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The Immortal plane, the most powerful plane ruling over hundreds of millions of smaller dimensions and many Great Worlds where the formidable Gods, the mightiest immortals, Sovereigns, Demons, Devils and Celestials who has reached the peak of Martial and Dao cultivation convened, living grand and mighty lives but under one person, the Supreme Martial God, the true ruler of the Universe.Due to his Supreme, peerless strength as well as his kind, respected character, each and every living being of the Immortal plane respected and worshipped him thereby considering him as the Emperor of the Universe and calling him 'The Legend'. A dragon amongst men, a prodigy possessing heaven-defying cultivation and talent, managing to cultivate to the peak of cultivation in short period of time.But even though he stood at the summit of the Immortal world and had a boundless future, he sadly died in the ambush orchestrated by his very own disciple, his enemies and at the treacherous hands of the cruel and merciless Heaven.'Heaven, since you want to destroy me, let me obliterate you and begin a new prosperous Era.''I will control my destiny, not Heaven!'The mighty struggle against his fate and destiny, he grasps the opportunity to change his fate through the cycle of reincarnation and embarks on an unprecedented path…After endless reincarnations, born as a ruthless yet loving young man who’s driven by his desire to protect his loved ones in a world where only strength and cultivation matters obtain a peerless technique that changes his destiny and of those around him.Thus begins the start of a new epic journey!!!!------------XXXXXXXXXXX--------------Kindly support me and the novel by voting, rating and submitting comments and reviews.Thank you------------XXXXXXXXXXX--------------The cover picture was edited by me by combining multiple images. If the owner of any of the used integrated picture wants to take it down, I'll act on it and remove it as per your request.

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