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Chapter 3462 Epilogue

On a nameless island, Han Sen and his family were having a vacation.

Yanran, do you want to eat this? Han Sen put down a slab of grilled meat in front of a seven- or eight-year-old girl.

The little girl rolled her eyes. She accepted the meat, ate it, and said, Big Uncle, I said that we really should not be together. I do not like being with an uncle, no matter how well you treat me.

But I like Lolita. Han Sen squinted his eyes and smiled.

Big Uncle, you have watched too much bad hentai. The little girl curled her lips.

Maybe. Han Sen shrugged. He kept cooking the food Ji Yanran used to love.

Before Qin Xiu had taken Human Kings body and asserted control of the geno tablet, Han Sen had refined the geno tablets spirit and used the geno tablet.

Qin Xiu did not know that during the 33 fights, the geno tablet had moved its true spirit to Han Sen and his sky clock.

Thus, Han Sen was able to use the sky clocks geno tablet real spirit to make the geno tablet stop reversing time and space. That way, the universe would not have to collapse. But the cause chain was destroyed too poorly. A lot could not be recovered, so the universe did not go back to the way it was before time was reversed.



Ji Yanran was a prime example of this. She was turned back into a seven- or eight-year-old girl, forgetting everything that happened to her after that age. She did not believe Han Sen was her husband, and she did not believe Littleflower and Linger were her children.

Han Sen thought of many ways to convince her. Unless Han Sen could be like Qin Xiu and reverse time and space again, there was no other way of bringing Ji Yanran back to the way she used to be.

But Han Sen was not Qin Xiu. His body did not have a small universe. He could not do what Qin Xiu did and reverse time.

Stop Stop it Sky clock was screaming aloud from the sea. Baoer and Linger were treating it like a surfboard on the sea.

Although the sky clocks geno tablet real spirit could return to the geno tablet, it did not want to go back. It was willing to stay inside the sky clock.

Small Cat and Little Silver were lying down on the beach. They were enjoying the sunlight together. They were so lazy that they did not even look awake.

Oh, two princesses? The juices you want are here. Sheeps neck had a bow tie around it. He was holding up a plate. He looked very sexy as he walked up to Small Cat and Little Silver.

Little Star was playing in the sea. He was making big waves for Linger and Baoer to play on.

Xie Qing King was wearing a flowery shirt and some beach pants. He was wearing sunglasses like usual, and he had a cigar hanging out of his mouth. There was an easel in front of him. He was holding a pen, but it was unknown what he was drawing.

Zero and Little Angel were busy serving other people. They were like two busy butlers.

Although Han Sen told them they could recline and enjoy their lives, they still never took a day off and worked all the time. It seemed as if they were used to a life like that.

Little Gold Gold was lying down next to Ji Yanran. It was fast asleep, not willing to wake up all day.

You sure know how to make the most of your life, an elegant man said as he approached. You and your whole family came for a vacation, and you let others be the ones to clean up after you.

Where did you find the time to come here? Han Sen looked at Crape Myrtle with shock.

The universe was badly broken. The geno tablet had given up control of the universe because of the sky clock, so the geno hall had stepped in to take control of the universe again. Many things in the universe required the attention of Crape Myrtle and the other God Spirits to fix.

Han Sen was not interested in being a leader of the universe. He was not willing to take over the universe. Space Garden had already given him enough of a headache. He let Qin Xuan and Huangfu Jing stay there and manage it on his behalf.

The rise of humans in the sanctuaries, however, could not be stopped. Despite Han Sen not wanting to take control of the universe, he waited for every generation of humans to be born in the sanctuaries. It was only a matter of time before humans took over the universe.

I do not want to see you either, but there is one thing I must tell you about. Crape Myrtle sat down next to Han Sen. He picked up a slice of meat that Han Sen had cooked excellently and started to eat.

Big Uncle, you guys talk for a while. I will go and play with Baoer. Ji Yanran stood up nicely and ran to the sea.

Crape Myrtle watched Ji Yanran leave and asked, Is there no other way?

If you do not have a way to sort this out, why should I have a way? Han Sen replied. I will just have to wait for her to grow up before I can pursue her heart again. That does not look like it will be easy, Crape Myrtle said with a laugh. She does not like uncles right now.

So, tell me, did you come all the way down here just to laugh at me? Han Sen rolled his eyes at him.

Crape Myrtle took back his smile and seriously said, That universe coin you spoke about. I used the geno halls power to analyze it, but the universes rules are broken too much right now. There are many places and things that are unknown, so we are unable to find it.

Han Sen frowned.

He had used the coin to suppress Qin Xiu. He consumed Qin Xius little universe. It became a universe coin.

Back then, he just wanted to stop the geno tablet from reversing time and space. He did not take the universe coin. When he went back to look for it, the universe coin was gone.

Now, Han Sen still did not know what point or merit the universe coin had. He also did not know where it might have ended up.

Crape Myrtle shook his head. He looked serious as he said, If it was because you were unable to find it, then it is not a big deal. But I suspect someone has done something. They took the universe coin.

Han Sen suspected that too, but he could not imagine who might have taken the universe coin.

Han Sen looked at Crape Myrtle and asked, Who do you think took the coin away?

Crape Myrtles eyes were like the stars. They were very mysterious. He did not speak. A while later, he looked out across the sea. It looked as if he was not paying attention. He finally said, I cannot think who might have taken the universe coin at a time like this.

Han Sen looked at Crape Myrtle and asked, Do you not want to think about it, or do you simply not know?

I do not know. Crape Myrtle still looked out across the endless sea.

At the same time, in a fallen and collapsed area of time and space, a shadow entered a no mans land. If Han Sen saw the shadow, he would have been so shocked that he would have screamed. It was Ancient Devil, who had died a long time ago.

Ancient Devil was flying through space. Not long later, amidst all that emptiness, he found a floating island.

That island had flowers, grass, and a small wooden house on it. There was a cloth in that small wooden house. One big word was written on the cloth: Destiny Near the cloth, a white-haired man was sipping tea.

No one would have believed that in that broken zone of space, a place like this existed.

Mister, the stuff you wanted is here. Ancient Devil arrived at the wooden house and bowed to the old man who was sipping tea. At the same time, he brought a coin out in front of the old man with white hair.

After all these years, I must thank you dearly, the white-haired old man quietly said after accepting the coin. Without you, there would be no Ancient Devil. This is what I should be doing. Ancient Devil sounded polite.

I let you follow Little Chaos until the test ended, then you were supposed to be let free, the white-haired man said while he played with the coin. His hands were drawing a star-universe symbol. He looked weird as he spoke. I did not expect the tests to produce an accident. Human Alpha got free, and he stirred up a whole lot of stuff. I am sorry. Fortunately, in the end, things have been put back on track. We now have permission to enter that door.

Ancient Devil looked weird too. We never thought your accidental chess move would complete your will.

The white-haired old man looked very strange. A long time later, he said, After World King Gods fight, Little Sens life should have ended. I reversed the sky and changed all of the fate so he could keep going. But he is already a man without a life. No one can predict his future now. I did not expect he would become a gene consumer. It is fortunate he is not ambitious and would not enter that door. Otherwise Ha-ha After the white-haired old man said that, he weirdly laughed. He stopped talking. He grabbed the cloth that was about fate and tore it in two with one hand.



It was like the world had been cut apart. An old mysterious door appeared in space. If one looked closer, one would find out that the golden door was the same golden door Golden Growler could release.

Mister, are you really going in? Ancient Devil looked at the white-haired old man who stood just outside the golden door. He looked hesitant.

The white-haired old man looked back at Ancient Devil. I think you already know the answer. I am not him.

Yes, but you are you. No matter what, to me, it is the same. Ancient Devil lowered his head after speaking I want to see where he will want to go, and what kind of world it will be, the white-haired old man said. He held the coin and threw it at the golden door. The golden door had a slot that precisely fit the coin. The moment the coin landed against the golden door, there was a katcha noise. The golden door started to open.

At the same time, the golden door released a weird noise. Door to the sanctuaries has been opened. You will now leave the sanctuaries and lose all protections.


Mister Seeing the white-haired old man walk to the golden door, Ancient Devil could not help but scream. The white-haired old man did not look back. He stopped and quietly said, Do not tell anyone else about me. Just pretend I never existed.

Not even Mister Leader? Ancient Devil asked with a bitter look.

The white-haired old man said, I am not him. The man she liked is dead. He walked forward and entered the golden door.

Boom! Boom!

An old and heavy door closed. Then, it was gone as if it had never existed.

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Chapter 1192 You Are Too Weak Chapter 1193 I Get Half Chapter 1194 The Fourth Person In The Alliance Chapter 1195 Textbook Example Chapter 1196 You Are Han Sen? Chapter 1197 Shura Ship Chapter 1198 Old Alloy Box Chapter 1199 Shura Chapter 1200 The Reapers Busy Day Chapter 1201 Destruction Chapter 1202 Unlucky Shura King Chapter 1203 Double Talent Chapter 1204 Same People Chapter 1205 Disappearing Super Creatures Chapter 1206 The Growing Mountain Chapter 1207 White Ball Chapter 1208 Violent Father And Daughter Chapter 1209 Trapped Chapter 1210 Big Snake Chapter 1211 Killing Big Snake Chapter 1212 Ghost Toxic Chi Egg Chapter 1213 Blood Contract Chapter 1214 Thorn Is Born Chapter 1215 Equinox Hellpool Chapter 1216 Ancient Tower Chapter 1217 Bone Scroll Chapter 1218 The Mountain Changes Chapter 1219 Xuan Mens Successor Chapter 1220 A Place Where Spirits Grow Chapter 1221 Born Emperor Chapter 1222 Claiming An Emperor Chapter 1223 Ice Wolf God Armor Chapter 1224 The Coming Storm Chapter 1225 Opportunity Chapter 1226 Thunder Hell Emperor Chapter 1227 Unbelievable Dream Chapter 1228 Ill Take The Third Gods Sanctuary As A Gift For You Chapter 1229 Super Aristocrat Chapter 1230 Saint Fan Emperor Chapter 1231 Mystic Well Chapter 1232 Lightning Stone Chapter 1233 Emperor Treasure Chapter 1234 Saint Fan Is Coming Chapter 1235 Power Of Holy Rhino Chapter 1236 Not Dying And Not Hurting Chapter 1237 Fighting Saint Fan Chapter 1238 Dangerous Chapter 1239 Little Silver Has Come To Save His Master Chapter 1240 Three Life Tree Chapter 1241 Invisible Toxic King Scorpion Chapter 1242 Obtaining The Holy Rhinos Allegiance Chapter 1243 Good Mans Standard Chapter 1244 He Is Still Alive Chapter 1245 Three Life Fruit Chapter 1246 Battle Gene Beast Soul Chapter 1247 Shapeshifting Knight Chapter 1248 Rich Chapter 1249 Pretty Chefs Request Chapter 1250 Too Powerful Chapter 1251 Calculation Chapter 1252 Broken Flagon Chapter 1253 The Egg That Loves To Drink Chapter 1254 Jue Chapter 1255 Three Statues Chapter 1256 Blood River Kings Battle Geno Essence Chapter 1257 Fighting Fire With Fire Chapter 1258 Geno Core Chapter 1259 Accidentally Meeting Again Chapter 1260 Fish Kings Reappearance Chapter 1261 Getting Another Super Beast Soul Chapter 1262 Strange Occurrence At The Lake Chapter 1263 Super Creatures Death Chapter 1264 Empress Chapter 1265 Blueblood Team Chapter 1266 Aqua Fruit Chapter 1267 Dragon Fish Chapter 1268 Pinecone Chapter 1269 Accidental Reward Chapter 1270 Blue Blood Chapter 1271 Gods Retribution Chapter 1272 Copper Statue Chapter 1273 Time And Space Chapter 1274 Killing The Empress And Obtaining A Beast Soul Chapter 1275 Aqua Fruit Core Chapter 1276 Moments Enemy Chapter 1277 The Three Of Us Chapter 1278 Coming Close Chapter 1279 Strong Killing Chapter 1280 Doll Chapter 1281 The Real Show Chapter 1282 Being Recognized Chapter 1283 Skts Of Yore Chapter 1284 Real Professional Chapter 1285 Attacking Saint Fan Shelter Chapter 1286 Blowing Up The Lake Chapter 1287 Dirty Saint Fan Chapter 1288 Slashing Fan Chapter 1289 Life Door Opens Chapter 1290 Holy Baby Fruit Chapter 1291 Night Treasure Chapter 1292 Moving Star Emperor Chapter 1293 The Light Is Dark Chapter 1294 I Need Your Body Chapter 1295 Hit The Drum And Get Fruit Chapter 1296 The Real Holy Baby Fruit Chapter 1297 No God Emperor Chapter 1298 Fighting No God Chapter 1299 Desperate Wine Chapter 1300 Demi God Arrives Chapter 1301 Precious Gift Chapter 1302 Ten Gene Locks Opened Chapter 1303 No Dirt Fruit Chapter 1304 Endless Sea Chapter 1305 Being Watched Chapter 1306 Obsidian Elephant Chapter 1307 Violent Hitting Chapter 1308 Friend Or Foe? Chapter 1309 Battling No God Chapter 1310 Whats Great About Jadeskin Chapter 1311 Cup Demon Comes Chapter 1312 Fighting With Full Power Chapter 1313 Three Chapters And Youre Out Chapter 1314 Indestructible Cup Chapter 1315 Godslayer Legend Chapter 1316 One Versus The Whole Sanctuary Chapter 1317 Asuras Betrayal Chapter 1318 Strange Demi God Chapter 1319 Completely Erased Chapter 1320 Another Lock Chapter 1321 Biggest Problem Chapter 1322 Lets Go Chapter 1323 One Sword One Kill Chapter 1324 Strong Body Chapter 1325 Lost In The Dark Chapter 1326 Ruin Emperor Chapter 1327 The Two Powers That Cannot Be Trapped Chapter 1328 Fighting Ruin Chapter 1329 A Killer Opportunity Chapter 1330 Draconic Delicacy Chapter 1331 The Dongxuan Sutras Tenth Gene Lock Chapter 1332 Super Spank Chapter 1333 Free Spirit Geno Points Chapter 1334 Gods Retributions Goodbye Chapter 1335 Super King Spirits Tenth Gene Lock Chapter 1336 The Third Contract Between Humans And Spirits Chapter 1337 On The Pill Chapter 1338 The Road To Becoming A Demi God Chapter 1339 Demi God Creature Chapter 1340 Sheep Chapter 1341 Doctor Sexy Chapter 1342 Boss Buster Chapter 1343 Got A Cow Head Chapter 1344 If You Are Dead You Are A Dead Sheep Chapter 1345 The Boss Of Jade Hill Chapter 1346 Jade Snail Chapter 1347 Spare My Life Please Chapter 1348 Fighting Fire With Fire Chapter 1349 Generating A Geno Core Chapter 1350 First Self Geno Core Chapter 1351 Jumping Egg Chapter 1352 Power Of The Bouncy Egg Chapter 1353 I Can Kill Ten Thousand Of Them Chapter 1354 Our Own People Chapter 1355 Bronze Shelter Chapter 1356 Start Cleaning Chapter 1357 One Hit Kill Chapter 1358 Demon Heart Ring Chapter 1359 The Freeze Chapter 1360 Bulwark Umbrella Chapter 1361 Killing A Gold Dragon Chapter 1362 Injured Pony Chapter 1363 Green Cow Chapter 1364 Demi God Association Chapter 1365 No Fluctuations In Power Chapter 1366 Prettiest Woman In The World Chapter 1367 An Awkward Moment Chapter 1368 Mystic Woman Chapter 1369 Youre Different Chapter 1370 A Sudden Desire To Kill Chapter 1371 The Traitors Heir Chapter 1372 Bad Battle With Nan Litian Chapter 1373 Hidden Valley Chapter 1374 Super King Spirit Ultimate Chapter 1375 Messy Situation Chapter 1376 Co Op Chapter 1377 The Shelters New Master Chapter 1378 Geno Core Storage Chapter 1379 A Woman And Her Dog Chapter 1380 Starsea Orb Chapter 1381 Silent Deadlight Chapter 1382 Small Galaxy Beast Chapter 1383 Geno Core Test Chapter 1384 Overpowered Geno Core Chapter 1385 First Geno Core Battle Chapter 1386 Crystal Core Mutant Chapter 1387 Jade Skeleton Chapter 1388 Unsealed Chapter 1389 Death Demon Dragon Chapter 1390 Living Is Important Chapter 1391 The Power To Kill Death Demon Dragon Chapter 1392 Becoming A Dad Chapter 1393 A Shelter That Is Exclusive To Humans Chapter 1394 Creepy Shelter Chapter 1395 Black Wind Chapter 1396 Attacking A Spirit Chapter 1397 An Unexpected Journey Chapter 1398 The Beast On The Bronze Coffin Chapter 1399 Entering The Shelter Chapter 1400 My Life Is My Life Chapter 1401 The Wall Of Destiny Chapter 1402 Life And Death Stakes Chapter 1403 The Man That Opened The Wall Of Destiny Chapter 1404 Wolfpack Chapter 1405 Killing Hezhi Chapter 1406 The Waiting Shadow Chapter 1407 Real Blood Chapter 1408 Who Will Open The Coffin? Chapter 1409 Opening The Coffin Chapter 1410 The Coffin Rises Chapter 1411 Battling Blood Legions Leader Chapter 1412 Blood Legions Secret Chapter 1413 The Whole Story Chapter 1414 Geno God Square Chapter 1415 Challenge Chapter 1416 Giving Out First Chapter 1417 Returning To First Chapter 1418 The Spirits Return Chapter 1419 The Battle Begins Chapter 1420 Bad Fight Chapter 1421 Breaking 33 Days Chapter 1422 The Altar Descends Chapter 1423 A Poor Woman Gets Bullied Chapter 1424 Killing Chapter 1425 Genetic Chapter 1426 Saving Money X100 Chapter 1427 Mutant Black Crystal Chapter 1428 Big Heavy Egg Chapter 1429 Ling Meier Chapter 1430 The Deal With A Hundred Tribes Chapter 1431 Ling Meiers Bad Situation Chapter 1432 Strong Physical Power Chapter 1433 Gold Mask Chapter 1434 A Geno Core That Can Evolve Chapter 1435 Good Uncle Chapter 1436 Tang Rubei Chapter 1437 Quite Familiar Chapter 1438 Corpse Chewing Maggots Chapter 1439 Collecting Taxes Chapter 1440 The Grateful Shelter Master Chapter 1441 Six Paths Chapter 1442 Heart Sword Chapter 1443 The Most Delicious Food Chapter 1444 God Wood Chapter 1445 Little Silver Is Born Chapter 1446 Revenge Chapter 1447 Because Im The Master Of This Shelter Chapter 1448 A Mushroom You Cannot Touch Chapter 1449 Grenade Mushroom Chapter 1450 Redhead Cricket Chapter 1451 Stoneshell Chapter 1452 Shell King Chapter 1453 Big Explosion Chapter 1454 Trapped In Stoneshell Kings Shell Chapter 1455 The Battle For Meat Chapter 1456 Follow Me Chapter 1457 Big Priest Chapter 1458 The Person In The Drawing Chapter 1459 It Cant Be Real Chapter 1460 Even President Ji Would Be Afraid Chapter 1461 One Punch Breaks The Armor Chapter 1462 Number One Again Chapter 1463 Entering The Painting Chapter 1464 A Sword Skill That Can Change A Lot Chapter 1465 Who Is She? Chapter 1466 The Chance For Escape Chapter 1467 Another Geno Battleground Chapter 1468 Geno Battleground Chapter 1469 Heavy Armor Chapter 1470 Bulwark Umbrellas Defense Chapter 1471 Healing Chapter 1472 Rushing Into Something Chapter 1473 Geno Core Light Chapter 1474 Purple Manor Chapter 1475 Strong Super Pet Armor Chapter 1476 Firetail Butterfly King Chapter 1477 Meeting Six Paths Again Chapter 1478 Opponent Chapter 1479 Sky Sword Chapter 1480 Main Battleground Chapter 1481 Concede Chapter 1482 Sword Skills Of A God Chapter 1483 Waiting For You To Defeat Me Chapter 1484 Battling Elysian Moon Chapter 1485 Elysium God Body Chapter 1486 Real Blood Power Chapter 1487 Back To Elysium Chapter 1488 The Power Of The Butterfly Geno Core Chapter 1489 Chaos Inside Elysium Chapter 1490 Entering The Underworld Again Chapter 1491 Do It By Yourself Chapter 1492 Gold Patterned Crab Chapter 1493 A Cruel Crab Chapter 1494 Fight Between A Fish And A Crab Chapter 1495 Berserk Super Beast Soul Chapter 1496 Its That Dollar Chapter 1497 Shadow Chapter 1498 A New Community Chapter 1499 Kill Chapter 1500 Main Control Room Chapter 1501 The Story Of Genes Chapter 1502 Ten Years Chapter 1503 Nightmare Chapter 1504 Mystic Armor Revives Chapter 1505 Another Gourd Chapter 1506 Human Emperor Chapter 1507 Mystic Power Returns Chapter 1508 A Man Like God Chapter 1509 Three Years Chapter 1510 Tina Chapter 1511 Unpredictable Chapter 1512 Fight In Fantis Chapter 1513 Crystal Armor Chapter 1514 Power That Exceeds The Capabilities Of Humanity Chapter 1515 Gods Armor Chapter 1516 The Power Of The Story Of Genes Chapter 1517 Han Sens Return Chapter 1518 Bloodthirsty Ants Chapter 1519 Ants That Dont Do Anything Chapter 1520 Slaying The Ant King Chapter 1521 Old Bee Tree Chapter 1522 Jade Little Lion King Chapter 1523 Never Reach The Top Ten Chapter 1524 A Way To Absorb Life Geno Essences Chapter 1525 Back On Top Chapter 1526 Getting Super Geno Points Chapter 1527 Gods Ruin Chapter 1528 Frozen Forest Chapter 1529 The Seahorse Pulling A Chimenea Chapter 1530 The Elites That Are Fighting Chapter 1531 Making Something Complicated Something Simple Chapter 1532 Traveling Through A Sea Of Stars Chapter 1533 The Chimenea That Went By Chapter 1534 Destinys Tower Chapter 1535 Eastern King Was Here Chapter 1536 Secret Skill Chapter 1537 Godlight Tunnel Chapter 1538 Super Geno Core Battle Chapter 1539 God Ring Chapter 1540 Slaying The Black Back Dog Chapter 1541 Strong Killing Chapter 1542 Claiming Godlight Tunnel Chapter 1543 Leveling Up Under Pressure Chapter 1544 Why Didnt They Level Up Chapter 1545 Scary Potential Chapter 1546 Easy Travel Chapter 1547 The Darkness Seemed So Far Away Chapter 1548 A Room Chapter 1549 Diary Chapter 1550 Big Iron Chimenea Chapter 1551 Creature In The Chimenea Chapter 1552 Back To Destinys Tower Chapter 1553 Headless Rockman Chapter 1554 Absorbing Blood Power Chapter 1555 Emperor Geno Core Chapter 1556 Godslayer Shelter Chapter 1557 The Luo Family Chapter 1558 Luo Haitang Chapter 1559 Jade Shura Is Jade Shura Chapter 1560 An Incredible Son Chapter 1561 Cactus Chapter 1562 Crystal Cactus Chapter 1563 Blade And Baton Chapter 1564 Ostentation Chapter 1565 Skysword Is My Teacher Chapter 1566 Holy Swordmind Chapter 1567 Swordmark Chapter 1568 Broken Swordmind Chapter 1569 Luo Familys Gift Chapter 1570 Number 4 Chapter 1571 Qi Gong Caster Chapter 1572 Co Operative Partner Chapter 1573 Blow Blood Chapter 1574 There Once Was An Invincible Geno Core Chapter 1575 Sacred Egg Was Stolen Chapter 1576 Clue Chapter 1577 Destroyer Wolf Chapter 1578 Sacred Egg Chapter 1579 Fighting For The Sacred Egg Chapter 1580 Fight Destroyer Wolf Chapter 1581 Sacred Egg Incubated Chapter 1582 Blow Blood Chapter 1583 Merge Bloodlines Chapter 1584 Suppress Wolf King Chapter 1585 The Name Of Dollar Chapter 1586 Charm Beast Soul Chapter 1587 Death Goddess Chapter 1588 Copyright Chapter 1589 Second Uncle Chapter 1590 He Is Still Alive Chapter 1591 Hypothesis Chapter 1592 Second Uncles Wishes Chapter 1593 Wind Song Desert Chapter 1594 Ring Chapter 1595 Evil Goblin Chapter 1596 Rescue Chapter 1597 Well Meet Again Chapter 1598 Sand Mouse Group Chapter 1599 Fluorescent River Chapter 1600 Cinderella Chapter 1601 Three Fruit Chapter 1602 On The Verge Of Death Chapter 1603 Unstoppable Chapter 1604 Common Enemy Chapter 1605 Fallen Slaughter Chapter 1606 Fighting The Shelter Chapter 1607 Getting Into Outer Sky Chapter 1608 The Gate Is Wide Open Chapter 1609 One Sword To Break Outer Sky Chapter 1610 Being Followed Chapter 1611 Investigative Result Chapter 1612 Enemy Coming Chapter 1613 Weird Shura Change Chapter 1614 Red Liquid Chapter 1615 Tiger Amidst The Sheep Chapter 1616 Evolved Chapter 1617 Meeting Chapter 1618 Father And Son Reunion Chapter 1619 The Fifth Gods Sanctuary Chapter 1620 News From Old Friends Chapter 1621 The Deal Of Broken Shield Chapter 1622 Whats Happening? Chapter 1623 First Round Competitors Chapter 1624 Jade Shura? Chapter 1625 Sky Sword Path Chapter 1626 Flick Sword Chapter 1627 The Real Fight Begins Chapter 1628 Taking Advantage Chapter 1629 Six Paths Become One Chapter 1630 The Power Of Dollar Chapter 1631 Steel Chapter 1632 The Seventh Round Has Come Chapter 1633 Falsified Sky Hit Chapter 1634 Useless Falsified Sky Power Chapter 1635 Armored Man Again Chapter 1636 Armored Mans Background Chapter 1637 Invincible Chapter 1638 Instructor Chapter 1639 Sacred Domain Chapter 1640 Sen Luo Illusion Chapter 1641 Inexcusable Chapter 1642 My Toy Chapter 1643 Fighting Armored Man Chapter 1644 Real Blood Promotion Chapter 1645 Son Of God Reward Chapter 1646 Man In The Can Chapter 1647 Misunderstanding Chapter 1648 Kindergarten Chapter 1649 Summoning An Ingredien Chapter 1650 Killing Blood Dog Chapter 1651 Guardian Spiri Chapter 1652 Failure Chapter 1653 Message Chapter 1654 Ancient Sky Chapter 1655 Death Goddess Chapter 1656 Black Po Chapter 1657 Endless Killing Chapter 1658 An Item With No Master Chapter 1659 Suppressing All Of The Tribe Chapter 1660 The Coming Storm Chapter 1661 Someone Comes To Visi Chapter 1662 The Truth Chapter 1663 Death Is Coming Chapter 1664 Ringtone Chapter 1665 Killing People And Sending Your Love Chapter 1666 Born Invincible Chapter 1667 Battling Ancient Devil Chapter 1668 Armored Mans Secre Chapter 1669 The Army Comes Chapter 1670 The Battle Begins Chapter 1671 Operation Star Chapter 1672 He Is Differen Chapter 1673 Killing The Tiger Chapter 1674 Dongxuan Mutation Chapter 1675 Super Umbrella Chapter 1676 Devils Flame In The Chapter 1677 The Fight Before The Door Chapter 1678 Getting Decomposed And Rebuil Chapter 1679 Successful Ascension Chapter 1680 I Have Become God Chapter 1681 Tattoo Chapter 1682 Crisis Chapter 1683 Testing The Gun Chapter 1684 Accidentally Meeting Again Chapter 1685 Dug Something Ou Chapter 1686 Really Can Chapter 1687 Jewelry Ligh Chapter 1688 Royal Garden Chapter 1689 Treasure In The Box Chapter 1690 Laboratory Chapter 1691 Battling Feather Chapter 1692 Killing Chapter 1693 Bone Chapter 1694 Dollar Appears Again Chapter 1695 The Awkward Encounter Chapter 1696 Gods Organizations Assaul Chapter 1697 Beyond Expectations Chapter 1698 Crystallizer Survivor Chapter 1699 Officer From The Pas Chapter 1700 Crystal King Armor Chapter 1701 Coming Back Chapter 1702 Heart Eye Chapter 1703 A Sword You Cannot Block Chapter 1704 You Dont Have To Understand Chapter 1705 Same Tattoo Chapter 1706 The Outside World Chapter 1707 Meeting Old Cat Again Chapter 1708 Entering The Ruins Again Chapter 1709 The Greenhouse Changes Chapter 1710 Snakes Chapter 1711 Old Cat's Time To Shine Chapter 1712 Planet Kate Chapter 1713 Noble Chapter 1714 Geno Tree Chapter 1715 The Name On The Grave Chapter 1716 Xenogeneic Chapter 1717 Contrac Chapter 1718 Finishing The Evolution Process Chapter 1719 Xenogeneic Genes Chapter 1720 Baron Gene Chapter 1721 Cow Foot Valley Chapter 1722 First Battle With A Xenogeneic Chapter 1723 Killing A Xenogeneic Chapter 1724 Signing A New Contrac Chapter 1725 Qiao Chapter 1726 Xenogeneic Material Chapter 1727 Who Reaps The Benefits Chapter 1728 I Want This Person Chapter 1729 Violent Ape Chapter 1730 I Want To Buy Him Back Chapter 1731 Lockdown Chapter 1732 Boyfriend And Husband Chapter 1733 Sanctuarys Gate Chapter 1734 Officer Mutation Chapter 1735 Xenogeneic Breaking The Doo Chapter 1736 Super Spank Chapter 1737 Sky Palace Throne Chapter 1738 Shura Qi Chapter 1739 Doll Chapter 1740 The Gourd Matures Chapter 1741 Mutant Treasure Chapter 1742 Evolving Again Chapter 1743 Mutant Blood Chapter 1744 Power To Travel Freely Chapter 1745 Holy Place Chapter 1746 Holy Heaven Chapter 1747 Black River Xenogeneic Chapter 1748 Teach You How To Be The Lesser Race Chapter 1749 Killing Feather Chapter 1750 Xina Chapter 1751 Strange Scene Chapter 1752 Third Master Chapter 1753 Bottomless Hole Chapter 1754 Dongxuan Armor Chapter 1755 Magnet Frui Chapter 1756 Falling Into The Black Hole Chapter 1757 Ghost Eye Beas Chapter 1758 Archangel Bone Arrow Chapter 1759 Super Body Evolution Chapter 1760 Golden Growler Evolves Chapter 1761 1761 Roar Chapter 1762 1762 Unsolid Mountain Chapter 1763 1763 Xenogeneic Space Chapter 1764 1764 Trading With The Lady Chapter 1765 1765 Big Pirate Chapter 1766 1766 Siege Chapter 1767 1767 One Arrow Strikes The Hear Chapter 1768 1768 The Battle Of The Arrow Chapter 1769 1769 Old Dragon Rock Mountain Chapter 1770 1770 Pirate Bone Sword Chapter 1771 The Swordmind Is Bursting Chapter 1772 Searching For Treasure Chapter 1773 The Use Of The Magnet Frui Chapter 1774 Kong Fei Chapter 1775 White Feather Dyed Red Chapter 1776 Angel Feather Clothes Chapter 1777 The Burial Site Of Three Thousand Feathers Chapter 1778 1778 The Fight To Extinguish The Ligh Chapter 1779 One Person One Race Chapter 1780 One White Feather And Three Thousand Stars Chapter 1781 1781 Meeting Old Cat Again Chapter 1782 1782 Uncertain Future Chapter 1783 1783 Picking Up The Treasure Chapter 1784 1784 Killing Chapter 1785 1785 Killing Centaurs Chapter 1786 Angry Steel Army Chapter 1787 1787 One Sword To Fight Alone Chapter 1788 1788 Killing A Xenogeneic Amidst A Thousand Soldiers Chapter 1789 1789 The Meeting Of One Palm Chapter 1790 1790 Human Dollar Chapter 1791 1791 Demon Grave Chapter 1792 Demon Grave Chapter 1793 1793 Yisha Chapter 1794 1794 Chaos Chapter 1795 The Fight On The Statue Chapter 1796 Super Gene? Chapter 1797 1797 Treasure In The Lake Chapter 1798 1798 Crystal Geno Weapon Chapter 1799 1799 Archery Queen Chapter 1800 1800 Knifemind Chapter 1801 Siege Chapter 1802 Capture Chapter 1803 1803 Chosen By The Monster Chapter 1804 1804 Unbelievable Mountain Chapter 1805 Heartbea Super Gene Chapter 1806 Mystic Ligh Super Gene Chapter 1807 Co Operation Chapter 1808 Xenogeneic Chapter 1809 Rabbit Teeth Chapter 1810 Dont Miss Chapter 1811 Slashing Demon Chapter 1812 A Rod Chapter 1813 1813 The Origins Of Xenogeneics Chapter 1814 Take As Much As You Wan Chapter 1815 1815 Maxing Out Genes Chapter 1816 1816 Calculating Destiny Chapter 1817 1817 Queens Studen Chapter 1818 1818 The Geno Art That Has A Problem Chapter 1819 Not Even A God Can Block I Chapter 1820 Spell Chapter 1821 1821 Favorite Subordinate Chapter 1822 1822 Narrow Moon Chapter 1823 Knife Rain Chapter 1824 Knife Grave Chapter 1825 Entering The Grave Chapter 1826 Cant Bully People Chapter 1827 1827 Showing Of Tusk Chapter 1828 1828 The Two That Did Not Come Ou Chapter 1829 The Knife That Destroys The Sky And Earth Chapter 1830 1830 Soothing The Knife River Chapter 1831 1831 Dragons Back Chapter 1832 1832 Evil Knife Chapter 1833 Knife Blank Chapter 1834 Planet Eclipse Chapter 1835 Recruiting Members Chapter 1836 Planet Eclipse Chapter 1837 1837 Zeros Second Evolution Chapter 1838 1838 Recruitment Failure Chapter 1839 1839 Two Chances Chapter 1840 1840 Han Family Discipline Chapter 1841 1841 Jadeskin Breakthrough Chapter 1842 A Rare Opportunity Chapter 1843 Killing A Viscount Xenogeneic Chapter 1844 Dead Viscoun Chapter 1845 Strange Mark Chapter 1846 1846 Survivor Chapter 1847 1847 Raven Chapter 1848 1848 Lotus Pool Chapter 1849 1849 The Real Purpose Chapter 1850 1850 Purple Copper Palace Chapter 1851 1851 Center Of Narrow Moon Chapter 1852 1852 Raven Chapter 1853 1853 Wish Chapter 1854 1854 Walking Out Of The Hall Chapter 1855 1855 Egg In The Fire Chapter 1856 1856 Skygod Is Angry Chapter 1857 1857 Killing The Raven Chapter 1858 1858 Baoer Enters Kindergarten Chapter 1859 1859 Moon God Festival Chapter 1860 1860 Lead Runner Chapter 1861 Moon Palace With A Moon Chapter 1862 1862 Geno Art In The Moonligh Chapter 1863 Perfect Chapter 1864 Moon Gods Lesson Chapter 1865 Breaking Their Knives And Not Hurting The People Chapter 1866 Son Of The Moon Chapter 1867 You Make This Difficul Chapter 1868 Black Cliff Wish Chapter 1869 1869 The Red Mist In The Valley Chapter 1870 1870 An Enemy That Cannot Be Seen Chapter 1871 1871 Cave Chapter 1872 1872 Gana Chapter 1873 1873 Guna Chapter 1874 1874 Ganas Destruction Chapter 1875 1875 Ganas Holy Lady Chapter 1876 1876 Purgatory Heaven Chapter 1877 The Hall Shrouded In Death Chapter 1878 Purgatory Beas Chapter 1879 1879 Killing Purgatory Beasts Chapter 1880 1880 The Only Way Ou Chapter 1881 Killing Hell Chapter 1882 The Kings Break Godlight Chapter 1883 1883 Blood Path Chapter 1884 1884 Heaven Chapter 1885 1885 Imprisoned Chapter 1886 1886 I Make The Calls Chapter 1887 1887 Give You A Chance Chapter 1888 1888 Deified Elite Chapter 1889 1889 Temporarily Passed Chapter 1890 1890 Returning To The Red Mist Valley Chapter 1891 1891 Red Mist Mink Chapter 1892 1892 Guardian Of The Door Chapter 1893 Soloing All The Group Fights Chapter 1894 Black Cliff Chapter 1895 1895 Red Mist Spring Chapter 1896 1896 The Possibility Of Leveling Up Chapter 1897 1897 The Sky Mind Like Knife Chapter 1898 1898 Exchange Even Chapter 1899 1899 Touching Flower Finger Chapter 1900 1900 Summoned Buddha Chapter 1901 Before The Testing Gold Rock Chapter 1902 Buddha Touching A Flower Chapter 1903 1903 It Is Not Bad Chapter 1904 1904 Three Month Promise Chapter 1905 Private Female Club Chapter 1906 Hopeless Chapter 1907 Strange Mountain Chapter 1908 1908 Crystallizer Chapter 1909 Petrify Chapter 1910 Green Ligh Chapter 1911 Sharpen Chapter 1912 This Is Unique Chapter 1913 Dongxuan Sutra Level Up Chapter 1914 Give Me Back My Stuff Chapter 1915 1915 Entering Red Mist Valley Again Chapter 1916 1916 Spring Eye Opened Chapter 1917 1917 Stealing Spring Water Chapter 1918 Drinking Spring Water Chapter 1919 Red Mist Mink Beast Soul Chapter 1920 Empty Mouth White Teeth Chapter 1921 Knifemind Shocking The Sky Chapter 1922 Spell Evolution Chapter 1923 1923 The Third Form Chapter 1924 1924 Red Copper Palace Chapter 1925 Chapter 1926 Chapter 1927 Opening The Knife Chapter 1928 Narrow Moon Knife Chapter 1929 The Moon After The Dark Clouds Chapter 1930 Moon Chapter 1931 The Moons Reflection On Water Chapter 1932 Gentle And Pure Chapter 1933 Magic Chapter 1934 Adoption Chapter 1935 Buddha Wall Chapter 1936 Antiphasic Chapter 1937 1937 Buddhas Path Chapter 1938 1938 Virtual Table Chapter 1939 1939 Heaven Chapter 1940 1940 Seven Spirit Buddha Chapter 1941 Chapter 1942 Chapter 1943 Intense Fighting Chapter 1944 Taking Chapter 1945 Luo Jis Guess Chapter 1946 Heavens Music Chapter 1947 Sky God Possession Chapter 1948 Soul Armor Chapter 1949 Turning Into An An Chapter 1950 Consume Skill Chapter 1951 Can You Not Treat Me Like A Monster? Chapter 1952 Consume Chapter 1953 The Han Family Daughter Is Born Chapter 1954 1954 Endorsemen Chapter 1955 1955 Conspiracy Chapter 1956 1956 Galaxy Sand Chapter 1957 Taken Hostage Chapter 1958 1958 Skyne Chapter 1959 1959 Red Mist King Is Shining Chapter 1960 1960 Starsea Beast Evolves Chapter 1961 1961 Sky Palace Chapter 1962 1962 Strange Reaction Chapter 1963 1963 Road To The Sky Chapter 1964 1964 Whose Road To The Sky Chapter 1965 1965 White Jade Jing Chapter 1966 1966 Jade Air Chapter 1967 1967 Absorbing Jade Air Chapter 1968 The Seventh Floor Chapter 1969 Becoming An Earl Chapter 1970 The Fourth Stage Chapter 1971 Jade Crane Chapter 1972 1972 Xuanyuan Cave Chapter 1973 1973 Killing Ghost Claw Beas Chapter 1974 1974 Spell Becomes Strong Chapter 1975 1975 Xuanyuan Dragon Chapter 1976 1976 Slap Your Turtle Son Chapter 1977 1977 Mutant Gene Chapter 1978 1978 Ant Nes Chapter 1979 1979 Crazy Killing Chapter 1980 Killing Ant Queen Chapter 1981 Jade Building Strange Scene Chapter 1982 1982 Under The Sky Chapter 1983 1983 Misunderstanding Chapter 1984 1984 Xenogeneic Geno Ar Chapter 1985 1985 Lone Bamboo Chapter 1986 1986 Red Coral Chapter 1987 1987 Blood God Mantis Chapter 1988 1988 My Purpose Is Number One Chapter 1989 1989 Who He Came Here For? Chapter 1990 Fenghou Pills Chapter 1991 Picked Up One Chapter 1992 The Knife Figh Chapter 1993 Competing Skills Chapter 1994 1994 You Come I Go Chapter 1995 1995 One Sword Wakes The Heart Demon Chapter 1996 1996 Fight Me Chapter 1997 1997 Knife And Sword Battle Chapter 1998 1998 The Demon Blocking The Sky Chapter 1999 1999 Dongxuan Breakthrough Chapter 2000 2000 The Battle Ends Chapter 2001 2001 Rare Beast Island Chapter 2002 2002 Crystal Kirin Chapter 2003 2003 Stone Cow Chapter 2004 2004 Black Eating Black Chapter 2005 Stone Cow Valley Chapter 2006 2006 Little Stone Chapter 2007 2007 Stone Statue Chapter 2008 2008 Demon Stone Cow Chapter 2009 2009 The Feather Comes Chapter 2010 2010 Under The Sky Knifeskill Chapter 2011 2011 Jadeskin Level Up Chapter 2012 2012 Blood Feather Knife Chapter 2013 2013 Angias Plan Chapter 2014 Under Sky Roads Puppe Chapter 2015 2015 Getting The Blood Feather Knife Chapter 2016 2016 Rewarded By The Palace Leader Chapter 2017 2017 Sky Heart Lock Chapter 2018 Touching A Gemstone Chapter 2019 Refining Mutant Blood Chapter 2020 Dream Chapter 2021 Tough Will Chapter 2022 2022 Ancient God Space Chapter 2023 2023 Ghost Face Spider Chapter 2024 2024 The Beginning Of Ancient God Chapter 2025 2025 Silver Winged Beetle Chapter 2026 2026 Strange Scary Bug Chapter 2027 2027 Trapped Figh Chapter 2028 2028 Infinite Galaxy Chapter 2029 2029 Dragon Thirteen Chapter 2030 2030 The Braves Chapter 2031 2031 Sky Heart Lock Opened Chapter 2032 2032 Knife Air Like Silk Chapter 2033 2033 Xenogeneic Demon Dragon Chapter 2034 2034 God Spirits Glory Chapter 2035 2035 Danger Chapter 2036 2036 Return Ruin Sea Chapter 2037 2037 Spiky Turtle Chapter 2038 2038 Dragon Pool Island Chapter 2039 2039 Xius Chapter 2040 Entering The Dragon Pool Again Chapter 2041 Ruins At The Bottom Of The Pool Chapter 2042 Battle In The Dragon Pool Chapter 2043 Escaping Under The Sea Chapter 2044 Dragon Corpse Chapter 2045 Fighting For The Upside Down Scale Chapter 2046 2046 Resting Time Chapter 2047 2047 Shura Arrive Chapter 2048 Planet Sky Cloud Chapter 2049 2049 Pay Chapter 2050 2050 Father And Daughter That Came From Nowhere Chapter 2051 2051 Blowing Up A Planet With One Hand Chapter 2052 2052 Shura Coffin Chapter 2053 2053 Path Chapter 2054 The Power Of The Blood Pulse Sutra Chapter 2055 Returning To The Return Ruin Sea Chapter 2056 2056 Stone Cow Chapter 2057 2057 Conspiracy Chapter 2058 2058 Co Operation Chapter 2059 2059 Forced Entry Chapter 2060 2060 A Thousand Miles Of Blood Chapter 2061 2061 Lancelight Breaks A Thousand Evils Chapter 2062 2062 Blood Dragon Ligh Chapter 2063 2063 Blood Dragons Anger Chapter 2064 2064 Knife Lock Dragon Nine Chapter 2065 2065 Yu Shanxin Chapter 2066 2066 Teacher Chapter 2067 2067 Jade Spiri Chapter 2068 2068 Refining The Jade Spirit Of The Seventh Floor Chapter 2069 2069 Rainbow Cloud Peak Chapter 2070 2070 Red Cloud Beas Chapter 2071 2071 Cocky Red Cloud Chapter 2072 2072 The Possibilities Of The Blood Feather Knife Chapter 2073 2073 Absolute Container Chapter 2074 2074 Child Combine Liquid Chapter 2075 2075 Get Pregnant With Just A Rub? Chapter 2076 2076 Back To Narrow Moon Chapter 2077 2077 Palm Chapter 2078 2078 Password Chapter 2079 2079 Blue Gold Demon Bug Chapter 2080 Demon Bug Disaster Chapter 2081 Follow Me Chapter 2082 2082 Blue Gold Demon Bug Chapter 2083 2083 Walking Sky Road Again Chapter 2084 2084 Ten Thousand Gourds Moving Together Chapter 2085 2085 Shocking Sky Palace Chapter 2086 2086 Ten Thousand Gourds Move Again Chapter 2087 2087 The Differences Between People Chapter 2088 Taking The Red Cloud Chapter 2089 Suppress Evil Technique Chapter 2090 Night Ghos Chapter 2091 Kahn Chapter 2092 The Secrets Of Night Ghos Chapter 2093 Blueblood Crystallizer? Chapter 2094 Night Ghost Battle Chapter 2095 Night Ghost Betrayal Chapter 2096 Shield Chapter 2097 Blood Demon Spear Chapter 2098 Invincible Bai Sema Chapter 2099 Killing Giant Demon Chapter 2100 2100 Path Hidden Cave Chapter 2101 2101 Original Gene Kill Spell Chapter 2102 Communication Chapter 2103 First Arrival At Holy Chapter 2104 Pool Of Rebirth Chapter 2105 Fighting In The Pool Of Rebirth Chapter 2106 2106 Taking It By Force Chapter 2107 2107 You Can Be Strong But The Benefits Are All Mine Chapter 2108 Taking It All For Himself Chapter 2109 Geno Being Scroll Chapter 2110 The Fighting Begins Chapter 2111 Violent Human Chapter 2112 There Are Still Creatures Like That? Chapter 2113 Evil Eye Chapter 2114 First Figh Chapter 2115 Littleflower Gets Famous Chapter 2116 Evil Eye Chapter 2117 Fighting Dragon Eigh Chapter 2118 Gold Dragon Body Chapter 2119 Dollar Shows Off Chapter 2120 2120 Fearless Dragon Chapter 2121 2121 The Name Of Dollar Chapter 2122 Sacreds Power Chapter 2123 Small Bug Power Chapter 2124 Killing Bugs Chapter 2125 Coming For You Chapter 2126 Four Evil Eyes Chapter 2127 Abandoning The Figh Chapter 2128 2128 I Am Invincible Chapter 2129 2129 Final Figh Chapter 2130 Dismantling Coin Chapter 2131 The Dismantling Figh Chapter 2132 One Skill Breaks Ten Thousand Skills Chapter 2133 The Battle Under Pressure Chapter 2134 Dongxuan Breakthrough Chapter 2135 Breaking Out Of The Cocoon To Become A Butterfly Chapter 2136 Try Failing And Desperation Chapter 2137 Sorry To Keep You Waiting Chapter 2138 Endless Sky Path Chapter 2139 First Place Marquise Chapter 2140 Training Ground Chapter 2141 Suppress Evil Punch Chapter 2142 2142 Four Season Duke Chapter 2143 2143 Teacher Han Chapter 2144 Metal World Chapter 2145 Strange Plane Chapter 2146 Trapped Chapter 2147 Metal Giant God City Chapter 2148 2148 Guardian Spider Chapter 2149 2149 Metal Statue Chapter 2150 2150 The Power That Comes From The Plane Chapter 2151 One Bite One Child Chapter 2152 Disastrous Luck Chapter 2153 2153 Being Eaten Chapter 2154 2154 The Meeting Of Two Metal Beasts Chapter 2155 Han Sens Guess Chapter 2156 Warehouse Chapter 2157 Break Six Skies Chapter 2158 Getting Beast Souls Chapter 2159 Spell Levels Up Chapter 2160 Violent Explosion Chapter 2161 Training Is Over Chapter 2162 Ocean Monumen Chapter 2163 The Secret Of The Ocean Stones Chapter 2164 Knife Spikes The Ocean Chapter 2165 2165 Knife Cuts Ocean Mountain Chapter 2166 2166 Returning To Narrow Moon Chapter 2167 2167 Rebate Alpha Chapter 2168 Cold Palace Guardian Chapter 2169 Cold Palace Chapter 2170 2170 You Passed Chapter 2171 2171 Guarding The Door Chapter 2172 Frozen Power Chapter 2173 Traitor Of The Destroyed Chapter 2174 A Born Destroyer Chapter 2175 Shocking Destroyed Power Chapter 2176 Born Killer Chapter 2177 Barr Chapter 2178 Frozen Barr Chapter 2179 Ill Eat You Chapter 2180 Gathering Up In The Lobby Chapter 2181 Who Is The Traitor? Chapter 2182 Messy Figh Chapter 2183 Siege Chapter 2184 The Real Traitor Chapter 2185 Taking The Bible Chapter 2186 A Punch And A Punch Chapter 2187 Watching The Destroyed Inheritance Chapter 2188 Dive Heart Practice Chapter 2189 Bad News Chapter 2190 Taking The Legacy Chapter 2191 In Front Of Cold Palace Chapter 2192 Fighting Chapter 2193 You Dont Know My Eye Chapter 2194 Nothing Out Of The Ordinary Chapter 2195 Jade Drum Chapter 2196 Sound Chapter 2197 Killer Queen Chapter 2198 Digging Up The Jade Drum Chapter 2199 Blood Scorpion Jade Drum Chapter 2200 Violent Approva Chapter 2201 Three Jade Drums Chapter 2202 The Power Of A Drum Chapter 2203 Shadow Toxic Bee Enclave Chapter 2204 Black Moon King Visi Chapter 2205 Ice Blue Knight King Chapter 2206 Faking The Tes Chapter 2207 Test Results Chapter 2208 The Conditions For Joining Chapter 2209 Bring It If You Want To Chapter 2210 Black Hole Spider Chapter 2211 Galactic Shrimp Chapter 2212 Mutant Galactic Shrimp Chapter 2213 One Shot To The Soul Chapter 2214 Galactic Lobster Beast Soul Chapter 2215 Under Overbearing Chapter 2216 Cleaning Job Chapter 2217 Ruin Chapter 2218 Ghost Bone Town Chapter 2219 Strange Stone Hall Chapter 2220 Stealing The Stone Slab Chapter 2221 Lava Valley Chapter 2222 Gold Fire Peacock Chapter 2223 Queen Bai Wei Chapter 2224 Educating A Noob Chapter 2225 Extortion Chapter 2226 Undying Bird Nes Chapter 2227 Undying Bird Challenge Chapter 2228 Way Of Life And Death Chapter 2229 Cause And Effec Chapter 2230 Undying Bird Legacy Chapter 2231 The Crisis Is Close Chapter 2232 Metal Statue Chapter 2233 Three Bai Sema Chapter 2234 I Am Afraid You Will Be Disappointed Chapter 2235 Killing Night River King Chapter 2236 Notebook Chapter 2237 Chapter 2238 Transfer Order Chapter 2239 Shocking Changes Chapter 2240 Ice Blue Power Chapter 2241 Leveling Up To Duke Chapter 2242 Escape Chapter 2243 Meeting Underground Chapter 2244 Woman In The Palace Chapter 2245 Fun Place Chapter 2246 White Bone Hell Chapter 2247 The Xenogeneic Born In The Bone Blood Chapter 2248 Benefi Chapter 2249 Ghost Bone Mask Chapter 2250 Ghost Bone Arrives Chapter 2251 What A Good Person Chapter 2252 I Really Am San Mu Chapter 2253 The Hope To Break What Binds Chapter 2254 Breakthrough Chapter 2254 Breakthrough Chapter 2255 Blood Pulse Level Up Chapter 2255 Blood Pulse Level Up Chapter 2256 Life Is Shor Chapter 2256 Life Is Shor Chapter 2257 Stunning Soul Taking Eye Chapter 2257 Stunning Soul Taking Eye Chapter 2258 Back To The Stone Hall Chapter 2258 Back To The Stone Hall Chapter 2259 The Secret Of Sacreds Leader Chapter 2260 Haven Chapter 2261 Blood Kirins Movemen Chapter 2262 The Power Of Science Chapter 2263 Thunder God Spike Chapter 2264 Forced Entry Chapter 2265 Figh Chapter 2266 Beating A Half Deified Chapter 2267 My Opponent Isnt A Studen Chapter 2268 Holy Monumen Chapter 2269 Fruit Tree Chapter 2270 Silver Sycee Chapter 2271 Taking The Silver Sycee Chapter 2272 Statue Chapter 2273 Secret Of A Stone Chapter 2274 Blood Pulse Plunder Chapter 2275 Thirteen Bridges Chapter 2276 Hell Bridges Chapter 2277 One In A Billion Chance Chapter 2278 Unbreakable Statue Chapter 2279 A Needle Chapter 2280 2280 Are You Afraid Of Needles Chapter 2281 2281 Yisha Levels Up Chapter 2282 The Place Where Treasure Lies Chapter 2283 Bronze Bell Chapter 2284 2284 King Chapter 2285 2285 Deified Figh Chapter 2286 Crystallizer Technology Chapter 2287 Holy Town Chapter 2288 Holy Town Chapter 2289 Tes Chapter 2290 Four Symbols Seal Chapter 2291 Small Surprise Chapter 2292 The Prisoner At The Rear Chapter 2293 Passing The Tes Chapter 2294 Getting The Treasure Chapter 2295 The Extreme Kings Secre Chapter 2296 Cant Stop You Chapter 2297 The Only Queen Chapter 2298 Deified Speed Chapter 2299 The Little Red Bird Hatches Chapter 2300 Recrui Chapter 2301 The Grave Of Soldiers And Kings Chapter 2302 2302 Bai Wuchang Chapter 2303 2303 Eighteen Hits Chapter 2304 Using A Fist To Punch Eighteen Soldiers Chapter 2305 Choosing A Weapon Chapter 2306 2306 King Tree Chapter 2307 2307 King Dragon Chapter 2308 One Hit Promise Chapter 2309 Phantom Ghost King Body Chapter 2310 Impermanence Chapter 2311 Legendary Extreme King Chapter 2312 2312 Universe Geno Lock Chapter 2313 2313 Planet King Kong Chapter 2314 Strange Metal Wolf Chapter 2315 Meeting An Old Friend Chapter 2316 Metal Doll Chapter 2317 Water Area Chapter 2319 2319 Returning To Origin Chapter 2320 Refinemen Chapter 2321 Decision Chapter 2322 Pretending To Be A Prince Chapter 2323 Princess Chapter 2324 Bai Yis Secre Chapter 2325 Bai Weis Visi Chapter 2326 2326 The Promise Of Bai Ling Shuang Chapter 2327 2327 Cannot Keep Pretending Chapter 2328 Exposing Himself Chapter 2329 Extreme King Pavilion Chapter 2330 Understanding The Statue Chapter 2331 The Change Of The Extreme King Pavilion Chapter 2332 Extreme King Alphas Treasure Chapter 2333 Water Fairy Chapter 2334 Blood Area Chapter 2335 Kings Cover Chapter 2336 Sick Beauty Chapter 2337 Kingese Chapter 2338 Bai Qing Xias Words Chapter 2339 Begging For Kingese Chapter 2340 First Person In A Thousand Years Chapter 2341 The Secret Of Kingese Chapter 2342 Kingese Blowing Up The Body Chapter 2343 Identity Crisis Chapter 2344 The Crime Of Killing Chapter 2345 Mirror Spirit Eye Chapter 2346 Identity Exposed Chapter 2347 Getting News Chapter 2348 Flu Chapter 2349 Ancient Water God Chapter 2350 Water God Level Up Chapter 2351 Breaking The Door Chapter 2352 Ancient God Origin Chapter 2353 Nine Headed Bird Chapter 2354 Suppress Demon Coffin Chapter 2355 Dragon Beast Soul Chapter 2356 Back To The Extreme King Chapter 2357 Killing Underwater Xenogeneics Chapter 2358 Weird Area Chapter 2359 Hunting King Class Xenogeneics Chapter 2360 Rainbow Crystal Sea Conch Chapter 2361 Little Red Bird Shows Off Chapter 2362 Getting A Beast Soul Again Super Gene Chapter 2363 Punching Four Guards Super Gene Chapter 2364 Chapter 2365 Chapter 2366 Chapter 2367 Chapter 2368 Chapter 2369 Chapter 2370 Chapter 2371 Taking The Treasure Chapter 2372 2372 Play Off Chapter 2373 Killing Chapter 2374 Holy Bottle Liquid Chapter 2375 Killing The Siren Elder Chapter 2376 Siren Virgin Chapter 2377 Getting King Class Xenogeneic Genes Chapter 2378 Mirror Spirit King Body Chapter 2379 My Name Is Bai Yi Chapter 2380 Going To Rot Bone Mountain Chapter 2381 Kingese Protect Me Go Go Go Chapter 2382 Pride And Bones Are Made Chapter 2383 Mad Sword Chapter 2384 Copy Sword Mind Chapter 2385 Swordmind Battle Chapter 2386 Sword Light Rain Chapter 2387 The Self Universe Cogwheel That Is Difficult To Move Chapter 2388 The Chance To Go To Destinys Tower Chapter 2389 Nine Spin Fox Perfume Chapter 2390 Sacred Blood Statue Chapter 2391 King First Tier Chapter 2392 Universal Core Area Chapter 2393 Dongxuan Area Chapter 2394 Core Xenogeneic Chapter 2395 Move Mountain Area Chapter 2396 Planet Dark Zone Chapter 2397 Disaster Chapter 2398 Xenogeneic Chase Chapter 2399 The Raging Insec Chapter 2400 Stone Destinys Tower Chapter 2401 Do You Believe That This World Has A God Chapter 2402 Gods Wish Chapter 2403 Vampires Chapter 2404 Han Sen Makes His Wish Chapter 2405 One Punch To Blow Up A God Chapter 2406 Nine Spin Destiny Mirror Chapter 2407 Entering The Core Area Again Chapter 2408 Furnace Chapter 2409 Sword From The Furnace Chapter 2410 Stream Of Swords Chapter 2411 Invincible Defense Chapter 2412 Fighting Face To Face Chapter 2413 Exploding Furnace Chapter 2414 God Battle Ruin Chapter 2415 Stone Field Chapter 2416 Jadeskin Levels Up To King Class Chapter 2417 The Advantages Of Gene Transference Chapter 2418 Swapping Minds Chapter 2419 Flowers Know The Sea Chapter 2420 Stone Man Chapter 2421 Losing Control Chapter 2422 Scarlet Eye Chapter 2423 Contagion Chapter 2424 Du God City Chapter 2425 Broken City Chapter 2426 Big Sword Chapter 2427 Six Pictures Chapter 2428 Sleeping Place Chapter 2429 Requiem Tree Egg Chapter 2430 Taking The Sword Chapter 2431 Tree Egg Comes Out Of The Hole Chapter 2432 The Prophecy Comes True Chapter 2433 Dead Lock Chapter 2434 Weird Girl Chapter 2435 Person In The Stone Chapter 2436 Girls Should Not Figh Chapter 2437 Mirror Area Chapter 2438 Jadeskin Area Chapter 2439 Statue With A Thousand Hands And Eyes Chapter 2440 Effec Chapter 2441 The Screen Is Gone Chapter 2442 I Am An Offering Chapter 2443 Choices Chapter 2444 Universal Apb Chapter 2445 Tianxia System Chapter 2446 Dont Move Chapter 2447 Fang Qing Yu Chapter 2448 Location Confirmed Chapter 2449 Demon Spiri Chapter 2450 Chapter 2451 Chapter 2452 Chapter 2453 Chapter 2454 Chapter 2455 Chapter 2456 Chapter 2457 Chapter 2458 Chapter 2459 Chapter 2460 Chapter 2461 Chapter 2462 Chapter 2463 Chapter 2464 Chapter 2465 Chapter 2466 Chapter 2467 Chapter 2468 Chapter 2469 Chapter 2470 Chapter 2471 Chapter 2472 Chapter 2473 Chapter 2474 Chapter 2475 Chapter 2476 Chapter 2477 Chapter 2478 Chapter 2479 Chapter 2480 Chapter 2481 Chapter 2482 Chapter 2483 Chapter 2484 Chapter 2485 Chapter 2486 Chapter 2487 Chapter 2488 Chapter 2489 Chapter 2490 Chapter 2491 Chapter 2492 Chapter 2493 Chapter 2494 Chapter 2495 Chapter 2496 Chapter 2497 Chapter 2498 Chapter 2499 Chapter 2500 Chapter 2501 Chapter 2502 Chapter 2503 Chapter 2504 Chapter 2505 Chapter 2506 Chapter 2507 Chapter 2508 Chapter 2509 Chapter 2510 Chapter 2511 Chapter 2512 Chapter 2513 Chapter 2514 Chapter 2515 Chapter 2516 Chapter 2517 Chapter 2518 Chapter 2519 Chapter 2520 Chapter 2521 Armored Beast Chapter 2522 Yellow Clothes Chapter 2523 Listening Sword Chapter 2524 You Lose Chapter 2525 Cutting Cucumbers And Slicing Vegetables Chapter 2526 Meeting Li Keer Again Chapter 2527 Wolf God Chapter 2528 Very High Sense? Chapter 2529 Gods Wonder Chapter 2530 The Sea Sky Eye Chapter 2531 Earning Money And Not Afraid Of Trouble Chapter 2532 Playing Chess Chapter 2533 Emperor Staff Chapter 2534 Gold General Appears Chapter 2535 One Move Chapter 2536 Very High Chapter 2537 Big Evil Beast Chapter 2538 Killing Big Evil Beast Chapter 2539 We Are Going To Die Chapter 2540 Only One Can Live Chapter 2541 Pick For Us Chapter 2542 Elysian Moon Changing Chapter 2543 Failure? Chapter 2544 Third Sister Chapter 2545 Ji Yang Sheng Chapter 2546 Demon Doll Chapter 2547 Not Teleportation Chapter 2548 Familiar Presence Chapter 2549 A Man With Three Options Chapter 2550 Shura Horn Chapter 2551 Pulling A Carriage Chapter 2552 A Hero To Save The Beauties Chapter 2553 : Wind String Chapter 2554 Pulling The String Chapter 2555 One Arrow Shocks Ten Thousand Races Chapter 2556 You Are The Savior Chapter 2557 Han Familys Son Chapter 2558 Expensive Blessing Chapter 2559 Blessing Barr Chapter 2560 Godfather Han Sen Chapter 2561 What Is Equality? Chapter 2562 Chain Demon Crocodile Chapter 2563 Try Your Best Chapter 2564 Crocodile God Chapter 2565 Deified Five Stages Chapter 2566 Scary Crocodile God Chapter 2567 Another Crocodile God Chapter 2568 Crystal Fortress Chapter 2569 Clown Tattoo Chapter 2570 Crystal Furnace Chapter 2571 Crystal Furnace Database Chapter 2572 Gene Potential Chapter 2573 Analysis Result Chapter 2574 Alcoholic Chapter 2575 Geno Art Swapped For Fruit Chapter 2576 Escaping The Fortress Chapter 2577 Six Core Snake God Chapter 2578 Fighting God Snake Chapter 2579 Claiming Another Deified Beast Soul Chapter 2580 The Snakes Are Coming Chapter 2581 Tentacle Monster Chapter 2582 Retreat Chapter 2583 Its Hard To Tell If Its Good Or Bad Chapter 2584 Forming A Stone Chapter 2585 Purple Copper Jian Chapter 2586 Purple Copper Jians Power Chapter 2587 Weird Changes Chapter 2588 The Purple Copper Jian That Cannot Be Gotten Rid Of Chapter 2589 Race Weapon Chapter 2590 Fighting Meng Lie Chapter 2591 Bad Fight Chapter 2592 Charming Gods Jian Chapter 2593 Shield Of The Medusas Gaze Chapter 2594 One Eye Empty Chapter 2595 Chase Star Whip Chapter 2596 Big Movie Chapter 2597 Lone Bamboos Persistence Chapter 2598 Extreme Evil Path Chapter 2599 Taoism Chapter 2600 God Spirit Touch Chapter 2601 Han Sens Test Chapter 2602 Han Sens Gene Talent Chapter 2603 Eleven Armor Talent? Chapter 2604 Making A Butterfly By Hand Chapter 2605 Swap Chapter 2606 Very Sky Family Chapter 2607 Decision Chapter 2608 Fighting In The Pond Chapter 2609 Exquisites Third Eye Pang Chapter 2610 Cheating Chapter 2611 Han Yan Beginner Chapter 2612 Han Yan Walking Sky Path Chapter 2613 Trying Chapter 2614 Picking A Holy Gourd Chapter 2615 Exploding Minds Chapter 2616 White Elephant Chapter 2617 Sword Given To The Luckiest Person Chapter 2618 Taking A Student For Teaching Chapter 2619 Black King City Chapter 2620 Anvil Chapter 2621 At6 Gene Mutant People Chapter 2622 Healing Chapter 2623 Charm Chapter 2624 Entering Core Area Chapter 2625 White King City Chapter 2626 Silver Destroyer Chapter 2627 Killing A Deified Xenogeneic Chapter 2628 The Fight That Was Meant To Be Chapter 2629 The World Moves Because Of Her Chapter 2630 Practicing Chapter 2631 Random Punch Chapter 2632 The Power To Conquer A King Chapter 2633 Your Smile Is Eternal Chapter 2634 Han Sens Trouble Chapter 2635 Difficult Decision Chapter 2636 Wood Spirit Rhino Chapter 2637 Baoers Little Book Chapter 2638 Demon Abyss Beast King Chapter 2639 Killing A Deified Again Chapter 2640 Outer Sky Chapter 2641 Testing Talent Again Chapter 2642 Signing The Contract Chapter 2643 Small Jade Figure Chapter 2644 The God Spirit Touch Becomes A Fairy Chapter 2645 Fairy Flowers Chapter 2646 Underworld Lake Chapter 2647 Fishing Chapter 2648 Yellow Paper Chapter 2649 Meeting At The Lake Chapter 2650 Different Kind Of Luck Chapter 2651 Star Tree Chapter 2652 Headstrong Elder Chapter 2653 Star Beetle Chapter 2654 An Accurate Kill That Is Like A Surgical Incision Chapter 2655 Deified Star Beetle Chapter 2656 Who Will Take Care Of It Chapter 2657 Liyu Zhen Does Not Believe It Chapter 2658 Star Fruit Chapter 2659 Luck Is Broken Chapter 2660 Physiognomy Chapter 2661 Taking Care Of The Star Tree Chapter 2662 The Geno Art In Reverse Chapter 2663 Twice The Benefits Chapter 2664 Deified Set Chapter 2665 Very Difficul Chapter 2666 Mysterious Desert Chapter 2667 Meeting Destiny Again Chapter 2668 Empty God Chapter 2669 Answer Of The Origin Chapter 2670 Geno Halls Message Chapter 2671 Silkworm Bouts Begin Chapter 2672 Swordheart Area Chapter 2673 The Glory Of One Sho Chapter 2674 One Fighting Four Chapter 2675 Fighting The Mantis Across The Mountains Chapter 2676 Shale Chapter 2677 Eight Hole Emperor Chapter 2678 Scary Battle Talen Chapter 2679 Close Call Chapter 2680 Leveling Up While Fighting Chapter 2681 Back To Deified Chapter 2682 Demonic Power Chapter 2683 Leveling Up To Half Deified Chapter 2684 I Am The Path Chapter 2685 Learning Knife Mind Chapter 2686 Under The Sky Knife Chapter 2687 Apollo Se Chapter 2688 Broken Underworld Silk Chapter 2689 Jail Demon Hall Chapter 2690 Scary Primitive Deified Xenogeneic Chapter 2691 Xuan Yellow Sutra Chapter 2692 For Your Convenience Chapter 2693 Blood Marrow Geno Fluid Chapter 2694 Triggering The Restrictions Chapter 2695 Trapped Inside The Jail Demon Hall Chapter 2696 Reversing Bloodline Chapter 2697 Beating A Deified Chapter 2698 Demonic Beast Soul Chapter 2699 Fish In A Bottle Chapter 2700 Sea Palace Chapter 2701 Giant Prisoners Chapter 2702 Giants Move Mountains Chapter 2703 Horizontal Evil Chapter 2704 God Area Chapter 2705 Bao Lian Chapter 2706 Life And Death Is A Matter Of Fate Chapter 2707 God Spirit Storm Chapter 2708 No Choice Chapter 2709 Deified Xenogeneics In The Storm Chapter 2710 Honest Cow Headed Monster Chapter 2711 Youre Good Chapter 2712 Ice Geno Core Chapter 2713 No God Chapter 2714 Horizontal Evil Strike Sun Chapter 2715 Grus Invitation Chapter 2716 Immortal Dragon Chapter 2717 Scary Ice Geno Ar Chapter 2718 Geno Protoplasm Chapter 2719 Empty Gods Decision Chapter 2720 Star Gauge Mirror Chapter 2721 A Very Disappointing Item Chapter 2722 Good Guy Uncle Chapter 2723 Weird Black Crystal Chapter 2724 Golden Haired Monkey Chapter 2725 Cocky Noobs Chapter 2726 Real And Fake Bodies Chapter 2727 I Am Not Convinced Chapter 2728 Cant Even Be A Son Chapter 2729 Good Fortune Pool Chapter 2730 Crazy Consume Chapter 2731 God Body Evolved Chapter 2732 Weird Scene Like A Tide Chapter 2733 Dead Cycle Chapter 2734 Leveling Up To Deified Chapter 2735 Star Explode Chapter 2736 Leftover Power Chapter 2737 Ancient Wall Chapter 2738 Showing Off Chapter 2739 Weird Scene Chapter 2740 Eye In The Painting Chapter 2741 Very Sad Scene Chapter 2742 Trying The Poison Chapter 2743 Finishing Himself Chapter 2744 Sit And Forget Sutra Chapter 2745 Different Path Chapter 2746 Buried Dragon Sea Chapter 2747 Battle In The Deep Sea Chapter 2748 Pursui Chapter 2749 Blood Coral Chapter 2750 Powerful Slashing And Killing Chapter 2751 Dead Dragon Body Chapter 2752 No Dragon Chapter 2753 Gods Curse Chapter 2751 Dead Dragon Body Chapter 2752 No Dragon Chapter 2753 Gods Curse Chapter 2754 The Hope To Break Free Chapter 2755 Gods Farm Chapter 2756 Butchering The Flock Of Sheep Chapter 2757 Growing Knife Chapter 2758 Every Knife Shows Blood Chapter 2759 Reborn Chapter 2760 Super Space Slash Chapter 2761 A Way To Break I Chapter 2762 Dead Yesterday Alive Today Chapter 2763 Judgment A Second Ago Chapter 2764 Walk Your Own Path Chapter 2765 Escape Chapter 2766 Fair And Square Way To Spli Chapter 2767 A Xenogeneic Space That Seems Familiar Chapter 2768 Between Two Mountains Chapter 2769 Two Ape Mountain Chapter 2770 God Bird Chapter 2771 You Can Eat This Chapter 2772 As Long As You Like I Chapter 2773 God Phoenixs Reques Chapter 2774 Extreme Living Land Chapter 2775 Space Garden Chapter 2776 Banque Chapter 2777 Flower God Mutation Chapter 2778 The Space Garden Chapter 2779 Buried Chapter 2780 The Excavated Flower God Chapter 2781 The Whole Race Mutates Chapter 2782 God Corpse Chapter 2783 Gods Power Chapter 2784 Sky Vine Radish Chapter 2785 Killing Sky Radish Chapter 2786 Fallen God Chapter 2787 God Spiri Chapter 2788 Big Fire Burns The Flowers Chapter 2789 Mutating The Space Garden Chapter 2790 Flower Seed Chapter 2791 Red Robed Child Chapter 2792 Controlling The Garden Chapter 2793 Leveling Up To Transmutation Chapter 2794 By Mistake Chapter 2795 Stalemate Chapter 2796 The Secret Of The Chessboard' Chapter 2797 Going To Kings Kingdom Again Chapter 2798 Yin Ghost Head Chapter 2799 Extreme King Overbearing Eye Chapter 2800 Second Ancestors Legacy Chapter 2801 Biggest Crime Chapter 2802 Trial Chapter 2803 Eye Change Chapter 2804 I Want You Chapter 2805 Bai Kings Studen Chapter 2806 Nine Defense Palace Chapter 2807 Can Only Move Mouth Chapter 2808 Special Xenogeneic Chapter 2809 Beast Soul Combined Chapter 2810 Lost Land Chapter 2811 All The Way Forward Chapter 2812 Real Fake Han Sen Chapter 2813 Too Weak Chapter 2814 East King Garden Chapter 2815 Kirin Statue Chapter 2816 Pottery Powder Chapter 2817 Cold Light Charm Chapter 2818 Activate Potential Chapter 2819 Cold Light Charms Beast Soul Chapter 2820 Fighting Evil Lotus Chapter 2821 God Spirit Figh Chapter 2822 Killing A God Chapter 2823 Kill The Gods Chapter 2824 Leveling Up To Larva Chapter 2825 Name Lis Chapter 2826 Fighting Gods Knife Again Chapter 2827 A Gamble That Depends On Power Chapter 2828 Predicting The Future Chapter 2829 A Different Kind Of God Chapter 2830 Sky And Men Combined At An Extreme Level Chapter 2831 Fell Into The Trap Chapter 2832 You Are Not Qualified Enough Chapter 2833 The Same Skill That Wouldnt Lose Twice Chapter 2834 Lucky Gamble? Chapter 2835 Love Butterfly Chapter 2836 A Butterfly That Can Only Have One Relationship In Their Entire Life Chapter 2837 Go To Your Home Chapter 2838 Geno God Lis Chapter 2839 Xenogeneics Without Spiri Chapter 2840 First Figh Chapter 2841 Suicidal Chapter 2842 Queen In Space Garden Chapter 2843 Infinite Killer Chapter 2844 Scapegoa Chapter 2845 Golden Growler Chapter 2846 Father Han Known Around The Universe Chapter 2847 Fighting Yisha Chapter 2848 The Broken Scabbard Chapter 2849 Return Empty Scabbard Chapter 2850 Bone Is Scabbard Chapter 2851 One Chess Piece Chapter 2852 Leveling Up Failed? Chapter 2853 The Conditions To Shapeshift Chapter 2854 Sky Radish God Lance Chapter 2855 Spirit? Chapter 2856 Demon Alpha Chapter 2857 One Slash Cuts The Cause Chapter 2858 Dragon Race Weapon Chapter 2859 Demon Coming Down To Earth Chapter 2860 Deep Abyss Knight Chapter 2861 God Spirit Landing Chapter 2862 Han Sens Galaxy Teleportation Chapter 2863 One Lance Pierced Through God Chapter 2864 Sky Armor God Jail Chapter 2865 Judgment Chapter 2866 God Sadness Appears Again Chapter 2867 Top 100 List Chapter 2868 Space In His Palms Chapter 2869 Swapping The Sky And Changing The Ground Chapter 2870 Golden Door Chapter 2871 Pluto Peacock Chapter 2872 Self Torturing Knife Chapter 2873 Han Sens Challenge Chapter 2874 Maha God Elephant Chapter 2875 Final Challenge Chapter 2876 The Scariest Hit Chapter 2877 Losing Or Winning? Chapter 2878 Getting Into The Geno Hall Chapter 2879 Sky God Crown Chapter 2880 Ruins That Shouldnt Exist Chapter 2881 Fixing The Altar Chapter 2882 Meeting A Person Again Chapter 2883 The Decision To Light A Lantern Chapter 2884 Knife Descends On The Buddha Kingdom Chapter 2885 Crystallizers Light Up A Lantern Chapter 2886 Fighting The Buddha Alone Chapter 2887 Pressuring Burning Lamp Chapter 2888 Under The Sky Chapter 2889 Every God Helps The Buddha Chapter 2890 Who Will Prevent Me From Lighting Up A Lantern For The Crystallizers? 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