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Before many people knew what was going on, Liu Ning had already started his own action, that is, he began to form a commando team. Although the plan of the commando team was opposed by many people, Liu Ning's remarks were also very good. Yes, what I want to do does not require high-level approval, nor will I ask you a dime. Why do you oppose it?

Although you are opposed to this matter, I am not under your control. I can proceed according to my own thoughts.

So when many people objected, Liu Ning had already started his own work. First, he selected personnel among his own guards. Now the people who have to be selected are by no means ordinary people, at least they must be soldiers apprentice or higher. After being selected, you have to go through a variety of medicines and don't eventually become a low-level fighter.

Of course, there may be many unqualified people, but this is also impossible. Liu Ning must form a commando team composed entirely of fighters, so that their chances of survival can be lower. Recruiting fighters might affect a lot of places, so Liu Ning will never do this. Liu Ning has to do it slowly and gradually. I train myself here and grow from a fighter apprentice to a low-level fighter.

This has nothing to do with other major forces. I have neither digged into the wall nor made anyone sleepless. I did all of this according to my own intentions. If there is still someone who feels that something is wrong, then It can only be said that it is his own problem. Liu Ning is also very particular about what he does. If he is replaced by someone else, I am afraid that there are not so many people who pay attention to this matter. They can do whatever they want. This is also their freedom.

But this matter is completely different for Liu Ning. When Liu Ning is doing these things, many people express their dissatisfaction. No matter what they think in their hearts, in any case, in this matter, Liu Ning didn't care about their dissatisfaction. Do whatever you want. This is the freedom of you people, but I don't want others to care about it when I do things.

This is also my freedom. If some people think its inappropriate, then some things are not easy to say. Under the current situation, some people may think something is wrong, but then again, no matter you Do you think it's right? When you do these things, you have to be optimistic about it. Who is your opponent?

Was it used as a gun by others? If this is the case, then you have to reflect on it.

If you cannot reflect on these things, it means that your judgment ability has declined. When your judgment ability declines, there are many things that are not easy to say. Under the current situation, most people have People with good judgment ability can also do these things very well, but some people do not do well. Their judgment ability is extremely low. They just need someone to instigate a little bit, and they immediately feel that this matter is Liu Ning. It's wrong.

They are likely to form a wave on the Internet, but there are some people who have formed a wave in society. They went to Liu Nings company to fight the epidemic, and even repented of Liu Nings statue. After all, they were in the past. It is also a hero, and many cities have erected Liu Ning's statue, but in this catastrophe, they were directly destroyed by these people. It is hard to say anything about this local guard mansion.

After all, Liu Ning has moved peoples cake, and public opinion cannot be violated. The people erected your statue back then because of your outstanding contribution to the people. Now people dont want to look at your statue anymore. Can the town government still stop it?

So they just let it go. For such things, when the people below told Liu Ning, Liu Ning just smiled and did whatever they wanted. Human nature is so terrible.

When you help them, you are said to be a good person, and when you are incited by others, you are called a bad person. Anyway, Liu Ning is too lazy to say anything more about this matter. As for what they want to think, it is their own business. Now, theres nothing to do with myself. If some people are not used to it, then they can continue to instigate these common people to make trouble, and see who suffers in the end. Anyway, I wont lose a piece of meat, let alone. What's wrong.

Many people can't believe Liu Ning's endurance. How can Liu Ning be regarded as a person with status in the society. If the statue of such a person is uprooted by others, then these people will definitely have other ideas. Yes, but Liu Ning didnt have any ideas, because Liu Ning understood this very well. When he was sorted out, he didnt get any benefits. No one gave him a waiver when he walked on the street. Now these statues have been demolished. Is there any harm in yourself?

So on this point, many people are quite clear. Many people dont understand this set of things. When they do these things, they always fight for these things. But Liu Ning feels that it doesnt matter if people live forever. If you are looking for these false names, will you be tired if you are alive?

Why don't you do something meaningful? What is a meaningful thing?

That is to set up this commando team. Of course, it is a very meaningful thing. Perhaps many people dont understand it now, but after a while, they will naturally know the benefits of the commando team. Now they may not be able to see it, but After a period of time, the benefits of the assault team can be revealed, and the role of the assault team can also be revealed, at this point.

There are many people who blindly believe in the instigation of some people, thinking that the commando is digging the corners of other cities. He wants to form an army of all fighters. If he doesn't dig the corners of other cities, how can he get it?

In fact, everyone has forgotten Liu Ning's other identity, that is, he is a senior pharmacist and a senior hypnotist. If these two things are combined with each other, many people can make progress by leaps and bounds.

You can make progress during sleep. This is not a nonsense. Humans have already begun to study this matter. After advanced sleep, ordinary people can also make their brain circuits clear. This is unquestionable, but it is said. Come back, how can ordinary people afford to hire a senior hypnotist?

Their hourly wages are hundreds of thousands, and they may even reach millions of tens of millions. It depends on your ability, so at this point.

No matter how hard ordinary people work hard, they cant catch up with the upper-class people. Im afraid they cant afford the cost of using a senior hypnotist alone. Let alone they cant afford it. The 18th generation of their ancestors is To get it out, to take out all the savings of the eighteenth generation of the ancestors, I am afraid it will not be enough to make up an hour, so even if these people have potential, they can't stimulate their potential.

I can only let my potential go. As the years slowly passed, Liu Ning understood this, so I was ready to make a fuss about this matter. I didnt go to any city fighters. They could stay here. In other lineup rooms, what they want to do is their business. I wont interfere at all here. In short, all the fighters that come out of me are all made by myself. As for whether you want to believe it or not, thats your own. All things about Liu Ning are open to the outside world.

At first, people thought that Liu Ning made a show, and that the things they needed most were hidden. This guy is actually a hypocrite, but now these people are silent, because Liu Ning really made everything public. If If you still don't believe it, then some things really don't know what to say, so at this point, there may be many people who are dissatisfied, but they can't discredit Liu Ning.

Because people really took out everything, if you think something is wrong, you can also come to ask for advice, but if it involves confidential information, it is impossible to say it. In human society Among them, many people have deviated from their own principles. They are turned into slaves by the beast kings, and then become spies in human society. These people usually hide well and basically cannot be found out, but they will bring human society Some of the messages are passed out.

Of course, most of these people are low-level people and there is no way to access some core secrets, and high-level humans do not treat them as the same thing. If some high-level people become such people, it would be very scary. The high level of humanity will work harder on this matter and try to find all these people, but some things are not that simple. Take this matter as an example, dont think its easy to find a spy.

You must know that these spies are not so simple to do things, their first principle is to hide themselves first.

There is no way for human society to find some spies in the beasts. Although it can be a blessing to the beasts, if you get these pine trees back, they will become the targets of the entire world of beasts. There is no doubt about this. This is also the advantage occupied by sales. They can easily find the traitors inside, but human society is completely different. If human society wants to find these traitors, it is a very terrible thing, at least It is impossible to find it at this stage, and it is precisely because of this.

When these things happen, human society can only carry out investigations slowly, and some unfriendly things will happen during the investigation process. In short, these things are not that simple. In this matter, there may be Many people feel that something is wrong, but there are also many people who can see the truth. When they see these things, there are some things that can be changed, right, Liu Ning also hates these traitors very much, but what can they do? ! You simply dont have a good way to find them, and these people are extremely hidden. If you want to get them out, its probably impossible for the time being. None of these guys do anything. In principle, they are all committed to protecting themselves. The fierce beast king once told them that no matter what happens, they must first protect themselves.

Regardless of the news, how do you usually live or how you live the fierce beasts, the king will not give them any shouts, just let them listen to the news, if they hear the news, they will get a large part of it. Reward, if he doesnt hear the news, the Beast King will not do anything to them. You just need to continue living according to your original intentions. This is how these spies usually live a very comfortable life. .

Of course, some people dont understand this. They always feel that they have deviated from their ancestors. For these conscientious people, the human society is of course very welcome, but the question is where do you find so many conscientious people? Most people have forgotten all this, so if you expect them to discover it by their own conscience, its probably impossible. These people dont care about things at all, so in this matter, dont care about their minds. What they are thinking about, as long as they show something wrong, the human society will never tolerate it. This is also clear to everyone.

In addition to these fighter-level powerhouses, the society originally had some other plans, but those plans were basically on paper and did not say anything useful. So when Liu Ning eliminated this method, many It's not a feeling in people's hearts. It's clear that this plan was made by them, so why is it all on Liu Ning's side now?

In such a situation, they really feel a little uncomfortable. If it can be changed, of course they want to change this matter.

But then again, some things are not that simple. It's not that you can do whatever you want. If you really want to be like this, many people can get a lot of cost, but it's a pity It is that they have not gained anything, and they have to continue to struggle during this period. Liu Ning is also very clear about these ideas for them, but what can be done?

What do you think?

This is all your own business, and has nothing to do with our side. We will not take care of your business. After all, everyone is different. If you insist on managing these things, you can only wait until later. Slowly started, as for what will happen in the future.

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Change Plan Chapter 1407: Big Plan Chapter 1408: Speech Chapter 1409: Cost Chapter 1410: Hard Work Chapter 1411: Inherited Chapter 1412: Crisis Chapter 1413: Celebrities Chapter 1414: Persuade Chapter 1415: Profit Chapter 1416: Buy Shares Chapter 1417: Start Chapter 1418: Brothers Chapter 1419: Make Your Own Decisions Chapter 1420: At A Loss Chapter 1421: Not Afraid Of Loss Chapter 1422: Can Only Do So Chapter 1423: Dizzy Chapter 1424: Government Employee Chapter 1425: Be A Man Chapter 1426: Depressed Chapter 1427: Internal Consumption Chapter 1428: Difficult To Survive Chapter 1429: Project Chapter 1430: Strength Growth Chapter 1431: Supervisor Chapter 1432: Bonus Chapter 1433: Check It Down Chapter 1434: Employment Fee Chapter 1435: Danger In The Wild Chapter 1436: Formalities Chapter 1437: Publish Online Chapter 1438: Rake Chapter 1439: High Level Chapter 1440: Bring Both Chapter 1441: Rich Chapter 1442: Big Profit Chapter 1443: Experts Lead The Way Chapter 1444: Armored Car Chapter 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Output Chapter 1528: Family Ugliness Chapter 1529: Attractive Chapter 1530: Misunderstanding Chapter 1531: All Right Chapter 1532: Overspeaking Chapter 1533: Core Assets Chapter 1534: Grateful Chapter 1535: Sorry Chapter 1536: No Money Chapter 1537: Left Chapter 1538: That's All Chapter 1539: Mrs. Han Chapter 1540: Cousin Chapter 1541: Beauty Pass Chapter 1542: Difficult To Handle Chapter 1543: Just Sit Down Chapter 1544: Strength Chapter 1545: Helpless Chapter 1546: Trading Chapter 1547: Profit Problem Chapter 1548: Make A Mistake Chapter 1549: Devaluation Chapter 1550: Home Delivery Chapter 1551: Attractive Chapter 1552: Just Have To Let Chapter 1553: Big Heart Chapter 1554: Bet Chapter 1555: Greedy Chapter 1556: Don't Dream Chapter 1557: Life And Death Chapter 1558: Changed Chapter 1559: Fist To Win Chapter 1560: Talk Slowly : Didn't Do Things Like That Chapter 1562: Negotiated Chapter 1563: Emboldened Chapter 1564: Increase In Shares Chapter 1565: The Building Will Fall Chapter 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System Chapter 1608: Bitter Life Chapter 1609: Money Chapter 1610: Open The Back Door Chapter 1611: Woman Chapter 1612: Thought Chapter 1613: How To Do Chapter 1614: Sensible Chapter 1615: Don't Understand Chapter 1616: Go Away? Chapter 1617: Dare Not Do It Chapter 1618: Do Not Get Rid Of Chapter 1619: Trouble Chapter 1620: Black Trick Chapter 1621: Cause Trouble Again Chapter 1622: More Commission Chapter 1623: Not Give A About Chapter 1624: Unknown Chapter 1625: Great Chapter 1626: Can Only Do So Chapter 1627: Too Much Profit Chapter 1628: Madman Chapter 1629: Dare To Do Anything Chapter 1630: Sinister Chapter 1631: Development Methods Chapter 1632: Buy Chapter 1633: Opportunity Chapter 1634: Punishment Chapter 1635: Domineering Chapter 1636: Overcome Difficulties Together Chapter 1637: Subsidy Chapter 1638: Expand Chapter 1639: Wage Increase Chapter 1640: Warehouse Construction Chapter 1641: Account Period Chapter 1642: Server Chapter 1643: Eat Crabs Chapter 1644: Broken Relationship Chapter 1645: Untie Chapter 1646: Drink Chapter 1647: Understand Things Chapter 1648: Got Engaged Chapter 1649: Psychological Growth Chapter 1650: New Wife Chapter 1651: Winking Chapter 1652: Can't Make Up Chapter 1653: Anger Chapter 1654: Feeling Chapter 1655: Good Day Chapter 1656: Ma Zhuang's Change Chapter 1657: Don't Do Well Chapter 1658: Majia Chapter 1659: Misunderstood Chapter 1660: Magician Chapter 1661: No Rest Chapter 1662: Hard To Express Chapter 1663: Party Drinking Chapter 1664: Call The Shots Chapter 1665: Yuanjia Road Is Narrow Chapter 1666: Watch The Excitement Chapter 1667: Trust Chapter 1668: Apologize Chapter 1669: Dialogue Chapter 1670: Hurt Chapter 1671: Guilty Chapter 1672: Not Easy To Do Chapter 1673: Participate Chapter 1674: Dare Not Do Chapter 1675: Rest Chapter 1676: Integration Chapter 1677: Try Chapter 1678: Related Chapter 1679: Discuss Chapter 1680: The Hateful Chapter 1681: Persuade Chapter 1682: Steel Plant Chapter 1683: First Family Chapter 1684: Unity Chapter 1685: Leadership Chapter 1686: Engineers Chapter 1687: Inferiority Chapter 1688: Tinted Glasses Chapter 1689: Make Money Chapter 1690: Obey Chapter 1691: Gap Chapter 1692: Watch A Joke Chapter 1693: Reaction Chapter 1694: Gold Chapter 1695: Expansion Chapter 1696: Big Head Chapter 1697: Anger Chapter 1698: Enjoy Chapter 1699: Condition Chapter 1700: Loss Chapter 1701: Budget Chapter 1702: Committed To Chapter 1703: Protocol Chapter 1704: Draw A Lot Chapter 1705: Changed Chapter 1706: Cooperation Chapter 1707: Benefit Sharing Chapter 1708: Principal Chapter 1709: So Bitter Chapter 1710: Close Hand Chapter 1711: Female Tyrannosaurus Chapter 1712: Not Easy To Do Chapter 1713: Rich Chapter 1714: Reconciliation Chapter 1715: Master Chapter 1716: Changed Chapter 1717: Can Only Do So Chapter 1718: Good Man Chapter 1719: Expensive Chapter 1720: Result Chapter 1721: Respect Chapter 1722: Can't Offend Chapter 1723: Ruthless Chapter 1724: Can't Change Chapter 1725: Share Allocation Chapter 1726: The Importance Of Family Chapter 1727: Be Careful Chapter 1728: Dividends Chapter 1729: Illusory Chapter 1730: Time To Go Chapter 1731: Make Money Chapter 1732: Charity Fund Chapter 1733: Unexpected Thing Chapter 1734: Intelligence Chapter 1735: Data Chapter 1736: Your People Chapter 1737: Set Off Chapter 1738: Bloody Chapter 1739: Train Chapter 1740: Cold Chapter 1741: Cold Blooded Chapter 1742: Chapter 1743: Subway Chapter 1744: Different City Chapter 1745: Eccentric Chapter 1746: Negotiable Chapter 1747: Underground City Chapter 1748: Proposal Chapter 1749: Policy Chapter 1750: Tenacious Chapter 1751: Nobody Bears Chapter 1752: Doubt Chapter 1753: Qualifications Chapter 1754: Promote Chapter 1755: Search For Chapter 1756: Warlords Chapter 1757: Not Understand Chapter 1758: 95 Km Chapter 1759: Hire Chapter 1760: Go By Oneself Chapter 1761: Out Of Town Chapter 1762: Find Chapter 1763: Strength Chapter 1764: Attack Chapter 1765: Snow Lotus Chapter 1766: Transfer Point Chapter 1767: Roadblock Chapter 1768: Temperature Limit Chapter 1769: Extremely Cold Weather Chapter 1770: Powerful Chapter 1771: Good Location Chapter 1772: All Dispatched Chapter 1773: Take Orders Today Chapter 1774: All Dispatched Chapter 1775: Discipline Chapter 1776: Mobilization Chapter 1777: Cage Cover Chapter 1778: Heartache Chapter 1779: Brain Hole Chapter 1780: The Handsome Wolf Is Here Chapter 1781: Persuade Chapter 1782: Involved Chapter 1783: Out Chapter 1784: Bottom Line Chapter 1785: Meeting Chapter 1786: Way Up Chapter 1787: Nostalgia Chapter 1788: Just Do It Chapter 1789: Magician Chapter 1790: It's Great To Join Chapter 1791: Confidence Chapter 1792: Means Chapter 1793: Acquisition Chapter 1794: Regret Chapter 1795: Tease Chapter 1796: Expensive Chapter 1797: Big City Chapter 1798: Guard Chapter 1799: Novice Chapter 1800: Client Chapter 1801: Emotion Card Chapter 1802: Best Right Chapter 1803: Reluctant To Talk Chapter 1804: Shocked Chapter 1805: Active Challenge Chapter 1806: Strength Is Everything Chapter 1807: Reorganize Yourself Chapter 1808: A Bunch Of Rascals Chapter 1809: Gone Chapter 1810: Breakfast Chapter 1811: Level Chapter 1812: Encourage Chapter 1813: Official Business Chapter 1814: Change Concept Chapter 1815: In Power Chapter 1816: Confrontation Chapter 1817: Low Key Chapter 1818: Can't Persuade Chapter 1819: Teach Chapter 1820: Wand Problem Chapter 1821: Not Distressed Chapter 1822: Middleman Chapter 1823: Compensation Chapter 1824: It's Ok Chapter 1825: Who Is Better Chapter 1826: Kill You Lightly Chapter 1827: Handling Items Chapter 1828: Take It Lightly Chapter 1829: Young Talent Chapter 1830: Alone Chapter 1831: Independent Portal Chapter 1832: Not Embarrassed Chapter 1833: To Raise Funds Chapter 1834: Handover Is Complete Chapter 1835: Meet Chapter 1836: Each Has Its Needs Chapter 1837: Travel Chapter 1838: Long Car Chapter 1839: Old Town Lord Chapter 1840: Thanksgiving Chapter 1841: Explain Chapter 1842: Pay Attention To People Chapter 1843: Accept Chapter 1844: Come Back Home Chapter 1845: Take Off Chapter 1846: Plane Accident Chapter 1847: Rest Chapter 1848: Thoughts Chapter 1849: In Charge Chapter 1850: Wrong Development Chapter 1851: 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