time, Roshy wasn't surprised that green frog had a color screen name for him. As she fully knew what the capabilities of his Zexel.

"Do you even listening? I said recruitment, but that's right the reason is from your last fight. Because the system suddenly broadcast your fight, I don't know the precise reason it might be bugged or true intentions."

"Then, why they want to recruit me? I just fight an ordinary monster, also, there are a lot of strong adventurers other than me. You must be kidding."

"No! I'm stating the fact, that you fight the green frog even you're below lvl.20 adventurer."

Then he slowly realized what Roshy's plotting at this time. In his mind, after he awakened his Zexel all the base att in his stats multiply by 2 so it means when the time he reached the lvl.10 he could actually able to fight a monster also reached the second evolution.

"I guess you figured out." She said as she saw him contemplated at the sunset.

His happiness inside his chest made him took a deep breath as he wasn't comfortable seeing by everyone to smile.

"If that's good news then why you stopped me?"

Roshy stood up beside him. "It just to warn you, because from now on you will face hard circumstances."

"Like what?" He asked.

She sighed of willingness. "Since everyone's was looking for you so it means a lot of players will try to stop you from leveling or to be more precise they might try to PK you."

He was already aware in terms of PK and also know why was the reason since he experiences that kind of situation 4 years ago. "Envy" the most precise word to describe how people act if the person achieved accomplishment in life. To be more specifics, they were those people who were not contented with who really they are, and not satisfy if they couldn't bring down the person who even done anything wrong to them.

"Then what should I do?" He asked as he can't let the new chance slips again by his hands.

Roshy stared at him while raising his two fingers. "You only have 2 options, and the rest will depend on your progress."

"What is it? Can you tell me?" He said with a shy tone as he felt embarrassed at how she disrespects the woman earlier.

"The 2 options that I mention are just my suggestion. Still, do you want to know?" She had a malicious smile on her face, as she completely got Yumiro's attention.

"Yes, even it's a suggestion I would like to know."

"Okay, okay, but I have one favor that I know you can fulfill." She strolled around and tapping her wrist with her index finger.

"What is it? I'll try to do whatever you like." He tried to step closer to her but still anticipated.

In Roshy's mind, Grim bait in her plan and it was going well. "It's just simple, let's made again a party."

Of course, he accepted her favor as he thought this woman could help him in every aspect. And aside from that, she had more knowledge about the game.

"Okay, I accept just let me know about the 2 options."

"Then if this already settled, the first option you can try is to log out for several days it will help you to not being scouts and avoid checking your log-in time. If you do that, they might think that you're not an active player, so they'll lost their interest in you in the meantime while you busy from leveling. And the second option is to fix your character customization, it's all about your character appearance so it can lessen from getting so much attraction. It will be easy if we could change your screen name but isn't allowed."

He fully understands the two options, but since it was the first time to played an RPG game, he was confused about the character's customization or how it will work.

"Character customization how I possibly do that?"

"It's easy don't worry, it just places on the character settings, and since we are level 10 it's already unlocked." She opens her function screen and shows how she do that.

"Now I understand, I'll do it right now." He would not waste any time to uses the character function.

The sunset expires but two of them remained in the same position. However, the light in his elevated screen beamed through his eyes.

[Welcome to the character function! Do you like to have a big change?]

[Yes] [No]

"Yes." After he clicked the yes sign another tab flashes in his eyes.

[Remember: When you customizing your character you only had one chance. So you must be careful.]

He accepted again the terms as that was the right option to do in his situation.




Hairstyle: Short hair ponytail

Hair color: White silver hair

Face shape: Diamond shape

Eyes shape: Monolid eyes

Eyes color: Red eyes

Skin tone: Pale skin


Body size: Average body

Height: 180 cm


He drained all of his time before he finished the final character customization. His body was just enveloped by the glowing light particles, then when it finished his new appearance showed.

Seeing his new appearance in the mirror function of the system. Even himself couldn't believe who was the man standing in front of him.

"Wow, the game never stops to impress me." He said in a weak tone, and with the thought to take also the first option.

Even Roshy was quite impressed with his new appearance still she stopped him from attempting to log out and share her plan. "Hey! Wait for a second, before you log out tell me when do you plan to come back." She asked with a malicious smile.

He stared at Roshy, "Okay, let's meet up again in this place after 2 days." 2 days for him was quite long so it was the maximum that he couldn't play.

"Okay then it settled, let's get stronger to step on Heaven's Domain."


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