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Wu Yue looked up at the door in disbelief. Her eyes were not only filled with surprise but also amazement.

Qin Shu was even more beautiful in real life than on the phone.

Qin Shu, who had her bangs lifted, could be seen by everyone.

Her skin was extremely fair, like a top-grade white jade, without any flaws.

Her skin was pale with a tinge of pink and was full of collagen.

Her palm-sized oval face, with exquisite facial features, was like it had been specially treated by the Creator. She was so beautiful that it made those who looked at her feel breathless.

Her light and straight eyebrows made her look a little cute.

She had a perky nose.

The corners of her lips curled up slightly. Her sexy cupid bow made her entire lips look three-dimensional.

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Chapter 174: Bring a Male Companion, Not a Female Companion Chapter 175: A Different Name Chapter 176: The One Thing That Fu Tingyu Feared of Chapter 177: The Disrupted Plan Chapter 178: Miserably Bullied Chapter 179: Exact Moment Chapter 180: It Happened Suddenly Chapter 181: Shameless Auntie Asked For My "Brother's" Number Chapter 182: Fu Tingyu Had A Beautiful Smile Chapter 183: Formidable Characters Chapter 184: Traps Everywhere Chapter 185: Tricked by the Partnership Chapter 186: Fu Tingyu Was Framed Chapter 187: Your Miserable End Chapter 188: Can't Do Anything About the Ruthless Person Chapter 189: No One Could Compete with Him Chapter 190: Sir, Can You Not? Chapter 191: Sweet... Chapter 192: Awkward Chapter 193: Hide You Chapter 194: Never Letting Go Chapter 195: The Waiting Girl Chapter 196: The Man Who Suddenly Appeared Chapter 197: Up for Grabs Chapter 198: A Chance Meeting Chapter 199: Recognized Chapter 200: A Yellow Duckling Comes to Bright Garden Chapter 201: Best Mockery Chapter 202: Another New Discovery Chapter 203: Bao'er Was Very Prescient Chapter 204: A Beautiful Misunderstanding Chapter 205: How Long Can I Last Chapter 206: Serious Consequences Chapter 207: Dropped Away At Critical Moment Chapter 208: Little Chubby's Place Chapter 209: Beauty Saved the Prince Chapter 210: Weird Scene Chapter 211: Qin Shu- A Wolf in Sheep Clothing Chapter 212: The Little Plots in the Minds of the Three Chapter 213: A Little Restless Chapter 214: Cannon Fodder Chapter 215: Bro, It's Over Chapter 216: Jun Lis Question Chapter 217: What To Do Chapter 218: Awkward Chapter 219: Beaten, Nice Chapter 220: Something To Do With The Young Professor Chapter 221: Premeditated Chapter 222: Guilty Conscience Chapter 223: Go for the Wool and Come Home Shorn Chapter 224: Treated to a Meal by the Old Madam Chapter 225: Fu Tingyan Has Something to Say Chapter 226: Surprise After Shock Chapter 227: Try It For Yourself Chapter 228: Bao'er is Enough For Me Chapter 229: Couldnt Wait to See Him Chapter 230: Wanted to Keep Her Chapter 231: Qin Shu Was Disfigured Chapter 232: Exposed Chapter 233: Live Broadcast Chapter 234: Stunning the Audience Chapter 235: They All Want to See Qin Shu's Beauty With Their Own Eyes Chapter 236: Beating up a Scumbag Is So Satisfying Chapter 237: Sir Wants to Go Shopping Too Chapter 238: A Slap in the Face and a Successful Transformation Chapter 239: Pursued by Boys and Fu Tingyan Spills the Beans Chapter 240: Meeting the Two Campus Hunks During Lunch Chapter 241: Sir Asks the Ye Brothers to Support Qin Shu Chapter 242: You All Are Jealous That My Wife Loves Me Chapter 243: Nosebleed, Heartache Chapter 244: Babe is Here, Are You Jealous? Chapter 245: Fu Tingyu Covers Her Eyes. Anticipation. Chapter 246: Going to the Man in the Middle of the Night and Confessing Chapter 247: Sir Is So Hard to Understand Chapter 248: Babe Was Punished For Drinking Chapter 249: Babe Is Angry. An Unusual Way of Coaxing. Chapter 250: Showing Affection for Each Other at the Office Chapter 251: You Are the Only Treasure I Can Show Off Chapter 252: An Accident. Someone Wants to Cause Him Harm Chapter 253: His Babe is Great Chapter 254: Stunning Everyone Once More Chapter 255: Anyone Who Angers Babe Will Die Chapter 256: A Slap In The Face. Get Revenge and Paid at the Same Time Chapter 257: His Sister-In-Law Is Too Powerful