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With Ye Yuan being wrapped up inside the torrent of the army, everything was not of his free will.

This was the heaven and earth general situation created by Medicine Ancestor and Sacred Ancestor High Priest two people. It was even more terrifying than the power of one person.

Once entering the chess game, one would be a chess piece!

On the battlefield, cold steel glinted and flashed, ten thousand steeds galloped.

An unparalleled will descended upon Ye Yuans body, controlling Ye Yuan to charge forward and kill vigorously.

Ye Yuan was very familiar with this willpower. It was precisely Sacred Ancestor High Priests will.

It was just that compared to the first time he challenged Ask Not, this will was God knows how many times stronger.

So the moment he entered the game, he was controlled by this will. It did not allow the slightest bit of resistance at all.

"Humph!So what if its the real Ask Not? My will is controlled by me! Break for me!"

Ye Yuan gave a cold cry. A powerful fighting intent soared to the sky, breaching the firmament!

Being situated inside the game, Ye Yuan could not see these two giants at all.

They were seemingly two controllers, controlling everything in this world.

"Humph!An ant is an ant; only fit to be a chess piece! You also dare to vie for glory with us? Suppress!"

Above the firmament, a god-like voice fell down, shocking the entire battlefield.

At the same time, an enormous palm fell from the sky, landing on the mortal world.

This palm was dropped precisely for Ye Yuan!

When the people outside the game saw this scene, they turned pale with fright one after another.

"Too terrifying! This is the power of heaven and earth! Ye Yuan is courting death here. Challenging this kind of heaven-shocking chess game, theres only following the rules strictly. How can one resist such will?"

"Sacred Ancestor High Priest who is inside the chess game doesnt recognize whatever Second Sage. Ye Yuan daring to resist his will aroused his fury."

"Sacred Ancestors will is akin to the will of heaven and earth; undefiable. How can a mere True God Realm be able to resist it?"

Following the palm landing, everyone thought that Ye Yuan was dead for sure.

Just this will could crush Heavenly Emperors to dust, let alone a puny little True God Realm?

"Hahaha,I thought what incredible talent he is. Turns out that he is a fool! With his talent, its also not impossible for him to reach Sacred Ancestor High Priests boundary in the future. But right now, hes an ant! A firefly also dares to contend for glory with the bright moon? Sacred Ancestor High Priests will, even the likes of us cant withstand it. But just based on his strength?" Heavenly Emperor Zixu laughed unceasingly when he saw the situation.

Ye Yuans action was courting death in their eyes.

Reaching Medicine Ancestors and Sacred Ancestor High Priests level of realm, that was only a hairs breadth away from Dao Ancestor.

Their will was virtually equivalent to the will of heaven and earth.

How could a mere ants will rival heaven and earth?

What was this if not seeking death?

The enormous palm fell from the sky, bringing a power to crush all life.


The giant palm had yet to land completely when Ye Yuan already spurted a mouthful of fresh blood out wildly.

That horrifying pressure directly bent his waist.

"Those who submit prospers; those who defy dies! How can this emperors will allow defiance? Die!" Sacred Ancestor High Priests awe-inspiring voice came from above the void.


Right at this time, another extremely horrifying pressure descended from the sky.

An enormous cauldron slowly emerged from the void, suppressing Ye Yuan.


The moment the enormous cauldron appeared, Ye Yuans entire person was akin to being struck by lightning, fresh blood spurting wildly.

A giant cauldron, an enormous palm, pressed on Ye Yuans shoulders akin to two large mountains.

That horrifying willpower was seemingly like a sledgehammer, bombarding Ye Yuans sea of consciousness non-stop, making him submit.

At the outside world, there was a series of exclamations.

"This This giant cauldron is the Medicine Ancestors will! The Medicine Ancestor is enraged too!"

"My God, two leviathans being enraged at the same time! What kind of terrifying will is this?"

"Mad! Utterly insane! Second Sage is courting death here! This is the chess game of two giants, but he wants to intervene flagrantly, challenging the will of two leviathans! The two are enraged at the same time now!"

This Ask Not was the true Ask Not. It was completely different from the one Ye Yuan challenged before.

Inside that Ask Not, the true sovereign was the Sacred Ancestor High Priest.

But in this place, there were two hegemons.

In fact, Medicine Ancestors strength was even above Sacred Ancestor High Priests.

Ye Yuans unyielding will had surprised not just Sacred Ancestor High Priest, but there was also the Medicine Ancestor!

With two sovereigns taking action at the same time, the entire world became dim and dark.

That kind of horrifying pressure felt as if the apocalypse had arrived.

Even if the rest were not inside the game, they also felt tremendous pressure.

At this time, Ye Yuans hair was disheveled. His eyes, nose, and ears were actually all bleeding.

The pressure that he endured, bystanders were completely unable to imagine it.

When Ji Mo saw this scene, his expression was very complicated.

He had also cleared Ask Not before, but he did not dare to provoke the two leviathans will at all.

Even if 50% of the power was sealed, he also did not dare to confront these two peoples will pressure.

Inside this chess game, even if he was the Sacred Ancestors disciple, he could only be relegated to be a chess piece.

Those two people were not people of the mortal world at all.

Their strength was too horrifying.

Only by being situated inside the chess game and watching their showdown of magical abilities could one vividly experience these two peoples boundless power.

Ji Mo let out a sigh and slowly opened his mouth and said, "Second Sage, give up! Medicine Ancestor and Master are two of this worlds strongest existences, their strengths being unfathomable. One day in the future, you might be able to contend with their will. But right now, youre unable to challenge their will at all. With your talent and strength, as long as you let nature take its course, youll be able to break the deadlock!"

Ji Mos voice passed right through Ask Not and transmitted inside the chess game.

Ye Yuan laughed loudly when he heard that and said,"Hahaha theres no give up two words in my, Ye Yuans dictionary! Without the heart of a powerful powerhouse, how can one surmount above the nine heavens? I, Ye Yuan, will never be a chess piece! Competing in strength, I, Ye Yuan, am poles apart from you guys! But comparing will, I, Ye Yuan, absolutely wont lose to you!"

"With my will, sever the firmament! Condense for me!"

Ye Yuan roared wildly, a stubborn will surging to the sky.

Amidst everyones dumbfounded gazes, an enormous sword slowly condensed and formed.

That powerful aura was actually not the slightest bit weaker compared to the two sovereigns!

A long sword condensed, slowly shooting to the sky, and actually flew over towards the giant cauldron.

"Thats the sword of will! How is that possible?"

"No way, right? Ye Yuans will is actually able to condense such a terrifying giant sword!"

"Hes going to clash head-on with the Medicine Ancestor here! Once he fails, his sea of consciousness will completely collapse, and hell die without a burial ground!"

A series of exclamations came from outside the game.

This sword of will was the manifestation of all of Ye Yuans will, fusing all of his comprehensions in Sword Dao and spatial law.

The pressure among the wills was not the slightest bit weaker than the two heavyweights.

Being able to condense such a terrifying sword of will indicated that Ye Yuans willpower was already comparable to the Medicine Ancestor, this kind of transcendent big shot.

How could the people present not be surprised?

Ji Mo looked at this scene. His expression was complicated as he muttered, "As the saying goes, how big the heart is, how large heaven and earth is! I truly find it hard to imagine that you actually have such willpower! I finally understand why Master conferred you as Second Sage! I am inferior to you!"

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