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The Task Hall was another facility within the territory of the Monk Clan, it was of a smaller size than the one where people went to exchange their Contribution Points, but it was as filled with people as the other.

Frank and Matsuo hurriedly entered the building as they were greeted by many people, most of the people were resting around tables while enjoying delicious classical Japanese food and sake, a wine made with rice.

The moment Frank glanced around, a few gazes were instantly directed towards him although he feels no ominous presence, the gazers were quite heavy, nonetheless.

"Oh? Is that the new kid?"

"Indeed, he is Frank, was it? He seems to be a very talented 'Gaia's Gifted',"

"I heard that he can not only Heal but use offensive spells?"

"Oh yeah, he's quite the good offensive sorcerer for such a young kid,"

"If Matsuo-kun trusts him so much, he must really be a talented kid!"

"He hasn't even been a week here, why do you trust him so much?"

"For all we talk, the brat could be even a spy from another clan!"

"Don't talk stupid things! The Great Ancestor personally put a crest on him, she would have already noticed if he were a spy from another clan, idiot!"

"Just a kid with a few offensive spells, what's so special about that?"

"Hm, I guess he's quite overhyped,"

"Man, you suddenly became the topic of conversation, you're quite popular," laughed Matsuo.

"Ugh, let's get this done with, it is a bit annoying" said Frank.

Frank and Matsuo walked towards the front desks as they were greeted by a familiar face.

"Ah, but if it isn't Matsuo and Frank!" said a young girl.

"Hm? Hinata-san?" asked Frank.

"Oh? Fancy seeing you here," said Matsuo.

"You work in here too?" asked Frank.

"Why yes, the Elders of the Clan appreciate my knowledge and charisma, so they had given me a vast array of works around the Clan~! Hehe, the pay is pretty good, actually! And I don't have to risk my life for it!" said Hinata with a cheeky grin.

"Lucky you" said Frank.

"Well, I would never be able to work as much as her though, she's a bit insane," said Matsuo.

"Hey! I only work twenty hours a day!" said Hinata.

"You what?" asked Frank.

"Sheesh! Anyways, what did you come from? Did you come to do a Task with Frank-kun, Matsuo?" asked Hinata.

"That's right, I brought him here to show him how the Task is chosen and all of that," said Matsuo.

"Hm~ I see, I see~ Very well then, I will sort off available Tasks that are fitting for this young little hatchling," said Hinata.

"Hatchling?!" asked Frank.

"Hehe, here, take a look at this ~," said Hinata, as Frank and Matsuo's Monk Clan Crest on their hands glowed brightly, showing the same ethereal scroll, which extended over two meters long, showing many tasks written within.

"You can check the details for each task by tapping it with your fingers! Nice, isn't it? Our Great Ancestor really thought about everything!" said Hinata.

"Amazing So many tasks Monster Subjugation, Assassination Investigation, Spiritual Herb Gathering, Monster Subjugation, Monster Subjugation- Wait, what?! Assassination Investigation?!" asked Frank.

"Oh, those! Yeah, they are part of the tasks of our clan! We are a clan of righteous people that serve justice and seek the wellbeing of the Japanese population, Frank. Those tasks are to investigate recent assassinations and find the culprits, who are often related to the Underworld! There have been a few cases of an assassin killing people horribly each day That person is incredibly hard to find because we have been looking for him for a while Well, there are easier ones too, but for now, something like Monster Subjugation should be enough for a newbie like you," said Matsuo.

"Sounds good to me I am not a detective or anything, so I wouldn't truly know what to do in such tasks," said Frank.

"Hm, let's pick this one Yokai Subjugation near an abandoned shrine, good enough," said Matsuo.

"Ooh~! That one has been sitting for months now. I guess it has been ignored due to its simplicity In the outskirts of the city, there are many abandoned shrines within mountains, one of them had been recently become a nest for Yokai, which are tormenting the nearby villages, although normal people cannot do much against Yokai, so most of the people there ran away or moved out Sigh, this is why most of our farmlands are being abandoned now, the influx of monsters had increased these last one hundred years," said Hinata.

"So Yokai is the reason behind people moving all into the city?" asked Frank.

"Kind of, there are also way more opportunities for them in the city than in the outskirts of Japan And well, it is not like the Police can do anything against Yokai, right? They can only be exterminated by special people like us, from the Underworld. And well, we Monks are well known to be exorcists of evil spirits, such as Yokai! So we will make sure to live up for our names, right?" said Matsuo.

"I guess so Sound fun. (As long as I can get some level ups or some drop items I'm all for it)" said Frank.

"What are the rewards?" asked Frank.

"Oh Hm~! If you manage to exterminate twenty Yokai, it is five thousand Contribution Points, and if you manage to completely clean the shrine and beat the Yokai Boss, you will get the full prize of fifteen Contribution Points, there will also be an Exorcism Technique Book as a bonus on my side because I know that you can easily learn Skills, fufu~" said Hinata.

"Ah, thanks a lot, Hinata-san," said Frank.

"You can keep all the rewards, I am just going to supervise you and help you out a bit more than anything. I will be just your guide around it. I expect you to do these things by yourself shortly," said Matsuo.

"Sure, let's go," said Frank.


[You accepted the [Monster Subjugation: Defeat the Yokai from the Abandoned Shrine!] Clan Task!]

"All done, the task should now appear in your crests. You have 24 hours to complete the task before you fail it and need to come to accept it again here. Sorry about that but that's how rules are!" said Hinata.

"Yeah, don't worry, we'll do it in a flash anyways," said Matsuo.

"By the way, what are Yokai Bosses? Like literally Bosses from games?" asked Frank.

"Hahaha, if you put it that way, kind of. They are special Yokai that appear in contaminated places where a Domain that produces monsters had appeared. They are usually stronger than the rest of the Yokai and bring upon more Yokai through their powers. If you defeat them, you can easily destroy the Domain that they bring with themselves and end the whole nest," said Frank.

"So there are things like those I suppose we should aim for that guy then?" asked Frank.

"Bingo. Now let's get going, it's a big trip so we'll go flying," said Matsuo.

"Wait, flying?" asked Frank.

Matsuo and Frank went outside of the Clan's territory as Matsuo suddenly created a large Domain that covered a big space around them.

"We can move through this domain, and people should not be able to notice us. And about flying, it is this thing, Seraphin Wings," said Matsuo, quickly conjuring a Spell on Frank as large, yellow gold-colored wings made entirely out of an ethereal essence emerged from within Frank's back!

"W-What?!" asked Frank.

"Ah, surprised? This is a Light Attribute Flying Spell named Seraphin Wings, it creates wings that feed upon your mana to exist, they can help you out fly in the air well, that is obvious. Most mages or sorcerers always have a flying spell to travel more efficiently!" said Matsuo.

"Amazing, senpai I should really get to create a spell-like that or learn one through a book?" wondered Frank.

"Well If you can create spells so easily, maybe making one would be cheaper, but for now, let us get going. Seraphin Wings,"

Matsuo conjured the spell on himself as wings grew from his back, beginning to flap them, he flew through the skies at an incredible speed alongside Frank, who was very clumsily adapting to the high heights.

"Flying is cool and all but these wings look a bit a bit ridiculous," thought Frank with a bitter smile. He was now dead set to get something simpler for a flying spell, such as a simple spell that could let him float. Although he was able to produce a bit of wind with Gust, it was not near enough to carry his entire body in the air.


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