Home Tales Of The Mighty DragonairChapter 349

"Where are we going again?" she asked for the tenth time already, and he repeated the same answer over to her.

"To attack some armies nearby."

"And how did you know about them?"

"A hunch."



This was the tenth time for such conversation to occur! They flew for hours, first bypassing the mountain reach before finding more mountains in the distance.

There was a valley in between, linked to the valley inside the mountains he once visited. After that it was only a stretch of mountains, with no signs of life at all!

"Are you sure we are enough?" she again asked, for the fifth time!

"I told you, gosh why are you so tense like this!" he didn't say his usual answer as he felt greatly annoyed with her constant questions.

"I I just want to be sure the two of us will be enough."

"We will."

"Sigh, it's boring flying silently for hours! I miss that chatty dragon!"


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Chapter 1: Waking Up At Unfamiliar Place Chapter 2: The Golden Lion Clan Chapter 3: Ron Chapter 4: Assembling Ancestral Bow Chapter 5: Special Powers of Mages Chapter 6: A Challenge and A Show of Superior Talent Chapter 7: Forming A Team Chapter 8: Moving Towards The Forest to Train Chapter 9: Getting Attacked by A Monster Chapter 10: Let's Eat The Meat of This Monster to be Stronger Chapter 11: A Horribly Tasted Monster Meat Chapter 12: Tasting The Power Inside The Monster's Meat Turned Them Insane Chapter 13: A Fervent Fight after Eating Monster's Meat Chapter 14: Discovering a Godly Innate Talent Chapter 15: Hold It Right There, It's My Pick! Chapter 16: Kill This Demon Bear and This Tournament Token Is Yours Chapter 17: A Hopeless Battle Chapter 18: The Battle Escalated into A Whole New Level - Facing Five Monsters Alone! Chapter 19: Facing The Two Bear Monster Chapter 20: Fighting The Horned Bear Monster on Equal Grounds Chapter 21: Emy Finally Showed Up! 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Chapter 69: Massive Gains of the Epic Battle Chapter 70: Meeting A Venerable Mysterious Being Chapter 71: The Birth of A Dragonair Chapter 72: Finally Fighting the Ancient Demon Guarding the Heavenly Garden Chapter 73: The Ancient Demon is really Cunning! Chapter 74: Let's Go Home Chapter 75: Making An Offer to the Bounty Hunter Guild Chapter 76: Receiving Bad News at Home Chapter 77: Taking Rule of the Clan Chapter 78: Planning for the Future of His Clan Chapter 79: Finding the Unheard of Dragonair Academy Chapter 80: The Silver Falcon Mage Chapter 81: Sending Omar Away to Build A Town Chapter 82: Let's Make An Array Chapter 83: Making A Concealing Array Successively Chapter 84: The Training of the New Mages Begins Chapter 85: Ending the Necessary Preparations for Having Pets Chapter 86: Meeting The Bounty Hunter Branches' Leaders Chapter 87: Meeting the Sexy Lendy Chapter 88: Tasting the Monsters' Meat for the First Time Chapter 89: I Want to Establish A Bounty Hunter Guild only Answers to ME Chapter 90: Starting Raising the Newly Joined Mages' Powers Chapter 91: The Era of Monster Meat is Coming Chapter 92: Forging A Ring - Part 1 Chapter 93: Forging A Ring - Part 2 Chapter 94: Failed Attempts to Use Dragonair Strength Chapter 95: Preparing for Entering Seclusion to Concoct A Potion Chapter 96: Making Potions - Part 1 Chapter 97: Making Potions - Part 2 Chapter 98: Setting Armies off Chapter 99: Being Followed by A Hostile Aura Chapter 100: Meeting A Legacy Gaurdian Chapter 101: Entering into A Save Memory, to Kill A Bronzed Giant Chapter 102: Summoning The Heavenly Tribulations Chapter 103: Dragonair Secret Book Chapter 104: Opening The First Two Pages of The Dragonair's Secret Book Chapter 105: Facing A Sinister Dragonair's Master in A Soul Battle Chapter 106: The First Step in Training to Be A Dragonair Chapter 107: Taking the Form of A True Dragon Chapter 108: Crashing into Black Raven Clan's Army Camp Chapter 109: Meeting A Spy inside The Camp Chapter 110: Something isn't Right! Chapter 111: A Trap! Chapter 112: Arthur Turns the Table on Them Chapter 113: Releasing the Scorpion Chapter 114: The Appearance of A Mysterious Master Chapter 115: Recruiting A Vampire Master Chapter 116: You Have Two Days to Consider Chapter 117: Returning to the Clan's Territory Again Chapter 118: Turning Thousands of Villagers into Mages Chapter 119: The First Big Meeting Starts Chapter 120: Three Winners; Silver Falcon, Ouly, and Amelia Chapter 121: Meeting An Unexpected Guest Chapter 122: Taking A Dragon Form Again Chapter 123: Killing the Bronzed Giant Mage Chapter 124: A Talk between An Old Man and His Granddaughter Chapter 125: A Random Talk about the Academy Chapter 126: Returning Back Chapter 127: The Second Meeting Begins Chapter 128: Helping Silver Falcon in His Revenge Chapter 129: Amelia's Face Turns Red! Chapter 130: Entering Another Memory Chapter 131: Arthur and Amelia Chapter 132: Iman is in Danger Chapter 133: Leaving for Monster and Ore Hunt Chapter 134: Meeting A Monster and Its Master Chapter 135: Exposing the Scheme of the Monster Chapter 136: Making A Deal with the Monster Chapter 137: The Incoming of Flying Monster Tide Chapter 138: Showing Off the Dragon Form in the Open Chapter 139: Sending Amelia to the Other Mountains Chapter 140: Making the Scorpion Evolve Chapter 141: Tricking the Sly Snake Chapter 142: Starting the Journey to the Academy Chapter 143: Entering the Nystic Clan Lands Chapter 144: Meeting Rayan Chapter 145: Meeting the Great Elder of Nystic Clan Chapter 146: A Smoke of Internal Dispute in the Clan Chapter 147: The Secret Recipe of the Nystic Clan Chapter 148: A Sudden Development Chapter 149: A Challenge is Issued! Chapter 150: A Challenge in Front of Everyone in the Clan! Chapter 151: Your Objection is Denied! Chapter 152: The Myriad Pocket World Treasure Chapter 153: The First Appearance of A System Chapter 154: A Dragon and A scorpion Against the World Chapter 155: Please Help Me Dad! Tenshi Screams for Help!! Chapter 156: Falling into A Pack of Hungry Wolves! Chapter 157: Meeting Cesile Chapter 158: A Miraculous Human Grade Pill Chapter 159: Meeting the Clan Head and the Elders Chapter 160: Forij's Revenge Starts in Play Chapter 161: Evading One Trap Successfully Chapter 162: Heading Towards Another Trap! Chapter 163: Reaching The Lake of the Fallen Chapter 164: A Sudden Change in Events Chapter 165: A Sudden Saving Chapter 166: A Weird Hug! Chapter 167: The Black Mushroom Queen Poison! Chapter 168: Giving the Nystic Clan Shaman Instructions Chapter 169: Making the Antidote Potion Finally Chapter 170: Asking for Extravagant Requirements Chapter 171: An Offer to Get the Formula Chapter 172: Making A Deal with Other Clans and Guilds Chapter 173: Arthur is Taking the First Test... Such A Shocking Result!! Chapter 174: All Attempts to Kill Arthur Fail! Chapter 175: Smashing the Baby Orb to Cripple Arthur! Chapter 176: Go and Ask the Main Orb to be Shut Down! Chapter 177: Facing The Questions of the Big Five! Chapter 178: Amanda's Shocking Declaration Chapter 179: Amanda's Hidden Reason Chapter 180: A Very Dangerous Soul Battle Chapter 181: Arthur Finishing the First Test Chapter 182: Taking the Second Test Chapter 183: The Great Clans and Guilds Contact Arthur Again Chapter 184: Amanda is Spying on Him Chapter 185: Facing Large Team of Mages Blocking His Retreat Chapter 186: Facing An Illusion Dark Mage! Chapter 187: The Start of the Test... Entering into A Pocket World Chapter 188: Exploring the New World Chapter 189: Are You with Me or Against Me? Choose! Chapter 190: A Mysterious Thing About the Rivers and Lakes Chapter 191: Having A Clue about the Curse Chapter 192: Planning the Drawing of the City Chapter 193: Making Anti-Curse Potion Chapter 194: Going to the Place of the Enemy's Army Chapter 195: Infiltrating the Enemy's Camp Heading to the River Chapter 196: The Potion Mighty Effect Chapter 197: Finding Large Army Formations! Chapter 198: Discovering the Link Between This World and Dark Mage Side Chapter 199: Gaining Insights about His City's Defensive Buildings Chapter 200: Finally Returning to the City Chapter 201: Twelve Sacred Monsters Are Born Chapter 202: The First Trip to Attack Villages and Towns Chapter 203: Setting up An Example Chapter 204: Reaching A Cluster of Towns and Villages in the Forest Chapter 205: Transforming into A Dragon that Sprays Fire! Chapter 206: Arthur Gains Another Victory Chapter 207: Returning to the City Chapter 208: Finding Interesting Adjustments to His Construction Plans Chapter 209: Meeting A Ley Lines Master Chapter 210: Meeting A Defensive Shield for the First Time Here Chapter 211: Breaking the Cursed Bond Chapter 212: Adding A Capable Defense Master to the Team Chapter 213: News Regarding A Treasured Ore Mine Chapter 214: Breaking the Cursed Bonds for Two Days Chapter 215: Fighting Against An Army Dark Formation Chapter 216: Teleportation Circle Technique Vs Space Locking Technique Chapter 217: Facing A Strange Dangerous Array! Chapter 218: Arthur Got A Real Scare from Her Stunning Beauty! Chapter 219: Extensive Preparations for the Fight - Part 1 Chapter 220: Extensive Preparations for the Fight - Part 2 Chapter 221: Two Dragons Are Better Than One Chapter 222: Making Preparations for the Pet Contracts Chapter 223: Arming the Whole Army of Warriors with An Army of Pets Chapter 224: Activating the Formations Chapter 225: The Appearance of the Invisible Poison Once More Chapter 226: The Dark Mages and Warriors Appeared! Chapter 227: The Sudden Appearance of Three Mighty Monsters Chapter 228: The Final Fight Kicks Off Chapter 229: Crippling A Monster and Killing Another Chapter 230: You Make Your Dragonair Ancestors Ashamed in their Graves! Chapter 231: Losing out Consciousness Chapter 232: Entering the Cursed Black Forest Chapter 233: The Appearance of A Venerable Being Chapter 234: Purifying the Evil Pillar First Step Chapter 235: News About the Origin Energy Chapter 236: Starting to Strengthen the Heavenly Garden Chapter 237: Heading for the Mine Chapter 238: Meeting Sara Chapter 239: Dealing with the Suspicious Sara Chapter 240: Dealing with A Cursed Soul Once Again Chapter 241: A Strange Confusing Situation Chapter 242: The Priceless Treasure Chapter 243: Entering the Warehouse Chapter 244: An Empire Maker Job Chapter 245: Finishing All Preparations before Going Out on Adventure Chapter 246: I Found A Treasure Trove! Chapter 247: Turn Everyone Against Each Other Plan Chapter 248: Attacking Twenty Pocket Worlds at the Same Time Chapter 249: Leaving A Slave Mark over Sara Chapter 250: Finding A Cluster of Villages and Towns Chapter 251: Gaining Dozen Warehouses Full of Weapons Chapter 252: A Way to Activate the Pillar Deadly Attack Chapter 253: Trouble Looming in the Distance Chapter 254: A Mysterious Castle Chapter 255: The Sky Castle Chapter 256: Summoning Scorpion Queen Again Chapter 257: Leave this Bastard to Me!! Chapter 258: Taking All the Warehouses Chapter 259: Acquiring the Castle of the Sky Successfully Chapter 260: Ringing the Bell Chapter 261: The Dragonair System Chapter 262: Ding! The Dragonair System is Activated Chapter 263: The First Two Tasks Are Assigned to Arthur by the Dragonair System Chapter 264: Facing the First Trap of His Enemies Chapter 265: A Task to Destroy the Dorfis Clan Stronghold Chapter 266: A Dragomancer Special Ability Chapter 267: A Mysterious Painting Chapter 268: Breaking Through the Defensive Arrays Forcibly! Chapter 269: Gaining A New 'Temporary' Ability Chapter 270: Happy New Year: Causing A Massive Devastation Using Arrow of Destruction Arrays! Chapter 271: An Unexpected Visitor Chapter 272: Meeting Dorfis Clan Head Face to Face Chapter 273: Attacking Dorfis Clan Headquarters Chapter 274: Gaining the Rewards for the Completed Quests Chapter 275: Summoning Dragons out of Dragomancer Ability Chapter 276: Sending A Bird's Wing to Amelia Chapter 277: A Change in Plans! The Time is Really Tight!! Chapter 278: Taking Many Pillars in Short Time Chapter 279: Ambush in Sight, Arthur Needs to Prepare! Chapter 280: Forging the Arrow - Part 1 Chapter 281: Forging the Arrows - Part 2 Chapter 282: Agnus Chapter 283: Obtaining A Stronger Bow Chapter 284: Arrow of Extermination Chapter 285: A Brutal Fight at the Star Map Chapter 286: A Brutal Dragon Fight! Chapter 287: They Simply Ran Away!! Chapter 288: Dismantling the Deflective Array by Burning It to Ash! Chapter 289: A Scheme and Its Applicable Counter Chapter 290: Finally Finding the One! Chapter 291: Tina's Lousy Move Chapter 292: Revealing the Full Plan Chapter 293: Sending the Girls Off Chapter 294: The Clock is Ticking... Tick Tock... Tick Tock... Chapter 295: Sending Farewell Gifts Everywhere Chapter 296: Using Dragomancer Ability Again Chapter 297: The Start of the Final Fight Chapter 298: A Pathetic Counter Chapter 299: Meeting Olor Again Chapter 300: A Truly Desperate Situation Chapter 301: Wasting Time Chapter 302: Ding! I Got Your Back! Chapter 303: The System Really isn't Easy! Chapter 304: Olor's Secret Decision Chapter 305: Arthur, His System, and His Master's Combined Fight Against Everything! Chapter 306: A Strange Message to Arthur! Chapter 307: A Generous Offer Chapter 308: Striking A Great Deal with Olor Chapter 309: Finally Breaking the Shield Chapter 310: A Dirty Trick Chapter 311: A Small Fight with Master About Dinner! Chapter 312: Annexing All the Pocket Worlds Here Chapter 313: Chances Only Come Once in A Lifetime Chapter 314: The Perfect Plan of the System Chapter 315: Returning to the Mine Chapter 316: The City is Under Attack! Chapter 317: Preparing Reinforcements Chapter 318: Ronald Shows Up! Chapter 319: Arthur is Dead!!! Chapter 320: Slave Contract... Activate! Chapter 321: World's Will Offer Chapter 322: The Colossal Golam Chapter 323: Fight with A Golam Chapter 324: My City won't Be Destroyed! Chapter 325: A Tough Situation Chapter 326: Want Population? Take These! Chapter 327: Rearranging the Pillars Chapter 328: The Twelve are Summoned Chapter 329: The Pillars' Problems Chapter 330: The World's Will Chapter 331: Everything Got Complicated at the Same Time! Chapter 332: Arthur Was Fooled, but by Whom? Chapter 333: Something is Wrong with the Pillars Chapter 334: A Plan to Save Everything Chapter 335: Pulling the Golam into the City Chapter 336: A Vortex! Chapter 337: Daddy, I'm Hungry! Chapter 338: Liar! Chapter 339: Things Got Cleared! Chapter 340: The End of Book 1 Chapter 341: The Beginning of Book 2 Chapter 342: Sara's Suspicious Act! Chapter 343: The Dragonair's Statue Chapter 344: Meeting Olor Again Chapter 345: The Hidden Truth about the Statues Chapter 346: The Grand Meeting Chapter 347: How to Establish An Empire - Part 1 Chapter 348: How to Establish An Empire - Part 2 Chapter 349: Nara Chapter 350: A New Quest Chapter 351: Dragonair's Sexy Aura Chapter 352: Prove Yourself or Perish! Chapter 353: Dragon Vs Dragon Chapter 354: The Sudden Intervention! Chapter 355: Rich Quest Rewards! Chapter 356: A Big Dark Clan Joined the Fray Chapter 357: Meeting New Master Chapter 358: The Academy is Calling Them Back! Chapter 359: Going Back to the Academy Chapter 360: A Debate! Chapter 361: The Memory Crystal Chapter 362: Scoring An Excellent Grade Chapter 363: Announcing The Results Chapter 364: The Problem of the Portal Chapter 365: The Selection Process Chapter 366: A Debate Chapter 367: A Chat with Amanda Chapter 368: A Fast Learner Chapter 369: The Seed Chapter 370: Going to The Star Map Chapter 371: The Black Clovert Group Chapter 372: An Army of the Trifle Clan Chapter 373: The Stronghold Chapter 374: Searching for the Precious Item Chapter 375: Getting Severely Injured! Chapter 376: Dragomancer Ability Chapter 377: The Dark Prestigious Oblack Academy Chapter 378: Convincing Anna Chapter 379: Heading to the Sky! Chapter 380: The Amazor Clan Chapter 381: The First Victory Chapter 382: The System Is Back Chapter 383: Returning to the Academy Chapter 384: Amanda's Illness Chapter 385: A Fight with Pillars and Arrows Chapter 386: An Echo Chapter 387: A Complicated Soul Attack Chapter 388: Mr. E Is Serious Chapter 389: Amanda's Help! Chapter 390: The Last Resort Chapter 391: What Magic Is Going to Occur? Chapter 392: Arthur Is Hit! Chapter 393: The System's Plan Chapter 394: The World Path Is The Hardest Path Chapter 395: The Academy Seal Chapter 396: The Other Face of Mr. E! Chapter 397: An Interrogation Chapter 398: Talk About the City Chapter 399: A Funny Quarrel! Chapter 400: Mr. E Chapter 401: A Stolen Statue Chapter 402: Returning To the City World Chapter 403: A Scary Egg! Chapter 404: The Amazing Sealing Ability! Chapter 405: Heading to the Amazor Clan Base Chapter 406: Attacking the Amazor Clan Chapter 407: Uninvited Annoying Guests! Chapter 408: The Oblack Academy Is Coming! Chapter 409: Reinforcements Chapter 410: Merging Two Star Maps Together Chapter 411: Cooking the Golam's Meat Chapter 412: I'm Not Your Food Delivery System! Chapter 413: This Meat Is Magical! Chapter 414: Agnus Chapter 415: Forging A Spear Chapter 416: Giving Meat to All Chapter 417: Returning Back to Hunt Pillars Chapter 418: A Sense of Overwhelming Fear Chapter 419: Go Back and Don't Come Inside for Now Chapter 420: George Chapter 421: Trying the Bronzed Stick Chapter 422: Using the Dragomancer Ability Chapter 423: Attacking the Pillar Worlds Chapter 424: A Dangerous Change Chapter 425: Mr. E's Brutal Character Chapter 426: The Seven! Chapter 427: Sudden Attack Chapter 428: Trapped! Chapter 429: Watching Others fight Chapter 430: The Ancient Three Dragons Chapter 431: Activating the Stick and the Pillars Chapter 432: Old Stairs Chapter 433: An Illusion Chapter 434: I'm The Golden Dragon! Chapter 435: I'll Wait For My System Chapter 436: I'm Back! Chapter 437: To Get It, You'll Suffer Pain! Chapter 438: This Is My Will, My Intention, and My Fate! Chapter 439: A New Dragon Power Chapter 440: The Legend of Time and Place Clans Chapter 441: The Blue Dragon Is Born Chapter 442: The New Fire Chapter 443: The Berserker Chapter 444: Let's Be Friends Chapter 445: Prove yourself Chapter 446: Orlaf's Golden Pointers Chapter 447: The Berserkers' Pillar Chapter 448: The Golden Dragon's Advice Chapter 449: The Grand City Chapter 450: A Debate Inside the Palace Chapter 451: A Challenge Is Issued Chapter 452: Arthur's Plan Chapter 453: Gathering All the Talents from Everywhere Chapter 454: Anna Chapter 455: The Bet Chapter 456: The Tests Chapter 457: Cesile Chapter 458: Armondo Chapter 459: Amanda's Class Chapter 460: The Brutal Way in Teaching Chapter 461: Other Master's Classes Chapter 462: Pills Chapter 463: The Tricky Sword Chapter 464: Array Books Chapter 465: The Crazy Swordsman Chapter 466: Giving Orders to Others Chapter 467: The Sacred Formation Chapter 468: Enormous Monster Gathering