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After that, Maitreya and the maiden maiden accompanied Fengmori Masaki and Uchiha Kyou to the coast where the cave was located, which happened to be in the territory of the ghost country, not too far away. This time the trip was in the name of visiting the scenic spots in the country of ghosts. It was mainly to avoid peoples eyes and ears. The purpose of the two could be concealed. By the way, the establishment of diplomatic relations can be carried out. This is where Uchiha Kojiru investigates the ten-fight sword. Another task besides.

In the eyes of the world, Uchiha Mirror's trip this time was originally to close the relationship with the country of ghosts. Going to the cave there is just a way to go. It is reasonable and reasonable, and most people can't find any suspicious places.

The vegetation of Konoha Ninja Village is very lush and green, but there is not much natural scenery by the sea. After all, Konoha Ninja Village is close to the land, and the country of ghosts depends on the sea. The country of ghosts has a lofty status. The maiden was accompanied by the messenger of Konoha Ninja Village and visited along the coast.

Because I traveled in the name of visiting the scenery of the country of ghosts, there is no problem with the two maidens accompanying me. Maitreya can also introduce the scenery of the country of ghosts to the two. The last time Feng Mori Zhenghui came here was just because of the mission. , I haven't visited everything in the country of ghosts.

Just like this coast, this is the first time Fengmori has heard of it, and it is the first time I have been here. If it was him, I would have never thought that the ten-fist sword might be in such a place, and I dont know how Uchiha Itachi found it. .

After thinking about it, it might be because Uchiha Itachi also consciously collected various documents about the Uchiha family after he defected and fled the village, and found clues about the ten-punch sword. Perhaps it was planted on his body when he learned of Sasuke. The ten-fist sword that was deliberately searched after the curse of Oshemaru was cast.

The four of them walked on the coast together, the sound of the waves surging has a different taste, with a hint of the smell of sea water, the coast is rocky, it is a bit inconvenient to walk, but for the ninja, it is similar to the flat ground, and some surprises are noble The witches seem to be very relaxed too.

"Occasionally, we also exercise our bodies. Chakra's practice assists with physical exercises, and it often gains some benefits," the maiden maiden explained.

This is indeed the case. The current definition of chakra is the combination of physical energy and spiritual energy, but in fact, in the early days of Ninzong, chakra was mainly based on spiritual energy, because at that time the idea of chakra was based on chakra. Establish a spiritual connection to communicate with each other.

But after that, I dont know who started from-maybe Indra-added body energy to the chakra, which greatly increased the power of the chakra, and then the power of the chakra will be different from the past. Its function gradually changed, and it began to become a prop for fighting with each other, so the chakra, which combined physical energy and spiritual energy, was passed down.

The ghost country is considered to have a strong tradition, but after all, it has been in the past thousand years. It can't really be the same as when Ninzong first established. Moreover, even if you don't talk about Chakra, it is a good choice to exercise on weekdays.

The nobles of this era often lack physical exercise, because in the eyes of the nobles, this sweaty behavior is not very elegant. Except for some nobles with special occupations or special temperaments, most nobles are basically not very good. Athletic guy.

As a witch with a lofty status in the land of ghosts, she usually prays for witches. Even if its because of the practice of chakra, its really good to be able to focus on exercise. Perhaps these two witches are actually better than many. Can male nobles still fight?

"Ah, this is the place." Maitreya jumped to the top of a rock, pointed in a direction ahead, and said to Fengmori Masaki and Uchiha mirror.

The two hurriedly flashed to Maitreya's side, looked in the direction that Maitreya was pointing, and they saw the outline of a cave. There seemed to be a ladder-like thing next to it. According to Maitreya, this thing was formed naturallyat least I haven't heard of who built it, and the traces of artificial construction are hard to see on the surface-it is precisely because of this kind of suspicious staircase, that it is connected to the appearance of the cave that makes people think that it is a place of reincarnation.

After approaching, Uchiha Mirror looked at the outline of the cave and nodded slightly: "No wonder you think so. This cave does seem to have a meaning representing new life."

The outline of this cave looks a bit like an egg. The egg is exactly the state before the birth of a life. In the eyes of the ignorant ancient people, it is not impossible to be endowed with the meaning of rebirth and reincarnation, especially this place is really natural. Formed, it will give people this impression even more.

"Although there are legends like this, there is really nothing special here, Mr. Jing, I wonder if you have seen anything?" Maitreya asked.

"I don't know." Uchiha Mirror had already opened the writing wheel at this time, but nothing could be seen from the surface of the cave. "Let's go inside and take a look."

Everyone walked along the stair-like rock-although it looked like a stairway, it was only on the surface. It's really hard for ordinary people to walk-came to the cave, and the guards of the maiden waited in the distance, which was inconvenient. After entering, after entering the cave and leaving the eyes of others, Fengsen Zhenghui lifted the transformation technique and changed his appearance.

Although the use of the transformation technique will burden an extra layer of chakras, after Feng Mori Masaki even divides the chakras, his chakras are still very abundant, and they can be regarded as outstanding in Shangnin, just that, not As for making him such a shadow clone, it consumes too much.

Theoretically speaking, the power possessed by a shadow clone is nothing to the siege of several Shangren, and its strength is still a solid "Shadow" level.

"How is it, do you see anything?" Fengmori asked, looking at the frowned Uchiha mirror.

"Well, it seems that there are some special places." Uchiha Kyou said, while changing the ordinary writing wheel eyes into a kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes.

The two witches on the side looked surprised when they saw Uchiha Mirrors kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes. They are not very unfamiliar with ordinary writing wheel eyes, which are the most conventional appearance of the Uchiha family, as long as they are knowledgeable. , I will know more or less.

However, the kaleidoscope writing wheel eye is not something that everyone can know. It was the first time that Maitreya and the ancestors saw this legendary writing wheel eye. They immediately realized that it might be a kaleidoscope writing wheel eye. In the Ninzong classics, this special state of writing round eyes is mentioned.

"Mr. Fengsen, shouldn't this be a kaleidoscope writing round eyes?" Maitreya asked.

"Oh, you know, indeed, this is the kaleidoscope writing round eyes." Fengsen Zhenghui nodded and admitted Maitreya's guess that this is the legendary kaleidoscope writing round eyes.

"I didn't expect Mr. Kagami to have such eyes. I heard that in the past, the only one who had a kaleidoscope to write round eyes was Uchiha Madara, the patriarch of Uchiha when Konoha Ninja Village was established." The maiden said from the side.

"There is another person who is his younger brother, but he died in an accident before the village was established. If only talking about the establishment of Konoha Ninja Village, he is indeed the only one." Fengmori Masahiro said, he was looking at writing the wheel in a kaleidoscope. I looked at the Uchiha Mirror in the cave and looked forward to the good news of Uchiha Mirror.

After a while, Uchiha Mirror showed a thoughtful expression. Seeing this, Fengmori Masaki asked: "How about it, Mirror? Did you see anything?"

"Masaki, who do you think the protector of Susano is in the legend?" asked Uchiha mirror.

"Well, I don't know. In theory, the guardians of the Ninth Sect period should be ordinary people who followed the Six Dao Immortals to learn Chakra, or the people who were chosen to be the protectors of the blood after the Six Dao Immortals." Say.

Everyone possesses the power of Chakra. Even before the sacred tree appeared in this world, human beings also possess Chakra, but they dont know how to use and condense, which is equivalent to non-existence. It was not until the Six Dao Immortals taught the Nin Sect method that human beings first realized the existence of Chakra.

Except for the immortal bloodlines who have inherent blood superiority, the other people who use chakras are all believers who follow the Six Dao immortals. Without exception, they are all common people, and there may also be some nobles-with Liu Dao. The noble status of the immortals, it is not impossible that aristocrats choose to enter their sect-they rely on their innate aptitude, in the relatively primitive stage of chakra practice, they learned to use the power of chakra, precisely because of their outstanding aptitude, When Chakra practiced deeper, he became a rare powerhouse.

The guardian of Susano should be such a person, especially since the name that this person has is the ultimate pupil technique of Wanhua Zhurenyan, which makes people feel that this person must be extraordinary.-Susano is not this. The real name of the person, but the name given by Ninzong.

"This person should have something to do with the ancestor Indra-sama." Uchiha Koji said, "Although it is almost non-existent, there are some traces of power that belong to the writing wheel eyes."

"Really, when you think about it, it is reasonable. Since only the ancestors of the Uchiha family have ever obtained the ten-punch sword, it is not impossible to have a connection with Indra." Fengmori said.

"In the Six Ways of the Immortal Period, Lord Indra was still the proud son of Ninja Sect. He was born with the power to communicate with God. Everyone regarded him as the heir of Ninja Sect. There is a very close relationship. When the protector of Susano was ordered to guard the north, he turned to Lord Indra for help." Maitreya said.

As the eldest son of the Six Dao Immortals, Indra inherited the powerful Chakra from the Six Dao Immortals. It is different from the shameless "Indra" in the "Naruto" animation. Indra in the original work is born with the Six Ways. The strong power, the Asura who received all the inheritance of his father's six immortals, only slightly beats Indra, which shows Indra's powerful strength.

Feng Mori Masahiro has always suspected that Indra's general appearance of the writing wheel eyes can exert a power comparable to that of a kaleidoscope writing wheel eyes. Later, the sequelae of the writing wheel eyes are the result of blood vessel deterioration, or it may be Indra. His descendants did not inherit his power.

If such a powerful Indra is able to give Susano's protector any help, it seems that it is not impossible, and if it is connected with Indra, the name of Susano may be derived from Indra!

After all, the ultimate pupil technique of kaleidoscope writing round eyes, Susano, and Susano, have the same origin. If Indra took Susano as inspiration and gave Susanos name, there should be nothing logically. Big problem.

Before Liu Dao Xian Ren gave the position of the leader of Nin Sect to Ashura in his later years, Indra was a very prestigious person in Nin Sect, and it was reasonable to be able to do this kind of thing.

"Speaking of writing round eyes, I also think of the legend of the eight monsters drunk with alcohol." Maitreya said, "I don't think it is really possible to use alcohol to get the monsters drunk~wuxiaworld.online~ Could that kind of monster really get drunk from something like alcohol?"

"Mythological stories are often used to add oil and vinegar in the process of spreading, or they are called according to the concept of people at the time. At that time, when the papermaking technology was not very developed, any document must be recorded in a simple way. The story is about wine, but it may actually be Something more complicated." The old witch said at this time.

"For example, illusion?" Fengsen Zhenghui said.

"This may be the closest thing to the truth. It may be the maiden at that time, or it may be Lord Indra. In short, she used illusion to make the monster lose its ability to control itself, and then was beheaded and killed by the ten-fist sword." Uchiha mirror said.

"Myth is really complicated." Maitreya said with some emotion.

"It has no effect on its own. It's just the traces left by some things that someone used to do with the Shalanyan in the past. That's why I was surprised, because I can feel it in the past so long, and its pupil power is extraordinary. It can only be our ancestor Indra-sama." Uchiha Kyouji said, "The user of this writing wheel once opened the door to the soul world here. Even so long in the past, there are still gaps."

Feng Sen Zhenghui was slightly startled. The eyes of the reincarnation of the six immortals possessed the ability to summon Yama, and combined with the special abilities of the human realm, they can punish almost any person in the soul, and there is no need to pay their lives like the ghouls. At the price of, even after Naruto who mastered the Nine Tails pattern accidentally attacked the soul of the human world, his body was difficult to move, and his soul was slowly drawn out, but he could only rub the **** to fight back. As a result, the **** were absorbed by the Hungry Ghost Dao.

There is no doubt that Indra only possesses the writing wheel eyes. He actually has this ability. Sure enough, the son of God is not comparable to his descendants. The blood of the immortal is not Saiyan, and it cannot become mixed with the blood of mortals. Stronger.

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