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The Omnipotent Queen In An Interstellar Age


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Introduction The Omnipotent Queen In An Interstellar Age

[Crossing the interstellar + strong men and women + gourmet food + easy and refreshing text + winning the battlefield, winning the kitchen]She travels across the stars, even on the garbage star, she can’t stop a foodie’s pursuit of food!Playing with her cooking skills, she allowed herself to rise from the bottom up and get rid of her status as an exiled criminal.Leave the Garbage Star, enter the Alliance Military Academy, and start your own road to whitewashing…In the past, people didn’t know how to learn, and loved to die.Now, knowledge is power, and ability changes life. I love learning and learning to love me. She is going farther and farther on the road of learning dominance.The male god who could not be chased by a stalker, is now automatically sent to the door, and the younger brother has also turned into the prince of the empire.From people’s suspicion, to national rivals, to national goddess, Lan Jiao suddenly discovered that she didn’t know when she had already married the national male god and embarked on the pinnacle of life? ? ?- Description from Unknown

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