Home Fantasy: Invincible Starts From The EggChapter 1093

In the eyes of Nangong Songyue and Xiao Yan, there was nothing in front of Ye Chen. Although both of them felt the weird aura in front of Ye Chen, the thing did not appear in everyone's eyes.

They also don't have the strength of Ye Chen, and they can use star power to strengthen their eyes.

"Sister Xiao Yan, what are we going to do."

Hearing Nangong Songyue's question, Xiao Yan couldn't make up his mind for a while, and shook his head gently.

"Just follow what Ye Chen has just set up."

Because Xiao Yan couldn't make up his mind, he still pulled Ye Chen out.


Ye Chen looked at this growing black mist in the sky, although it couldn't get close at all because of the flames on his body, but if the black mist continued to grow, Ye Chen couldn't suppress it.

Ye Chen used flames to repel the black mist that still wanted to lean on, and shouted the system in his heart.

"System, find out what this guy is!"

Hearing Ye Chen's shouting system directly appeared in Ye Chen's mind, he seemed to have a feeling of being on standby all the time.

"The system, start to probe now, because it is an emergency and no fee is charged!"

Ye Chen was stunned for a while listening to the system's prompt, but immediately reacted. Now this situation can't be dealt with at all in the system's cognition.

Thinking of this Ye Chen felt that he was undervalued by the system. Although it was a little bit beyond his expectations, he had not yet reached the point where he could not get up because of being crushed.

Ye Chen just wanted to talk to the system and heard the system's prompt tone.

"It was detected that the host had objections to the system's calculations, and merit points were deducted."

What else did Ye Chen want to say, and suddenly heard the system prompt.

"Good fellow, let me just say a few words, don't you really buckle! Am I shameless?"

Ye Chen sighed softly, no longer paying attention to the system.

The efficiency of the system is very fast. Just after Ye Chen finished speaking, the system's probe beam radiated from Ye Chen's eyes.

Only Ye Chen could see this beam, but Baqiao, who was standing there, still felt that something seemed to have swept over him.

The face hidden under the helmet slightly frowned, because the feeling just now was so strange, obviously there was nothing in it except Ye Chen.

Baqiao didn't think anymore, and slowly looked at Ye Chen who was fighting with the black mist there.

The cloud-like mist that shrouded above was obtained by him. This thing can directly enhance his strength, although the progress is rising a little bit.

However, as long as the black mist above remained, his mist cluster would not dissipate.

"Ye Chen, you are here this time, don't leave!"

With a flick of Baqiao's arm, the black mist that was still condensed directly enveloped Ye Chen.

Ye Chen frowned slightly when he watched this scene, and now he didn't know how to deal with this thing.

"Is the system ready! What is this thing?"

"Beep! The test is complete, and the information is being transmitted to the host."

Finally, after Ye Chen roared, the system also issued a reminder. Ye Chen received the message of Baqiao and this black mist in an instant.

"Character: Baqiao

Level: 44 four-star warrior

Skills: Magic defense, unparalleled sword skills, magic control

Physique: Extremely bad physique

Affiliation: the master of underground forces"

"The black mist is scattered magical energy, afraid of flames."

Ye Chen looked at this brief message and knew what it was.

"Devilish? I didn't expect this thing to be there."

Ye Chen was surprised, but he was not too surprised.

After all, he didn't know this thing, even when he was at Nangong's and Zhao's before, he didn't hear anyone talking about it.

It's a little strange now suddenly.

"But I didn't expect you to be more than forty level, then I must have been able to play."

Ye Chen smiled slightly in his heart, but did not show it on his face.

However, the system said that this thing was afraid of flames, but Ye Chen used flames to attack. At best, it would just retreat a bit, and it didn't appear to have high damage.

Just as Ye Chen was thinking about it, my devilish energy attacked Ye Chen again.

Ye Chen frowned slightly, this kind of thing couldn't be beaten no matter what, although it hurts and won't be beaten, it's very disgusting.

There is no way, although I don't want to fight, I still have to block these things.

When Ye Chen resisted the black mist, he took a moment to glance at the crowd watching below.

I saw Nangong Songyue and Xiao Yan looking around here, Ye Chen nodded gently.

"Now the plan has started, and the rest is up to them."

Thinking of this, Ye Chen retracted his gaze, and focused on confronting this devilish energy.

Ye Chen and the two girls' plan was that Ye Chen dragged the devilish energy and let them hit Baqiao standing behind.

"Ye Chen, if you surrender directly, I can appoint you as the general manager here, what do you think."

Listening to Baqiao's words, Ye Chen sneered. He didn't listen to what this guy said. What benefits he said were all lie. The key is to stabilize you and give you a stick directly.

If Ye Chen accepts this, then he is really stupid.

"Host, don't believe the enemy's rhetoric."

Ye Chen didn't say anything yet, the system in Ye Chen's brain suddenly popped out.

Ye Chen was warned there.

Ye Chen was stunned for a moment, and then also reacted.

Isn't this system just saying that you are stupid, good guy, can this be tolerated?

The flame on Ye Chen's body formed a flame ring, slowly advancing to both sides, the devil energy couldn't get close for a time, with this time, Ye Chen also entered his mind to search for the system.

"System, come out! What do you think of this prompt! Am I so stupid? Can I really believe him?"

Hearing what Ye Chen said, the system came out slowly.

"I just reminded the host just now, and didn't think so. Does the host really think of himself this way?"

Ye Chen listened to the system's words, smiled slightly, and didn't say any more.

But I thought about the system in my heart.

"I think you really want me to go there!"


"Host, please note that I did not ask you to go to the enemy camp."

Ye Chen coughed lightly.

"Yeah, you didn't say that, but what you said made me think about it. Thinking about it this way, I want to be here. This manager seems to be pretty good."

I don't know why the system didn't speak anymore, and the system space fell into silence.

Ye Chen watched this scene, looked around slowly, and found that the system really didn't speak.

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