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Chapter 191. < Prima Donna (3) >

Translator: Seven


The Black Dragon Master and the Crusader seemed to have reached a mutual understanding.

Death King. Let us participate in this performance too.

Its been a long time since I stopped composing, but I still have a number of scores in my head. We can incorporate our worlds music. Im getting excited just thinking about it

Why were they so eager?

Why were their eyes sparkling?

They were starting to seem unfamiliar.

The music you made is great, but let me be in charge of the music No. It would be better if you made me assistant director.

Then Ill be the screenwriter. Since its a dance play, should I call myself a director instead of the screenwriter? Senior Director? Hmm. Since its a new art, Ill need to think of a name for my role.


I slowly let out a breath.

Somehow, Id managed to calm myself down.

Though my head still felt hot.

Alright. Id be happy to have your help with the performance if it would increase the level. It is the cultural heritage that will be engrained in the blood and flesh of those goblin kids.


The Black Dragon Master smiled softly.

It was like the sunset on a watercolor painting.

I like that about you.


They werent going to bombard me with more compliments, right?

I cautiously looked at the Black Dragon Master.

But she only giggled.

After finding the correct answer, you take advantage of it. Always.

What are you talking about?

I mean you always set up flags and dig up sand first. When watching from the side, it feels like you are full of tricks. I wonder if your soulmate is like that too.

Her words were confusing.

When she saw the confusion on my face, she laughed.

Nevermind. Lets pick a name for your guild.

Thats a good idea.

The Crusader agreed.

The name is important.

Hmm, as far as I remember, there are only a handful of art guilds in Deungcheon City Perhaps there are about 30 jazz performance guilds?

There are 26. There is one chamber orchestra, and 11 quartet bands. The number of guilds that stopped their activities shouldnt be above 50. Even then, most of their members went to other guilds.

Its so little, so little.

The Black Dragon Master sighed.

Can you think of a good name?



How about the [Raviel] Theater Company. I think thats perfect.

Umm. I cant think of anything good.

Its hard to come up with an original name.

How about Black Dragon?

Me either. How about Order Watch?

Wait. Werent they ignoring my opinion too naturally?

It was so natural that I almost didnt realize I was being ignored.

Raviel has a nice ring to it.

If you keep going, Ill name it the [Kim Gong-ja] Theater Company.

Lets seriously think of a name.

The three of us put our heads together and tried to think of something.

Several suggestions came up. Coming Day, Ink Sound, Babel, Aura

Thats not good either.

After the name meeting stretched on way too long, the Black Dragon Master finally made a decision.

Usually, for cases like this, it is standard to just use the names of the founding members. Lets combine the names Black Dragon Master, Crusader and Death King to make something nice.

We can do that?

Mhm. We should use the Death Kings mother tongue. Since he is the founder, we should show him this bit of consideration.

The Black Dragon Master asked about my mother tongue.

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We were all speaking Ukrainian, Venezuelan, and Korean. But it was being automatically translated by the Tower. (TL: Venezuelan is basically Spanish)


After hearing my explanation, the Black Dragon Master nodded.

So well take [] from Black Dragon Master(), [] from Crusader(), and [] from Death King() to make [Black Knight()].(1)


I felt numb.

Black Dragon Master. Hey, Black Dragon Master.

Feeling a shiver down my spine, I tapped my companion and new best friends shoulder.

Can you take a look at my hand?

It looks fine to me. Why?

My hand feels tingly right now. Please stretch my hand.

Alright. As you wish.

The Black Dragon Master grabbed my finger before bending it backwards.


Is that enough?

Its so bad!

I jumped up.

What kind of theater company would be called Black Knight? Its embarrassing! Shameful!

Death King. Your title is Death King. Literally [King of Death]. Can you still afford to call something shameful?

No, you mean [Black Dragon Master] shouldnt say things like that to me!

Dont say it in English!

The Black Dragon Master grabbed my collar.

Do you wanna die!?

You started it first!

If you cant do it right, then dont do it! And for English speakers, my name is translated to Queen, not Master!

Ahh. So youre not the Black Dragon Master, youre the Black Dragon Queen. You must be proud. Wouldnt the abbreviation be BDQ? Hey, if I ordered chicken, you think I could get it in 30 minutes?

Fine. Alright. Lets call in [Kim Gong-ja] Theater Company.

Black Knight is good enough.

I surrendered.

Should I say it sounds high class just from the name? I dont think theres any other candidate for theater name that sticks to the tongue quite like that one. As expected of the Black Dragon Master. Not only is her guild the best, but her naming sense is also the best. Black Knight, so good. Lets go with Black Knight.

Right. You surrendered right away.

The Crusader watched our dog fight with a strange, bitter smile on her face.

The mermaids tail fluttered, sending ripples across the surface of the water.

You guys are really close Im amazed.

The Black Knight Theater Company.

I would be the Guild Leader and the Black Dragon Master and the Crusader would be Deputy Guild Leaders.

It was a guild founded jointly by the 2nd, 3rd and 7th in the rankings. It had quite a luxurious composition.

Even if its arts. With this group of people

My lips subconsciously curled upwards.

Perhaps when the guild officially launched, the world would go crazy.

I was starting to find this interesting too.

I wonder how people will react.

Huh. Me too

The Black Dragon Master grinned like a naughty child.

Even though she currently had the appearance of an old vampire, her playful smile suited her well

I bet a lot of people will be upset. Ah. Naturally, well keep it a secret from the others too. Lets invite the old man when we have our first performance. I really wonder what kind of expression hed make.

All of a sudden, I got the urge to see the Black Dragon Master make that smile with her original face.

I wasnt sure why, but I just felt that it would look cool.


I smiled too.


We talked all night about the performance wed have.

The play that we decided on was [Raviel and Kekerkker].

According to the Black Dragon Master, Kekerkker was too strange, so the name was changed to [Heart of Silver].

The main character must be Duke Ivansia. Theres no room for argument. Instead of choosing characters and letting them appear, lets display the Dukes psychological changes with the choreography.

We should portray the moment of falling in love dramatically. Well turn the stage into a [Ballroom]. Well also cover the stage in white rose petals and have the actors dance upon them.

Ah. That would be pretty!

Everyone was excited.

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Several empty wine bottles lay beside us.

We were having the meeting while drinking.

Mm. The moment they fall in love, the flowers being stopped on by Princess Ivansia will change from white to red. One, two, three That way, a red bridge will be created on the white sea. The Death King would have to walk step by step in order to cross over the flower sea to the Ivansia Hall.

The Black Dragon Master got up.

I cant do this anymore. I like this too much. I wanna start on it right away

Is there any place with nice flowers around here?

We look for them with teleportation. Lets go!

The Black Dragon Master and I got into the Crusaders bathtub and we all held hands. The three of us were transferred somewhere. We didnt know exactly where we were, but it didnt matter.

It was a place where white flowers were in full bloom.

We followed the scent of the flowers while walking around the foot of the mountain. It was night. Beneath the bright moonlight, the flowers released their fragrances. There were valleys with yellow flowers, and ridges with purple flowers. We smiled for a moment before beginning our search for white flowers


We laughed like drunkards.

Do you realize were flying in the sky in a bathtub?

Humans are born from water.

Youve lost your mind.

Were drunk. This is bad. We cant let people from the tower see this.

We stopped at a meadow.

It was filled with white flowers that were bowing their heads because of the wind.

As soon as we landed, the Black Dragon Master swiftly left the bathtub and took off her shoes.

This is more than enough, Death King!


He became a fool. Crusader!


The Crusader smiled helplessly and raised both arms.

Her fingers grew closer.


A bit more slowly

As her fingers stretched into the air, the Crusaders face became expressionless.


Music filled the night sky.

The Crusaders fingers danced in the air.

It was as if an invisible piano was laid down before her.

The flowers shifted. Every time he touched an invisible white key, the aura in the night sky vibrated.

As expected, your skills didnt rust!

So noisy.

You need to understand your possessiveness for your lover.

The melody became intense.

The sound of the piano buried our words.

The chatter subsided and only the vampires laughter could be heard over the music.

Its been so long since Ive heard Libertango(2)!

The Black Dragon Master stepped on the white rose petals with her bare feet.

The petals beneath her turned black.

____ , ____ , ________.

The Crusaders fingers seemed to awaken the night. The Black Dragon Masters footsteps dyed the flowers. Different colored aura flowed from the petals as though they were bleeding.

A dance according to the melody.

One step with each gesture.

Like this, black footprints spread across the white flower field.

Death King!


You look stupid!

I like white.

Ah, youre pretty quick for a half-wit!

So noisy.

The sounds of our laughter, music and footsteps melded together.

The Crusader hummed.

I really like the Tower

The Black Dragon Master spoke while she danced.

I wish I had come here sooner. Then maybe my father would have lived with me.

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I like the Tower too.

Dont be so slow, Death King.

The scent of the black flowers was dizzying.

You cant always be slow.

Youre right.

Can we live well?


I want to be happy. Forever.

Were friends.

Thats right!

Everythings gonna be alright.


The old vampire grabbed my finger.

Lets dance. Kim Gong-ja.

If you thought life was a single player game, it just meant you hadnt found someone to play with.

Round and round, we danced.

The white flowers that the Black Dragon Master stepped on turned black.

The petals crushed beneath my feet turned red, very red.

Black and red ripples spread out as we danced, and soon the white field was filled with black and red.


The Crusader played the piano and slowly opened her mouth.

Lascia chio pianga

mia cruda sorte, e che sospiri

la liberta.

e che sospiri


la liberta.(3)

The Tower swallowed the Crusaders song and didnt spit it out again.

It was just left alone in the night air.

We were three people who were left alone in the night, bewitched by the wicked white flowers, and collapsed.


My eyes didnt reopen until late in the afternoon.

The sun shined brightly.

The Crusader laid in her fish tank, occasionally flapping her tail, and the Black Dragon Master had fallen asleep with her nose buried in a rosebud. In other words, they were people whod gotten completely drunk.


Holding my head, I shakily got to my feet.

Ssonia was standing before me.


-Lord Kekerkker.

His voice was serious.

What is it? Uwah, my head hurts. That alcohol was so bad.

-I would like to personally act in the next performance.

I raised my head to look at Ssonia.

An unknown desire shined in his blue eyes.

-I want to be like No.

Ssonia said.

-I want to live like you.

(TL: Sometimes its hard to tell who is saying what. It makes finding the right tone so hard *sweats*)


1.I left the hangul here because it was a bit hard to properly translate. () from Black Dragon Master(++) is black, which is pretty simple.

But Crusader(+) is more like holy knight, so () isnt a standalone word in this case, but a part of (-knight).

() from Death King(+) is added to to make .

Hence Black Knight-.

2.Libertango is a composition by tango composer Astor Piazzolla, recorded and published in 1974 in Milan.

3. Lascia chio pianga(Let me weep) written by Giacomo Rossi is the Libretto of Rinaldo by George Frideric Handel.

English Translation

Let me weep over

My cruel fate,

Try the lightnov​elworld.c‍om platform_for the most advanced_reading experience.

And let me sigh

For liberty

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