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The night wind travels through the heavens and all realms. Binding a sign-in system can become stronger.Since then. In many weird places of the heavens and the world, there will be a handsome boy haunting him.Uchiha Madara: I heard that Ye Feng’s eyes are called reincarnation eyes. Although I don’t know where they came from, they are by no means weaker than the old man’s reincarnation eyes.Morgana: Speaking of which, you may not believe it. Since the queen, I have known Yefeng, I have begun to reform the metaphysics.Warring States: After encountering the night breeze, I finally understood a truth. If the hard work is useful, what more geniuses do?Ai Ran Soyousuke: I thought that no one could stand on the cloud from the beginning, until I saw Ye Feng’s knife, I didn’t know that I was really wrong.Teacher Saitama: Huh? Who are you? Why can you block my punch?My name is Yefeng. Ride the wind and waves. My principle is simple. I will cut anyone who prevents me from signing in.- Description from MTL

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