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"After the host accepts Kalifa as the secretary of the ship, he will broadcast the design drawings of Pluto and burn them to complete this check-in."

Ye Feng looked at the task introduction.

Touched his chin.

Burning Pluto's design drawings is not particularly difficult.

According to the memory of the night wind.

The design drawings of the ancient weapon "Pluto" are now in the hands of the old stranger Frankie.

Although Tie Hanhan like Frankie would not easily cooperate with Night Wind.


Ye Feng has many ways to get the "Pluto" drawings from him.

After the design drawing is in hand.

Yefeng just find a beautiful place and start a live broadcast.


Accept that professional prince of Kalifa as the secretary of the ship?

They are CP9.

How to collect it?

Why should it be collected?

Ye Feng feels that he doesn't need a secretary to do so many things on the boat?

so hard.

This request is not reasonable at all.

"When you get off the boat later, you can move around freely first, and I'll do something first." Ye Feng became more annoyed as he thought about it and decided to go alone this time.

"Oh, good Brother Feng." Nami gave an OK gesture. Although they didn't know what Ye Feng was going to do, they believed Ye Feng would definitely not mess around.

after all.

He doesn't engage with so many excellent girls on the ship.

Will he do anything else?


After Ye Feng separated from the girls, he first came to Frankie's abandoned shipyard.

Frankie is a sweetheart.

He has a bold personality, likes to sing the strangest songs, dance the strangest dances, and wear the strangest shorts.

Although it's a bit too convenient.


Frankie is also a good guy.

at this time.

Frankie was taking his little brothers in a carnival with Captain Hulk, and the sound of various heavy metals almost broke through the roof.

The general feeling is as if the house is full: yo yo yo, draw a dragon with me on the left, draw a rainbow on your right, draw a rainbow with me on the left, and draw another dragon on your right.

"Tsk tut."

"If I didn't know the plot in advance, it would be really hard to believe that a guy like this turned out to be the best shipbuilder in the world."

Frank seems unreliable though.

But his shipbuilding technology is indeed world-class.


He is especially good at making ships that are used as weapons.

That is, Frankie has abandoned his talents in the City of Seven Waters over the years.

if not.

If Frankie joined the world/world government/government and went to learn from Begapunk, he would have already become famous now.

To this.

Ye Feng shook his head.

Frankie is a natural mechanical genius, and it's a bit shameful to put it here to make a joke.


There were enough crew on the Nightwind Boat, and he had no plans to recruit Frankie.


Ye Feng pushed open the door and let out a harsh "crunch".

Immediately after.

The music in the hulk yard stopped abruptly.

Everyone looked at Ye Feng at once.

The whole action was uniform.

At this time, Ye Feng was holding a big red apple in his hand.

He walked in front of Frankie in such a calm and comfortable manner, opened the mechanism on his body, took out the "Pluto" design drawing, and then drifted away.

And Frankie.

After he suddenly heard "Broken it, Jinghuashuiyue", then he started to feel a little confused, but he didn't seem to know what happened.


"I just remembered that someone who was cutting an apple with a knife came in too?"

"What about people?"

Frankie glanced at the reclosed door, then shook his head.

"Is it an illusion?"


"That person... looks like a dog."


Leaving Frankie's shipyard.

Ye Feng opened the "Pluto" design and took a brief look.

Although the night wind cannot build ships.


He has been fascinated by wives from all walks of life for so many years in the plane of Super Theological Seminary, and his technological level has improved a lot, so he understood the design concept of "Pluto" at a glance.

"Tsk tusk tusk, it turns out that this thing is the'Pluto' in One Piece? I really admire Oda's brain hole."


Ye Feng is always very confused.

Why does Marie Qiaoya clearly have Begapunk, a genius scientist who has surpassed One Piece in technology for 500 years, but is still struggling to find a battleship built by the craftsmen of the City of Seven Waters.

right now.

Ye Feng understood.

Thought of this.

Yefeng smiled meaningfully.

He raised his head and glanced at the sky.

He knew that "Pluto" would never be a simple warship with powerful weapons.

Now it seems.

Sure enough.


After Ye Feng satisfied his curiosity, he lost interest in "Pluto".


His power is not comparable to a "Pluto".

"With the'Pluto' design drawings, the next step can be a routine of Spandam." Ye Feng smiled, took out a phone bug, and connected to Spandam on Si/Fa Island.

"Hey, is it Spandam? I am Ye Feng." Ye Feng said lazily.

"Night wind? Are you looking for something to do with me?" Spandam was originally doing a fortune on the island of Si/Fa. After hearing the sound of the night wind, his heart trembled and suddenly he became nervous.

This guy heard that the five-star pigeons were released not long ago.

He also killed one of Qiwuhai.

Find him now.

What are you going to do?

"Of course it's a good thing to find you, what are you nervous about?" Ye Feng laughed.

"Good thing?" Spandam asked suspiciously: "What good things can you do if you ask me?"

half year ago.

While passing by the Navy Headquarters, Spandam "accidentally" trampled on Ye Feng's pet named "Xiao Qiang" and was beaten by Ye Feng with excuses.

Although Spandam was angry.


The navy just suppressed that matter.


Spandham had a nightmare for three months afterwards.

Every night I meet Ye Feng in my dreams.

To this.

Spandam was almost breaking down.

It is precisely for this reason.

Spandam felt a little tremor now when he heard the sound of the night wind.

and so.

Good thing?

It's nice to stop making trouble!

"Don't be like that, I am the Navy, you are CP9, and everyone is considered a brother department. Why are you so nervous?" Ye Feng asked very sincerely: "You CP9 are not always looking for'Pluto' in the City of Seven Waters Design drawings? I heard that you have been searching for many years, but Mao didnt find them, right?"

"Huh! So what? Are you trying to say that the efficiency of our CP9 is too low? You don't understand how difficult it is to get the "Pluto" design drawings!" Spandam snorted coldly, boldly Ironically, Ye Feng said, "Don't your navy have been making a fuss on Nicole Robin to find out the whereabouts of the sleeping'Pluto'? Oh, by the way, I heard that you finally made a pornography?"

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