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"Dragon Blood Technique?"

"That's right," Haisha said. "This is one of the core secrets of our Dragon Family. It is an augmentation-type secret technique of the Dragon Emperor Secret Article. At the beginner level, you can raise your body temperature and resist severe cold. An extremely cold place is the most suitable place to practice this technique. You can get twice the result with half the effort."

Dean was a bit dazed. He was not as ignorant as before, knowing nothing about the Dragon Family. Dragon Emperor Secret Article was a core secret technique that was ranked higher than Dragon Pierce Article 1 .

In the Dragon Family, stealing secret techniques was extremely taboo, and the punishment was severe. This was why Hailey chose to smuggle the secret technique to frame Haisha.

"This... Isn't it against the rule if you teach me?" Dean said calmly, wanting to find out.

Haisha said indifferently, "In any case, in the eyes of those people, I have already taught you once secretly. It doesn't matter if I teach you once more. Besides, I've been deprived of my Saint status. There's nothing left that can be deprived by them, except my life."

"But they won't kill me. Even if I teach you the whole Dragon Emperor Secret Article, they will neither kill nor punish me, because the biggest punishment is none other than guarding the Wasteland."

Having said that, Haisha stared at Dean and said, "I'll teach you. Do you dare to learn?"

Dean looked into her deep eyes and said with a smile, "Of course. I'll learn as long as you dare to teach. Even if you won't teach me, I'd steal and study it if I get the chance."

Haisha heard this and smiled, saying, "I know you have big courage."

Dean said, "Actually, it's not big enough."

Haisha said with a smile. "As long as you don't say it, I won't say it, and no one will know. Try not to display it outside. But if it's necessary, just use it. I'll take all the responsibility if something goes wrong."

Dean nodded slightly, but secretly said in his heart, "As long as I get through this and wait until my new invention is finished, there will be no need to bear any punishment anymore."

"Get ready to start," Haisha said. "First, take off your coat and armor, then warm yourself up by making your muscles tremble. I'll explain the principles of the Dragon Blood Technique."

Dean nodded and did as he was told.

As soon as his armor was taken off, the cold air covered all over his body, making him shiver involuntarily.

"The key to practicing the Dragon Blood Technique lies in the 'blood' word," Haisha spoke fast but not impatiently. "To practice the Dragon Blood Technique, first your physique must reach the high-level Hunter level, then you need to learn to control your heart rate. You've reached the requirements with regards to your current physique and your control over your body."

Dean was shivering, and cold air came out of his mouth as he said, "I already can control my heart rate."

"You can?" Haisha's eyes flashed with a glint of surprise. Controlling heart rate could be practiced after reaching high-level Hunter level, but this was for those geniuses who created records in history. Most ordinary people were not necessarily able to control their heart rates even if their physiques had reached high-level Frontiersman level, not to mention practicing the Dragon Blood Technique.

"Since you can control your heart rate, first raise it to 300 beats per minute," Haisha said.

Dean immediately understood her idea. The faster the heart beat, the faster the blood would pump body temperature would naturally rise. For ordinary people, the heart rate of 300 beats per minute would instantly overload the heart, causing heart failure and even death from myocardial infarction 2 .

Thump! Thump!

He quickened his heart rate. Every beat, the blood would flow throughout the body, causing the blood circulation to be extremely quick, and his body temperature slowly rose.

For an ordinary person, every time the heart rate increased by 1520 beats would cause the body temperature to increase by 1 degree. The average heart rate was 60100 per minute. With Dean's current heart rate, his temperature should have reached about 45 degrees if it was not for his Ice Blood Disease.

However, although he felt a slight warmth at the moment, the cold air tightly compressed the warmth around his heart. The temperature around his heart had reached about 3839 degrees, feeling hot. But his hands and feet were still ice-cold. They were far away from his heart, and the nerves and blood vessels were fairly delicate, so the blood circulation was slow.

Especially near his left shoulder, it was so cold that the left side of his body was shivering uncontrollably.

Haisha leaned closer to Dean's chest, listening and counting his heart rate silently. One minute later, Dean's heart had beaten for exactly 300 times, not more, not less. This control was far more precise than her expectation!

Precision represented ample strength!

"Dragon Blood Technique mainly uses the blood in the body, and using the blood means needing to use the heart." Haisha said, "The strength or weakness of a person depends largely on the blood in the body. That is, the blood circulation's capabilities. When we're angry, we often feel that our blood is boiling, face is flushing, and ears are reddening. This is because the blood circulation is accelerating and rushing into the brain."

"At that time, we are numb to the pain and tend to feel having endless strength, easily picking up things that can't be picked up in our normal state."

"So controlling the blood is equal to controlling the strength."

Haisha explained to Dean, and when he had insisted for another two minutes, she said, "Try to increase it by another 100. Stop at once if you feel strenuous. Heart training is very dangerous and prone to accidents. Therefore, you must have someone nearby to supervise the training, so you could be saved in time if your heart suddenly stops."

Dean nodded slightly, continuing to increase his heart rate.

Haisha stared at Dean's chest. Scars were all over his fair skin. Although she had seen it once before, it was still a bit shocking to see it again. It was not hard to guess what kind of torture and experience Dean had suffered.

Her eyes flashed a little, and she contemplated inwardly. One minute passed, Dean's heart rate had reached 400, still unmistakably precise!

There was a hint of astonishment in her eyes. Even a high-level Frontiersman had trouble reaching the 400 beats per minute heart rate.

She looked up at Dean and saw that his expression was calm, but his breathing was a bit heavy. She was more convinced of her conjecture. She did not continue to let him increase his heart rate and touch his limit. After all, he had never undergone the training before. It would be hard for the heart to bear when it was approaching the heart rate limit.

"Now, control your heart rate down by 10 beats per second, down to 20 beats per minute!" Haisha said.

Dean immediately followed her instruction.

His heart rate was getting slower and slower, and soon, down to 20 beats per minute, which was lower than ordinary people, but still far from his limit.

"10 beats per minute," Haisha said.

Dean slowed his heart rate down again, and as it slowed down, the cold air around him was getting heavier and heavier.

Haisha said, "Slowing down your heart rate doesn't mean suppressing it, but lengthening the heartbeats. This will exercise your heart muscle. When your heartbeats are lengthened, the amount of blood stored by your heart will be more, and when the blood is pumped, the surging speed and volume will increase. So even if your heart rate is 10 beats per minute, the heat generated is worth 400 beats per minute!"

Dean was slightly dazed.

Lengthening the heartbeats? Exercising the heart muscle?

For the first time it occurred to him that the heart muscle could also be exercised.

According to her interpretation, lengthening the heart rate could actually exercise the heart muscle and increase the volume of blood pumped each time the heart beat.

In this way, one beat was equal to two or three ordinary beats' blood volume!

  1. The technique Hailey gave him, specialized for using a spear.
  2. Destruction of heart tissue resulting from obstruction of the blood supply to the heartmuscle.

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