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7431 Chapter Gu's Daughter

Her son came back with a bruised nose and swollen face. She naturally had to ask what was going on.

So, she knew Ye Zhou.

Elder Wang suddenly asked her son to help the poor. The first thing she thought about was that her son had offended someone recently.

The most cruel thing her son has offended recently is Ye Zhou.

Xiang Lingyue is Gu Wuyes apprentice. Gu Wuyes wife is surnamed Ye, and Ye Zhou is also surnamed Ye. Isnt that the contact?

She didn't finish her words, but both Wang Fu and Wang Zeqing understood.

"Ye Zhou!" Wang Zeqing said with a pale face: "Gu Wuye's wife and two cousins are named Ye. Isn't Ye Zhou the son of Gu Wuye's wife's cousin?"

"You ask me, who do I ask?" The royal father asked him: "Your own friend, don't you know the origin of your family?"

"I don't know, I am not familiar with him," Wang Zeqing said: "Ye Zhou is a friend of my friend, and I have a normal relationship with him."

The prince scolded: "Don't you hurry up to ask!"

Wang Zeqing made a call quickly.

As a result, his friend only knew that Ye Zhous parents were abroad. Ye Zhou went to school in Beijing, where he studied undergraduate and master, and he founded a company in Beijing while he was in school. He is a very high IQ.

He hung up the phone and told his parents what he had inquired.

Father Wang said: "It is basically certain that Ye Zhou is the junior of Gu Wuyes wife."

He has heard people say that Gu Wuyes wife has a second uncle abroad, and he loves Gu Wuyes wife very much.

Gu Wuyes wife lived abroad for a while when she was young, and the surname "Ye" also followed her second uncle.

"Ye Zhou is the younger generation of Gu Wuye's wife..." Wang Zeqing turned pale when he thought of something, "That Ye Zhou said, that beautiful girl is his cousin, shouldn't it..."

He swallowed.

Ye Zhous cousin, the girl who asked Xiang Lingyue to stand up for her, who else could it be?

The answer is already obvious.

Gu Wuyes daughter!

The answer popped into his mind, his legs softened and he almost knelt.

He even molested Gu Wuyes daughter!

Why is he so awesome!

If that girl is really the daughter of Gu Wuye, then he is sent to the mountainous area to help the poor, which is the best result.

80% of this matter Gu Wuye didnt know, otherwise, with that persons means, at least the hand he wanted to touch the little girls leg would not be able to keep it...

"What beautiful girl?" The king's father frowned and looked at him: "Didn't you say that because you drank too much, you broke up with Ye Zhou? What beautiful girl?... Ye Zhou's cousin, is it... Gu The fifth master's daughter?"

Father's face turned green, "You molested Gu Wuye's daughter?"

He knows his sons virtues. He wants to get it when he sees a beautiful woman. After getting it, he doesnt cherish it. He soon gets tired of it and needs to get a new one.

Because of this, he often reprimanded his son, but Jiangshan is easy to change his nature, and he has managed many times and has not corrected his son's bad problem.

Before, his son had a sense of measure. He only fooled around with girls who were of average origin and wanted to cling to the powerful.

Now that he has grown up, he actually dared to covet Wuye Gus daughter!

"How do I know that she is the daughter of Gu Wuye?" Wang Zeqing cried out injustice: "I thought Ye Zhou was a grassroots with a good brain. Since Ye Zhou is a grassroots, his cousin must also be a grassroots. How do I know his cousin? Is it the daughter of Gu Wuye?"

If he had known that the girl was the daughter of Gu Wuye, let alone that girl just looked like a fairy, even if she was a fairy, he would not dare to molest her!

(End of this chapter)

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