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"Gah! you again... I see you every day and you do the exact same thing!" The Welsh dragon said as Nisus rolled his eyes. "Seeing the future isn't the same as seeing me... geez, I change it everyday... must suck for you though... since I am the rightful heir to the throne... *Sigh* when will this be over..."

"Never if you stay here... "Future King" my ass... why did the fates even pick you... damn asshole" The welsh dragon said, sighing as came fully out of the cave.

"I've seen at least 20 million futures... you win in all of them... so let's just go and fight already... then I can finally die in peace.

"ThEn I CaN FiNAlLy DiE In PeAcE" Nisus said in a mocking tone as he turned around. "you ruined my groove man" Nisus finished as they all started walking back out.

"Well... I actually can do more than you losers..." Nisus said, smirking as he raised his hand bringing out Yafusa. "Come out you bastards... hell... come out all of you..." Nisus said as millions of soldiers appeared, along with thousands popping out of the ground.

"Knights!... Storm that damn castle... I'll make a new one... Oda... blow that shit to hell" Nisus said gesturing to his old friend who he'd killed when he was about to die, only because he didn't want him to die so lame. At least die in battle, damn noob.

"While these mobs distract these crazy spirits trying to protect Vivian, I'll sneak in with Merlin... cause some chaos dragon-man... counting on you," Nisus said seriously smiling as he floated and flashed through the air.

"Hello Gilgamesh, and caster... well my army is currently storming the castle... you should just surrender Mr. King Of Heroes..." Nisus said, smirking in front of the two Gilgamesh standing in front of him, they still had their c.o.c.ky expressions though.

"I heard that there was an Artoria in this world as well... you have her don't you?... can you fight and kill one that looks exactly like yours..." Gilgamesh said as Caster smirked and stepped to the right revealing a blonde girl of around 16 years.

"Hm?" Nisus hummed seeing the girl and looked at the two kings, "Is that all... surely you didn't think this would faze me... what kind of King are you?" Nisus said flashing forward and appearing in front of Archer with Clarent at his throat. "Just die..." Nisus stopped pressing as he dodged a sword that had flown out of GOB.

Before he could do anything he ducked dodging Excalibur from Saber. "Really?... fine, if you truly feel like dying..." Nisus kicked forward and smashed his leg into Artorias stomach before rushing back toward Gilgamesh.

'What is this?' He thought before dodging another attack from Artoria. "God just stay down!" Nisus yelled, kicking her away before turning back to Gilgamesh. "Blegh" Nisus covered his mouth as clear liquid came out...

"See?... you physically feel sick when hurting her right?... as expected... I truly was meant to rule!" Archer laughed out loud as Nisus looked down at his hand and magically cleaned himself before looking over at the blank expression that Artoria always had on her face.

"Weird... weirdly, I'll admit... but" Nisus slammed his fist in her face causing her to fly back. "I'll get over it" Nisus said, smirking at Gilgamesh. "Unless you really want to die than stop attacking... I already know you're using Avalon... but it's annoying if I have to really kill you... just pledge allegiance and I'll let you go... if not then... well..."

(Nisus Original Race: Perfect King Bloodline)

Nisus smiled as strength flowed into him, he had finally done it after all these years, created his own perfect Bloodline. It was harder than just thinking of it, he really needed to be part of each race he wanted to mix in, one of the reasons it took so long.

A mixture of Devil, God, dragon king, Necromancer, and also Titan. With all these it gave him, not only Blood supremacy over all beings, but also all the benefits of each race, the titan part would give him enhanced animal like instincts as the Devil race would give him each of their benefits. Dragon King was the same as before, same with the God, and Necromancer is actually a race that wasn't supposed to exist. It's supposed to be a title, but once he'd mixed vampire with zombie and skeleton, he'd made a Necromancer race, giving him control over the dead as well as the ability to bring them back to life in two ways.

One way would be as a mindless slave that did all his bidding, and the other way was completely bringing them back to life, exactly as they were when they were alive... including all their ideals, so it would be more dangerous to do this.

Artoria widened her eyes as she felt the bloodline supremacy effect and dropped to her knees instinctively, causing Nisus to smile as he looked at Gilgamesh. "Take out Ea... I really want to kill you using my own divine weapons... every single one I have... is a divine weapon hehe" Nisus smiled as he opened his own GOB and smirked as the hundreds of now Divine swords came out ready to pierce Gilgamesh.

"Total defeat... I'm the king after all... hell... should I just become king of the world?" Nisus asked before launching all the swords toward Gilgamesh and Caster who now had Ea out, realizing they would die without them.

"That wasn't the main attack..." Nisus said standing behind them as he sheathed Yafusa. They would now be his own personal soldiers... and being the king of everything was starting to sound pretty good.

"I'll think about it later I guess... I should manage the kingdom that's already mine first... get some points with everyone..." Nisus then glanced back at the still kneeling Artoria and smiled.

"Get up kid... or a.d.u.l.t... god it's weird seeing Artoria as a 16 year old again... well? what do you say?... join me or be lost in a world that will devour you anyway..." Nisus asked as he bent down and looked Artoria in the eyes.

"Are... you the king?" She asked standing up now that she had permission. "If he's not the king I might keel over right now..." The welsh dragon said coughing as the spirits bowed outside, the castle walls were destroyed giving them a perfect view of Nisus killing Gilgamesh.

"Just die already damn Dragon!" Nisus said angrily before turning back to Artoria. "That's right... I'm the king... but what does that have to do with anything?... I didn't mean as my servant... let's be friends... maybe occasionally we can have se-" Nisus stopped and coughed. 'I have to work on that... well it's my nature anyway... hmmm'

As Nisus was deep in thought Artoria turned her head sideways before nodding and bowing with her sword up in her hands. "I Artoria Pendragon pledge my sword to the king of Avalon!" She yelled out as everyone did the same, except instead of saying all that they simply bowed as Nisus paid them no attention.

"Now that I think about it... being king of the world was already something I discussed with that God before... wait what happened to that one guy from earlier.

"Oh... hey kid..." The man from earlier said as he sat on the ground drawing circles as all the citizens of Avalon looked at Nisus not even paying attention to their pledge.

"What's with you... um, your name?... I didn't catch it last time"

"*Sigh*... It's the god sage... but that doesn't matter... I lost a potential Acolyte... well he wasn't truly cut out for this lifestyle anyway... still disappointing though..."

"That's nice God Sadge... anyway... what did you need, I'm now the king so I have plenty of time... I make my own hours of course..." Nisus then turned to the citizens and waved his hand. "Thanks everyone, get some sleep because I'm throwing a huge ass party tonight... and you guys will also meet the royal family!" Nisus smiled and then turned around following The God Sage... or Sadge as he had called him...


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