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The big dragon halberd slashed fiercely on the weird gate, making a weird roar!

This time, the sturdy and strange door was cut open directly, as if he didn't even have the qualifications to resist.

But Ye Wuque, who was holding a halberd, had his eyes condensed slightly, because after he slashed in with a halberd, there was a strange feeling of being cut into the thick flesh and blood.

"Flesh... the door?"

Looking closely, Ye Wuque suddenly noticed a terrifying scene.

I saw endless flesh and blood surging inside the weird gate that was cut open, constantly squirming, and dark red blood overflowed, staining the red void.

The big dragon halberd is invincible, and the weird door can't stop the edge. But at this moment, with the continuous squirming of the flesh and blood, Ye Wuque felt a kind of great tenacity and the force of squeezing the package, as if he was going to subdue the big dragon halberd with softness. .

With a puff, Ye Wuque directly drew out the big dragon halberd, and then the second halberd slammed out again without hesitation!

Still cut in the same place!


Unsurpassed vomiting, blood and blood splashing!

The weird door finally began to tremble, and it even let out a weird and painful growl, and the endless flesh and blood splashed, as if crying.

This feeling makes the scalp numb.

Ye Wuque was expressionless, and once again drew out the big dragon halberd, only to find that the flesh and blood door started to twitch and squirm crazily, and healed itself!

But the bright red brilliance on it dimmed because of this.

Ye Wuque's gaze was like a knife. At this moment, he suddenly shifted his gaze, and suddenly landed on the eight violently twitching and trembling blood vessels.

The big dragon halberd swept across, abandoning the door of flesh and blood, and severely slashed towards one of the blood vessels!


As if cutting tofu, this blood vessel was immediately cut off by the root of the Great Dragon Ji!


In an instant, the door of flesh and blood trembled crazily, and the painful roar became stronger, and at the broken blood vessel, at this moment, endless blood and strange power shining with **** brilliance were spewing out.

"Sure enough!"

Seeing this, Ye Wuque didn't hesitate, and the big dragon halberd was raised again to cut off all the remaining seven blood vessels.

Obviously these eight blood vessels are the source of the power of the weird flesh and blood gate. Once destroyed, the gate will break without attack.

But at this moment, Ye Wuque suddenly felt a terrifying wave from behind!


Shocking, infinite killing intent!

Ye Wuque's eyes were like electricity, and he didn't mean to turn around at all. Instead, the big dragon halberd in his hand directly swung its tail and cut it back strongly.

The cold light flickered, the halberd blade illuminates the void, and the supreme edge gleams. With the power injected by Ye Wuque, it seems that the sky is about to be cut away!


The terrible impact burst open, and the entire void suddenly shook, and then an endless storm blew up, as if the sky broke and the earth broke.

A figure stepped back, and there were precious armors cracking apart from all over his body, and it even snorted.

Ye Wuque turned around, his eyes sharp, and then he narrowed slightly.

The one who was forced to retreat by the great dragon halberd was... Tianjun Wangchuan!

And the other side.

The situation between the heavenly kings of the human domain and the eternal clan of heavenly kings has unexpectedly changed again!

It's not just that the three are scattered and the people are one enemy and two!

this moment!

That Taiyin Master unexpectedly broke out in the same incredible way, and he was even fighting one against two.

The Wei Family Patriarch is also... with one against two!

These three rebels actually burned out a strange brilliance at the same time, and there was an indescribable ancient pressure!

This kind of pressure, even the Soul of the Destiny King seemed to be affected.

And the remaining two eternal kings of the clan once again slashed together with the remaining two human domain kings, and Venerable Annihilation joined the battle again.

"Who are you?"

"It's impossible in the human domain, and there shouldn't be a heavenly king like you!"

In the void, Tianjun Wangchuan stood up straight at this moment, and from his body, at this time, that bright brilliance burst out, and the ancient and terrifying coercion evaporated, covering the sky and the sun.

Ye Wuque looked at him in the distance, and swept past the other three rebels including Dao San San Ren, his eyes rested on the bright brilliance, deep and indifferent.

"The four of you actually control the same ancient and mysterious power..."

"This power is not the eternal king of heaven?"

Ye Wuque's sonorous voice sounded indistinctly between men and women.

"Or, you are not the creatures of the eternal race at all?"

As soon as this is said!

Tianjun Wangchuan's eyes moved slightly, and he immediately turned into endless indifference again.

"Ants... don't need to know much."

High above!

This is the posture shown by Tianjun Wangchuan.

It seems that from the beginning to the present, the four of them have always been rebellious in the human realm, looking down on all living beings, not only the human realm king, even the eternal clan king.

Why is this?

Many thoughts flickered in Ye Wuque's mind, but in the end they all turned into sharp eyes.

"Cut you off, you should be able to get the answer."

Tianjun Wangchuan smiled coldly, and there was a touch of undisguised pity and joking in Ye Wuque's eyes.

"I want to kill you, I only need one..."

call out! !

Ye Wuque's figure suddenly disappeared, and when he reappeared, he unexpectedly came behind Yongyue who fought against the Great Emperor Dayan!

The big dragon halberd cut out cleanly and directly!

The battle to forget Chuan Tianjun?


Ye Ge deceived people, but there was a slap in the face.


The big dragon halberd struck Yongyue like lightning, and Yongyue's whole person was directly cut into two pieces!

The blood spattered out, Yongyue never squinted.

Another eternal king of the clan was beheaded!

So far!

There is one person under the king of the eternal race...forever!

"Do not!!"

Yongpo madly collapsed the attack of Venerable Annihilation, and broke out of the siege, the whole person looked like a madman.

Three of the same clan fell one after another.

How can this make him acceptable?

Not far away, Wang Chuan Tianjun's face was already extremely ugly!

He was actually fooled! !

Ye Wuque stood holding a halberd, as if looking at Tianjun Wangchuan with a smile.

"This is the covenant between you and my eternal clan??"

"The four of you are all right! We have lost three of us?"

"If my eternal tribe saint ancestor knew about this, you would definitely pay the price!!"

At this moment, Yong Po let out a spiteful roar, not at Ye Wuque, but at the four rebels including Dao San San Ren.

Dao San San, Wei Family Patriarch, Taiyin Master, Wang Chuan Tianjun, their faces were all very ugly at this time.

But with these two words that Yong Po roared, the eight heavenly kings of Human Domain and Ye Wuque here, their pupils shrank slightly at the same time!


The ancestor of the eternal race?

This is clearly a representative of a third party!

Is it possible that the enlightened, three scattered people and four people are not creatures of the eternal race at all? ?

Did they get it wrong? ?

But if it wasn't the undercover of the eternal race, who would it be?

How could there be a third party? ?

At the moment, the heavenly kings of the human world are all puzzled and angry, and their heads are full of mud.

Yong Poyi pointed his finger at the Heavenly King of Human Domain and Ye Wuque, and then roared bitterly at the Dao San Sanren and the other four: "Kill them all!"

"Now, immediately, kill them all!"

"Otherwise... at your own risk!"

Ye Wuque's eyes were already narrowed.

And at this moment, Yong Po seemed to see the anger and confusion on the faces of the eight heavenly kings of Human Domain, and suddenly gave out a wild laugh of the ultimate cruel and mocking.


"You humble and poor human beings!"

"Do you really think the four of them are members of my eternal clan??"

"It should be said, do you really think that the'Heavenly Inheritance' on the Eternal Island is an earth-shattering opportunity and good fortune?"


"You stupid heavenly kings of the human domain, from beginning to end, from generation to generation, you are just poor bugs being played around!"

Yong Po seemed to be smashed, but his eyes fell on the eight heavenly kings of Human Domain, his eyes became weird, mocking, and pity!

It was like watching a group of poor bugs.

"The so-called Celestial Inheritance! It's just a quiz for screening the'Container of Seizure'!"

"As a result, you human domain kings can't wait to land on the island from generation to generation, wanting to win the heavenly inheritance and become the heavenly god."

"It's ridiculous!"

The eight heavenly kings of the human domain are already indifferent, their faces full of incredible and amazement.

Ye Wuque also narrowed his eyes.

"But then again, the four of them..."

Yong Po pointed at Dao San Sanren four people again, showing a weird smile.

"Even if it has been successfully seized, it is still a real human being in essence! It is not my eternal clan at all!"

Having said this, the weird smile on Yong Po's face grew stronger, and he continued to stare at the eight heavenly kings of Human Domain.

"Let me think about it, how should you call the four of them..."

"Oh, right!"

"Should it be... Patriarch? Or... Patriarch?"

As soon as this is said!

The pupils of the eight heavenly kings of the human domain shrank together!

"Forever! You are talking nonsense about something!"

Venerable Annihilation roared, but with a kind of tremor.

"Jie Jie Jie Jie...you poor worms! Haven't understood yet? Are you still unwilling to face the facts?"

"The true Dao Sansan, Tianjun Wangchuan, Patriarch of the Wei Family, and Master Taiyin were completely taken away after they successfully passed the eighth level test of the inheritance of the gods!"

"But the ridiculous thing is..."

"right now"

"Standing in front of you, you cant wait to kill you from beginning to end, these "brand new" four people, the real identity is yours...the ancestors!"

"A real human being!"

"It was even a long time ago that the pinnacle that truly laughed at Human Domain and controlled everything..."


When the last two words fell, the eight human domain kings were struck by lightning, as if their brains were bombarded by this cruel truth!

Here, Ye Wuque's eyes under the cloak suddenly condensed, and a huge wave was set off in his heart!

"Hahahahaha! The ancestors killed offspring! The descendants annihilated the ancestors! It's a joy to kill each other, and it's fierce! Fight life and death without mercy!"

"What is more exciting, funny, and more fun in this world? Hahahaha!"

In the holy land, Yongpo's crazy smile with endless joy, spite, and mockery echoed, shaking the sky and the earth!


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