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Chapter 7408 I am the boss

Gu Yiman: "..."

So unreliable, how did her cousin lead such a big company?

She pushed Ye Zhou away: "Be serious! Are you not the boss?"

"I don't need to be serious just because I am the boss!" Ye Zhou said with a smug expression: "I am the boss, I have the final say on my site!"

Gu Yiman: "...Well, then I will ask you, the boss, to take care of you!"

"It's easy to talk about!" Ye Zhou took her shoulders, "Sister, you will stay with me in peace in the future. I promise you a comfortable life, delicious, delicious, and fun. You are at the forefront of the trend!"

Gu Yi smiled and said, "Sounds really good."

"That must be! Go, I will show you your office!" Ye Zhou took Gu's shoulders and walked out enthusiastically.

Ye Zhou arranged the office full of attention outside his office, separated from his office by floor-to-ceiling glass.

The office is large, clean and tidy, and the large office chairs look very comfortable.

Ye Zhou walked over and patted the leather boss chair, "Sister, I specially prepared it for you, like mine, with massage function, very comfortable!"

Gu Yiman walked over and sat down and tried it. It was really comfortable, "Thanks!"

Ye Zhou was unhappy, "Say thank you to me?"

"It's polite," Gu Yi said with a smile: "Even if my parents give me gifts, I will say thank you."

"No need for me!" Ye Zhou said, "Aunt and uncle are the elders, I am your brother! Shouldn't the younger brother take care of the older sister? Why should I thank you?"

"Sister should take care of younger brother, right?" Gu Yiman's beautiful eyes smiled into crescent crescents.

Ye Zhou's eyes gleamed, "Sister, do you know that in ancient times people liked cousins, cousins, and cousins intermarried, but research shows that consanguinous marriages are prone to give birth to deformed children, so in modern times cousins are not allowed to marry them."

"Well, I know," Gu Yiman asked, "What's wrong?"

Ye Zhou said: "It would be fine if it were ancient times now, I will marry you!"

Gu Yiman: "..."

She gave Ye Zhou a slap: "What nonsense?"

"I'm serious! Sister, I have seen so many girls, it seems you look the best! It's a pity, we are cousins, I can only treat you as an older sister." Ye Zhou looked sad.

"You're talking nonsense again!" Gu Yiman tapped his forehead, "What do you think of me as your sister? I was your sister!"

"Yes, yes, right! You are my sister, my relative! Sister, you will work with me in the future. Just tell me if you need the stars in the sky, I will pick them for you too!" Ye Zhou patted his chest and packed ticket.

I cant marry his cousin as his wife, so its okay to watch it every day!

Xianzi's disfigured appearance, the beauty of the country is fragrant, I look at Qingrencheng, and then look at Qingrenguo, watching every day, so seductive!

"Okay, I see," Gu Yiman asked him, "What shall I do?"

"Are you familiar with the environment first?" Ye Zhou said, "You walk around, understand the situation, and see what you like to do. Just tell me and I'll help you arrange it."

Gu Yiman: "..."

This treatment is really good!

How else do people like to be related parties?

She is the most ironic household!

"Okay, I see, then I will understand the situation myself, so go ahead." She waved at Ye Zhou.

"Then I'm going to work, sister, you call me if you have something to do."

Not long after Ye Zhou returned to his own office, Gu Yiman's cell phone rang.

(End of this chapter)

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