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“Would you like to order the Fire-Breathing Potion or the Potion of Haste, sir? We mix them with Alcohol too!” In a world of Levels, Magic and Classes, being an Alcoholic wasn’t really a good choice. And yet this is a story of a Drinker-turned-Bartender-turned-Hero of his own. Please remember to avoid bar fights… unless the bartender starts them himself. This the tale of where it all began, along with other shenanigans! —-—- This can be a stand-alone book or be read with Races: Online (VR Smartphone App) “Owen Liddell... How do I begin to explain Owen Liddell?” Lyra the Thief: He is flawless. Cleric Jeanne: He has two magical wands and an invisibility potion. Han Jing: I hear that the man is worth more than 100,000 gold coins! Nire Summers: I hear he’s a Professor... in Kraelonia Academy. High Mage Ylena: His favorite drink is my pepper-blue tea. Wizard Lavelda: One time he met the King on a carriage... Swordsman Uriel: —And the King told him that he wanted to catch a drink sometime! Bleu the Shadow Elf: One time I punched him in the face... it was awesome.

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