Home Supreme Conquering SystemChapter 3473

"It's not that I don't let it, but I can't..."

Master Ling Tian looked at the many imperial artifacts in the scarlet fireball and gave a wry smile.

As a refiner, how does he not want these imperial artifacts to complete the transformation? Which one of these imperial artifacts did not cost him a lot of effort before it could be made.

Unable to transform successfully, his heart is full of sorrow.

"Can't...because of the third elder of the Qilin tribe?"

Qin Yi's eyes moved.

"Exactly, the three elders have set up a big deception formation in this small world, and it is impossible to cause Thunder Tribulation."

Master Lingtian sighed lightly, looking lonely.

With the power of the overlord of the heavens in the ninth realm, it is simply not too easy to seal a small world.

Unless the power of the same level makes a move, with the power of Master Lingtian and many emperor weapons themselves, there is no possibility of breaking the deception formation.


For a craftsman, it is so sad that the imperial crafts forged by himself cannot be completely transformed.

But no matter how sad, what can He do?

The situation is pressing!

In the Qilin Clan, the Qilin Clan is far stronger than him, how can he resist the Qilin Clan?

Of course, it is not that he has never thought of leaving the Qilin clan, but in his current situation, even this small world can't leave, so how to leave the Qilin clan.

"I don't know Master Lingtian, why did you offend the third elder of the Qilin tribe?"

Qin Yi asked curiously.

He was curious as to why this Qilin Clan's first master craftsman was not only demoted to the foot of the Qilin Mountain, but even, in order to prevent Master Lingtian from crafting crafts, the three elders personally took action and set up a deceiving formation.

"Several epochs ago, the three elders broke through the ninth realm and became the overlord of the heavens. At that time, the three elders sought out the elders and wanted to refine an imperial weapon.

The old man did not agree and offended the three elders. "

Master Lingtian shook his head and sighed slightly.

It was precisely because he was unwilling to refine tools for the three elders that he had just landed in such a field.

However, even once again, Master Lingtian could not agree to the three elders.

"Oh? What imperial weapon does the three elders refining?"

Qin Yi narrowed his eyes slightly, and his doubts became deeper.

It's just an emperor, why would Master Lingtian refuse the request of the three elders of the Qilin clan?

As the first master craftsman of the Qilin clan, Master Lingtian refining imperial weapons for the Qilin clan powerhouse is quite normal.

"The Three Elders want to refine the Tower of Ten Thousand Spirits."

As if seeing Qin Yi's doubts, Master Lingtian sighed.

"The Tower of All Souls?"

Qin Yi's pupils shrank, and he instantly understood why Master Lingtian refused.

The Tower of All Souls.

Among the heavens and all realms, a famous imperial weapon.

The reason why its fame is so huge is not because it is an imperial weapon that has reached the quasi-tianzun level.

But because the process of refining this imperial weapon is too cruel!

The origin of the refining method of the Wanling Demon Tower is unknown. The rumor comes from the Nine Nether Abyss, the Nether Hell, or a certain demon **** from the heavens and ten thousand realms.

The initial method of refining the Tower of All Souls is the same as that of a normal imperial weapon.

But in order to successfully refine the last step of the Tower of All Souls, removing the baptism of thunder tribulation, it also requires the flesh and soul of hundreds of millions of creatures as sacrifices, so that the Tower of All Souls can be transformed successfully!

All spirits are blood sacrifices to cast magic towers!

This is the reason why the Tower of All Souls is so famous. Few strong people will refine the Tower of All Souls.

Even the refining method of the Pagoda of All Souls has been wiped out by Buddhism and many self-righteous strong men.


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Chapter 765: The Power Of Qin Jun Crushed The Three Million Army Chapter 766: Three Million Army Defeated Chapter 767: Lonely Wait Stop Chapter 768: Three Million Troops Kneel Down And Never Return Chapter 769: Post War Report Chapter 770: Four Star Army And State Wolf Riding Chapter 771: Sign The Master And Servant Contract Chapter 772: The Wonder Of All The Heavens Chapter 773: Young King Your Subordinate Is Being Suppressed Chapter 774: Shock Of The Venerables Chapter 775: King's Landing Yunluo City Chapter 776: Wang Jun Is Here The Thief Will Be Arrested Soon Chapter 777: Peerless Goddess Lin Yunxue Chapter 778: Virgin Of The Ice Palace Chapter 779: Lin Yunxue's Exclamation Chapter 780: Pretend To Be In Front Of The Young King Chapter 781: Isn't It Just Looking For Death Chapter 782: Death Is Imminent Still Clamoring Chapter 783: With The Four Elephant Gate I Also Want To Make This Monarch Fearful Chapter 784: Wait How Can You Know The Young Mans Hole Cards? Chapter 785: What You Step On Is Their Corpse Chapter 786: Yo Wang Jun They Made You Kneel Down For Death Chapter 787: Young King They Still Want To Shoot You Chapter 788: You Take A Punch Chapter 789: Step On It Arrogant Lingyun Chapter 790: You Waited To Save Him And Stepped On It Chapter 791: The Old Man Is Just An Old Slave Beside Wang Jun Chapter 792: Heaven And Man Are Slaves Cut The Enemy With One Sword Chapter 793: Step On The World The Sword Points To The Four Elephants Chapter 794: The Great Formation Of The Green Prison The Trapped King Chapter 795: Yo Young King You Turned A Dragon Chapter 796: Yo The Four Elephant Gate Still Has Cards Chapter 797: What's The Use Of Hole Cards? Chapter 798: True Dragons Denounced As Thunder Called Clouds And Rain Chapter 799: I Can Be A Real Dragon Chapter 800: Without Losing The Glory No One Can Commit A Crime And Die Chapter 801: The Wrath Of The Master Of The Four Elephant Gate Chapter 802: Poor Sixiangmen Chapter 803: Wang Juns Anger The Four Elephant Gate Shattered Chapter 804: Several Venerables You Can Prepare For Death Chapter 805: Sword Out Break Through Chapter 806: Everyone Have You Forgotten Madara Chapter 807: Buddhist Relics Chapter 808: This Bald Donkey Is Really Shameless Chapter 809: Ah Boy You Let The Bald Donkey Run Away Chapter 810: Yo Young King You Have No More Killing Points Chapter 811: Our Slogan Is Kill All Move All Grab All Chapter 812: Young King Bang That Mountain Range Chapter 813: The Mountains Are Leveled By You Lord Wang Chapter 814: Listen To Fengwei's Actions Chapter 815: Qingzhou Is Terrifying Stunning The World Chapter 816: Unfalling Power Chapter 817: Yo Wang Jun Once Again Sleeping Together Chapter 818: Small Morning Assembly Chapter 819: Qin Yi's Generous Reward Chapter 820: Ximan Dongman Northern Moon Southern Moon Chapter 821: Do Not Fall Into The Dynasty When The People Are In Harmony Chapter 822: Boy Your Allure Sister Is Here Chapter 823: The World Is Complicated Should Be Compliant Chapter 824: The Envoy Of The Boundless Dynasty Chapter 825: There Are People Behind Jiuxiao Mountain Chapter 826: The Soft Service Of The Western Chu Dynasty Chapter 827: Five Times The Supplies Is Not Enough Chapter 828: The Two Sages Who Dont Fall Are Very Idle Chapter 829: Teenager Someone Wants Revenge Chapter 830: Everything Is Under The Control Of The King Chapter 831: Two Sons Like A Giant Chapter 832: The Strongest Man In The World White Beard Chapter 833: Three Golden Lions Chapter 834: Ryoma A Powerful Weapon You Deserve It Chapter 835: The Fate That Is About To Fall On Ryoma Chapter 836: Ryoma About To Be Devastated Chapter 837: Angry Ryoma Chapter 838: Boy Ryoma Is Going To Attack You Chapter 839: Its Impossible To Attack A Teenager Chapter 840: Yo Boy You Have Another Pet Chapter 841: The System's Compensation Is Still Hot Chapter 842: The Journey Of The Crime World Officially Set Off Chapter 843: Ah A Group Of Poor People In Danger Chapter 844: Yo You Guys Are Going To Work Hard Chapter 845: What's The Use Of Desperate? Chapter 846: Everything Needs A Teenager To Save The Field Chapter 847: No The Boy Is Now A Senior Chapter 848: Brain Tonic Is A Disease And Must Be Cured Chapter 849: When Do People Look For Death Chapter 850: What Kind Of Thing Are You You Also Match The Son Chapter 851: Emmm There Are Conspiracies Chapter 852: Taste Tea Taste Fragrance Taste Beauty Chapter 853: What The System Says Makes Sense And The Boy Is Speechless Chapter 854: Born Into A Blue Dragon Body You Should Hold The Sanctuary Chapter 855: This System Has Already Seen Everything Chapter 856: Son Someone Is Threatening You Chapter 857: The Arrogant Qian Family Assassin Chapter 858: Son These People Have Been Provoking You Chapter 859: Provoking My Son Then Blow Chapter 860: Feixuan Go My Son Take You To Kill Chapter 861: Crisis Of The Qiu Family Chapter 862: Son Someone Looks Down On You Chapter 863: Ask Master Ye To Save My Qiu Family Chapter 864: If Your Mouth Is Cheap You Should Palm Your Mouth Chapter 865: The Same Pothole Familiar Slap Chapter 866: Those Who Offend The Son Should Be Killed Chapter 867: The Ancestor Of The Qian Family The First Swordsman In The Barren Land Chapter 868: Son Someone Wants To Kill You Chapter 869: The Son Makes You Kneel You Kneel Down Chapter 870: The Son Makes You Kneel You Must Kneel Down Chapter 871: Qians Background Is A Bit Hungry Chapter 872: My Money Family Is Hanging Chapter 873: You Are So Powerful Cut It With One Sword Chapter 874: Point Out Blood Splatter Death Chapter 875: The End Of The Qian Family Chapter 876: My Son Wants To Be The Master Of The Deserted City Chapter 877: Ye Gongzi Lord Of The Deserted City Chapter 878: Shock Of Sin Chapter 879: The Fear Of The Barren Court Chapter 880: Desolate King's Determination Chapter 881: Female Family System Chapter 882: Bewitched By The System You Have To Be Firm When You Are Young Chapter 883: Summon Weapons Again Chapter 884: The Treasure Of Luck The Emperor's Order Chapter 885: The Difference Between The Mountain And River Map And The Emperor's Order Chapter 886: The Horror Of The Emperor's Order Chapter 887: The King Of Desolation Strikes Chapter 888: My Son Please Go Down And Tell Wang Jun Chapter 889: Brain Tonic Is A Disease Chapter 890: Surprised Or Not Surprised Chapter 891: Terran People Knock On Terran Gods Chapter 892: A Word From The Gods Can Rule Life And Death Chapter 893: Tianpeng God Is Coming Chapter 894: Heavenly Peng God Aloft Chapter 895: I Human Race Can Try To Kill The Gods Chapter 896: Wipe Away The Dust And Rebuild Jianxin Chapter 897: Mitsuo Mitsuo Teruha Yamakawa Chapter 898: Please Human Gods Shelter My Human Race And Rebuild The Boundless Chapter 899: Dictate The Sky Chapter 900: My Son Wants To Kill You Here Chapter 901: A Beast Worthy Of Calling Himself A God Chapter 902: The So Called Gods I Will Step On It Chapter 903: Tianpeng God Die Chapter 904: Three Demon Gods Descend Chapter 905: Purple Sun Rises High Shone Through Mountains And Rivers Chapter 906: Disrespectful To Heaven Chapter 907: Punch Into The Sky Hit The Sun And The Moon Chapter 908: One Punch Can Kill The World Monsters Chapter 909: Taking Blood As Ink The Courage Of The Human Race Chapter 910: Emperor Chapter 911: Shameless Chapter 912: Human Hatred Chapter 913: The Barren Cave Sky Is About To Be Destroyed Chapter 914: The Son Is Not Happy Stepping Out Of The Barren Chapter 915: The Demon Race In The Deserted Cave Shows Up Chapter 916: Hold The Void In Your Hand Shake A Thousand Chapter 917: Void Is Like Cloth Ruining Mountains And Mountains Chapter 918: Destroy Eagle Kun God Chapter 919: Step On The Corpse Chapter 920: Four Feathered Demons Chapter 921: Insult Our Lord Kill Chapter 922: All Blow Up Chapter 923: White Beard Blow Everything Up Chapter 924: Barren Cave Sky Extinct Chapter 925: Terran Shock Chapter 926: Yaozuhui Youming Chapter 927: Yaozu's Contempt Chapter 928: The Shock Of The Yaozu Chapter 929: Yaozu's Decision Chapter 930: The Background Of The Evil Demon Race Chapter 931: Hidden Undercurrent Chapter 932: Qin Dynasty Chapter 933: The Emperor Of Qin Ye Tian Chapter 934: Heaven Breaking Pill Chapter 935: The Origin Of The King Of Yin And Yang Chapter 936: Pressure Of The Desolate King Chapter 937: He Is The Emperor He Is In Charge Of The Sin World Chapter 938: I Want The World Without Demons Chapter 939: Another Characteristic Of The Emperor's Order Chapter 940: Qiu Feixuan Blue Dragon Body Chapter 941: The Broken Purple House The Blue Dragon Comes Out Chapter 942: Transformation In Progress Chapter 943: There Are Women In Daqin Who Should Ascend The Throne Chapter 944: The Horror Of The Blue Dragon Body Chapter 945: Divine Body Division Chapter 946: Self Confidence Chapter 947: The Monster Race Chapter 948: So Called Rape Chapter 949: Half Step Emergence Is It Amazing? Chapter 950: Your Majestys Men Are All Feathered Chapter 951: Nether King Shot Chapter 952: Unyielding Da Qin Chapter 953: Huanghuang Family No Longer Succumb Chapter 954: Raise A Three Foot Sword To Fight The Demon Chapter 955: Human Ambitions Are As Hot As Fire Chapter 956: So Sad We Hate Chapter 957: Human Race Has Hatred Chapter 958: Human Emperor Pro Yao Clan Minister Chapter 959: Invincible King Chapter 960: Demon Refining Array Chapter 961: The Composure Of Venerable Xuanyang Chapter 962: Domineering King Chapter 963: The Power Of Venerable Xuanyang Chapter 964: Fist Galaxy Chapter 965: The Powerful King Chapter 966: Dozens Of Feathers One Sword Is Enough Chapter 967: A Sword Of Light And Cold No More Than Dozens Chapter 968: One Body Of Faith One Person Chapter 969: Generous System Rewards Chapter 970: Venerable Xuan Yang's Wry Smile Chapter 971: No Reason Just Slap You Chapter 972: Look In My Eyes Chapter 973: The Back Hand Of The Dark Lord Sacrifices To A World Chapter 974: But Qin Yi Has A System Chapter 975: The Void Metropolitan Formation Is Under My Control Chapter 976: Chaotic Turbulence Chapter 977: He Is A Man Who Wants To Conquer The World Chapter 978: Ding Host Are You Awake? Chapter 979: Eternal Killing God Bai Qi Chapter 980: Four Star Legion Daqin Iron Cavalry Chapter 981: Host Surprise Or Surprise Chapter 982: Miscarriage Pills You Deserve It Chapter 983: The Shock Of The Forces Of The Sin World Chapter 984: Daqin Iron Horse Out Chapter 985: Slaughter Chapter 986: Go To Daqin Chapter 987: I Am Waiting To Respect The Great Qin And Unify The Sin World Chapter 988: Dominate A Realm Respect As A Dynasty Chapter 989: Change The Gate To Daqin Academy Chapter 990: The King Smiled And Moved The Mountains And Rivers Chapter 991: Those Who Do Not Respect The Will Die Chapter 992: Slap And Give A Sweet Date Chapter 993: Qin Yi The Lord Of The Sin World Chapter 994: Ten Years Without Falling Chapter 995: Sharpen The Foundation Chapter 996: Kaiqiao Point Chapter 997: Adultization Chapter 998: Real Dragon Roars The Sky Shocking Qingzhou Chapter 999: Body Like A War Weapon Comparable To Heaven Chapter 1000: Repair Base Skyrocketing Chapter 1001: Exit Chapter 1002: Chapter 1003: The Development Of The Dynasty Chapter 1004: Do Not Fall The Dynasty Thirst For War Chapter 1005: Tianjiao Conference Chapter 1006: Eclosion Ceremony Chapter 1007: The Necessary Leisure Is Still Very Important Chapter 1008: Gale From Qingzhou Chapter 1009: The Growth Of Tianjiao Chapter 1010: The Nature Of Tianjiao Chapter 1011: Knelt Down Chapter 1012: Heaven Is Second The Red Beard Chapter 1013: I Do Not Fall Under The Dominance Of The Dynasty Chapter 1014: Insult Me and Never Let Anyone Fall Regardless Of The Reason Cut It All Chapter 1015: Wood Show In The Forest Wind Will Destroy It Chapter 1016: The Alliance Of All Forces In Qingzhou Chapter 1017: Wang Jun Came You Waited To Kneel Down Chapter 1018: You Are Threatening Ben Jun Chapter 1019: The More Domineering King Chapter 1020: The Calm Before The Big Event Chapter 1021: Tianjiao Conference Chapter 1022: Do Not Fall Princess Xiyue Qilin Goddess Chapter 1023: Qilin Sacred Fire Everything Is Burnt Chapter 1024: Tianjiao Conference Ended Chapter 1025: Eclosion Ceremony Kai Chapter 1026: Watching Him Raise A Tall Building Banquet Guests The Building Collapsed Chapter 1027: Thousands Of People Shout Congratulate Wang Jun Chapter 1028: Storm Is Coming Chapter 1029: The Forces Of Jiuxiao Mountain Are Coming Chapter 1030: Unworthy Chapter 1031: Fourteen Feathering Chapter 1032: See You Again Chapter 1033: Zhongzhou University Intervenes Chapter 1034: Jun Anger Dragon Out Chapter 1035: True Dragon Turns Into Golden River Chapter 1036: Eight Thousand Li In The Sky Ninety Thousand Zhang Jinhe Chapter 1037: So What Chapter 1038: Emperor Huanghuang Weeping And Pasturing The Sky Chapter 1039: Wang Jun You Have Turned The Dragon Again Chapter 1040: The Power Of The Real Dragon Chapter 1041: Everyone's Shock Chapter 1042: Goodbye Relic Chapter 1043: One Bite At A Time Chapter 1044: Nine Heavens In The Sky Spiritual Heaven Chapter 1045: Attention The King Has Arrived Chapter 1046: Swallow In One Bite Fierce And Powerful Chapter 1047: Words Do Not Speculate War Chapter 1048: Three Day Treasure Wheel Wangjun Crisis Chapter 1049: Three Day Treasure Wheel Chapter 1050: Oh These Three Day Treasure Wheels Are So Good Chapter 1051: Has Qingzhou Ended? Chapter 1052: You Have Sacred Objects I Also Have Sacred Objects Chapter 1053: The Bell Rings Three Times And The Dust Settles Chapter 1054: The Difference Between The Three Day Treasure Wheel And The Falling Soul Clock Chapter 1055: The Depression Of The Forces In Qingzhou Chapter 1056: Disgusting Chapter 1057: Slay The Enemy And Return On The Stars Chapter 1058: What? Are You Dumb? Chapter 1059: Reappearance Chapter 1060: Yo Another Force Is Coming Chapter 1061: I'm Waiting For Congratulations Chapter 1062: Crowned The Lord Of Qingzhou Chapter 1063: No Life In The Future Chapter 1064: Night Party Group Members Chapter 1065: Immortal 72 Counties Chapter 1066: What Should I Do If The Three Day Treasure Wheel Cannot Be Used Chapter 1067: Ten Thousand Buddhism Eight Treasure Arhats Chapter 1068: Suppress Babao And Transform Baolun Chapter 1069: Ten Thousand Buddhism Eight Treasure Arhats Chapter 1070: The Wrath Of The Babao Arhat Chapter 1071: Low Hallows Thunder Mirror Chapter 1072: Mood Or Something No Problem Chapter 1073: Xuanyuanbai Chapter 1074: The Plan Of The Yin And Yang Sage Chapter 1075: The Metamorphosis Of Wang Jun's Dragon Sword Chapter 1076: Power Transfer First Take Control Of Qingzhou Chapter 1077: Qin Yaya's Challenge Chapter 1078: My Little Princess My Little Ancestor Chapter 1079: The Unformed King Chapter 1080: Everyone Worships And Never Falls Chapter 1081: The Thinking Of Everyone In Qingzhou Chapter 1082: The Choice Wang Jun Gave You Chapter 1083: System You Successfully Choked Wang Jun Again Chapter 1084: Visited Qingzhou In The South Feng Chan Taixu Chapter 1085: The Wind And Clouds Will Open The Curtain Will Open Chapter 1086: Disdain Of Zhongzhou Warriors Chapter 1087: The Shock Brought By Habayashi Chapter 1088: Invisible Slaps Are The Most Deadly Chapter 1089: Deterrence Chapter 1090: Fist Half Holy Strikes Chapter 1091: Provocation Of The Thief Chapter 1092: Taixu Mountain Ceremony Of Conferring Zen Kai Chapter 1093: Ten Thousand Buddhism Twelve Semi Saints Chapter 1094: The Curtain Will Fall Not Afraid To Fight Chapter 1095: Desperate Situation Chapter 1096: Thunder Mirror Half Holy Thunder Chapter 1097: The Defeat Of The Thunder Mirror Chapter 1098: Wang Jun Your Generals Are Dying Tragically One By One Chapter 1099: Unbeatable Enemy Chapter 1100: Blood Sheds The Sky The Soul Falls Chapter 1101: Weeping Blood And Crying Moths To The Fire Chapter 1102: On The Eve Of Wang Jun's Outbreak Chapter 1103: Mountains And Rivers Map Thousands Of Miles Of Mountains And Rivers Chapter 1104: Today There Is A King Who Orders Mountains And Rivers To Fight Against The Enemy Chapter 1105: Wang Jun Was Furious And Sent You To Huangquan Road Chapter 1106: Cause And Effect Wang Juns Mistake Chapter 1107: Buddhist Sacred Artifacts Xujin Mountain Chapter 1108: To Shake To Shake Crush Forever Chapter 1109: One Person Becomes The Emperor Chapter 1110: War Bgm Is Ringing For The King Chapter 1111: Arhat Goes To The Sky The Eight Treasures Follow Chapter 1112: Thousands Of People Wait For Their Voice Chapter 1113: If You Want To Fight You Need To Say More Chapter 1114: A Saint Alone Can Fight Chapter 1115: Sage Its You Chapter 1116: If You Dont Believe In Evil Then Continue To Smash Chapter 1117: Yo Desperately Chapter 1118: Step On The Corpse Of The Saint And Come To Qingzhou Chapter 1119: Sacred Artifact Emperor Dragon Sword Chapter 1120: I Am The Emperor Heaven And Earth Are Congratulations Chapter 1121: Confidence Of Wan Buddhism Chapter 1122: How Confident Is Buddhism Chapter 1123: Ten Thousand Buddhas Said That Brother Babao Is Invincible Chapter 1124: Yo Your Babao Brother Lost Chapter 1125: Tianyao Shake Chapter 1126: Loss Of Harvest And Price Chapter 1127: The Glorious Scene Of The Future Hanging Chapter 1128: The Emperor Stepped Back Shouting Feverishly Chapter 1129: Spirit Rain Medicine Chapter 1130: What Is A Big Deal Chapter 1131: Holy Blood Transforms Rain Born Ten Years Old Chapter 1132: A Few Women Worry Just Come Back Chapter 1133: Xiaojin's Changes Chapter 1134: Xiaojin's Emergence Chapter 1135: Xiaojin's Departure Chapter 1136: System Update Store Refresh Chapter 1137: 10 Consecutive Draws Ready Chapter 1138: A Good Start The Emperor Is Overjoyed Chapter 1139: Shocked The Emperor Actually Picked Chapter 1140: Character Explosion Chapter 1141: Zhao Zilong Chapter 1142: The Adviser's Supplement Chen Gong Zhuge Liang Chapter 1143: Systematic Unconscious Compensation Powerful Chapter 1144: Holy Martial Arts The Division Of Supernatural Powers Chapter 1145: Taishan Mountain God Emperor Dongyue Chapter 1146: A New Chapter Of System Call Chapter 1147: Hope For Huo Qubing And Others To Return Chapter 1148: System I Will Give You A Great Credit Chapter 1149: Factions In The Imperial Dynasty Chapter 1150: I Have A Way To Recall My Unfailing Soul Chapter 1151: Nine Netherworld The World Of The Underworld Chapter 1152: Surprisingly The Skeleton Giant Chapter 1153: Accident Or Something Small Problem Chapter 1154: Go Sick Welcome Back Chapter 1155: Future Master Chapter 1156: Will Step On The Ice And Snow And Descend To The Shrine Chapter 1157: Huanglin Ice And Snow Dynasty Chapter 1159: Frozen Palace Is Recruiting Relatives Chapter 1159: Step On The Ice Palace Chapter 1160: Meet The Deceased Chapter 1161: Elder Zhu Chapter 1162: Lin Yunxue Appeared Chapter 1163: Undercurrent In The Ice Palace Chapter 1164: A Wave Of Business Blows Chapter 1165: Birth Mother Yan Danjun Never Left The Queen Mother Chapter 116: Mother Yi'er Is Here To Take You Home Chapter 1167: Penalty Incantation Vicious Ice And Snow Palace Chapter 1168: Killing Intent Condensed Angry Lord Chapter 1169: Who Insults You Yi'er Will Take The Head For You Chapter 1170: This Sword Can Be The Mother The Sword Picks Up Ice And Snow Chapter 1171: Oh There Are More People Than The Emperor Chapter 1172: Become A Soldier And Teach You How To Be A Man Chapter 1173: Frozen Palace's Trump Card Chapter 1174: How Could The Emperor Fall Easily Chapter 1175: Zilong Swing Back To The Palace Chapter 1176: Lord Your Identity Has Been Exposed Chapter 1177: Yo The Ice And Snow Palace Is Not Giving Up Chapter 1178: Hundreds Of Birds Face The Phoenix The Fire Phoenix Sings The Sky Chapter 1179: Taihan Saint Chapter 1180: Taihan Saint Who Seems To Be Hanging Chapter 1181: Spear In Hand Break The Enemy Chapter 1182: Down The Saint Chapter 1183: A Bit Of Cold Light Immediately The Gun Came Out Like A Dragon Chapter 1184: A Long Spear Reflected In The Sky Chapter 1185: Frozen Palace Bowed Chapter 1186: Ended Chapter 1187: Ice And Snow Palace Wants To Form An Alliance With Buluo Dynasty Chapter 1188: Everyone Is An Adult And Speaks A Little Bit Chapter 1189: In Ancient Times The Ancient Sage Passed The Sky Chapter 1190: Ancient Upheaval Chapter 1191: The Common People Fall The World Is In Sorrow Chapter 1192: Extraterrestrial Demon Emperor Xuanye Chapter 1193: Everyone Wash And Sleep Wait For Death Chapter 1194: Dao Heart Is Stable One Step Closer Chapter 1195: Unknown Extraterrestrial Demon Chapter 1196: Seven Star Array Chapter 1197: The Origin Of The Recruiting Conference Chapter 1198: Taihan Saint Bows His Head Chapter 1199: Yo Lord The System Lets You Open The Harem Again Chapter 1200: There Is No Fluctuation In My Heart And I Even Want To Hammer The System Chapter 1201: The Son Of The Tatian School Zhu Qingyang Chapter 1202: Arrogant Zhu Qingyang Chapter 1203: Yijian Palace Tianjianzi Chapter 1204: Yo There Are Women Coming To Attend The Recruitment Meeting Chapter 1205: Recruitment Meeting Start Chapter 1206: Watch The Situation Leisurely Look Down On Tianjiao Chapter 1207: Zhu Qingyang Chapter 1208: Meet The Old Man Again Master Excalibur Chapter 1209: Master Excalibur Lost Chapter 1210: Arrogant Zhu Qingyang Chapter 1211: Those Who Deceive Me Will Get A Punch From Me Chapter 1212: Down Zhu Qingyang Chapter 1213: I Don't Know The So Called Person Chapter 1214: Brand New Tyrant Chapter 1215: Oh The Nine Fold Feathering Volleyed To Burst Chapter 1216: Isn't It Just Laughable Nonsense? Chapter 1217: One Word Becomes Law Imprisoning Time And Space Chapter 1218: You Are A Violent Thing Chapter 1219: Many Jumping Clowns Chapter 1220: This Is The Real Power Of Kunpeng Chapter 1221: If Beg For Mercy Is Useful Why Does The World Kill Chapter 1222: Jumping Beam Clown Crushed Chapter 1223: The Strong In Glory Chapter 1224: Reaction Chapter 1225: Tatian Dispatched Chapter 1226: Invisible Sultry Sister Chapter 1227: Love Is A Word No One Can Escape Chapter 1228: Northern Cold Wasteland Chapter 1229: Lord The Dead Are Here Chapter 1230: Crazy Temptation On The Verge Of Death Chapter 1231: Jiyun Saint Shot Chapter 1232: By You Chapter 1233: Old Man Fairy Chapter 1234: Five Fingers Cover The Sky The Roots Are Colored Glaze Chapter 1235: Datongmu Yuyi Six Immortals Chapter 1236: Worry Development Is King Chapter 1237: The Tatian Faction Is Still Holding A Recruitment Ceremony Chapter 1238: The Seat Of The Holy Son Chapter 1239: Decide The Son Chapter 1240: The Emperor Will Decree The Sinner Will Be Punished Chapter 1241: The Golden Light Covers The World Breaking The Sky With One Hand Chapter 1242: Sage Of The Sun Defeated Chapter 1243: Saint Chapter 1244: Sage Chapter 1245: Sage Of The Sun Die Chapter 1246: I Came Here Only To Kill Chapter 1247: The Trump Card Of The Tatian School Tatian Temple Chapter 1248: Stepping On The Heaven As The Emperors Bedroom Chapter 1249: Rolling Rolling Rolling Chapter 1250: The Saint Falls The Building Will Fall Chapter 1251: Rush To Kill Chapter 1252: Destroy The City With One Palm Chapter 1253: Search Tatianpai Chapter 1254: The Name Does Not Fall Like The Sky Above The Sky Chapter 1255: Tianyao Shake Chapter 1256: Rejoice At The Ice Palace Chapter 1257: Come Come Come Hug Your Thigh Chapter 1258: The Person Respected By All People Is The Emperor Chapter 1259: Full Of Forceful Tools Chapter 1260: Family Law Chapter 1261: Yo Lord You Are Going To Be A Father Chapter 1262: Offspring Chapter 1263: Evil Little Guy Chapter 1264: Ready To Draw Again Chapter 1265: Yo Su Daji Chapter 1266: Su Daji Should You Stay? 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Who Is The Inferior Creature Chapter 1333: Six Immortals Who Can Underestimate Chapter 1334: Where Is Long Ying Chapter 1335: Long Tassel In Hand Tie This Snake Python Chapter 1336: Four Words Think Too Much Chapter 1337: Contract Of The Heavens Chapter 1338: Enslave The Serpent Abyss Chapter 1339: Demon Saint To Chapter 1340: The Wrath Of Many Demon Saints Chapter 1341: Chiyang City Lord Chapter 1342: Take Nine Steps To Suppress Thousands Of Miles Chapter 1343: The Self Confidence Of The Mountain Demon Saint Chapter 1344: Hard Fight What Situation Chapter 1345: The Two Stood Proudly Overlooking The Demon Saint Chapter 1346: You Are The Weak You See Me And Worship Chapter 1347: I Don't Make Sense Chapter 1348: The Wrath Of The All Saints Chapter 1349: Lord Of Ten Thousand Demons Chapter 1350: The War Seems To Be On The Verge Of Chapter 1351: Ten Thousand Demons Emperor's Soft Service Chapter 1352: The Lord Of Ten Thousand Demons Chapter 1353: The Fear Of The Lord Of Ten Thousand Demons 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Down In Hand Chapter 1375: Kendo Near Immortals Chapter 1376: Qin Yi The Spy Of The Demons Chapter 1377: Full Of Holy Artifacts One Face Chapter 1378: Its Momentum Is Like A God And All Beings Tremble Chapter 1379: Get Up The Second Warlord Of The Outer Demons Chapter 1380: Magic Chapter 1381: The Irritation Of A Thousand Magic Generals Chapter 1382: The Emperor Can See Through Your Disguise Chapter 1383: Outer Demon Race Demon Commander To Chapter 1384: Devil Stepping Cang Chapter 1385: Mozu Is Strong Qin Yi Is Weak Chapter 1386: Swing The Sword And Kill The Devil Give You A Sword Chapter 1387: The Powerful Chapter 1388: Who Can Fight I Can Fight Chapter 1389: Otsuki Hakata Fights The Candle Shade Chapter 1390: For Tianyao I Can Fight Chapter 1391: The Emperor's Sword Can Be Buried In The World Chapter 1392: Sword Out Kill All Demons Chapter 1393: Qin Yi Badly Injured Chapter 1394: No One Can Kill Me Chapter 1395: The Demon Army Outside The Territory Is Destroyed Chapter 1396: Only In Seoul Chapter 1397: Hundreds Of Millions Of Creatures Worship Mianqi Chapter 1398: The Sensation Of Tianyao Continent Chapter 1399: Demon World Chapter 1400: Mozu Has Moved Chapter 1401: The True Sword Master Of Hao Xing Chapter 1402: Ten Thousand Buddhism And Other Forces Are Unwilling Chapter 1403: The Confidence Of Dazhi Luohan Chapter 1404: Yo There Are Ancient Saints Chapter 1405: Lord How Do These Ancient Sages Solve Chapter 1406: The System Says That Crushing Is Chapter 1407: The Real Dragon Lays Across And Gathers Into The World Chapter 1408: The Source Of True Dragon Blood Zulong Chapter 1409: Lord Why Are You Afraid Of Emperor Xuanye Chapter 1410: Ten Consecutive Draws Start Chapter 1411: A Blow To The Head The Invisibility Of Six Children Chapter 1412: Good Luck No Bad Luck Chapter 1413: Times Come And Go Chapter 1414: One Gas Into Three Clear Chapter 1415: Four Star Legion White Horse Yicong Chapter 1416: Good Luck Continues Immortality Chapter 1417: Elixir Psychic Alternative Life Chapter 1418: Cute Little Guy Chapter 1419: In The Heart Of The Emperor That Beautiful Chapter 1420: Beautiful Nonexistent Chapter 1421: Lu Buwei Chapter 1422: Dominate The World Liu Bowen Chapter 1423: Cheating Skills Confucianism And Taoism Prosperity Chapter 1424: Pure Yang Sword Fairy Lu Dongbin Chapter 1425: The Emboldened Emperor Chapter 1426: The Ancient Sage's Descendants Descended Chapter 1427: The Intrigue Of The Ancient Sage Chapter 1428: Woman In White: We Have A Traitor Chapter 1429: Fairy Can You Follow Along? Chapter 1430: Luo Qingxue's Decisiveness Chapter 1431: No Matter How Decisive It Is It Is Of No Use Chapter 1432: Divine Body Division Chapter 1433: The Peak Of The Divine Body The Vast Vision Chapter 1434: The Peak Of The Divine Body Half An Ancient Saint Chapter 1435: The Disadvantages Of Being Too Strong Chapter 1436: The Arrival Of The White Beard Chapter 1437: Luo Qingxue's Fright Chapter 1438: The Foundation Of Tianmang Seven Realms Chapter 1439: I Stayed Still Waiting For The Enemy To Come Chapter 1440: Offending The Upper Bound Is A Serious Crime Chapter 1441: Wiped Out Chapter 1442: Thousands Of Miles Away Shoot The Power Chapter 1443: Yo Zijia Tianjiao Your Disaster Is Imminent Chapter 1444: Hand Of God King Palm Of Heavenly Emperor Chapter 1445: You May Not Believe It I Dare Not Move Chapter 1446: Foot On The Galaxy Overlooking The World Chapter 1447: Yo The Dead Are Here Chapter 1448: Swollen Big Wise Man Chapter 1449: Crazy Temptation On The Verge Of Death Chapter 1450: The Emperor Can't Predict Chapter 1451: Towards The Abyss Of Death Chapter 1452: Nine Lights Of Thunder Chapter 1453: One Type Of Waste Chapter 1454: Was Abandoned And Still Clamoring Chapter 1455: With The Backstage It Is Even More Crazy Chapter 1456: What Are You Calling Pinched To Death Chapter 1457: Changhong Goes Through The Sun Forever Chapter 1458: The Horror Of The Ancient Saints Chapter 1459: The Emperor Is Here Chapter 1460: Tianyao Looks Down On Everyone Chapter 1461: The Ancestor Of The Zi Family Wanlong Pressed The Sky Chapter 1462: A Touch Of Sword Light The Sky Is Cold Chapter 1463: Tsing Yi Holding A Sword The Sword Crushes The Ancient Sage Chapter 1464: Severely Wounded The Old Sage Chapter 1465: Flying Swords Dancing In The Sky Transforming Into Ten Thousand Peaks Chapter 1466: One Sword Across The Sky If The Sky Is Overwhelming Chapter 1467: The First Level Of The Old Sage Chapter 1468: This Sword This Method Does Not Exist In This World Chapter 1469: Zhanxian Chapter 1470: The Emperor Comes From Chaos Chapter 1471: All The Saints Will Make Dust For You Chapter 1472: The Emperor Is Like An Immortal God In Charge Of The Heavens Chapter 1473: Wiping My Fist With The Ancient Sage Chapter 1474: Blast The Old Sage Chapter 1475: Qiwei Lingran Chapter 1476: The Ancient Sage Bows Down Chapter 1477: Thousands Of People Bow Their Heads To Worship Mianqi Chapter 1478: The Small Abacus Of Putian Buddha And Others Chapter 1479: Ten Consecutive Draws Then Start Chapter 1480: Come Let Countless Followers Hit Me Chapter 1481: Ten Times To Call For Obedience Happy Chapter 1482: Three Brothers Of Liu Guan And Zhang Qi Jiguang Chapter 1483: Beautiful Nonexistent Chapter 1484: Chisato Akaji Drought Chapter 1485: The Extreme Happiness Brings Sorrow The Call Fails Chapter 1486: Gains After The Failed Draft Chapter 1487: Outer Demon Race Chapter 1488: War Will Start Chapter 1489: The Horror Of The Evil King Chapter 1490: Am I Also An Ant Chapter 1491: Those Who Insult The Emperor Are Our Enemies Chapter 1492: Lu Dongbin Fights The Evil King And The Devil Commander Chapter 1493: Sword Against Yin Jun Chapter 1494: Fight In Blood Chapter 1495: Deathbone Demon Chapter 1496: Moyu Hengtian Demon Commander Arrogant Chapter 1497: Optimistic The Emperor Is Ready To Shoot Again Chapter 1498: Step Into The Void Chapter 1499: Fighting The World Chapter 1500: The Crisis Is Back Chapter 1501: Weird Voice Chapter 1502: The Ferocious Drought Sucked Into A Corpse Chapter 1503: Battle Of Putian Buddha And Others Chapter 1504: The Experience Of Blood And Fire Chapter 1505: Beihanguan The War Is About To Start Chapter 1506: My Warriors Why Be Afraid Of A Battle Chapter 1507: Eight Diagrams Chapter 1508: Use Yourself As A Spear Chapter 1509: Wanjun Fights The Demons Chapter 1510: Bloody Battle Chapter 1511: A Halberd Lu Bu's Supernatural Power Chapter 1512: The Demon Appears Chapter 1513: I Would Rather Die Than Retreat In Order Not To Fall Chapter 1514: The Unyielding Pride Shines On Chapter 1515: Then Who Is This Chapter 1516: Injured My General And Beat Him To Death Chapter 1517: Stained In White Clothes Kill The Ling Chen Chapter 1518: Dark Wolf Demon General Chapter 1519: Dark Wolf Demon General Die Chapter 1520: Fight Against The Devil The Blood Will Last Forever Chapter 1521: Step On The Devil To Kill The Enemy But I Am Daqin Chapter 1522: The Demons Are Defeated And Beat The Demons Chapter 1523: Bai Qi Massacre Murderous Gods Are Brutal Chapter 1524: Tianyao Continent Wins Mozu Loses Chapter 1525: Stupid Host Chapter 1526: Host Why Don't You Go To Heaven? Chapter 1527: Chaos Guest Chapter 1528: Yo Young Man You Got Slapped Chapter 1529: The Terrified Prince Taichu Chapter 1530: It Seems That Everything Is Over Chapter 1531: Outer Demons The Emperor Is Here Chapter 1532: Tianyao Is It Over? Chapter 1533: The Might Of The Emperor Chapter 1534: Hurt My People But Kill You Chapter 1535: This Sword For The Emperor To Kill The Great Avenue Chapter 1536: Deep Despair Is Coming Chapter 1537: Lu Dongbin Loses Who Can Fight Chapter 1538: The Assertion Of The Prince Of The Beginning Chapter 1539: But When You Die Dont Be Afraid Chapter 1540: My Will My Wish My Thoughts Chapter 1541: Die For The King Chapter 1542: Cruel Qin Yi Chapter 1543: All Living Beings Petition Go To Death With You Can You Chapter 1544: Shanhetu Lost Chapter 1545: The Curtain Has Fallen My Heart Is Sad Chapter 1546: Going To Death With Jun This Seems To Have Come True Chapter 1547: Yo Lord What Should You Do Chapter 1548: What Else Can I Do It's All Scum Chapter 1549: My Grandson Is Here Chapter 1550: The Fear Of The Strong In The Eastern Frontier Chapter 1551: My Number Qitian Chapter 1552: Wait You Can Respect Me As A Great Saint Chapter 1553: The Desperate Emperor Xuanye Chapter 1554: Wicked Take My Grandson A Stick Chapter 1555: Qi Tian qi Tian Chapter 1556: The Fall Of The Emperor Is Known To All Worlds Chapter 1557: Emperor Taichu Chapter 1558: Innocent Emperor Taichu Chapter 1559: Too Weak And Boring Chapter 1560: One Word Can Rebuke The World One Word Can Crush The World Chapter 1561: Thousands Of Demons Dissolved In One Blood Chapter 1562: Blood Essence Of The Great Emperor Chapter 1563: Improve One World Good Fortune Chapter 1564: Everyone Is Like A Dragon Chapter 1565: All Beings Kneel To You Like Worshipping Nine Gods Chapter 1566: Monkey King's Little Tricks Chapter 1567: Emperor's Return Chapter 1568: I Would Like To Spend My Life In Exchange For Your Peace Chapter 1569: Three Poles On The Sun The Morning Will Rise Chapter 1570: Busy Dynasty Chapter 1571: Erlang Shows The True King Yang Jian Chapter 1572: Murder And Fire Gold Belt Chapter 1573: Emperor's Attributes Panel Chapter 1574: Congratulations To The Host Plus One For The Harem Chapter 1575: Yo Girl What Are You Struggling With Chapter 1576: I Ask You Answer Chapter 1577: The Prince's Conjecture Chapter 1578: Twelve Emperors Of The Eastern Frontier Chapter 1579: Brain Tonic Is A Disease It Must Be Cured Chapter 1580: The Secret Of Tianyao Continent Chapter 1581: I Want You To Be My Clone Chapter 1582: The Pinnacle Ancient Sage Is My Clone Chapter 1583: Taichu Emperor Sutra Practice Experience Chapter 1584: Go Lord To Conquer The Eastern Frontier Chapter 1585: The New Obedience The King Of Thunder The Of War Chapter 1586: Quasi Emperor Realm Chapter 1587: Huntian World Chapter 1588: Legacy Of Ancient Medicine Master Chapter 1589: Tianjiao Of Huntian Emperor Chapter 1590: Wood Spirit And Thunder Spirit Chapter 1591: The Old Monsters Of The Huntian Emperor Chapter 1592: Legacy Has Been Opened Chapter 1593: Lion Clan Lion Heart Chapter 1594: Clash Open Chapter 1595: My Lion Heart Is The Rules Chapter 1596: The Arrival Of The Emperor Chapter 1597: At A Glance To Deter The Arrogant Chapter 1598: The Old Monsters Who Can't Live Chapter 1599: Now That I Know Who I Am Dont Hurry Up Chapter 1600: In Front Of The Emperor The Banmen Made An Ax Chapter 1601: The Glazed Sacred Tree Chapter 1602: Shake The Seven Sages The Mighty Emperor Chapter 1603: Liuli Hangs For Nine Days Chapter 1604: Seven Old Monsters One Force Can Be Crushed Chapter 1605: Thunder King Shot Chapter 1606: Hold Thunder Cut The World Chapter 1607: Yo Emperor Huntian Is Here Chapter 1608: Lord Are You Going To Play The Trump Card? Chapter 1609: Interrogation Of Emperor Huntian Chapter 1610: The Emperor Said That Everything Is A Misunderstanding Chapter 1611: Mad Arrogant And Free Chapter 1612: The Hole Cards The Emperor Is More Chapter 1613: Emperor Huntian Turn Around And Leave Chapter 1614: Thinking Of The Great Emperor Chapter 1615: The Emperors Evil Smile Everything Is Under Control Chapter 1616: The Harvest Of Ancient Medicine Secret Realm Chapter 1617: Pill Of All Beasts Chapter 1618: Break The Shackles Of Xiao Chi's Blood Chapter 1619: Swallow A Pill Chapter 1620: The Chain Of Laws On Xiao Chi Chapter 1621: Emperor Pin Magic Medicine Chapter 1622: The Sad Master Of Ancient Medicine Chapter 1623: Emperor Grade Magic Medicine The Realm Of Quasi Emperor Chapter 1624: Xiao Chi After The Transformation Chapter 1625: Wood Spirits In Wood Spirit Valley Chapter 1626: The Emperor Worships The Mountain And Suppresses Others With Power Chapter 1627: Kneel Down Serve Me As Lord Or Die Chapter 1628: The Emperor Is Overbearing What Are You Going To Do Chapter 1629: The Emperor Asked Who Would Dare Not Follow Chapter 1630: Dissatisfied Kill Chapter 1631: The Plight Of The Wood Spirits Chapter 1632: Abduct The Wood Spirit Family Chapter 1633: God God God Chapter 1634: Smelly Master No One Can Have Fun Chapter 1635: Disadvantages Of The System Chapter 1636: One Way To Martial Arts Chapter 1637: The Emperor's Huge Advantage Chapter 1638: Horrible Throwing Beans Into Soldiers Chapter 1639: How Could I Easily Agree Chapter 1640: Heh Host Chapter 1641: Cozy Royal Garden Chapter 1642: And The Emperor Who Was Slapped Crazy Chapter 1643: Enshrine Hall Chapter 1644: The Spies Of The Early Imperial Dynasty Chapter 1645: The Emperor Xuanye You Killed Was Not Successful Chapter 1646: What A Ridiculous Guess Chapter 1647: Two Idiots You Were Found Chapter 1648: Huge Misunderstanding Chapter 1649: Deeper Than Buluo Dynasty Chapter 1650: What About Offending Chapter 1651: Lu Dongbin Zhundi Chapter 1652: Defeated In The Early Two Chapter 1653: Want To Go Can You Go Chapter 1654: Suppress The Two Of Taichu Chapter 1655: Lazy King Chapter 1656: The Precious Nine Heavens Chapter 1657: I Want To Be Born In The Imperial Family Chapter 1658: In The Buluo Dynasty I Want To Run Chapter 1659: Suppress Enemies Thousands Of Miles Away Crush The Gods And Buddhas Chapter 1660: The Emperor Who Fled Chapter 1661: Two Sadly Reminded Yang Li Chapter 1662: Bring The Whip I Will Do It Myself Chapter 1663: Your Majesty Arrive Chapter 1664: Dare Not Touch You Joke Chapter 1665: You Are Threatening Me Chapter 1666: The Emperor Is Face To Face But Bows His Head Chapter 1667: The Plan To Push The Boat Along The River Deceived Dongjiang Chapter 1668: The Gift Of The Great Emperor Taichu Yo Generous Chapter 1669: Alchemy Is Much More Fun Than Husband Chapter 1670: Alchemy Is More Fun Than You Chapter 1671: Dousita Temple Zijin Bagua Furnace Chapter 1672: Watching My Own Lotus Concubine Make Alchemy Chapter 1673: Danduo Good Fortune Medicine Becomes The Emperor Product Chapter 1674: God Pill Will Become Chapter 1675: Cheng Dan Lei Jie Chapter 1676: Almighty Husband You Are The Best Chapter 1677: Cheng Dan Thunder Tribulation Is It A Punishment? Chapter 1678: What Thunder Tribulation I Can Destroy It Chapter 1679: I Let You Go You Have To Go Chapter 1680: Enraged Thunder Tribulation Chapter 1681: If You Don't Get Out I Will Kill You With One Sword Chapter 1682: Reappearance Of Hualong Chapter 1683: One Bite Swallows The Dragon The Real Dragon Screams At Kyushu Chapter 1684: The Wrath Of God The Gods Punish Chapter 1685: Yo The Incarnation Of Heaven Has Come Chapter 1686: The King's Overbearing Plan Chapter 1687: The Highest Heaven The Long Years Chapter 1688: Own Heart Instead Of Heaven Chapter 1689: The Emperor Responds To The Call And Calms The World Without Being A Ghost Chapter 1690: I Am The Sky That Never Falls Chapter 1691: Contend For Heaven Chapter 1692: Emperor Jiuxiao Dynasty Star God Sect Chapter 1693: Youth In White Youth In Black Chapter 1694: The Great Nine Realms Chapter 1695: The Horror Of The Heavens Chapter 1696: Sudden Resentment Chapter 1697: Emperor Son Son Please Start Your Mind Chapter 1698: Do Not Fall The Dynasty Huh Bug Chapter 1699: Self Righteousness Of The Ignorant Chapter 1700: The Horror Of The Emperor And God Chapter 1701: The Lonely Departed Emperor Son Chapter 1702: Dragon Warfare Hit Me Chapter 1703: Powerful Collision Chapter 1704: Yo The Emperor Is Suppressed Chapter 1705: The Hanged Emperor Chapter 1706: The Emperor Was Blown Up Chapter 1707: Its Just Blown Up It Doesnt Exist Chapter 1708: The Incarnation Of Heaven Chapter 1709: Virtual Fairy Chapter 1710: Zhen Dzi Chapter 1711: Zhendzi Shenwei Chapter 1712: Zhentian Zhentian Suppress The Heavens Chapter 1713: Heaven Doppelganger Chapter 1714: The Price Of Refining The Incarnation Of Heaven Chapter 1715: Weili Belongs To Oneself Chapter 1716: Back To Tianyao Continent Chapter 1717: The Emperor Comes Pretending To Be A Vision Chapter 1718: Emperor Crowned As Heaven Chapter 1719: Emperor Grade Intermediate God Pill Zhuxia Ning Shen Pill Chapter 1720: Dividing The Emperor Grade God Pill Chapter 1721: Refining Zhuxia Ning Shen Dan Chapter 1722: Physical Body Resuscitation Points Soul Refining Star Chapter 1723: Refining God Star Forging Spiritual Mind Chapter 1724: The Ultimate Chapter 1725: I Want To Surpass The Evil Spirits Chapter 1726: I Qin Yi There Is No Killing Point In My Pocket Chapter 1727: The Difficulty Of The Quasi Emperor Chapter 1728: System: Give You 100 Million Killing Points Or Something Chapter 1729: The Dynasty That Goes Silent Chapter 1730: A Avatar Is Like A God Chapter 1731: The Imperial Scriptures Of The First Beginning Nine Great Unreal Worlds Chapter 1732: Chengdi Road The Secret Of Chengdi Chapter 1733: The Temptation Of Chengdi Chapter 1734: At The End Of The Great World Chapter 1735: Conflict Little Man With No Eyes Chapter 1736: Domineering Chapter 1737: Ridiculous Death Seeker Chapter 1738: You Are Not Qualified Yet Teach Him Chapter 1739: Zhao Junzhu Chapter 1740: You Are The Prince Chapter 1741: Familiar Controversy Chapter 1742: This Time I Have No Scruples Chapter 1743: Prince Did You Let You Go? Chapter 1744: Zhao Jun Defeated Chapter 1745: The Position Of The Quasi Emperor Chapter 1746: One More Question Are You Willing To Serve Me As Lord Chapter 1747: Dai Junzhu The God Of War Chapter 1748: The Sea Of thunder Is Billions Of Meters The Light Is Thousands Of Miles Chapter 1749: The So Called God Of War Defeated By One Punch Chapter 1750: Did You See Clearly Chapter 1751: The Prevailing Power The Heavens Surrender Chapter 1752: Zhao Tianhu Surrendered Chapter 1753: The Aggrieved Fourth Emperor Chapter 1754: The Resentment Of The Fourth Emperor Chapter 1755: Two Emperors Join Forces Chapter 1756: Tianjiao Under Prince Taichu Chapter 1757: Xia Xuanlong And Zhang Shan's Surprise Chapter 1758: Tianjiao Banquet Chapter 1757: The Battle To Win Is Just A Game Chapter 1760: Tianjiao Banquet Will Be Held Chapter 1761: The Prince Who Seems To Have Been Defeated Chapter 1762: The Attic Opens Prince Pro Chapter 1763: I Hope Your Unintentional Words Will Forgive Me Chapter 1764: Did The Prince Let You Sit? Chapter 1764: The Wild Dog Barked Before His Eyes What Should Chapter 1766: Of Course It Was A Slap To Death Chapter 1767: Two Determined Xia Xuanlong Chapter 1768: Prince Is Zhundi Chapter 1769: The Hastily Prince Chapter 1770: Tianjiao's Domineering Chapter 1771: Tianjiao Condenses The General Trend If Mount Tai Is Overwhelming Chapter 1772: Sinner You Can Convict Chapter 1773: Holding The Sky With One Hand Dividing The World Chapter 1774: One Sweep The Son Of God Loses Chapter 1775: How Can Summer Insects Be Ice Chapter 1776: Be Humble In Front Of The Strong Chapter 1777: The Mantis Catches The Cicada The Oriole Is Behind Chapter 1778: The Trump Card Of The Thirteen Emperors Chapter 1779: Yo It Seems That The Big Picture Is Set Chapter 1780: What To Decide Backhand A Magical Power Chapter 1781: Throw Beans Into Soldiers Reappear Chapter 1782: Shocked No The Princes Supernatural Powers Chapter 1783: Wherever The King Orders The Sword Will Come Chapter 1784: The Sword Is Out Who Can Stop Chapter 1785: One Minded Magic Area Chapter 1786: Shennian Condensation Sword Enough To Cut Chapter 1787: Sect Master Of Soul Refining Demon Sect Still Has A Hole Card Chapter 1788: Soul Refining Demon Stone Chapter 1789: The Horror Of Soul Refining Demon Stone Chapter 1790: I Want To Hurt The Prince A Joke Chapter 1791: Can You Go Chapter 1792: Smash The World Live To Death Chapter 1793: Sect Master Of Soul Refining Demon Sect Is Dead Chapter 1794: Everyone's Shock Chapter 1795: Everyone Is Speechless Chapter 1796: I Am The Emperor Wait For You Chapter 1797: It's Game It's Over Chapter 1798: The Great Emperor Appears Chapter 1799: Everyone's Doubts Chapter 1800: The Heaven And The World The Strong Respect Chapter 1801: The Farce Is Over Chapter 1802: The Shock Of The Early Imperial Dynasty Chapter 1803: Dai Junzhu's Guess Chapter 1804: When The Emperor Road Opened When The Prince Died Chapter 1805: Soul Refining Demon Stone Fragment Of Heaven Origin Chapter 1806: Nine Nether Abyss Endless Underworld Chapter 1807: Host You Float Chapter 1808: Time Flies Emperor Road Will Open Chapter 1809: Emperor Tianjiao Chapter 1810: The Prince Is From The Early Imperial Clan Chapter 1811: Deep In The Taichu World Taichu Pavilion Chapter 1812: Throw Beans Into A Soldier You Want It It's Impossible Chapter 1813: My Acting Skills Are Perfect Chapter 1814: System: Oh Host Chapter 1815: The Secret Of Emperor Road Chapter 1816: Emperor Road Ten Emperors Chapter 1817: Three Great God Seas Ten Great Heaven Chapter 1818: Arrangements Before Going To Dilu Chapter 1819: Bells Will Go To Emperor Road Chapter 1820: Tianjiao Of The Early Imperial Dynasty Chapter 1821: The Dead Are Here Again Chapter 1822: Your Royal Highness Can You Fight Me Chapter 1823: The Determination Of Many Tianjiao Chapter 1824: Killing Cant Work. Disabled Should Be Fine Right? Chapter 1825: What Son Punch And Fly Chapter 1826: Slap A Like A Fly Chapter 1827: I Think Too Much Fly Again Chapter 1828: Booming Again Huge Power Gap Chapter 1829: Poor King Son Chapter 1830: Annoying Flies Breaking Paraquat Gold Body Chapter 1831: Take The Prince And Be A Gunman Chapter 1832: Prime Minister Jiang Chapter 1833: Go To Dilu Chapter 1834: Tianjiao In The Eastern Frontier Chapter 1835: Is Dilu Still Secret? Chapter 1836: The Difficulty Of The Ghostly Breath Chapter 1837: Dilu World To Chapter 1838: Three Things Before The Opening Of Emperor Road Chapter 1839: Dilu Open Chapter 1840: Enter The Emperor Road The Emperor Will Step On The Emperor Realm Chapter 1841: Who Is The Best Chapter 1842: The Ethereal Sea Lingkong Island Chapter 1843: The Little Guy In The Eclosion Realm Chapter 1844: Lingkong Island Shanwai Pavilion Chapter 1845: Pretty Fairy Invites How Could He Refuse Chapter 1846: The Situation Of Lingkong Island Chapter 1847: The Provocation Of Ants Tianshui City Chapter 1848: Oh Lord Wherever You Go There Will Be People Provoking Chapter 1849: Repeated Provocations The Emperor Took The Initiative To Get Angry Chapter 1850: The Provocation Of Ants Chapter 1851: The Respect Of The Pavilion Of The Shanwai Pavilion The Horror Of Everyone Chapter 1852: Everyones Misunderstanding The Emperor Is The Heir Of The Ancient Sage Chapter 1853: Very Happy Chapter 1854: The Calculations Of The Ants Chapter 1855: The Prologue Before The Show Starts Chapter 1856: You Never Know Who Is In Front Of You Chapter 1857: Pavilion Master Sun's Resolute Decision Chapter 1858: The Easy To Get Xuantian Baodan Chapter 1859: Take Xuantian Baodan To Condense The Indelible Golden Body Chapter 1860: Cloned Body Chapter 1861: The Play Will Open Chapter 1862: Go To A Banquet Chapter 1863: From The Banquet The Arrival Of Many Ancient Sage Heirs Chapter 1864: God General's Son Fang Tu Chapter 1865: Mr. Bai Please Enjoy The Good Show I Prepared Chapter 1866: Master Sun Please Watch A Good Show Prepared For You Chapter 1867: Participate In Young Patriarch How Good Is It Chapter 1868: Want To Deal With The Emperor Again Chapter 1869: What Young Patriarch Kill Him Chapter 1870: Everyone's Disdain Chapter 1871: Heirs Of The Ancient Sage: Dragon Does Not Live With Snake Chapter 1872: Chu Family Ancestor Beat Him To Death With One Punch Chapter 1873: The Son Of The Ancient Sage Appears Chapter 1874: God General's Son So What Chapter 1875: The Emperor How Can You Allow Ants To Challenge Chapter 1876: How Can I Be Effective If I Am The Emperor Chapter 1877: Golden Flame God General Divine Soul Clone Chapter 1878: Kill The Quasi Emperor Soul With A Halberd Chapter 1879: Desperate People Chapter 1880: The Quasi Emperor Of The Ethereal Sea Of gods Chapter 1881: Golden Flame God Will Come Chapter 1882: The Seemingly Tyrannical Golden Flame God General Chapter 1883: Fighting Or Something Raising Your Hand Is Wang Fried Chapter 1884: The Vibrations Of Many Powerful Experts Chapter 1885: Golden Flame God General Defeated Chapter 1886: The Fearful Quasi Emperors Chapter 1887: Golden Flame God General A Moving Killing Point Chapter 1888: The Secrets Of The Emperor World Chapter 1889: The Misty King Shot Chapter 1890: I Remembered This Chapter 1891: Parting The Foolish Fairy Mu Xue Chapter 1892: Dragon Horse Drawn Carriage Heading To Emperor Luo Tianyu Chapter 1893: Buddhism Supernatural Power Immortal Golden Body Chapter 1894: Physical Peak Chapter 1895: Killing Zhundi Just Like Playing Chapter 1896: Tianjianfang City Yunyan Pavilion Chapter 1897: Arrogant And Domineering To The Emperor Chapter 1898: I Found A Beautiful Girl Chapter 1899: You Be The Deity's Bed Warmer Chapter 1900: Honestly Be The Deity's Maid Chapter 1901: Congratulations To The Emperor For Getting A Bed Warmer Chapter 1902: Fairy Miaoyao Chapter 1903: Tianjianfang City To Chapter 1904: Fairy Miaoyao Cough The Story Of The Witch Chapter 1905: Lord Please Chapter 1906: This Bed Warmer Is Not Sensible She Should Be Punished Chapter 1907: Dilu Tianjiao Directory Chapter 1908: You Are My Deity's Bed Warmer Chapter 1909: Whoever Dares To Move You Is Against The Deity Chapter 1910: Retreat Chapter 1911: Miao Yao The Deity Is Protected Chapter 1912: Sea Rises Bright Moon Chapter 1913: The King Of Throws His Fist Fists Like A Dragon Chapter 1914: Did The Deity Let You Go? Chapter 1915: Hanging Mountain Too Chapter 1916: Three Million Kill Points Of Walking Chapter 1917: Battle On The Purple River Chapter 1918: Quasi Imperial Weapon Hanging Jade Tower Chapter 1919: Qi And Blood Are Like Gods Soaked In Frost Chapter 1920: I Am The Emperor Strike The World With One Punch Chapter 1921: Fist On Life And Death I Live And Die Chapter 1922: Hanging Jade Tower Broken Chapter 1923: Three Quasi Emperors Dead Chapter 1924: War Ended Chapter 1925: Purified Soul Refining Demon Stone Won The Trump Card Chapter 1926: Reconsolidate The Ninth Party Illusory World Chapter 1927: Lianqingmen Visitor Chapter 1928: The Quasi Emperors Who Have Cultivated Into The Extreme Realm Of The Quasi Emperor Chapter 1929: Exit Chapter 1930: Conversation With Lianqing Sword Master Chapter 1931: Emperor Luqi The Wind And Clouds Rise Chapter 1932: God Son And Quasi Emperor Gather Chapter 1933: Emperor Lindi Road Chapter 1934: The Road To The Emperor The Emperors Attention Chapter 1935: Powerless And Look At Yourself Chapter 1936: Weird Road Chapter 1937: Bloodthirsty For A Living Towering Magic Tree Chapter 1938: Vampire Tree Chapter 1939: The Man With Red Hair: The Reckless Lord Chapter 1940: Man With Red Hair: Act In Awe Chapter 1941: One Foot Breaks The World The Sun And The Moon Hang Upside Down Chapter 1942: Man With Red Hair: Master You Are Wrong Chapter 1943: Dilu Temple Spirit Tianzun's Handwriting Chapter 1944: The Emperor Who Continues To Practice Hard Chapter 1945: Unfortunately Chapter 1946: Acupuncture Point Jinhui Physical Body Shenxia Chapter 1947: Immortal Alone Chapter 1948: Consummate The Divine Body Become Chapter 1949: The Terrifying Qin Yi Chapter 1950: Immortal Golden Body And Eight Or Nine Profound Arts Chapter 1951: The Emperor: I Am Really A Good Person Chapter 1952: Poor Frost White Mountain Cough Xiao Bai Chapter 1953: Dilu Six World Chapter 1954: Emperor Miko Zhou Chapter 1955: Lord Let You Kneel Down For Death Chapter 1956: Arrogance See Arrogance Again Chapter 1957: You Are Not Worthy To Kill Me Chapter 1958: Those Who Are Enemies With Me Can Kill With One Punch Chapter 1959: Step On The Dust Chapter 1960: Step On The Self Righteous Guy Chapter 1961: Zhou Li Die Chapter 1962: Billion Killing Experience Chapter 1963: Time And Space Training Pavilion Chapter 1964: Ninth Order Space Time Training Pavilion Chapter 1965: I Host Discount Chapter 1966: Open Up A First Order Space Time Training Pavilion Chapter 1967: Count The Harvest Di Nian Shenbing Chapter 1968: Suppress Di Nian Shen Bing Chapter 1969: Found You Delicious Food Chapter 1970: The Demon Kun Family Kun Yuan Chapter 1971: Want To Eat Me Be Careful Of Broken Teeth Chapter 1972: Kun Yuan Paper Tiger Chapter 1973: Kun Yuan Chapter 1974: A Halberd Across The Sky Cut Down The Descendant Of God Chapter 1975: Fierce Collision Chapter 1976: Lord Swallowed In One Bite Chapter 1977: What To Swallow Can You Swallow The Emperor? 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Chapter 2054: Cang Yunzi's Trump Card Imperial Weapon Chapter 2055: Emperor Weapon Clone Ten Thousand Yuan Mirror Chapter 2056: Ancient Mirror In Hand Full Of Spirit Chapter 2057: Prepare An Imperial Weapon Clone For The Little Guy Chapter 2058: He Does Not Believe Chapter 2058: One Sleeve Cut Your Magical Powers Chapter 2060: I Dont Have A Clone Of The Imperial Weapon Chapter 2061: Life And Death Chapter 2062: This Is My Trump Card Chapter 2063: I Am Different I Have A Real Imperial Weapon Chapter 2064: There Are People Outside There Are Heaven Outside Chapter 2064: Ended Chapter 2066: Waiting For The Secret Of Chengdi Chapter 2067: Ah Very Reasonable Chapter 2068: Boy Wish Your Dreams Come True Chapter 2069: The Great Secret Of Chengdi Was Born Chapter 2070: I Qin Yi Rich Chapter 2071: Seven Prison Gate Seven Prison God Chapter 2072: The Great Secret Is The Bait Chapter 2073: Systematic Compensation Becoming More Skilled Chapter 2074: Cough I Am A Little Swollen Chapter 2075: Leaving The Dilu World Chapter 2076: The Emperor Is Not Qualified Chapter 2077: Beyond Dilu Chapter 2078: Together With Lu Qiu: Prince Is Dead Chapter 2079: Before Stepping On The Emperor Mountain The Emperors Chapter 2080: When The Emperor Door Goes Out The Emperor Road Opens Again Chapter 2081: Everyone's Doubts Chapter 2082: Neither Chapter 2083: The Secret Of Chengdi Is In Bai Jing's Hands Chapter 2084: Outrageously Chapter 2085: The Ancient Emperor Shot Chapter 2086: The Ancient Emperor Stopped The Ending Is Set Chapter 2087: The Emotion Of Wang Zhantian Chapter 2088: Is The Ending Set? Chapter 2089: Qin Yi Who Seems Unable To Resist Chapter 2090: This Furnace Can Be Used To Control The Heavens Chapter 2091: Everyone Is Surprised Is It Going To Come Back? Chapter 2092: Emperor Zhenhai Of Hob Meat Chapter 2093: The Retreat Of The Emperors Chapter 2094: The Great Emperor Zhenhai Chapter 2095: Luo Hou Ji Du Where Is It Chapter 2096: What You Call Powerful Is Like A Bubble Chapter 2097: Luo Hou Ji Is Here Who Dares To Hurt My Lord Chapter 2098: At This Time Everything Is A Foregone Conclusion Chapter 2099: Minister Chapter 2100: Luo Hou Ji Du Chapter 2102: The Arrow Rests On The String The Bow Is Full Of Moon Chapter 2102: Emperor Zhenhai Die Chapter 2103: Countless People Witnessed That The Emperor Fell Chapter 2104: Fake It Must Be Fake Chapter 2105: Who Dares To Wipe The Edge Of My Arrow Chapter 2106: Ten Emperors Not As Good As One Person Chapter 2107: The Dumbfounded Wang Zhantian Chapter 2108: Emperor Zhenhai Who Died Well Chapter 2109: The Immature Zhenhai Tianyu Powerhouse Chapter 2119: Many Emperors Shot Ten Emperors All Chapter 2111: Have You Come To Wipe My Arrow? Chapter 2112: You Can Escape But You Can't Escape Chapter 2113: Luohou Jidu Chapter 2114: The Mysterious Existence Of An Emperor In Four Realms Chapter 2115: The Power Of The Four Realms Of The Emperor Chapter 2116: The Arrow Pierced The Chamber The Soul Fell Chapter 2117: The Arrow Destroys The Emperor Casts My Power Chapter 2118: Hot Pain On The Face Chapter 2119: Foot On The Boundless Sky The Sky Above Your Head Like A God Chapter 2120: I'm Willing To Be Here Pull You Down For Nine Days Chapter 2121: One Finger To Break The Sky Cut Off The Setting Sun And The Moon Chapter 2122: All The Tricks Are Defeated Everything Is Over Chapter 2123: It Has Ended Chapter 2123: No More Possibility Of A Comeback Chapter 2125: Luo Hou Jidu's Unwillingness This Sad Heart Chapter 2126: Leave The Rest To Me Chapter 2127: Extreme Taoism Seven Prison Gates Chapter 2128: The Mind Of The Great Emperor Chapter 2129: Dingding Chaos The Heavens Of Furnace Town Chapter 2130: How About This Furnace Chapter 2131: Immortal Furnace Shines Forever Chapter 2132: With A Single Glance The World Can Be Crushed By A Word Chapter 2133: I Have Used All The Virtual Fairy Chapter 2134: Distressed Emperor Chapter 2135: Is Mysterious Supreme Going To Win Chapter 2136: Greedy Lord Is It Defeated? Chapter 2137: People's Transformation Disdain Chapter 2138: The Mysterious Supremacy That Must Be Won Chapter 2139: I Won't Give You Chapter 2140: Death To Kill Point System Chapter 2141: Silver Armor God Zhentiandi Chapter 2142: Wrath Of The Mysterious Supreme Chapter 2143: The Mysterious Supreme Who Keeps Replenishing The Brain Chapter 2144: Mysterious Supreme Arrangement Chapter 2145: The Bewilderment Of Many Emperors Chapter 2146: Emperor Taichu With A Melancholy Face Chapter 2147: Barren World Chapter 2148: All Wounded Chapter 2149: When I Come To The Emperor Again This Realm Shall Be My Court Chapter 2150: When I Leave The Customs I Will Become The Emperor Chapter 2151: A Hundred Years Never Fall Chapter 2152: Do Not Fall Behind Everyone Respects Chapter 2153: Not To Fall The Changes Of The Dynasty Chapter 2154: Wanbao Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 2155: Lets Look At Weichen Long Sleeved Dance Chapter 2156: The Disdain Of Many Forces Chapter 2157: Chamber Of Commerce Eastern Xinjiang Iron Law Chapter 2158: What Should We Do If The Forces Are Intimidating Chapter 2159: There Are Ten Emperors What To Do Chapter 2160: The Emperor Shows Up And Does Not Give In What Should I Do? Chapter 2161: The Emperors Answer Is Only One Word Get Out Chapter 2162: What Else Chapter 2163: Dont Say Much Just Do It Chapter 2164: With You Dare To Question Me Chapter 2165: Kill The Emperor At A Glance Chapter 2166: Enraged Chapter 2167: Deceive You So What Chapter 2168: The Sword Rises The Blood Rises But The Power Never Falls Chapter 2169: Qin Yi Exits The Pass Chapter 2170: Like An Immortal Across Six Borders Chapter 2171: Kill Kill Him Upside Down Chapter 2172: Emperor Commander Kaidai Morning Assembly Chapter 2173: I Am The Emperor All Beings Worship My Colored Glaze Chapter 2174: Do Not Fall Into The Anger Of The Officials Chapter 2175: North Korea Will Open Discuss War Chapter 2176: Shameless Xiaoxiao How Can I Not Compromise Chapter 2177: There Is Only One Word War Chapter 2178: With A Light Sword The Sword Will Be Wiped With Blood Chapter 2179: Hancock Gave Birth Chapter 2180: The Emperor I'm Going To Be A Father Chapter 2181: The Plan Of The Strong In The East The Nine Heavens Chapter 2182: Listen To The Wind The Full Moon Seeks The Soul Chapter 2183: Plowing In The Dark Serving The Dawn Chapter 2184: Ghost Army Chapter 2185: The Imperial Concubine Gives Birth Celebrates Everywhere Chapter 2186: Amazing Little Guy Born Saint Chapter 2187: If You Dont Fall For Joy Get This Prince Chapter 2189: Why Not Call Qin Goudan Chapter 2190: Son Of Heaven Qin Renjun Chapter 2191: One Word To Enshrine Gods One Word To Attack Temples Chapter 2194: Knife Gosensen The Sword Points To The Sky Chapter 2195: Legion Of The Everlasting Dynasty Chapter 2196: Exhaust The Heritage And Destroy The Emperor Huntian Chapter 2197: Send Troops To Fight Against Emperor Huntian Chapter 2198: In My Eyes You Are Just A Joke Chapter 2199: The Undoubtedly Defeated Dynasty Chapter 2200: Major Forces Of Wolf Ambition Chapter 2201: Zhang Kuang Old Thief Deceive Me Not To Fall Into Tianjiao Chapter 2202: Old Thief Who Got Beaten Chapter 2203: Two Hits Kill And Die Chapter 2204: Assassination Of God Front Broken Bee Chapter 2205: Cholera Survivors Kill Chapter 2206: Domineering Chapter 2207: Just Domineering Cut Chapter 2208: Flowing Blades Like Fire The City Of Flames Chapter 2209: Suppression Of Outsiders Chapter 2210: As The Warlords The Blood Stains Eastern Xinjiang Chapter 2211: Angry Prince Huntian Chapter 2212: Emperor Huntian Sent Troops Chapter 2213: The Biggest Illusion In Life This Will Be Invincible Chapter 2214: Arrogant Hunyuanchu Chapter 2215: Pure Yang Clear The Way Chapter 2216: I Drew My Sword Cut The Heavens And Broke The Army Chapter 2217: Cut Your Pride With One Sword Chapter 2218: I Once Stepped On The Sky With A Sword Chapter 2219: I Do Not Fall To The Emperor Come To Destroy The Dynasty Chapter 2220: Preparations For The Emperor Huntian Chapter 2221: Are You Ready? Chapter 2222: Before Dying Still Intrigue Chapter 2223: Gold Hook And Iron Painting Do Not Fall The Flag Chapter 2224: The Magic Soldier Will Kill Chapter 2225: Emperor Huntian The Army Came Out Chapter 226: Furious Huntian Emperor Chapter 2227: Use Your Blood To Wipe The Glory For Not Falling Chapter 2228: Xiao Thief Don't Return Chapter 2229: Destroy The Army Chapter 2230: Halberd Break The Void Chapter 2230: A Halberd Breaks The Air The Sun And The Moon Fall Into The Dust Chapter 2232: The Salted Fish Who Can Only Shout 666 Chapter 2233: The Decline Of The Imperial Dynasty Chapter 2234: Flying Bear Guards Desperately Fighting Chapter 2235: Qin Yis Intention Is To Hone The Sky As A Whetstone Chapter 2236: Put Five Fingers Together Crush The Universe Chapter 2237: The Defeat Of Emperor Huntian Chapter 2238: People Tu Daqin Iron Horse Chapter 2239: Send Me 10 Million Killing Points Chapter 2240: Powerful Onlookers Chapter 2242: Doomed To Fail The Imperial Dynasty Chapter 2242: Emperor Huntian Moves Towards The Emperor Zhun Chapter 2243: Lord Dry Sea Chapter 2244: Qi And Blood As Paintings Painting Wanli Galaxy Chapter 2245: You Are Domineering I Am More Domineering Than You Chapter 2246: Then Try Chapter 2247: The Power Of Time And Space Training Pavilion Chapter 2248: The Gods Of The Heavens Are Too High: It's Futile Chapter 2249: Angel Birdman Feather Demon Chapter 2250: Ten Zhundi Chapter 2251: Clench My Fist Face The Enemy From All Directions Chapter 2252: The Emperors Plan Training Soldiers Chapter 2253: I Am Squinting Chapter 2254: Then Compare The Details Chapter 2255: Seeing People Like Seeing Immortals Datongmu Yuyi Chapter 2256: Thirty Quasi Emperors Besiege How To Turn This Round Chapter 2257: Thirty Quasi Emperors Chapter 2258: Like An Emperor Comes Chapter 2259: Haughty Big Toki Hakata Chapter 2260: When This Sword Slams Into The Sky The First Enemy Chapter 2261: One Sword Crushes The Heart Chapter 2262: Dozens Of Quasi Emperors Supernatural Power Chapter 2263: Are You Looking For Death? Chapter 2264: I Ask You Do You Long For Death Chapter 2265: Such As Chinese Food In A Plate Chinese Food In A Bowl Chapter 2266: One Thought Changes The Sky And The Sky Is Full Of Death Chapter 2267: So You Are Next Chapter 2268: Send You And Wait On Huangquan Road Chapter 2269: Heaven And Man Drink Push To The Palace Chop For Nine Days Chapter 2270: Sword Light Falls On Three Thousand Realms And The Mighty Miracle Chapter 2271: Prince Huntian: What Is The Battle? Chapter 2272: One Sword Allure Chapter 2273: Huntian Great Array Chapter 2274: The Concession Of Many Quasi Emperors From Emperor Huntian Chapter 2275: Dedicating The Emperor To The Destruction Of The City Chapter 2276: Step On The Huntian Emperor Chapter 2277: The Plan Of Emperor Huntian The Five Elements Rotate Chapter 2278: This Sword Killed The Emperor Huntian Chapter 2279: Two Imperial Implements Chapter 2280: How About Two Imperial Artifacts There Is A Willful Killing Point Chapter 2281: Emperor Huntian Finally Appeared Chapter 2282: Huntian The Great Chapter 2283: The Furious Emperor Huntian Chapter 2284: Defeated Lu Dongbin With One Blow Chapter 2285: One Word Difference World Difference Chapter 2286: The Best Test Stone Chapter 2287: Emperor Huntian I Have Been Waiting For You For A Long Time Chapter 2288: The Invincible Emperor Huntian Chapter 2289: One Word Shook The World One Foot Stepped Down Chapter 2290: Emperor: Huntian Just Prey Chapter 2291: I Want To Kill You Chapter 2292: Boxing Name Chapter 2293: Hun Tian Acting Magic Sword Chapter 2294: Fist Breaks The World Shakes The Chaotic Universe Chapter 2295: Many Quasi Emperors Look Down On Chapter 2296: Only Accept A Punch And Die Chapter 2297: One Punch In The Air Chapter 2298: Emperor Huntian Was Beaten To Fly Chapter 2299: Emperor Huntian Desperately Chapter 2300: A Treasure Of Luck Huntian Bell Chapter 2301: Excalibur Universe Huatian Clock Chapter 2302: Emperor Huntian Defeated Chapter 2303: Everyone's Astonishment Chapter 2304: What If You Are Unwilling Chapter 2305: I Just Want To Kill You Chapter 2306: The Unwilling Emperor Huntian Chapter 2307: Huntian The Great Runaway Chapter 2308: Want To Go Have You Asked Me? Chapter 2309: Tiandu God Sect Baoyuan Supreme Chapter 2310: Baoyuan Supreme: Harmony Is The Most Important Thing Chapter 2311: Even If You Are A Rival How Can You Let The Tiger Go Chapter 2312: The Emperor Here Is Not The Only One Here Chapter 2313: The Nine Emperors Arrive Chapter 2314: The Trend Is Overwhelming What Should Chapter 2315: This Sword Is My Answer Chapter 2316: Incarnate The Nine Emperors Chapter 2317: Nine Emperors Incarnate Defeat Chapter 2318: If You Don't Believe It Chapter 2319: Huntian Big World Our Territory Chapter 2320: I Asked Who Is For And Who Is Against Chapter 2321: The Silver Armor Is Brilliant The Gods Are Like Immortals Chapter 2322: Roll Overturn The Nine Emperors Chapter 2323: Poor And Helpless Baoyuan Supreme Chapter 2324: System I'm Very Happy Chapter 2325: Kneel To Live Stand To Die Chapter 2326: Hundreds Of Millions Of Creatures Respect Him As The Emperor Chapter 2327: Let The Heavens Be Your Ministers Don't Lose Dachang Chapter 2328: The Transforming Qi Luck Real Dragon Chapter 2329: The Metamorphosis Of The Luck Dragon Chapter 2330: Finally Jumped Into A Real Dragon Chapter 2331: True Soul Chapter 2332: Once The Dragon Appeared The World Was Shocked Chapter 2333: Facing Thunder Tribulation Chapter 2334: The Terrifying Real Spirit Thunder Catastrophe Chapter 2335: Without Thinking About Victory Worry About Defeat First Not The Brave Chapter 2336: The Will Of The Prehistoric Human Race The Will Not To Fall Chapter 2337: I Don't Fall Chapter 2338: Three Supreme In One Dynasty First In Eastern Xinjiang Chapter 2339: The Real Dragon Is Born The Old Monsters Who Are Alarmed Chapter 2340: The Wrath Of Emperor Zhenhuang Chapter 2341: Emperor Zhenhuang Appeared Chapter 2342: One Sword Divides The Sun And The Moon The Fire Swallows The Chaos Chapter 2343: Look Old Pig Am I Handsome Chapter 2344: The Palm Of Your Hand Is Like The World Containing The Heavens Chapter 2345: Cover The Sky With A Glance But So Chapter 2346: Grin And Ask: Are You Handsome? Chapter 2347: So Ugly Chapter 2348: Zhu Bajie Who Beat The Gods Chapter 2349: Not Ugly Absolutely Not Ugly Chapter 2350: Marshal Canopy Zhu Bajie Chapter 2351: This Is The Weak Sorrow Chapter 2352: I Qin Yi A Diligent And Thrifty Man Chapter 2353: Steamed And Eaten The Taste Is Delicious Chapter 2354: Bajie Still Not Awake Chapter 2355: The Secrets Of Tianyao Continent Chapter 2356: The Secret Behind Tianyao Continent Chapter 2357: Uh The Brain Supplement Is Perfect Chapter 2358: Do A Realm And Never Fall Chapter 2359: Immortal Dao Cuts Three Corpses And Becomes Hunyuan Chapter 2360: The Dragon Comes From The Palace And The Town Is In The Imperial Capital Chapter 2361: The War Ended Dongjiang Was Shocked Chapter 2362: East Xinjiang Shock Chapter 2363: All Sentient Beings Never Fall Thousands Of People Worship The Emperor Chapter 2364: The Cost Of This Battle Chapter 2365: The Magic Medicine Is Firewood Light The Fire Of Nirvana Chapter 2366: I Got Rich Chapter 2367: The System Makes Up The Knife And Is Still Perfect Chapter 2368: I Feel Bad Chapter 2369: System Call Start Again Chapter 2370: I Will Prove That I Am Lucky Chapter 2371: The Poor Emperor Was So Angry Chapter 2372: Bingxian Han Xin Chapter 2373: The Power Of Han Xin The Second Stage Of The Emperor Realm Chapter 2374: The Second Rebel The Big Demon Chapter 2375: Another Emperor Black Wind Monster Chapter 2376: Disarming Restraining Soldiers Imperial Court Chapter 2377: Do Not Let Go How Do You Stay Chapter 2378: Qin Huang Is Here You Wait To See You Chapter 2379: The Emperor Is Majestic And All Beings Are Afraid Chapter 2380: Who Is The Troublemaker In Front Of The Temple? Chapter 2381: Lingwu Dynasty Chapter 2382: Sleek Lingwu Emperor Chapter 2383: How About Smooth One Word Kill Chapter 2384: Domineering Chapter 2385: Destroy Lingwu To Show The Emperor's Might Chapter 2386: One Palm Presses Lingwu World Chapter 2387: Desperate Lingwu Dynasty Chapter 2388: One Palm Covers The Sacred Mountain One Force Crushes The World Chapter 2389: The Same Is True For The Insulted Chapter 2390: If You Are Not Our People You Dont Care About Life Chapter 2391: Well I Am Interested In You Chapter 2392: We The Saint Chapter 2393: Do Not Fall To The Court Then Open Chapter 2394: Canonized Gods Guarding The Gods Chapter 2395: The Emperor Smiled: Finally Stepping Into The Emperor Chapter 2396: Chase See Chase Again Chapter 2397: One Person Holding A Bow And Arrows Like A Like A Devil Chapter 2398: Only One Word Back Get Out Chapter 2399: In One Breath Chapter 2400: Venerables Do You Know What Despair Is? 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Chapter 2449: Many Emperors: Let's Stop Here Chapter 2450: Chaos Is The Furnace The Emperor Is Medicine Refines The Pill Chapter 2451: So Crazy Chapter 2452: Furnace Pill Chapter 2453: Many Emperors Who Can't Sit Still Chapter 2454: Dancheng The Fragrance Of Heaven And Earth Chapter 2455: Semi Finished Didan Swallow Chapter 2456: The True Body Of The Emperor Qi Zhi Chapter 2457: How Can I Fall Twice In The Same Place Chapter 2458: Do You Think You Have A Book Prince? Chapter 2459: Immortal Furnace Shakes The World Chapter 2460: Um You Fell In The Same Place Again Chapter 2461: End Of The Show Chapter 2462: Three Things In The Great World In The Early Days Chapter 2463: Like The Emperor Chapter 2464: Back To The Beginning Chapter 2465: This Prince Is Not The Other Prince Chapter 2466: You Say Who Am I Chapter 2467: The Emperor Taichu Who Knows The Truth Chapter 2468: Tears Fall Chapter 2469: I Will Eat You Chapter 2470: The Arrogance Of The Great Emperor Chapter 2471: Arrogance Nonexistent Chapter 2472: I Want You To Surrender Chapter 2473: Surrender Or Die Chapter 2474: In The Beginning Chapter 2475: Low Key Is King Chapter 2476: Own Broken System Chapter 2477: System: Oh Host Chapter 2478: Chen Huai'an's Report Chapter 2479: Nine Heavens The News Leaked Chapter 2480: Powerful Emperor Zhenhuang Chapter 2481: Emperor Zhenhuang Came To Find Chapter 2482: All Emperors Gather In The Emperor Zhenhuang Dynasty Chapter 2483: If You Don't Fall To The Dynasty You Will Lose Chapter 2484: The Mystery Of Emperor Zhenhuang's Cultivation Chapter 2485: True And False Emperor Huang Chapter 2486: I Take It For Myself Chapter 2487: Yo Someone Is Looking For Something Chapter 2488: On The Verge Of Death Crazy Testing Chapter 2489: You Are Not Qualified Let Me Bow My Head Chapter 2490: Sorry You Are Really Not Qualified Chapter 2491: Let Him Go Chapter 2492: Stop This Matter Chapter 2493: Small Punishment And Big Punishment Chapter 2494: Immediately Chapter 2495: The Storm Has Subsided Visitors Chapter 2496: Step On The Emperor World The Three Emperors Will Come Out Together Chapter 2497: Wang Zhen Is In His Hand Not Shaking In His Heart Chapter 2498: Secrets In Tianyao Continent Chapter 2499: Are You Ready? Chapter 2500: Minister Please Chapter 2501: War Fever Chapter 2502: The Minister Thought He Should Not Fight Chapter 2503: Debate In Court Chapter 2504: What Should I Do Chapter 2505: Unspeakable Then Fight Chapter 2506: Unfalling Advantage Imperial Power Chapter 2507: If You Don't Lose Your Mind Please Fight Chapter 2508: Work Out Chapter 2509: The Armor Covers The Sky The Swords Are Everywhere Chapter 2510: I Won't Fall Chapter 2511: Demon Kun Family Chapter 2512: I'll Take You On The Road Chapter 2513: Demon Kun Get Out And Die Chapter 2514: Suspicion Of Emperor Yao Kun Chapter 2515: The Great Demon Kun Who Was Shot Flying Chapter 2516: Cross Shot Chapter 2517: One Shot Destroy The Emperor Chapter 2518: Achieve It Alone Chapter 2519: Demon Kun Family Destroyed Chapter 2520: The Fall Of The Tripartite Forces Chapter 2521: In The Real Phoenix World Chapter 2522: The Shock Of Many Emperors Chapter 2523: The Mind Of Heavenly King Chapter 2524: The Wrath Of Emperor Zhenhuang Chapter 2525: The Strongest In Eastern Xinjiang Emperor Zhenhuang Chapter 2526: Calm And Calm Domineering And Terrifying Chapter 2527: The True Phoenix Wants To Fly The Heavens Burn Chapter 2528: Howl Of The Demon Emperor Chapter 2529: I Am Outside The Huntian World Waiting For You Chapter 2530: The Demon World Fell The Wailing Of The Demon Clan Chapter 2531: True Phoenix Army Out Chapter 2532: For Your Waiting Cast A Good Tomb Chapter 2533: Blood Phoenix Heavenly Dream Chapter 2534: Heavenly Dream Blood Phoenix Chapter 2535: The Plan Of Heavenly King Chapter 2536: Heaven Swallowing Sparrow Star Emperor Dynasty Chapter 2537: The Gathering Of The Four Places Is Shocking Chapter 2538: The Bitterness Of The Blue Master Chapter 2539: One Word From The Heart Chapter 2540: Snowball Army Chapter 2541: The Imperial Dynasty Must Be Defeated Chapter 2542: Like A Broken Bamboo The Army Is Coming Chapter 2543: War Generals Chapter 2544: Only War Chapter 2545: Swear To Consolidate My Land With My Life Chapter 2546: Anti Killing Old Sage Chapter 2547: I'm Not Deceived Chapter 2548: How Can The Soldiers Of This Prince Wait For You To Move? Chapter 2549: My Name Is Lu Fengxian Who Can Fight Chapter 2550: Still Bad Situation Chapter 2551: Body Like The Sun Shining On The Heavens Chapter 2552: The General Trend Mount Tai Is Overwhelming Chapter 2553: How Can The Mobs Kill The Prince Chapter 2554: One Person Wanjun Makes Easy Chapter 2555: Kill Chapter 2556: A Strand Of Shenhua Can Stand Up To The Sky Chapter 2557: Twenty Quasi Emperors Fought With One Man Chapter 2558: Power As A Mountain Overwhelming The Sun And The Moon Chapter 25589: Lu Bu Chapter 2360: Bianzhou Wolf Ride Come Chapter 2561: Lu Bu And State Wolf Ride Chapter 2562: Blessed By The Army Blood Is Like A God Chapter 2563: Kill 20 Quasi Emperors Chapter 2564: Xingchen Great Shot Chapter 2565: I Use This Halberd To Open The World Chapter 2566: The Proud Star Emperor Chapter 2567: The Unexpected Star Emperor Chapter 2568: Four Emperors Shot Chapter 2569: It Seems That The Ending Is Set Chapter 2570: Qin Yi Appeared Chapter 2571: One Point Out The World Moves Chapter 2572: I'm Here To Send You To The Road Chapter 2573: Cangjie Where Is It Chapter 2574: One Word Avoid Everything Chapter 2575: The Terror Of Heaven Chapter 2576: Desperate Emperor Chapter 2577: Thoughts Of The Great Emperor Yihun Chapter 2578: One Word Town Emperor Chapter 2579: Can You Go Chapter 2580: Cangjie Used Three More Words Chapter 2581: Stars Ocean Swallow Chapter 2582: Four Emperors In One Man Town Chapter 2583: Cangjie Chapter 2584: Unrelenting Strength Chapter 2585: Undercurrent Chapter 2586: Dont Kill The Gods Chapter 2587: The Shock Of The Powerful In The Nine Heavens Empire Chapter 2588: Unbeatable Response Chapter 2589: Are You Saying That Old Pig Is Not Handsome? Chapter 2590: Emperor Jiuxiao Heaven Sword Of Jiuxiao Chapter 2591: Happy Pig Bajie Chapter 2592: Thunder Tribulation Ancient Demon Sword Chapter 2593: Ancient Emperor Ancient Demon Emperor Chapter 2594: Who Said I Can't Become An Emperor Chapter 2595: The Stronger The War Chapter 2596: The River Does Not Fall Today Is Only Me Chapter 2597: Bai Qi Enters The Imperial Realm Chapter 2598: Do Not Fall To Wu'anhou The Emperor Of Proving Tao Chapter 2599: Thunder Tribulation Is Over Chapter 2600: Ancient Demon Emperor: I Remember You Chapter 2601: Everyone: In Vain To Rebel Chapter 2602: System Obey Never Betray Chapter 2603: Bai Qi Does Not Fall Into The Pillar Country Chapter 2604: Yo Bai Qi Got Beaten In The Face Chapter 2605: Capture The Five Emperors Chapter 2606: The Upcoming Decisive Battle Chapter 2607: As Long As You Survive There Will Be A Chance Chapter 2608: Break Through The Chaos And Come Here Chapter 2609: If You Dont Fall This Tall Building It Will Collapse Chapter 2610: Unforgettable Crime Chapter 2611: The Fallen Dynasty Chapter 1065: The Rise Of The Clone Chapter 2613: Clone The Second Realm Of Emperor Chapter 2614: Indestructible Chapter 2615: The Whole Army Marches Forward Chapter 2616: War Generals Chapter 2617: Desperate People Chapter 2618: Arrow Out Destroy The Soul Chapter 2619: For Example One Arrow Opens The Sky Chapter 2620: A Stone's Throw Away Ten Million Chapter 2621: Demon Ape Demon Lord Fallen Chapter 2622: Emperor Zhenhuang Was Injured Chapter 2623: My Name Is Luohou Jidu I Will Kill You Today Chapter 2624: You Are Not Worthy To Kill This Emperor Chapter 2625: Everyone: True Phoenix Is invincible Chapter 2626: The Ending Is Doomed Chapter 2627: Kill The True Phoenix With One Arrow Chapter 2628: Hidden Emperor Chapter 2629: This Is The Chance Of The Blood Phoenix Chapter 2630: Saw All Directions Like A Ling Chen Chapter 2631: Take A Bow Draw An Ar